Originally written by the CPIO Multimedia people.

Submitted by Fansta/Dreamlover (

Go to Virginia's studio, open the door with her key.

Listen to the answering machine and take the picture on the shelf.

Look at the identity card.

Go to Irina's apartment, use the blue key to open the door.

Take the keys in the kitchen next to the toaster oven, take the

diary from the bedroom.

Look in the diary.

Go to Irina's studio (code:2509B); in actual fact, the player will

wait until someone arrives at the door, then take the

binoculars to see the code used for entering.

Go to the third floor(can be known by looking at letter boxes -

Irina's box 301), enter through the left door.

Use the key found at Irina's: the one in the middle.

Take the keys and the registration card (they're together on the


Open the safe behind the photo on the wall; you must click on the

left hand corner to see the safe. The code:7181 + the key found at

Irina's: the first key (the code was discovered at Père Lachaise by

adding together the dates of birth of the names in the diary -

Champollion,etc. inscribed on the tombstones).

Take the objects from the safe.

Go to Stephanie's studio (address written on the fourth page of the

diary: 34 rue St.Denis).

Wait until 8pm (you can advance the time by clicking on it).

Ring the doorbell and show her the registration card, in turn she

gives you the keys.

Go to "Home Sweet Home" (you cannot go before 9pm or else the

police will arrest you)

Open the door with "My key" and take the camera.

Go to Irina's studio to the underground parking marked P. Use the

grey square key with diagonal slash to descend in the lift to P.

Get your gun ready: shoot the two attackers that appear on the

second screen after exiting the elevator.

Use the key given by Stephanie to open the car.

Pick up the piece of paper on the dashboard.

Listen to the tape you found in the safe (you can stop the tape by

pressing the space bar).

Go to the third floor: 301

Use the key found at Irina's (same as before).

Go to computer: login=IRINA, PASSWORD=WXARBDE




Type Svetlana, Virginie, Stephanie, Tiopkine.

Go to the Beaux Arts School at 3PM

Take a picture of PAVLOV

Go to Irina's studio, go to the third floor to the door on the

right and ring the bell. Svetlana awaits you.

Show her the photo of PAVLOV and she will give you information

about the JORIS BAR and the joker needed to enter.

Go to Irina's apartment, use the blue key.

Pick up the joker on the table in the living room.

Go to the JORIS BAR at 9pm.

Show the joker.

In the JORIS, go upstairs and to the left.

Place yourself between MORLOV and the other man.

Listen to Morlov's conversation during the strip tease; he will

speak about LA BAGUETTE DE BOIS (you can cut to the end of the

tease by pressing the space bar).

Go to the picture framer, LA BAGUETTE DE BOIS, and enter.

Use the knife to open the door in the rear.

Point your gun (not your knife) at the man with the smock; in

turn, he tells you to go to the castle.

Go to the castle and enter, to right, then down the stairs.

Point the arrow at the third door on the right.

Open the door, free the girl with the knife............ HAPPY END!!

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