Alter Ego


The main menu has New Game, Load Game, Save Game, edits, Controls and Exit selections.

Options has subtitles, shadow, volume (sound and spoken words) and speed (subtitles and mouse) selections-adjustments.

Controls has mouse click information.

Left mouse button is for general use-action in the game.

Right mouse button is for examination or return an item to inventory.

Double click makes the character run if possible.

Double click an exit makes a fast transition to the next scene.

E key shows all the exit in the scene.

F1 key shows all active hotspots.

During gameplay; pressing the space bar hastens the intro.

ESC key accesses the gameplay menu.

Saved games can be overwritten.

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Timothy Moor

South England, 1894

A seasick Timothy Moor is caught as a stowaway in a ship. He was stripped and robbed of his personal items. The ship docks in Plymouth and Timothy is handed to the police. Timothy regrets the loss of his medallion; the only thing left from his parents. Timothy escapes by jumping in the water.

Detective Bristol reads a newspaper about the demise of the White Beast; Sir William Arthur Lewis. Sir William has been accused of many crimes that were never proven.


Timothy still in shackles surfaces in a sewer tunnel. Press F1 key to see the active spots in the screen.

Climb the ladder at right side wall.

Shackles: Move cursor to bottom of screen to see the inventory bar.

Take the shackled arms and use it on the decorative fence at bottom right. That didnít work. Pick up the iron spearhead that broke off.

Click on the plank leaning on the wall. Timothy drops it over the sewer.

Barred entrance: Look at the barred entrance on the left. Use the iron spearhead-spike on the barred entrance.

Examine the wall left of the arch. Use the iron spearhead on the wall. Take the loose brick.

In inventory, combine the spearhead with the brick and use it on the barred entrance. The grate is opened.

Enter the opened hole in the wall.


Use the sewer cap to enter the laundry. Look around (F1 key).

Check and examine (right click) the washing mechanism, crank and tub at center of the room. There is dirty laundry.

Attic: Climb the stairs at bottom right. Someone is here. Talk to Emily Gray, the laundress twice.

Check and examine the mangle at center of room, the window and the hook at right side of the room.

Talk to Emily again. She broke the washing machine downstairs and refuses to let Tim use the mangle.

Fix the washing machine: Go downstairs.

Click on the mechanism of the washing machine. Tim removes a fuse.

Go back up and talk to Emily. She gives soap to be melted in the washing machine.

Go back down and use the soap on the tub of the washing machine.

Turn the crank on left side of the washing machine and get soapy water in the tub.

Remove shackles: Use the shackled arms in inventory on the soapy water. Itís pretty slippery now.

Go back up. Emily gives Tim some clothes and goes down to work.

Use the slippery shackles on the hook at right of screen. Tim automatically wears the clothes.

A constable checks the laundry for the fugitive.

Ask Emilyís help: Tim wants help with the sailor. Pick up the shackles from the floor.

Go down and talk to Emily. She agrees to help with the sailor that took Timís medallion.

She wants Tim to do a good wash of the clothes.

Wash the clothes:    Pick up the dirty laundry at bottom. Use them in the soapy water.

Use the crank handle of the washing machine. Take the laundry from the tub and place them on the basket.

Check the clothes and get pouch of tobacco.

Go upstairs to the attic and use the wet tobacco pouch on the mangle.

Go down and use the still wet tobacco on the fireplace.

Take care of the sailor:    Emily comes back and left the sailor outside.

Go up to the attic. If you havenít taken the shackles yet do so now.

Open the window. See the sailor walk back and forth.

Go down and take the dry tobacco from the fireplace.

Go upstairs and use window. Drop-use the tobacco on the bench.

Look out the window again. See the sailor sitting on the bench.

Use-drop the shackles on the waiting sailor outside the window.

Go down the stairs and exit to the right.

Check the sailor and automatically get the medallion and the cap.

Cap: Examine-right click the cap in inventory. Get Brianís letter.

Read-right click Brianís letter in inventory. Brian wants to go with Tim to the New World. He can be found every night at a pub called Salted Cheek.

Go back inside and talk to Emily about the pub. Itís a whorehouse.

Exit the laundry. Exit left to the city. Select pub in the map.

The White Beast will be buried in the family tomb.


Poker player: Talk to the man sitting at right. He wants a dice game. Thereís a knife on the table.

After delaying the dice game, talk to the bouncer.

Bar:    Go to the bottom of the screen and be at the bar.

Talk to the waitress. Tim needs some money to buy a drink.

Talk to the innkeeper. Learn about the police checks and Mad Williamís (who is reported to have murdered ~50 people) funeral.

Steal the brass buttons: Check the pooped-drunken guest on the table at right.

Check the coat at back of his chair. Right click-examine the coat twice to learn that thereís no money but it has brass buttons.

Talk to the innkeeper again and ask about drink twice until he makes a Mad William drink.

When the innkeeper checks for ingredients for the drinks, immediately left click the coat and get brass buttons.

Blind violinist: Go back to the front room.

Use the brass button on the small bowl for money of the blind violinist. He starts playing.

Tim automatically takes the money from his bowl. <ugh>

Waitress: Go back to bottom screen and talk to the waitress to order a drink.

After getting the drink, talk to her again. She needs convincing.

Show her the medallion. She starts to talk but the mysterious stranger wants meat.

The innkeeper orders Inez to get meat. Inez enters the cellar and the mysterious stranger follows and locks the cellar door.

Cellar:    Check the door; it is locked. Talk to innkeeper and he finally gives the key. Use the key on door and see the keyhole is blocked by a key.

Talk to innkeeper again. He gives a tool - corkscrew. Use the corkscrew and then the key on the door to the cellar.

Tim tries to pull the meat cleaver from the block but failed. Hear Inez and the stranger talk. Tim gets knocked down in the confrontation.

When Tim wakes up, he hears grave robbing talk between the mysterious stranger and Adieu Jack Ė Chief. They will meet in an hour.

Look around the cellar. Thereís a rope and meat.

Go back up and talk to Inez, the waitress. She states that Brian is at the cemetery and is in hiding. Learn that Tim gained Inezí admiration.


Exit the pub. Select cemetery in the map.

Gate:    Look around. Check the gas lamp and hear a sizzle. Look close at gas vent and see gas leaking.

Bell:    Ring the bell and see that it doesnít work.

Take the bell. In inventory combine bell and brass button.

Place the bell back on the nail on the wall. Ring the bell.

Gravedigger: Talk to the gravedigger completely. He would not let Tim in. Learn that heís scared about Mad William. The dog guards the cemetery. Also learn that the dice man at the pub took all his belongings including a silver watch.

Salted Creek Pub:

Go back to the pub.

Poker player: Ascertain that he has the watch. Then play with him. Tim loses all his stolen money.

Talk to the innkeeper at the bar and complain about the poker player. The innkeeper throws the poker player out of the bar.

Go to the table and take the knife he left behind.

Cellar:    Go down the cellar. Use the knife on the rope and meat.

Go back up and exit the pub.


Go back to the cemetery.

Take care of the dogs: Go to the end of the path in front of the cemetery.

See broken pavement. Use knife on broken pavement to get paving stone.

Look close at sizzling gas lamp. Use the paving stone on the gas vent. More gas is released towards the fenced hole window on the cemetery wall.

In inventory combine meat and rope. Use the meat on rope on the fenced hole window. The dog eats the meat and gets knocked out by the gas.

Climb the entrance gate.

Brian:    Go through the gate at right. See Brian.

Once Brian learned that Adieu Jack will be at the cemetery, Brian says that they need to leave the cemetery now.

Follow Brian to the right and see that he went over the fence by the Wailing Wall.

Climb over the fence: Check the grilled fence and see that it is too high.

Check the fountain ruins and the tombstone by the wall. That didnít work.

Go back to the gate at left. Take-click on the bench. Then click the bench cursor on right exit Ė edge of screen.

Tim pushes the bench under the wall. For someone who hates work Ė he does get his exercise.

Climb on the bench and then the wall. Tim talks to Brian. Brian leaves to go to the hiding place.

Detective Sergeant Briscol

13th of November 1894:

Detective Sergeant Briscol just got promoted.

Police Station:

Detective Sergeant Briscol arrives at the police station. He has been waiting for this for 3 years.

Enter the building. Listen to the hefty fellow talking to the policeman on duty about the floozieís offense.

First day on the job problems: Talk to the policeman on duty. The floozie picks the pocket of Inspector Bristol.

After a while and the request for Bristolís commission of transfer papers, Bristol finds that he does not have his papers.

Talk to the floozie and to the hefty fellow.

Exit the building and Briscol checks the grounds. Go back inside the building.

Examine-right click the hefty fellow and right click the floozie to get Bristol thinking.

Talk to the policeman on duty Ė ask about the suspects.

Talk to the floozie again. Select push dialogue twice.

The floozie talks to the hefty fellow and she admits to snitching the papers.

Confront the floozie after the talk and get the stolen papers back.

Office problems: Show the transfer papers to the policeman on duty. He gives the keys.

Pick up the keys from table. Check the keys in inventory. Ask the policeman on duty about the 2 keys.

Use the keys on the door at end of the hall beside the staircase.

The office is a mess. Go out to the policeman on duty and talk to him about cleaning the office.

Go back to the office. Check the vault-safe and realize you need a code.

Go back to policeman on duty and ask about the vaultís code. The old code is 88834.

Vault:     Look close at vault.

Open the first number frame at bottom. Turn the vault dial to enter the first number Ė 8.

Open the second slot and turn the dial to next number Ė 8.

Do this until all numbers are entered. Use the handle.

Take the wooden case inside. Automatically, Briscol checks the contents: magnifier, tweezers and paint brush.

Garbage: Collect all garbage to be thrown out items and place them in the cardboard box in front of desk. Pick up the white plaster powder on the floor in front of the window and add it to the box.

New case: After cleaning, the phone rings. Answer the phone. Bristol talks to the vicar of St. Patrickís Church.

Briscol writes down a few notes. Check the notes and click on the picture. Briscol will talk about that picture.

Go out and talk to policeman on duty. He sends an attendant.

Go outside and wait for Sergeant Carter.

St. Patrickís Church Ė cemetery:

After leaving Sgt. Carter outside the cemetery, enter and talk to Father Mulkehey.

The priest was expecting Inspector Lockley. Follow the priest to the Noblesí tombs.

See broken pieces of door in Lewisí mausoleum. The priest went out looking for Mr. Talbot, the gravedigger.

Check the broken pieces of the door on the ground first. Then enter the tomb. Hear the priest call out.

Follow the priest.

Gravedigger: Talbot the gravedigger is killed where the bench was originally.

Check the fatal wound on the neck. He was torn up. Check the clothes and get a flask of pure alcohol.

Water pump: Check the water pump at right. Use magnifier on water pump. It was not used.

Dog: Go to the right and see the dead dog.

Check the dog and see that thereís something it its mouth. Use the tweezers on the dead dog and get piece of cloth.

Check the close vicinity, grill on top of the wall and bench with the magnifier.

Piece of cloth: Go to and look close at the dead gravedigger.

Use the piece of cloth taken from the dog on his clothes. It does not match. The dog fought with someone else.

More examinations: Read the notes Ė click on the pictures.

Go to the left pass the body to walk around the cemetery and automatically return here.

Lewisí tomb: Exit the cemetery and talk to Sgt. Carter twice. He gives matches. Talk to him again.

Go back through the gate and go around the church back to the vandalized Noblesí tomb.

Enter the Lewis tomb and check the tomb. See the open tomb.

Light:    Thereís an extinguished candlestick at bottom left. Use the alcohol taken from Talbot on candlestick. Use the matches on the alcohol on the candlestick holder. Now thereís light.

Sarcophagi:    Read the names on the sarcophagi. Itís for male members of the family only. None reach the age of 40.

Gem:    Look at the reflecting item in the crack on the floor. Use the tweezers to get a fake gem. In inventory combine the magnifier with the fake gem and realize that it is a real diamond.

Exit, go back and check the tombstones left of the church.

Father Mulkehey:    Go around the church and talk to the priest.

Learn about Lockleyís interest in Sir Williamsí cases and that he has not been seen for weeks. Learn that Sir Williamís coffin was closed during the funeral and that the tomb that was vandalized was that of Sir Williamsí family. It is his body that was missing from the tomb.

Plague column: Go through the gate and back outside.

Cigarette:    Check the Plague column on the left and Briscol picks up a cigarette butt.

In inventory, use the magnifier on the cigarette butt. It is a hand roll cigarette.

Talk to Sgt. Carter about the cigarette. He mentions that it takes time to roll a cigarette.

Talk to Sgt. Carter about the cigarette wrapper. He says that the wrapper is unusual.

Office: Go right to go back to the police station. Go to the office.

Use the telephone and call Chief Inspector Powell. He is not there.

Journalist:    Go back to the cemetery. See Carter talk to a journalist.

Check the bicycle twice. See that he has a camera. Talk to the journalist.

Father Mulkehey: Go back inside the cemetery and talk to Father Mulkehey.

Learn more about Sir William and his grandmother. The priest will check the Church inventory.

Journalist again: Exit the cemetery and see that the journalist is gone. Briscol has a strange feeling.

Ask Carter about the journalist Ė Nathaniel Forest of the Courier.

Go to where the gravediggerís body is located. Briscol scares the journalist. Check the camera and see that the glass plate is taken from the camera.

Go right to where the dog is located. Click on the bench and Briscol climbs the wall.

Pick up shards-chips of glass from the ground by the barrel. It must be the plate of glass from the camera.

Go back inside the cemetery and check the camera.

Office: Exit the cemetery and go back to the police station. Go to the office.

Use the telephone and call Chief Inspector Powell. Report all the findings. The case is given to Briscol.

Timothy Moor


Tim wakes up in a horse barn.

Wake up Brian:

Shake Brian. Pick up the knife that fell off his pockets.

Take the wax candle from the stool. Check the empty bucket.

Go to the right and check the column. See a splinter. Use the knife on the column to get a splinter.

Use the splinter on Brian. That woke him up.

Job: Talk to Brian about the job. They need money to go to America.

Brian says that a son wants some documents from his Fatherís vault. Tim is to get the documents and he will help. The place is on Paradise Street.

Paradise Street:

Exit the stables. Go to house on Paradise Street.

Distract the servant: See a servant working in the yard. Check the lamp and the left side of the wall.

Talk to the servant. Heís not responsive.

Go back to stables and talk to Brian about help.

Go back to Paradise Street. See Brian talking to the servant.

Go to the left side and climb the wall.

Get the maid outside: Be at the backyard of the house.

Check the kitchen window. Tim opens the window.

Look close inside the kitchen and see the table with teapot and wine. Hear the Lady of the house talk to Lisa, the maid.

Try to take the bottle of wine. The window drops down.

Open the window again and look close. Use the splinter on the window to hold it up. Now, take the bottle of wine.

The maid is reprimanded and asked to get the cellar keys to get a new bottle of wine.

In inventory, use the corkscrew on the bottle of wine to get cork.

Go to cellar. Check the cellar door. Use the cork on the cellar door. Tim places the cork on the keyhole.

Tim goes back to the street. Climb the wall again.

Get the cellar key:

See the maid crying by the cellar door. Talk to the maid.

Go back to the stables. Go the barn door. Hold the dung fork and use it on the lucky horseshoe above the barn door.

If you havenít taken the candle yet from the stool; do so now. Move the blanket and pick up the matches Brian left behind.

Go back to the maid at Paradise Street. Talk to her and then give her the horseshoe.

Talk to the maid until she gives the cellar key.

In inventory, use the matches with the key. When the key is red hot, use it on the candle to get a key imprint-mold. Tim makes a perfect imprint of the 2 keys.

Examine - right click the terrace exit and Tim makes plan.

Leave the back of the house. Brian leaves.

Go back to the stables. Talk to Brian to give him the key imprints.

Tim could not sleep and thinks about his situation and plan to go to America.

Paradise Street at night:

Leave the stables and go to Paradise Street.

Enter the cellar:    Tim meets Brian by the cellar. The servant is sleeping by the terrace door. There goes Timís plan.

Talk to Brian and he gives the cellar keys.

Go to cellar door. Use the corkscrew on the cellar door. Eventually, Tim removes the cork from the cellar door.

Use the cellar key on door.

Cover the cellar windows: Brian complains that it is dark. They need light but can be seen. He wants that the cellar window be covered.

Exit the cellar. See that there are 2 cellar windows: one on the right and one under the kitchen window.

Cellar wall window: Go to the right. Check the big tub filled with water.

Try to push the tub in front of the cellar window. Itís heavy.

Use the knife on the tub of water Ė cork. The water drains but the knife is broken.

Push the tub in front of the cellar window. One down.

Cellar window under the kitchen window: Pick up the rag on the ground below the stairs to the terrace.

Use the rag on the mud made when the water was drained from the tub.

Use the muddy rag on the cellar window under the kitchen.

Look for the secret passage: Go back to the cellar.

Brian is down in the lower cellar looking for the secret passage. Talk to Brian.

Look around to search for the secret passage. Check the wine press by the window, the candlestick on the left part of the archway, the 3 barrels of wine, well and the decorative ornament above the left cellar entrance.

Talk to Brian at wine cellar. Brian wants a crowbar. Take the iron bar propped on the well rim.

Drop the iron bar on the cellar door opening.

Hear Brian use it on a loose brick. That opens the secret passage behind the decoration above the cellar opening.

Look for the vault:

Check the office: Tim is in the workroom. Look around.

Check the mirror above the fireplace, fur on the floor and the desk-mahogany table.

Check the book case on the right wall and look close at the 3 crossbows on the wall. Note that all 3 crossbows have a hole.

Check the door by the bookcase. It is locked.

Go to the chess table at left wall. The chess is fastened to table and canít be turned.

Library:    Enter through the door left of the fireplace and be at the library.

Look around. See a candlestick by window at left. The door to the hallway is left of the bookcases A-D.

Bedroom:    Go back to workroom. See that the bedroom door is now open.

Enter and talk to Brian. He is rummaging through the dresser while the owner is asleep in the bed.

Look around. Check the book on the chair.

Check the pillow beside the sleeping man. He moves. Tim takes a torn out page of a book. Examine the page in inventory and learn it is about crossbows.

Show the page to Brian. Brian gives a box of tobacco that he cannot open.

Tim says that he needs to find out more why the man kept only one page.

Find the vault:

Library:    Click the page on A-D book shelf and not find any reference about crossbows.

Move the ladder from bookshelf D. Click the page again on bookshelf D and find a book.

Examine the book in inventory and Tim takes a crank handle hidden inside the book.

Crossbows: Go to the crossbows in the workroom.

Use the crank on the holes of the 3 crossbows. The strings are pulled. A sound from the floor is heard by Tim.

Go to the chess table that is fixed to the floor. Click on chess table and Tim turns it.

The bookcase slides to the left exposing the vault.

Find the code: Look close at the vault and see that it needs 5 numbers.

Try to open the tobacco box that Brian gave.

Go back to the cellar via the fireplace. Use the tobacco box on the wine press under the window.

Turn the wine press and Tim crushes the box. Check the crushed box in inventory and see that you can still read a dedication date: 19 4 58.

Go back up to the workroom.

Enter 19458 on the vault slots at bottom by opening a slot, turning the dial to selected number and opening the next slot. The vault is opened.

Awakened: Hear the old man wake up and finds Brian. He cries for help.

Go to the library and take the candlestick by the window.

Exit back to the workroom. Automatically, Tim uses the candlestick to block the library door.

Brian wants the documents.

Look at the vault and take wooden case at right middle shelf. Do this twice.

Exit through the fireplace and out the cellar door at right. Uh oh!

Detective Sergeant Briscol

14th of November, 1894

The newspaper reports the murder of the gravedigger and the opened tomb.

Police station:

Office:    Briscol decides to call Chief Inspector Powell to head off the newspaper report but the call came first.

He adds to his notes. Read the notes in inventory. Click on all pictures of findings and suspects.

Check the locked chest left by his Lockley.

Click on the vault to get the evidences collected: piece of cloth, cigarette butt and chips of glass.

Cloth: Click the piece of cloth on the microscope and Briscol says it is made of high quality material.

Chips of glass: In inventory, use the chips of glass on the newspaper and get reconstructed photograph.

Examine the reconstructed photograph. Briscol comments about the angle of the picture.

Autopsy report: Exit the office and talk to the policeman on duty.

He is reading the newspaper about the cemetery incidents. The reporter will be arrested.

Talk to him again about everything. He recommends calling the dissecting room about the autopsy report. He will send the camera to the cemetery.

Go back to the office and use the phone. Briscol calls the dissecting room about the autopsy report. The doctor recommends finding out more from the Lewisí family physician.

Archive:    Exit the office and talk to the policeman on duty.

Ask about Inspector Lockleyís notes. He recommends the Archives and gives the keys. Take the archive keys from table. It is added to the ring of keys.

Use the keys on the grilled door. Enter the archives.

See 2 unstable shelves on the left propped by an old broom. Thereís a suitcase behind the broom.

Check the box at right and pick up the plaster on the floor at right side of the room.

Leave the police station.


Talk to Sgt. Carter.

Father Mulkehey:    Enter the cemetery and then the church.

Talk to Father Mulkehey completely. Learn about the Lewis Manor and that he doesnít get along with Lady Miriam. Look around the church.

Lewis Tomb: Exit the church and go left to the Lewis tomb. Look around again.

Move the coffin lid and see marks underneath. Use the magnifier on the fingernail scratches on the coffin lid. Automatically use the tweezers to get human nails.

Read the notes in inventory. Lady Miriamís picture is now circled in red.

Crime scene: Exit the tomb area and go right of the church to the crime scene.

Look close at crime scene and see a shoe imprint. We can try to work this later.

Check the camera Briscol requested. Use the reconstructed photograph-newspaper on the camera. It looks like Forest the journalist was here before the crime was seen by the police.

Leave the cemetery.

Lewis Manor:

Ring the electric bell. Talk to the maid. She wants to see a warrant card.

Police station:

Talk to the policeman on duty forcefully about the warrant card. Pick up the Detectiveís warrant card from the table. Leave the station.

Lewis Manor:

Use the warrant card on the peephole. The maid opens the gate.

Enter and be escorted inside the manor. The maid leaves Briscol in the foyer.

Painting:    Check the black drapery (painting covered in black cloth) at right side of the stairs.

Briscol opens the drapery. Look close at painting and a ring on a finger is seen.

Click the diamond taken from the Lewis manor on the painting. Briscol states they are the same one.

Lady Miriam: The maid returns and tells you to answer the phone.

Answer the ringing phone on the stairsí side when it rings.

Learn the reason for the covered coffin. William has a physical deformity. Learn also that the priest is against the burial and wants Sir William cremated.

Read the notes.

Maid: Talk to the maid about the doctor.

Exit the manor.

Backyard: Go through the archway left of the manor.

See Sir Williamsí dog. Take a wooden peg from the ground in front of the shed.

Maid: Go back inside the manor. Talk to the maid about the dog. She allows that the dog be borrowed.

Show the diamond to the maid. She leaves to show it to Lady Miriam.

Drawer:    Look at the drawer of the table the maid was dusting. Take the gloves and Sir Williamís diary.

The maid comes back and says that the Lady is much shaken.

Sir Williamís dog:

Backyard: Take Ė click on Sir Williamís dog.

Cemetery: Automatically, Briscol and the dog are in front of the Lewisí tomb. The dog doesnít understand what Briscol wants.

Use Sir Williamís gloves on dog. Follow the dog.

The dog discovers something by the dead tree in front of the church.

Outside the cemetery, the dog barks by the canal. Look at the chain on the railing going down the sewers.

Use the magnifier on the chain and get second cloth sample.

Leave the dog here.

Talk to Sgt. Carter about searching the canal.


Shoe imprint: In front of the church, check the place by the dead tree that interested the dog. Itís another shoe imprint.

Priest: Enter the church and talk to Father Mulkehey about wanting to get rid of Sir William and the search of the canal.

Police station:

Archives:    Go back to the station and enter the archives.

Use the wooden peg on the unstable shelves on the left. Move the old broom. Pull out the suitcase. Use the keys on the suitcase.

Check Lockleyís notes on Mad William. Check the suitcase again. Get newspaper clipping and the phone number of Dr. Steward.

Autopsy report: Exit the archives and the policeman on duty gives the autopsy report. Take the autopsy report from table.

Read the report in inventory. Talbot bled to death from the neck wound.


Dr. Steward:    Use the phone to call Dr. Steward. Talk to Mrs. Steward.

The doctor has been missing since the funeral. It was reported to the police.

Exit and talk to the policeman on duty about the missing report on Dr. Steward.

Cloth samples: Use the second sample on the microscope. It is quality material.

In inventory, combine the 2 cloth samples. Use both cloth samples on the microscope. It is identical samples.

Tailor shop:

Check Sir Williamís diary and find the location of his tailor Ė at Wilson St.

Exit the police station and go to the tailor shop.

Check the door and see it lock.

Check the rubbish bin and see the newspaper with article about Sir Williamís disappearance.

Talk to the tailor standing by the fountain at left.

He found his shop open this morning. He hides his spare key at the fountain.

Show both cloth samples to the tailor. Learn that it came from Indian silk menís scarf. They are from different items; one has a lighter shade.

Learn that Sir William bought some. The scarf can be used to cover half the face.


Father Mulkehey:    Enter the cemetery and then the church.

Ask about the missing doctor. Briscol puts pressure on the priest. The priest is upset and leaves the church.

Follow the priest outside. Show the human nails to the priest. Learn that Dr. Steward signed the death certificate.

Dr. Steward:    Sgt. Carter arrives to say that they found Dr. Steward.

Father Mulkehey wants to talk to Briscol about what heís been holding back.

Exit the cemetery and go to the exit at left of screen.

Talk to Robins and get his report. Dr. Steward has a wound on his neck but no blood.

Read the notes. The priest has been excluded as suspect. Check the body.

Shoe imprints:

Use the empty case on the water.

In inventory combine the plaster and the water in the case to get plaster mixture.

Crime scene: Go to the crime scene and look close at the shoe imprint.

Use the paint brush to clean the imprint. Use the plaster mixture on the imprint.

Take the cast of the first shoe imprint.

In front of church: Go to the dead tree and look close at the shoe imprint.

Use the paint brush to clean the imprint. Use the plaster mixture on the imprint.

Take the cast of the second shoe imprint.

In inventory combine the 2 shoe imprints and learn that they are from different shoes.

Father Mulkehey:    Talk to Father Mulkehey.

Learn that there was a fight last night but he was scared and hid. He saw Dr. Steward argue with Lady Miriam. The doctor wanted to look in the coffin but Lady Miriam refused.

Use the second shoe imprint on the priest.

Dr. Steward: Go to Dr. Stewardís body and use the second imprint on the corpse. It is not the doctorís shoe in front of the church.

Lewis Manor:

Enter the manor and talk to the maid about the death of the doctor.

Answer the phone when it rings. Talk to Lady Miriam. She was told about William being buried alive. She refused police protection.

Lady Miriam is crossed out as suspect.

Police station:

Go back to police station. The policeman on duty reports that the printer of the newspaper is in jail. They didnít find Forest. The printer was arrested by allowing Forest to escape.

Prison cell:    Go to top left to be in the jail cell.

See Tim in jail with the printer. Talk to the print worker. The print worker got scared when the angle of the photo was discussed.

Leave the cell and the police station.

Go back to the prison cell after the policeman on duty says that the print worker wants to talk to Briscol.

Talk to the print worker. Learn that Forest got a tip to go to the cemetery and later to go to the tailor shop.

Forest is crossed out as suspect.

Tailor shop:

Go to tailor shop.

Check the door and find that it is still locked.

Check the fountain to look for the spare key mentioned by the tailor. Get a key. Use the key on the locked door.

Briscol enters the shop and finds the tailor dead. As he bends down to check, someone came behind him.

The newspaper carried the news and photo of Briscol knocked out beside the tailor.

Timothy Moor & Detective Sergeant Briscol

Tim wants to know what happened to the print worker.

Prison cell:

Look around the cell.

Learn what happened at the cemetery: Talk to the print worker.

Knock on the cell door. Tim talks to the guard and gets an old newspaper.

Read the newspaper and learn about the murder at the cemetery where he and Brian were before.

Talk to the print worker. Use the newspaper on him. Learn about Mad William.

Tim wants to deal with the detective.

Find out the Inspectorís name: Ask the print worker the detectiveís name.

Use the newspaper on the prison door. Talk to the guard. Learn the Inspectorís name.

The guard says that Briscol is not here and a message is left.

Talk to the print worker. Tim wants the print worker to tell the Inspector that he knows something about the case.

Waiting: The print worker was released.

Knock on the cell door. Learn that Briscol locked himself in his office.

Click on the pallet to go to sleep.

Tim is taken out of the cell.

Inspector Briscol: Briscol is on the phone with the Chief Inspector.

Tim tells what happened at the cemetery that night. Briscol talks to Tim about Adieu Jack.

Briscol checks Timís shoe and saw the evidence that Tim was at the cemetery.

Deal:    Briscol talks to Tim at the prison cell.

Tim, Brian and Adieu Jack are to be transported to prison. Brian and Tim are to learn more about what happened at the cemetery.

The prison transport cart drives out of the police station.

Police Station:

Briscol is informed by a policeman that the prisoners escaped. The coachman and guard were killed.

Chief Inspector is coming to talk to Briscol.

Tim regrets the murder of the guard and driver. Adieu Jack overpowered the victims after feigning being sick. Tim does not know where they are.


See Brian and Tim tied up on stage in a theatre.

Talk to Brian. Brian wants Tim to hand him the candlestick that is behind him so that he can use it to untie them.

In inventory, select legs and use it on the candlestick that Tim cannot see. Tim kicks it away.

Adieu Jack comes in. The Night Rider arrives. Adieu Jack injects something into Tim and Brian.

Night Rider orders Jack to bury the 2 at Gallows Hill.

Gallows Hill:

Get out of the coffin: Tim wakes up inside a coffin.

Move the cursor to top of the blackened screen and see that thereís something soft at top of the screen.

Use the hand from inventory on top of screen until it flashes; then click.

The label changes to massive wood. Use the legs on top of screen several times.

Right click the head to scream.

Use the feet again until Tim gets out of the coffin. This scares Adieu Jack and he runs away.

Brian:    Look at the fresh grave. Take shovel and use it to dig the fresh grave.

Brian must have woken earlier than Tim and died. Tim wants a priest for Brian.

Look at the birdís nest at the corner of the ruins and take the stinking egg.

Check the bag on the ground and get a theatre leaflet.

Leave this place.


Go to the cemetery and inside the church.

Talk to the priest standing by the table at bottom right. He refuses to go with Tim to Brianís grave.

Get something for Brian: Place the stinking egg on the Holy Water font.

Talk to the priest about the smelly water. The priest leaves to change the water.

Look at the treasure on the table. Take the rosary.

Go back to Brian at Gallows Hill. Use the rosary on Brianís grave.

Tim fills the grave. Leave this bleak place.


Go to the laundry. Knock on door and Tim talks to Emily.

Inside, Tim talks to Emily. Show Emily Adieu Jackís theatre leaflet. Emily gives directions to the old theatre.


Night Rider: See Night Rider after he killed Adieu Jack. Night Rider escapes.

Chase the murderer Ė Night Rider to the right side of the stage.

See the man from the pub dead on the floor. He was hit from behind.

Go through the door at left. The murderer must have used a boat at the sewer canals.

At the crossroad of the sewer canals, Tim loses the Night Rider.

Go back to the right and eventually be at the theatre.

Adieu Jack: Check the accomplice at the bottom of the stairs.

Go up to the stage and check Adieu Jack. Heís holding a scarf.

Briscol:    Briscol arrives and talks with Tim.

Tim tells his story. Briscol is not with the police anymore.

He wants to meet Tim at the church since the police are coming.


Go to the church.

Briscol and Tim talk. They made a deal. Tim helps Briscol with their common enemy and as a reward, he sends Tim to America.

Talk to Briscol. Learn about the case. He wants to find Sir William.

Tim shows the theatre leaflet. It is connected to the cigarette.

Show the scarf. That convinced Briscol about Sir Williamís presence.

Briscol wants Tim to get the tailorís account book.

Go to the tailorís shop. Enter the shop.

The priest and Briscol talk about Tim.

Tim returns with the account book.

Tim talks about his cooperation with Briscol.

Briscol reports about his study of the account book.

He talks about Lord Gismond. Lord Gismond travels a lot, is an eccentric and wears a mask. He is connected to Sir William. Gismondís mansion is close to where Tim lost the Night Rider.

Briscol leaves to get a boat. He wants Tim to meet him at the crossroad of the sewer canals.

Father Mulkehey: Try to exit through the main door at bottom. Tim wants to talk to the priest about a safe way to the canals.

Go to top of screen to call the priest. Tim doesnít know the name of the priest.

Look at the treasure box on the table and learn the priestís name. Call the priest at top of the screen.

Slam the door at bottom of screen to fake leaving the church.

The priest comes out. Talk to him about exit to the sewers.

Sewer canal dock:

Briscol is waiting for Tim.

Untie the rope and Tim takes it with him. Board the boat.

Lord Gismondís Manor dock:

Tim is at the dock under a manor. Look around.

Take an iron spearhead from the decorative fence at left.

See that you can hide at left side of the entryway.

Climb up the stairs.


Gate:    Thereís a gate with a latch stopping entry. Use the iron spearhead on the latch of the gate. Tim unlatches the gate.

Cellar:    Check the walled up door at right.

Check the wheel on the left of the entryway. See a rope with a hook hanging on the left of the entryway frame.

Check the chain and it drops to the floor. It alerts the old Lord and Night Rider.

Night Rider comes down to check.

Hide: Go down to the dock and hide left of the entryway.

Night Rider checks and did not see anyone. He goes back up.

Hear the old Lord tell Night Rider to check if their friend is still there.


Entryway: Check the rope with hook left of the entryway. Use the hook on the wheel at left.

Tim turns the wheel and the entryway to the secret room is opened.

Go down. Check the dead man hanging on the side of the stairs. Tim takes his ring. Check the ring in inventory and see that it has no stone.

Hide:    They are coming back. Find a place to hide. Tim refuses to enter the cooling chamber.

Eventually, Tim enters the cooling chamber.

Learn that the Lord and Night Rider killed everyone connected to the Lord with the exception of the detective and the journalist. They are preparing to leave. The guest will be buried at Gallows Hill.

Open the cooling chamber door:

Try to go out and see the handle bar that closes the chamber. Try to reach the handle bar.

Click on arrow at bottom right to pull back to the room.

Stop the cooling mechanism:

Try to turn the iced wheel of the vent at right side of the door.

Try to take the drain filter on the floor. Take seeds in salt left of the door.

Use salt on the drain filter. Take the drain filter.

Use the drain filter to be able to touch the iced wheel of the vent at right side of the door.

Turn the wheel and the cool air is stopped.

Take the hook:

Take the hanging meat at right. It is held by a butcher hook.

Use the butcher knife on the frozen meat.

The knife is stuck on the meat. Use salt on the butcher knife.

Move the knife now. Take the hook from the meat.

Open door:

In inventory combine the rope and the hook.

Click on door to see the other sideís view. Use rope with hook on the handle.

Go out and up.


Tim makes a run for it.

If you make a mistake and get shot, there are other chances.

At the dock; use rope on decorative fence at left. Tim ties it to other fence to make a trip line across the entryway.

Then hide left of the entryway.

Untie the boat. Board the boat.


To make Briscol believe Tim, show Briscol the ring.

The abnormality of both Sir William and Lord Gismond is sensitivity to light and sharp teeth.



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