1. flight from the room
After unsuccessful party cursed and moreover under the confinement to quarters (it did not transport to fellow) you must fall down from your room. It is cannot through the entrance door, we search for another way. Thus, we take on the bed in the middle of accomodation the dirty jacket, in which we find silver coin. Then in another half of room we take brush under the vase, which also is added to the inventory. Simultaneously is opened the cabinet, from which you beret expensive clothing together with the hanger. Now you run along the stairs upward, and you combine in the inventory jacket with the clothing and we obtain rope. We apply it to the flower, which overhangs from the ceiling, and we jump out from the window to the street.

2. search for the sandwich

However, outside you expects the following trouble: we land directly under the nose in two "surely killers" (so they they are transferred in my version of toy), who after short conversation entice our only coin. However, to us is without fail necessary this coin. Thus, you again turn yourselves to both brows, and they agree to exchange her for the food, a good food, since fruits not the food (simply 4 them it fed and not prokanalo) we search for gamburger.

We go to the left, until we fall on market. Here you can have a talk with the volcano, which gives valuable councils to you. To the left we stir with Fatimoy, which wants the bag of gold for the map of treasures, we will think more lately about this. In the following empty bench we take from the shelf I be empty flask from under the medicines, it will prove useful to us more lately. Dear here runs, old lady with the green bag from the skin of crocodile, stirring with it, we are fastened, that we from the society on environmental protection and accidentally confiscate its bag, which will prove useful to us further. We go further and meet the tailor, whose problem with the scissors, we take away them, promising soak to sharpen. At the end of the market stairs upward to the market area, there still the merchant of wine. Over the area we meet very garrulous pair - this is the owner of slaves and slaves, it is possible certainly to chat with them, but this for long, let us have a talk then. Road goes to the left to the palace of pharaoh and to the right to the Nile. We go to the palace, along the road we study the poster (no to crocodiles!), let us take from the rope some grid and do approach the protection, naturally they us do not let pass, but we that do remember something it did there us tell volcano about strazhnikov which something they do fear, yes even tailor did hint about specialist clothing!? We speak to them about their fears as long as it will not float the theme of crocodiles (CROKODILE) and we fall down from there since thus far we they did everything that they could. Now we go to the right to the Nile, here to us ties dinar and greatly it is interested by our in otkryvawko1- amulet on the neck, we send it and we go further. The following bench Of olgar - salesgirl of food, she certainly with us talks, but as soon as learns, that there is no money, sends us and even trick dignity by inspection it does not help. Thus, we must use the trick: do see you greedy cats? They can soak to us! It is discovered the revolving door and to running tyrit' roll with the lettuce, until Olgar accelerates cats. Furthermore, do not forget to take metallic beam above the being rocked door.
So that we have: roll lettuce ???? = gamburger. We further go to the right, to the collector of effluents, there we note dead fish. But Assil cannot grip by her naked hands, but on that to us grid. Now we combine in the inventory first roll with the lettuce and then to the fish. We obtain excellent malodorous gamburger (I hope, to bandits it will be pleased). And if we go not to the Nile, but along the road to the right we leave to the old familiar, we entertain them, we take away our coin, and we look, which occurs, if we feed ourselves Fast -fudom.

3. suit of the crocodile

Purpose of the first chapter - this to fall into the palace of pharaoh. But in order to frighten to guard we must mow under the crocodile. As a whole for the suit to us it is necessary: the skin of crocodile, the head of crocodile and, of course, the teeth of crocodile.

The skin - this the simplest part it already is - bag from the skin (old lady pitifully). Further we displace to the Nile, where you meet ferryman and skleroznika of predictor. But near the river we note stone with the tracks of grinding - aha SCISSORS it is used to the stone even we sharpen, we run to the tailor and into the appreciation, it gives to us the cursed needle (this to us it did not only be sufficient). We return to the ferryman, we say that we want to see crocodiles. It agrees to swim off for the silver coin, we are agreeable and leave for the way. But volcano the knowing man warned us about the mean ferryman, but nevertheless we was exerted in crocodile - under water (it proved useful well flask from under the medicine).

4. passage of the sinking

If we do not want to be the torn to pieces crocodile, it is necessary to somehow lead him into error, only as? Strictly it is entirely simple: It goes first to the lath to the left, and we attempt to raise it. It is too heavy for Assila, but we is utilized metallic beam. Now we have a hand from the statue. Then we go to the corpse of treasurer, we press on the hand of treasurer and it pushes off, we take something. In the inventory you press on something by the right button of mouse in order to obtain key goes downward, where you use a key to the trunk with the treasures. You withdraw first-class rubbish of pirate, jacket it is utilized in the inventory with the rock hand, and is used this moulage in the battle with the crocodile. Now way is upward free and do not forget to catch the teeth of crocodile. Now is absent only head!

5. the compass

Again on the surface, you speak to the ferryman, who does not want to return you to Cairo, if you do not pay. Thus, it can't be helped go to desert. There further Assil without the compass to go does not want. So we think, we have the pirate old broken compass, but in it there is no pointer, and if we use a needle - it came out. Now forward into the desert!

6. in the desert

We run through the desert, we find immediately two important objects to the left branch, to the right the skull of animal (if we go to the right there sphinx and thus far nothing interesting for us, but nevertheless chat with the merchant). You beret with yourselves and that, etc., and go further directly. Simultaneously you meet the washer for the camels, which it seems does not work. You are turned to 3 people before you, which want to wash out camels. Thus, we is usable their desire: You will place the camel food, which you obtained from the man, into the cup before the washer so that the camel would approach there. Then you attempt to use a mechanism to the right - obviously, there is no part. However, we provided: we place the branch into the opening and is utilized installation according to the designation, camel and is satisfied and pure. As reward we obtain the bottle of red wine. Furthermore, you can repair your brush: on the earth in washer you find sufficiently camel fur. If we go further that we will meet our mirage and further without the map way is closed, we should somehow obtain map in Fatimy. Back to the boatswain (can be return as dispatch, either to call to the ship below to the right on the screen, or to pass to the right to the support let us leave at the beginning of desert) we give to it pirate flag, and it willingly sacrifices to us several free passages. Back into Cairo.

7. completion of the suit

In Cairo we attend market and we converse with Fatimoy, money we still do not have, but is a pirate statue - probably, it valuable, let us verify. We attempt to give its Fatime. It rejects, since statue is dirty. Nevertheless we clean it: with the brush this is no problem. Thus, the map of treasures is our. We attentively study way and back into the desert.

We go according to map to the red small cross until you meet three people - the Israelis, who await Moiseya. You are turned to them, he tells about your problems with the pharaoh and you request them that they would sew to you the suit of crocodile. You give to them for this teeth, bag and head. In turn is obtained from them the suit, with which you go back into the palace. Before the entrance you put on suit, also, to the protection. Finally, way is free!

Chapter 2: the indecent proposal

1. way from the prison

Audience with the pharaoh, unfortunately, does not pass, thus, as it is planned: Assil in the prison must find way out. You see to the left of you niche in the wall - there Gemotep from the fruit bench. Your comrade on the misfortune will give to you several important indications. We further see hole with the mouse, we there take the file, which we apply to the rusty chains in order to get down the skeleton hanging under the ceiling. From it we remove wooden foot and flute. We return bottle with the wine to neighbor, it dobreyet also from the hanger makes to us master key and it returns to us I be empty bottle. It is discovered by master key door and we fight by wooden foot with the despaired, but purposeful crocodile.

2. Graal' of the sultan

Over the market area, we go to the small door, but protection blocks entrance to the room and wants to let pass no citizens. We go to merchant dinar and ask him about the back entrance into the palace. It will willingly help us, it goes without saying, only, if we will carry out something for it, namely let us reach Graal' of sultan. We agree, dinar gives to us ksivu and with it we return to the guard, it recognizes us and it releases.
Among the room it costs Graal' of sultan, but snake simply so him from not taking us prevents. After viewing, we take flute and rattle. After ascertaining that the flute is here useless (snake not correct), we utilized rattle, also, at that moment, when snake falls in the trans-, we rapidly throw rattle into the window and against the miracle the snake dives there. Now we can take Graal' and we transfer his dinar, which shows to us into the appreciation the back entrance of palace. We go into the back entrance!
Release Of container.
Iditol forward until you hear noise: container, the daughter of Arab ambassador says from the window in the wall that she is closed, and only you can free it. It is possible to certainly ignore it, but, going further, you see the stout person of the guard, who you does not release, of course, it is possible to say that you VIP - persona, but to us does not be sufficient thick gold chain, well or to kraynyak you must know how to dance, stop - we have dudochka, but break we cannot it use it can't be helped we go to save container.
Thus, we take from the deserted bench of thermite, and then the roll, which decorates large statue to the left. We turn up for the angle and get down into the basement, it is utilized thermite to the wooden post, which props up ceiling. Container falls and Assil gives to it the banner of statue as dress.
Again we go to the guard. We transfer flute to container so that it would play. Protection in the dance falls and way is free.

Chapter 3: causing Osirisa

1. into the internal part of the palace

In the following accomodation, Assil sees the millstone for the grain, jug with the water, and incandescent from the sun stone -gril6. We go upward along the stairs, we there study the book, we take grain and after the turning we see ditch, yes it is necessary to think &#'yshchyya;. Thus is built a bridge. We get down, it is utilized grain with the millstone and we obtain flour, we place flour to the stone, we flood from the jug even we await, when bread is baked to the state necessary to us, this third - carbon, we be sufficient long loaf and it is utilized it as bridge must by a ditch and - certainly we are torn away, but to the aid to us container comes. (A where it it was all this time?!). From this minute can govern both.

2. way to Osirisu

Assil gets down it downward and puts into the leverage of mill wheel so that the water level would fall. Now we can pass along the thin bridge to the island. Next in the water boat- pharaoh swims, but thus far we it take cannot. But thus far we begin to crawl to the palm and move to other side. However, Tara cannot make also: it is too light and must find another way. Assil runs further to the left to the remainders of the feast of pharaoh, we take away lobster, and is above the powder of karri and also fork from the chair and the wash board, which lies on the earth (here even some drunk type in the unconscious state - let us memorize). Furthermore, to the left you see the banner of pharaoh, which is fastened below. Use a lobster with the banner in order to disentangle, and governing already container we go further we take away banner. From this room is visible bridge and the guard, and for container it is necessary to pass there, since this is way to the door into the hall Of osirisa.
Now we must distract protection. Container goes to the water wheel and is used to it banner in order to raise the water level. Now you again play after Assila, take away the boat of pharaoh. You run with it to the guard you upward and use a boat, it yells as pharaoh and protection goes to its voice. Outside on the stairs you use a boat you again and entice protection. Now the turn of container she runs along the bridge and hides in the dark angle, until protection passes by you. Now container and Assil again together. You run on the passage to two disks on the floor, rises door and you in Osirisa.

3. in the temple Of osirisa

In the temple iditol you will to the left and look inscriptions on the walls, then you run along the stairs downward. Below you see on the floor several rock disks, with different symbols. Be moved only on the disks with the feathers, otherwise you will encounter difficulties. Iditol first to both flaring up aromatic rods use them in order to raise from under the earth two panels. Container goes to the right panel, and you to the leftist, where you find stick. Container takes away powders from the cups, then yellow powder is used - Assil strikes into the triangular gong, green - into the round gong, red we substitute by the powder of karri - this Assil makes itself and it strikes into the square.
three additional panels appear. Assil arises before the left panel and is used fork with the wash board, then the container before the right panel uses a flute. Osiris appears and Assil runs to the central control desk and converses with Osirisom. Conversation, unfortunately, does not be conducted in a desired manner, and we must run.

4. flight from the pharaoh

We left temple and mchimsya, having rapidly raised from the floor rock disk in order to intercept to protection. Then we run and jump into the window to the right outside. Now they must save the container, which will hang on the board. It mchitsya to the left, we select rope and we are selected on last second. Below we say goodbye with the container and in the solitude move further.

Chapter 4: the sun of Cairo

1. alcoholic beverage for the merchant the slave

What to make further? We go first to the market area, and we talk with the merchant slave about the ischeznuvshey daughter of pharaoh, and also about his problem, since bananas under the ban let out beverage the "sun of Cairo", but to merchant without it in no way, well we promise soak. We go to the Nile, predictor says that the problem appeared, it will charge to find the daughter of pharaoh and to pass checking shadows!??.
Now to desert we go to the Israelis, whom you met earlier. Simultaneously we meet the gin, which dropped its lamp into the waterfall and it is very helpless without it. We propose aid and go downward. O, Container... We speak to it and we request about the aid, and you assume into the small army of rebels. In the sign of confidence to you they give board?!. And with it you go to the bridge, you use and you pass into the secret cave with the bananas. We here take the banana (it is possible to pouprazhnyat'sya in the throwing of bananas into the purpose of &#'yshchyya,;), and also the bucket, which we fill by water in the waterfall.

Back into Cairo to the viniculturist. You give banana to it so that it would mix separately strong alcoholic beverage for the merchant slave. However, without the guarantee you nothing obtain, we return to it I be empty the bottle of wine in order to obtain wine glass with the beverage. We give to drink the merchant by slaves. However, man is not again contented, and requires UMBRELLA.

2. in the search for the umbrella

Where we saw umbrella in the merchant of his wine no, means in another merchant..... and accurately in sphinx it stands tent with everything, there for sure there is an umbrella, but simply so they will not give it to us, but indeed merchant intended to depart, and he awaited the leader of the caravan, which somewhere was lost, but it this..... but that peasant in the palace is drunk into the inner sole. On the turn: we go again to the palace of pharaoh. We pour out the bucket of water to the wretch and it, after realizing, it runs away. In sphinx we take umbrella, we combine with the beverage and we return to slave-trader, it falls, we take away key, we free slave, and we request it to snyryat' after the lamp. But we in turn obtain the damaged machine of time.
It interrogates gin about the daughter of pharaoh in order to learn, that it is stolen By osirisom and you must from sphinx fall into the netherworld.

3. key of the nose

In order to fall in sphinx, you must first descend to the pharaoh. It goes to his palace and we indicate to the protection, that we know, where the daughter of pharaoh is located. Pharaoh gives key from the sphinx. In the desert to the sphinx. Here you use a hand- key to the device on the sphinx in order to open door and to visit inward.

In the darkness you find the first letter on the box in the middle of accomodation and you read it. Further to the left you find hammer (here another wheelbarrow with the sand and track) you run on the slanting upward. Simultaneously beret the following letter, which you also read, since it contains important information. Now you go and you fill bucket in the aquarium by water and we pass to the right, until you see the bag of cement. Hammer is used in order to strike bag it falls downward.
Now you run downward, you take away the bag of cement and go to the wheelbarrow. We combine water and cement and with the obtained solution we pour track, we take form and we go to the right, we apply form to the post we get in upward, again upward on the stairs - there the third letter together with the key of noses. Now again to the aquarium, on it we get in on the forests (to the left search for ikonku of entrance) into the head of sphinx, and we find there jar with inzhirom. We see two stones for the keys: with the drawn nose and with the eye. Key for the nose - exists, we put, passage is opened, but here our familiar - dinar, which tells very interesting things, but this time fate smiles at us, and we fall on the street, where also we meet the dobreyshey soul of the merchant of &#'yshchyya;.

4. the ocular key

We leave for Cairo. We go to the house and we see two types, sent by pharaoh, which talk with the father, we send them further. Then Assils talks with the father, who cannot recall, where precisely it placed key thus, we must search for themselves. We rise along the stairs and we put into the leverage in shtukoviny to the right. Hiding-place is revealed. We go again we downward and find ocular key now back to the sphinx.
It is discovered in the old ways of sphinx, we rise we upward and put key- eye, water in the aquarium merges. Before we will be able go down, Assilu it is necessary to complete energy, i.e., to eat anything. We take the jar of inzhira and we throw out from the nostrils of sphinx, it falls on the nails, we leave, we eat and it is again cheerful and merry.
5. descent into the netherworld
Again we go in sphinx, to the aquarium and slide downward. We select blackhead and combine with the machine of time, they obtained something that it lies to the left on the table, we take away bottle with the scale and we place it to the right to the table. Door is opened. Below you beret baseball to bit, ball and cap and you frightens mummy. You speak with it and you go to the construction on the left side - this is tele-port into the netherworld, simply you use it, and mummy presses on the button.

Chapter 5: the netherworld


By order dimly here - we put on emerald tiara. We go along the road to the infernal jackal, that bars way to you. Uses here a baseball ball further the wicket, which speaks to you and does not want to admit, since it does not know you. To the right box is located on the earth. We uncap and




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