Alexey's Winter: Night adventure


An atmospheric point and click adventure game with a fun story. You can interact with items and talk to different characters.

The graphics are completely hand drawn. The quest takes place on a dark and snowy night somewhere in the Soviet Union.


Alexey's Winter: Night adventure is a pencil drawn Point and Click adventure game and contains two episodes.
The story takes us back to the USSR at the end of the eighties and has a typical, recognizable atmosphere.
The protagonist is a young man Alexey, that gets locked out from his apartment on a dark snowy evening.
While the goal of the first episode is finding the lost key and getting home, the game is focussing on the typical daily life, small incidents and the overall atmosphere.

In the beginning Alexey is equipped with nothing but a small searchlight and a package of sausages.

Interact with different characters and items and try to figure out who stole your keys. Explore the neighborhood while trying to get all the stories intertwined.

The story is often non-linear, so the overall experience can be versatile.

In the second episode the story of Alexey continues, but now he has lost something else and new stories emerge.
The pace is relaxing and the game is filled with funny dialogues and unexpected events.


The game consists of 3 episodes (episode 3 - September 2021).

While in each episode there is an end goal that needs to be accoumplished, the game is focussing on the typical daily life, small incidents and the overall atmosphere.

The story is often non-linear, so the overall experience can be versatile.


Updated 08-07-2022

Dear friends,

after a long silence the game is updated once again.
This time a new part of the story is added before Episode 1. Also, new locations are implemented.

PS Unfortunately old savegames mid Episode 1 are not working anymore, although overall unlocked episodes will remain unlocked.





Left click - inspect
Right click - interact

Left click the suitcase icon to open your inventory.
Left click an item and then left click where to use it.
A green plus sign on the suitcase indicates that a new item has been added to your inventory.


A save game is automatically created when you quit the game in a normal way. It will be stored on the local computer only.
The savegame file will be called GameData.json. If you want to make a backup you can copy this file.


Includes 10 Steam Achievements


Episode 1


Chapter 1
Use the SAUSAGES from your inventory as a nose for the snowman.

"The snowman" achievement
Snowman completed

Talk to Alenka (right click). You receive: A DRAWING.
Talk to the man smoking on the balcony (4th floor) and ask about the kitten. He doesn't hear you.
Talk to Alenka to go inside.

Knock on the door left of apartment 7.
Talk to Zina. She will take your flowers.
Talk to Zina again.
Right click on the stairs to go outside.

In front of the leftmost window from the front building there is a snow pile with a shovel in it.
Pick up the SHOVEL.
Talk to Lelik (the little kid) and give him the SHOVEL.

"Lost shovel" achievement
Returned the shovel

Talk to Lelik again and show him A DRAWING from your inventory.
You can pick up the SHOVEL again from the spot it initially was.
Talk to Valera (his father). He will point you to the old factory.

Use the intercom from the front building. Alenka will yet you in.
Knock on the door left to the the one one with "7" and talk to Zina again.
Pick up the DOORMAT in front of Zina's door.

Right click on the stairs to go outside.
Use the SHOVEL on the snowman and pick up a STONE.
Click in the space between the two buildings to go to the old factory.
Throw a sausage at the dog to get past it.
Talk to the old guard sitting on the left side on the screen. He will tell you where the shelter is.
To get back, throw another sausage in the garbage pile left of the dog so that the dog moves to it and then you can pass.
Knock on the door of the shelter (the rail car). The kitten is there but the shelter owner will not give it back to you.

Go to the apartments by clicking on the space between the shelter and the house.
Right click on the intercom to go inside the apartments building and then knock on door "7". The man needs a new pipe.

Go to the old factory again (use sausages to get past the dog) and give the old man the DOORMAT, then talk to him.
Now you can pick up the PIPE on the left of the guard and optionally you can also use the fire to roast a sausage.

Go back to the apartments, use the intercom to go upstairs and give the PIPE to the man behind door "7".
In exchange, you receive a RADIO.
Bring it to the shelter owner. He will finally give you the KITTEN.
Bring the kitten back to Alenka (door on the right of the one numbered "7").
Now you can go and talk to Masha (knock on the blue door to the left of Zina's door).

Back outside pick up the SHIRT (on the right side of the fence) that Masha threw down.

Pick up a SNOWBALL from the snow pile that covers the car.
Throw the SNOWBALL at the man smoking from the balcony (4th floor).
Talk to the people outside.
Use the intercom. The light turns on in the apartment with the fire.
Throw the STONE at the first floor window (with the telephone, behind the fence) to break the glass.
Use the telephone to call the firemen.

Climb the ladder up to the balcony right below the fire.
Using the SHIRT, pick up the kitten and give it back to Alenka.

My cat is back! achievement
Returned the cat to the girl

Click on the fire truck. Cook the SAUSAGES on the warm engine.
Give the cooked SAUSAGES to the man hanging out the window (Petya) at the bottom floor. He gives you a CROWBAR.
Climb the ladder up to the balcony right below the fire one more time.
Using the CROWBAR, pick up the DRYLINE from above the refrigerator.

Click on the dog.
Click on the woman in the kitchen (Masha). She will talk to you only after she finishes cooking.
Go back to the old factory and heat up the CROWBAR using the fire.
Back to the apartments screen, use the HOT CROWBAR to close the gas valve (far left).

Inspect the sleeping man with a guitar (next to the valve).
Use the DRYLINE to fix his guitar.
Talk to the two men in front of the beer truck about someone breaking windows and a missing glove. You receive the GLOVE.
Use the GLOVE to remove the LAMP COVER from the entrance to the block of flats.
Use the LAMP COVER to pick up the SOUP from the ground.
Give the SOUP to the dog.

Play the GUITAR for Masha (right click on Masha's window).
Talk to the janitor.
Get a new snowball from the car and throw it at the 4th floor window where you see a man smoking, in order to make him go out on the balcony.
Get yet another snowball.
Use the intercom to call apartment 12 again. Repeat one more time.
The next section is timed and has to be done quickly: While the smoking man and the drinking man are both outside, throw a snowball at the smoking man. He will make the other one drop his bottle.
Give the BOTTLE to the janitor.

Use the fence as a ladder and climb up to Masha's window. Talk to her and she will give you two COINS.
Give the GUITAR back to the sleeping man. He will pay you 2 coins for helping him.
Pick up the CHAIN around the dog's neck (just click on the dog).

Use the CHAIN on the beer barrel to connect it to the truck.
Use your COINS to buy bread from the bread truck.

Pick up another SNOWBALL and throw it at the window with the raven.
The raven drops your KEYS. You can now go home by using them on the leftmost apartment door


"Crow let it go!" achievement

Get the key and enter the house


Episode 2

Chapter 2
Pick up an empty bottle from the garbage pile.
Talk to the man at the window on the 1st floor.
Click on the intercom, You broke it.

Go to the market (right click on the arrow sign on the right side of the screen). Talk to the man standing in line.
Talk to the old lady with a read head scarf and then to the lady on the bench to her right.
Give the empty bottle to the lady.

Talk to the men waiting for the bus.
Click on the window above the fish shop on the left. You found your TV.
Go back to the first area. Take another EMPTY BOTTLE and go to the market to exchange it for COINS (glass vendor, far right).
Give the coins to the old lady, she will give you RUBBER GLOVES.
Go back to the first area again and use the RUBBER GLOVES to fix the intercom.
Use the intercom. The power goes out.
Use the RUBBER GLOVES and touch the fence. You receive PAINT GLOVES.
Pick up another EMPTY BOTTLE and go to the market.

Climb the ladder and talk to the electrician.
While on the ladder, use the PAINT GLOVES to change the number on the bus sign from 18 to 13.
Make sure you have a SNOWBALL (from the car on the left) before the next step.
Talk to the man waiting for the bus.

Exchange the EMPTY BOTTLE from your inventory for 1 coin.
Talk to the man in line at the fish shop.

Buy some fish from the fish shop. You receive FISH CAN.
Click on the meat shop behind the bus station, talk to the vendor on the left side.
Give the FISH CAN to the meat vendor. He gives you a RECEIPT after another conversation.
Go back to the first area, pick up another EMPTY BOTTLE from the garbage and then exchange it at the market.
Talk to the cashier. He is on a break because there is no electricity.
Climb the ladder and talk to the electrician.
Talk to the cashier again and give him the RECEIPT and a coin.

Go back to the first area, give the SAUSAGES to the man at the window.

Go back to the market, the busses will now come and go.
Click on the window of the man with the TV and talk to him after he appears.
Use the phone (on the far right of the bus stop) and call the police.

Go back to the start and talk to the policeman. You will receive a COMPLAINT form.
Talk to the man painting the fence.
Talk to the old lady at the window. Use the COMPLAINT form on the old lady. You receive PICKLES.
Go to the market.
Look at the tree and throw a pickle at the crow to chase it away.

The next 2 steps have to be done quickly:
Click on the window with the TV to make the man appear. The crow will fly back to the tree.
Now you can throw a pickle or a snowball at the crow to make it fly away. This time it will chase away the pigeons.

Give the PICKLES to the old lady waiting for the bus. You receive BREAD.

Go back to the first area, give the BREAD to the old lady at the window.
Give the COMPLAINT form back to the policeman.
Pick up another EMPTY BOTTLE and go to the market to exchange it for 1 coin.
Use the coin and take the bus. You'll need to switch screens a few times until the bus is stopped at the market. Triggering it to leave is a bit buggy, but what worked for me was right clicking on a spot behind it, on the right side (or on second window of the bus), with the complaint form active.

"The last trolleybus" achievement
Board the trolleybus

Episode 3


Chapter 3
Give the COMPLAINT form to the man sitting at the door of the police station.
Listen to the conversation with the police officer.

Optional (for an achievement):
Talk to the woman in the back next to the traffic lights. She wants your help to cross the street. Wait till the street is free of cars, then click on the button to stop the traffic lights when the first of the two cars is passing; time it so that you click again when the previous cycle ends (when the light turns from orange to green).

"Good deed" achievement
Helped the old lady to cross the street

Achievement "Savings Saved" - part 1
IMPORTANT: Talk to Valera before doing anything else and give him one coin, otherwise you won't be able to obtain the "Savings Saved" achievement later. He's the guy standing next to the car with the back towards you (leftmost person in the group of people standing outside the police station).

Talk to Ivanovna (rightmost person in the group of people standing outside the police station). She will ask you to bring a pair of shoes.
Talk to Valera (next to the bus sign).
Click on the bus stop sign to go to the market.

Achievement "Savings Saved" - part 2
IMPORTANT: Grab the empty BOTTLE on the floor under the window of the bottles vendor, but make sure not to sell it to him yet, otherwise you won't be able to obtain the "Savings Saved" achievement later.

Talk to the old lady sitting on the bench. Wait for her to get up and reach the vendor, then immediately talk to the vendor while she is assisting the conversation.
Talk several times to the vendor until she reveals 3 pairs of shoes. Always click the new pair of shoes.
Click on the persimmons and then use a coin to buy one.
Inspect the 4th pair of shoes.
Right click on the bus sign to go to police station.

Police station:
Tell Ivanovna that the vendor sells shoes in size 36. She will go to the market and leave you with Lelik.
Talk to Lelik.

Optional (for an achievement):
Talk to the guy on the right and play a game with him. Click on the middle piece.
Pick up the domino piece left behind on the bench.

"Domino Master" achievement
Win the domino game

Pick up a DRAWING from the meat vendor was at the bus stop (behind the old lady, on the left side).
Note that the drawing appears only if you previously talked to Lelik.

Police station:
Give the DRAWING to Lelik.

"Lost drawing" achievement
Returned the drawing of the octopus to Lelik

Talk to Ivanovna then click on the car to talk to her again.
After she gives you the EXPENSIVE BOTTLE, talk to the janitor and ask for help.
When Alexey is hungry, eat the PICKLES from your inventory (click on the pickles jar and then on Alexey).
Present the BRINE (empty jar) to the man guarding the police door.
After you recover the TV, give the EXPENSIVE BOTTLE to the man guarding the police door.
Go to the market and back to the police station scene.
Pick up the EXPENSIVE BOTTLE in front of the police station door.
Click on the truck at the traffic lights to talk to the TV thief.

Talk to the salesman who has your TV.

Police station:
Click on the green fence on the left of the police station.
Go inside the police station, look out of the window and click on the green fence again.

Talk to Valera next to the junk vendor.

Achievement "Savings Saved" - part 3
Talk to the bottle vendor and exchange the BOTTLE in your inventory for 1 COIN.
You should now have 5 coins, that will enable you to obtain "Savings Saved" later.

Apartments (click on the arrow on the left edge of the market scene):
The following 3 steps are timed:
Click on the lit window on the right.
Talk to uncle Misha, he goes out on the balcony but he can't hear you.
After he goes out, click on the topmost window above the central door to go there. It's closer to him and you'll be able to talk to him from there. He needs his coat.

Go downstairs again (click on the door), then talk to the old lady that appears at the window of the bottom floor.
She asks you to pay the bill at the housing office.

It is possible to go to your apartment (use the key on the door of the left block of flats) and pick up more coins if you have less than 5, but that would make you unable to obtain the "Saving Saved" achievement.

Click on the window that just lights up (on the right of the apartments door) and use the coins to pay the bill.
Click on the left lit window to talk to the old lady again.
Talk to Uncle Misha again (click on his window to make him go out on the balcony, then on the topmost window above the door).

Police station:
Talk to the accordion player.
Talk to Uncle Misha sitting on the small fence.
Give him the EXPENSIVE BOTTLE. He will give you the carpet.
Click on the car to talk to Ivanovna for help transporting the carpet.
Pick up STRONG ROPE from the sled. Give the STRONG ROPE to Ivanovna.
Click on the car.

Talk to the salesman and then to Valera guarding the TV.

Talk to the old lady (click on the lower lit window).

Click on the bus.

Police station:
Click on the snow above the police station door, then go inside and look at the same spot again.
Go outside and grab a snowball from the snow pile on the left of the door and throw it at the pigeons.
Click on the window with the hanging carpet (where the pigeons are now).
Talk to the man that cleans the carpet.

Talk to Valera and the salesman.

Talk to Valera and Ivanovna.

Police station:
Talk to the accordion player.

Inspect the small name plate next to the leftmost apartment door.
Click on the the topmost window above the front door in the middle of the screen (the one you used for reaching Uncle Misha).
From there, inspect the lit window on the left, where your apartment is.
Talk to the old lady (click on the lower lit window).
Eat the BREAD or the SAUSAGES but not the EGGS. If you happen to eat the eggs, just talk to the old lady again - she will give you the missing food.
Go to the the topmost window again and talk to Shishkin.
When he appears at the door, give him the EGGS.

"Television" achievement
Bring the tv to your house.

If you followed all the steps for "Savings Saved", you should obtain this achievement now as well.

"Savings saved" achievement
Never get more coins at home





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