Alexey's Winter: Night adventure


An atmospheric point and click adventure game with a fun story. You can interact with items and talk to different characters.

The graphics are completely hand drawn. The quest takes place on a dark and snowy night somewhere in the Soviet Union.


Alexey's Winter: Night adventure is a pencil drawn Point and Click adventure game and contains two episodes.
The story takes us back to the USSR at the end of the eighties and has a typical, recognizable atmosphere.
The protagonist is a young man Alexey, that gets locked out from his apartment on a dark snowy evening.
While the goal of the first episode is finding the lost key and getting home, the game is focussing on the typical daily life, small incidents and the overall atmosphere.

In the beginning Alexey is equipped with nothing but a small searchlight and a package of sausages.

Interact with different characters and items and try to figure out who stole your keys. Explore the neighborhood while trying to get all the stories intertwined.

The story is often non-linear, so the overall experience can be versatile.

In the second episode the story of Alexey continues, but now he has lost something else and new stories emerge.
The pace is relaxing and the game is filled with funny dialogues and unexpected events.

Website - DEMO



Episode 1



-Walk towards the car to the right and grab snowball from car

-Throw the snowball against the man that is smoking on the balcony. He will drop his sigaret and the junk below will catch fire.

-Collect the note near the main entrance.

-Ring the intercom, light will go on.

-Go to snow patch on the left, there is a shovel, take it.

-Use the shovel on snowman to get a stone.

-Use the stone to break the window that has a phone behind it.

-Use the phone to call the firemen. A fire engine will arrive.

-Go up the ladder and get the dryline that is ion one of the balconies.

-Go to the firetruck and heat up the sausages on its front.

-Take the hot sausages and give it to the man in the window. He will give you a metal bar.

-Climb the ladder all the way to top and put the metal bar into fire to make it hot.

-Use the hot metal bar to open the refridgerator and get a jar pickles. Fireman will leave.

-Use metal bar to close the gas valve. Woman will spill soup on the ground.

-Throw pickles agains the second from top window on the left. At some point the snow and a glove will fall down.

-Grab the golve.

-Use the glove to remove the lamp mear main entrance.

-Use the lamp cover to put soup in it.

-Give the soup to the dog. Caretaker will appear.

-Fix the guitar of the sleeping man to the left with the dry line. borrow his guitar.

-Grab another snowball from the car.

-Throw the snowball againts the top window so smoking man comes outside.

-Grab another snowball.

-Call on the intercom so the drinking man comes out to the balcony. If he leaves, call the intercom again.

-If the smoking man and the man with the bottle are at the same time on their balconies throw the snowball at the smoker. He will drop his sigaret and the man below him will drop his bottle.

-Take the bottle.

-Give the bottle to the caretaker. The caretaker will put the fence against the house , so it will become a ladder.

-Play the guitar for the lady in the window.

-Go up the ladder and knock on the window, she will give you 2 coins.

-Remove the chain from the dog. A bread truck will appear.

-Return the guitar to the sleeping man - he will give you 2 coins.

-Attach the chain to the tree or the truck.

-Give the man selling bread all coins. Truck will drive away and the tree will be removed.

-Grab some snow from the car

-Throw a snowball at the cat. The cat will scare the crow and it will drop the key.

-Use the key on the door in the left building

---ep 1 done---


Episode 2


-grab a bottle from the garbage

-talk to the man in the left window. He asks for sausages.

-click on the streetsign to the right to move to next screen

-give bottle to lady on the bench. She will leave, old lady will take her place.

-look at the window with the tv, a man will come to the window.

-talk to the man, you will get a note.

-click on the street sign left to go back to previous screen.

-go again to the garbage and grab a bottle.

-go tot he intercom an try to call - the intercom will break.

-click on the streetsign to the right to move to next screen.

-give the bottle to the man in the most right building, you will get a coin.

-call the police on the street phone.

-click on the street sign to go back to previous screen, the police will be there.

-talk to the police and you will get a form.

-talk to the painter, he will start painting the other part and an old lady will appear in the window.

-talk to the old lady about the forms and get pickles.

-go to the right screen and give the pickles to the sitting lady, she will give you gloves.

-go to the left screen and touch the interface with the gloves, power will go down.

-touch the painted fence with the gloves.

-go back to the right screen, up the ladder and paint a different number on the bus stop with the gloves

-talk to the man man waiting at the stop. He will leave and start his car.

-talk to the people in front of the shop, they will complain about the starting car and leave.

-buy fish can at the fish shop.

-talk to the mechanic, he will bring back power.

-go to the kiosk and give fish can to the lady as a weight, she will give you a receipt.

-collect bottle on the left screen, sell it at the man in the right screen.

-then go with the receipt to the right salesman in the kiosk. You will get sausages.

-collect snow from car.

-look at the window with the tv so the man will look outside.

-quickly throw a snowball at the crow

-if the man is still in the window the crow will scare away the pigeons

-talk to the old lady on the bench and get the pickle.

-go to the left screen

-give the sausages to the man in the window, he will leave.

-give the bread to the old lady, she will give you filled in forms.

-go to the left screen

-if trolleybus is there and you need to have have at least one coin take it

-if you have no coins collect it by returning a bottle

-if there is no trolleybus return to left screen, then to right screen again

-if a standing trolleybus is there - enter and game is finished.





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