A Long 15 Minutes

by Norman Vezey

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     June, 2004

Talk to the boss until dialogue is finished. Note the fox.
Enter the right door. Note the mouse. Climb stairs. Phone rings.
Open door. Turn left. Go forward pass the lounge-copier area. Note the red alarm setup on the left wall.
In the far office, click on drawer at left to answer the phone.
Note tape on drawer. Turn around and see a bar on top of the ceiling fan. Turn right and click on wall switch. Try to get bar - you need a magnet.
Turn left from fan and go forward to lounge. Note office on right is blocked and this room is also blocked.
Turn right 2xs and open the wall cabinet in the kitchenette. Take meat and infra-red deactivator.
Close cabinet door, turn right and see the red alarm on the left wall.
Use (click-hold-drop) the infra red deactivator on it. It opened the small office.
Go to small office. Look left and see a filing cabinet with tape. Look right and close at the computer.
Door deactivator puzzle on computer: You need to see where the red xes are and click on them in sequence 4 3 5 1 2 - door deactivated.
Go down to the front door. Use the infra red deactivator on red alarm on wall. Exit.
Take ladder leaning on left of white van in the parking lot.
Go to garage on left. See a crow.
Place the meat on floor. Turn away to another frame. Take the scissors.
You need a code to enter the rear door.
Go back in through front door.
Climb stairs and enter the small room with the computer. Use the scissors on the tape on the file cabinet.
Read the memo. The numbers are illegible.
Go to copier. Open copier. Place the memo on left side of glass. Press green button. Read memo - front door code - 143, padlock 8848.
Go to the room with the phone and use the scissor on tape on drawer. Take magnet.
Place magnet on table and take bar.
Go to small room left of hallway. Use the scissor on tape and take hammer.
Go to rear stair landing. Look up and click on padlock. Enter 8848. Hatch opens.
Click ladder on opened hatch. Climb up and take metal with hook.
Turn left and see a porthole with a wire cutter and the bomb. The control for this is below this place.
Go down the ladder. Enter the door left of the rear stairs door or central door of hallway.
See a crack on the wall. Use the hammer on crack. Use bar on fan.
Turn right and see the other bomb. To deactivate the bomb - click on green squares in sequence - 5 1 6 3 2 4.
Go back up to the attic. Take the wire cutter and cut the yellow wires before the green. Watch.

Copyright 6/2004 MaGtRo


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