Ankh: Heart of Osiris


Inventory in the game is caused by key Enter, on the pressure on key Tab will appear the list with the tasks, which must be carried out at the given moment. The left button of mouse answers for the inspection of objects or objects, and the right button of mouse answers for interaction with the object or the object, and also for the conversation with the characters.

Chapter 1: Hunting the swindlers

In this chapter we govern Assilem. After waking up to sp'yanu, we leave for the searches For anka. We go to the right to the area, over which was located the clairvoyant, conjurer and Arab ambassador. We automatically conduct conversation with the clairvoyant. We speak to it second time. We attempt to obtain information in it. When the discussion turns to the money, we refer to the rescuing of peace. Thus, lotereynyy ticket will prove to be in our pocket. We further interrogate conjurer to the object of the suspicious persons. We speak even to the Arab ambassador and we go to the left towards market.

We converse with the salesman of wine. It will send us into the new bar, where send the searched for by us pilferers. The same information to us will tell the former tailor, who now earns additionally by barber. We take near the tent of barber one nose and we go further to the left to the following bench. We ring by bell in order to call Fatimu. We try to take cell with the parrot. We ask in it, it could give this cell to us on loan. As the explanation to koy of features to us cell, we tell in it that we want to teach parrot to talk. After obtaining cell, we go to the left to the camel. We select camel manure. We try to visit into the bar, near the entrance into which it stands it knocked out. Us there they will not release because of the grown beard Of assilya.

We return to the barber. We request it to shave us. As a result of the fact that it blind as mole, agree on the shave with the use of hot wax. We return to the bar, from it we pass to the left to the house Of assilya, near which its things will be dragged along. It is utilized debris bucket so that it would be rolled to the side of bar. We select in the bar the doll thrown out from the debris bucket.

From the house Of assilya we go further to the right to the deserted bench of Olga. We hang to the hook cell with the parrot to happiness to hungry tomcats. We select the box, in which we find wax and stamp. We take away the bent cell with the poshchipannym parrot and we go to the left to the area with the clairvoyant, the conjurer and the ambassador. In the inventory it is discovered doll, we place into it wax. We return doll with wax to conjurer, who is entertained with the fire so that it would melt wax by its "hot respiration". Here camel manure we place in nargile of ambassador. We return obtained wax to barber, as a result of which we obtain smoothly shaved erysipelas in Assilya.

Now, when to vyshibale to nothing to cavil, we pass into the bar. We select the lying to the right tools for the fireplace - tongs and broom. From the counter of bar we take glass with the juice of date. We speak to Fatimoy, we return to it the damaged cell with the parrot. In order to be rehabilitated in the eyes Of fatimy, it is necessary to make happy as the minimum of three clients of four: the merchant by the slaves (it stands in the counter of bar), the comedian (it sits not far from the output), the former school friend Of assilya Of badavi (it sits to the left of the comedian) and people from the caravan (they sit in the depth of bar).

Let us approach. We speak first from Badavi, from which we obtain advertising leaf. We talk with all remaining clients. To the merchant by slaves we give lotereynyy ticket, and to people from the caravan to nargile. From the street we knock out by the tongs of bar glass- in the window. Inside the bar we select the splinters of glass, which it is utilized on the musical automaton as the head. We throw into the automaton the coin, which to us people from the caravan gave. Now, if we include contemporary music will be Of badavi, but not the merchant by slaves, but if we include eastern motives, then rad will be merchant slaves, and Badavi, if we to him in this case bring cocktail. Cocktail can be taken in the salesman of wine. On the way back into the bar, is utilized the bell near the bench Of fatimy, in order to take out it of the bar. Rapidly we go in the bar and, until there is no Fatimy, we return the cocktail Of badavi. Now three of four clients are happy. Certainly, it is possible to try to raise mood in the comedian, true, to the detriment of the mood of people from the caravan. For this in the inventory we dip stamp into the glass with the juice of date. Then with the aid of the stamp we place die on the advertising leaf. We return to its comedian. We take from the table of people from the caravan support hearth to circle with the beer and we place it under the leg of the table of comedian.

After raising mood in any three clients, we speak to Fatimoy about the popularity in the bar. Now, when incident with the cell is suppressed, we speak to it about the pilferers. We obtain the glass, from which pili are pilferers, and focusing on the cemetery, where they were measured to go. Before we will be able there falling, it is necessary to contrive lamp. We find the luminous lampshade to the right of bar and camel. We reveal by its kaminnymi tongs, we gather glowworms into the glass from under the cocktail. We hang glass to the neck Of assilya (by right button on the glass in the inventory) and go into the dark alley, from where we began our investigation. There we go in the door, which leads to the cemetery. Aha, precisely, into the door.

Chapter 2: Uninvited guests

In this chapter we govern the container, whose purpose - to steal goblet. We take pot with the drying plant. In the inventory we separate them. Let us inspect the wild grape tree, from which it is torn off long grapevine. Prokidyvayem the rod through the hole in the enclosure. We request Ephraim to hold it, until we are get down downward.

We pass to the right to the drain pipe. Along the way we tear away unripe fruit. We see how the daughter of pharaoh it dyshit by fresh air. Let us spoil it. For this progonyaem from the pipe bat we ignite the drying plant by the fire of torch, then we ignite the manure of bat by the burning plant. We return conversely to the grapevine. We throw fruit into someone of the children in order to draw their attention, and we rise upward.

Now, when the daughter of pharaoh is shrewd into her rests, we pass to the right. One of the children will give to us the rind of banana as the weapon. We select from the earth the cleaning means. Around the corner from the fountain we take the bottle of champagne. We examine the head of the elephant, whose trunk is the drain pipe, in which vein bat we speak through the trunk to the guard, who stands under the pipe. We are its conscience and convince it in the fact that it must allow to win friend in the game "stone-scissors- paper". We also certify it, that if it makes this, then voice to disturb it more not will be.

We find on the ceiling the intimidated by us bat we shoot by plug champagne on the window, which is been located exactly next to the bat thus, we will force protection to rise into the rests of the daughter of pharaoh. If you want, then for the laughter can shoot at the statue by plug from the second bottle with champagne.

We get down downward into the following accomodation. We pass by the door of kitchen to the curtains. After one of them we find latent Olga. We select the spit lying next to it, and also the leaf with the ten times cook's prohibitions, which we find in the angle.

We go to the throne hall. We tell guard that we - new kitchen-boy. As the proof it will require to prepare tasty soup for it. We remove from the throne ring, from the plate we take fish bones. We return conversely to Olga. We change ring by the bond of keys lying in it on the stomach, with the aid of which we could open the door, which leads to the kitchen.

For the preparation of soup the information, which is contained in the leaf with the ten times cook's prohibitions, will be required us. After examining it, it is possible to conclude that it will be required us:

1. the cleaning means
2. the dry sawdust
3. the water
4. fresh meat of the chicken
5. the pommels
6. the cut cucumber
7. the fish oil
8. the leguminous pepper
9. Povareshka
10. the delicacy

Product #y already exists. Rest - let us find on the kitchen. We fill pot by water from the shell (product of # 3). We catch with itself the plate, which lies next to the shell. We approach the wooden table. We take the meat of chicken (product of # 4) and the cucumber, which we do not forget to cut with the aid of the tool with the blade confronting on the table. We select the cucumber ringlets (product of # 6). From the cart we take the fish oil (product of # 7), from the table in the foreground - bow (product of # 5). It we to the right of find bag with the sawdust (product of # 2), still more to the right - cup. We fill into the cup oil from the vat. On other table we hereabout find the leguminous pepper (product of # 8) and povareshku ("product" # 9).

In order to reach the product of #y0 (delicacy) we make the following. We oil the wedged lever to the left of the wooden table, pull it. We take bag with the raspberries. We go into that angle, where we took povareshku and leguminous pepper. We hang bag with the raspberries to the hook, into the bag we place the fish bones, which will be transportirovany by ants to the side of the tomcat, that sits next to the refrigerator with the delicacies. It does be worthwhile to indicate that the tomcat will run away after the bones, and refrigerator will remain without the care. We obtain from it last product - languages of lark.

Now, we place into the saucepan all assembled products in the priority, presented above. We fill the prepared soup into the plate and go to the guard into the throne hall. We return soup to it, for which it will open to us the door of hoist on the kitchen. So that on the hoist it will go down to the storage, we pull lever, which is been located above the shell, then that lever, which is located on the hoist itself.

In the depository we break by spit large box to the left. We obtain from it the statue muffled into the sheets. We unpack it in the inventory. We rise on the hoist to the kitchen. With the pharaoh straying in the sleep we are investigated with the aid of the banana rind.

After proving to be in the throne hall, we pull to itself average lever along the right side of hall in order to save its companions-in-arms. Is run entire way conversely to the place, from where we began. We give to Ephraim, mad and Shmuyelyu on the sheet, then themselves we tick from the palace.

Chapter 3: In the palace

Again we govern Assilem, which at the end of the first chapter fell down on the cemetery into the grave. Give to be selected hence. Let us inspect mailbox. By obtained in it feather shchekochim of the foot of mummy. We request it about the aid, in response to this it will open way to the tomb.

We select the lying on the sarcophagus playing cards and the broken bottle, near the entrance we find device for blocking the camels. Is discovered the box, from which we obtain the statue Of seta. We take and place box itself on the table under the cell of parrot. We cut the rope, which holds cell, with the chisel edge of the broken bottle. Cell with the weakened parrot, as that not it was planned, is brought down to the floor. In order to lead parrot into feelings and to free it, we make the following. We obtain from the box, which we see in the foreground, coco nut. With the aid of the woodpecker in the hours we reveal nut. We feed with the pulp of parrot, and with the aid of the playing cards it is discovered cell. From the wall we remove one of three notes, we attach it in the inventory to the parrot. We place parrot into the mailbox and await, until at us they arrive to the aid.

We must ask pharaoh about the aid, for which we should fall into the palace. Palace is located to the left of the dark alley, but, it goes without saying, after "it is simple so" guard us not to inward let pass. We leave for the bar, where we speak to the people from the caravan. We threaten with them by velvet, then we go to the street, where to the camel we catch the locking apparatus, found in the tomb. We return conversely to the people from the caravan after the available amount. We bribe protection before the palace by money and we pass inward.

Chapter 4: Lie and the intrigue

In this chapter of action they occur around the pharaoh himself, to whom we, incidentally, and govern. We speak to the merchant of slaves. We tear away from the wall poster with the image of pharaoh and poster with the image of swindler. From the box we to the left obtain food can with inzhirom. To the left of the box from the trap we remove stick. We speak to the father Of assilya, which looks at the work of slaves.

We go to the right along the canyon. We rise along the stairs upward, where we speak to the toady. We return to it to bank with inzhirom, for which we in exchange for obtain bread with the honey and parchment. We lubricate poster with the image of swindler by honey. Above it it is glued the physiognomy of pharaoh. We show result to toady. Now it without everyone by a question to let pass us further.

We select one sharp stone, which in the excess is dragged along before the forests, which are been located to the left of us. We pass by forests to the left to the soul, where we take towel, soap and comb. We combine comb in the inventory with the parchment, as a result of which we obtain not god news what, but musical tool.

We rise on the wooden forests upward. We talk with the leader of slaves, who stands near the rock to the right. If he sees the father Of assilya with that detuned, then there will be very rad. We pass to the air heights behind the leader. We speak there to Roger. We ask it, it does not fear to work so closely at the precipice. Then we convince it to move only more left, because in the statue of pharaoh it is worthwhile to make an angular nose. To a question, from where we this know, we refer to the interview, undertaken in it for Cairo the Times. After this conversation by sharp stone pererezayem the rope, which retains enormous boulder. We pass to the right, where by the stick we obtain from the nest egg.

We return to soul. We throw into the well the piece of soap. We arise under the forests and play on the previously made musical tool. After the father Of assilya will drink water from the well, we go downward to the destroyed by enormous boulder shed with the tools. We take shovel and cutting pliers, and of the destroyed shed we to the left find rock wedge.

We go to that place, from where the father Of assilya controls the work of slaves. We destroy his construction from the cubes, by cutting pliers it is torn off the picture, after which we find safe. We take from it the document of the possession by slave.

We pass to the conveyor to the right on the course. We put in the broken shaft rock wedge in order to block the work of conveyor. We pass to desert. Compulsorily we look at the vegetable dotted line, in the sand we to the left find gift. We take it, automatically we speak to the bush. We mention, how bush is small, that he has idiotic form and that we want to elevate park at this place. Thus, we will force bush to catch fire. In the inventory we place egg to the shovel, then we hold shovel above the bonfire in order to obtain by lazan'yu.

We return conversely to the leader of slaves. Along the road to us will be encountered the father Of assilya, which, after seeing the destroyed construction from the cubes, strongly to be upset. Contented leader will want this time to get rid of his right hand - toady. For this it is necessary altogether to only return the document of the possession by slave to the merchant of slaves, and no one will no longer see toady on the stone quarry.

Before leader will tell to us its plan, to it they will be necessary: 2 shawls, hammer and broadsword. As the shawls will go the towel, which we already have in the reserve. Remaining two objects can be obtained in Roger, if we return to it by us that previously prepared by lazan'yu. We return necessary objects to leader and we obtain from it the not entirely thought-out plan. Fortunately, after will come unexpectedly false pharaoh, in all it will appear task to find the entrance into the temple. Again we speak to the leader. We tell it about the dotted line, which we saw, being located in the desert. In order to break wall, we propose to tie rope to the stone on the conveyor. Then we go to the conveyor itself in order to take out wedge of the shaft.

We go in the temple. It is here actually dark. Therefore we take the stone, which lies to the right of entrance. We unite it with another stone in the inventory and with the aid of them we ignite the torch, which is located also to the right of entrance. The boldened pharaoh then will be able to pass into the following accomodation. We select from the earth before the wheel harpoon. It is discovered the door of cabinet with the grindstone inside and on it we sharpen harpoon. We put harpoon in it withered priest.

We pass into the following accomodation. We attempt to take out root of the earth. We converse unconstrainedly Setom. Again we attempt to take out of the earth the root, beyond which is located the burrow. We take before the statue Of seta urn testily and ceremonial shawl. As the penalty of God to us is sent one old scorpion. With the aid of the shawl we stop up the hole, from which flows the water. In the inventory we divide urn testily. We cover scorpion with urn.

We pass to the right to the heap of rubbish. We take the pasteboard cover, with which we shut urn in order thus to take scorpion. We shift stone not far from the rubbish, behind which hides itself the second burrow. On the ceiling in the accomodation with the statue Of seta we find the opening, from which burst open the light beams. We speak through the opening to the leader of slaves, as a result of which we obtain nuts. We place nuts first into the first burrow, then into the second burrow, where then we start scorpion. Now, when there is no debris heap greater, we leave from the temple.

Again governing Assilem, we say to the pharaoh so that it would give the heart and the gift to us. We are turned to the container, from which we obtain goblet. From the water we attempt to take pointed sea shell, but it will not come out because of the fear Assilem of water to make this. Then we are turned for help to the container, by which it will not comprise the labor to make this. Further we take from the bed, on which slept the pharaoh, pillow. We cut with its pointed sea shell. Feather filled the goblet, into which then we place the heart Of osirisa. We follow along the road to the output.

Chapter 5: Large game

If you did not note, then in the lower by right to angle appeared ikonka, with the aid of which in this chapter we will be able to switch control between Assilem and by container.

Assil': We reveal the gift, which to us was reached from the pharaoh. Inside it we reveal rock plate with the eleventh order engraved on it. We remove rope next to the stairs, from the water we obtain bottle with the message. It is discovered bottle, inside it we reveal the layout of the command of football players. We tie the statue Of seta to the rope so that will be obtained the boarding hook, with which we could open lattice to the left. We go in the door, we intersect bridge, we go in one additional door. It is exerted in the room with four passages. We select that that to the right. We pass for the angle, compulsorily we attempt to stretch lever. To make this not to succeed, then we will see, that the daughter of pharaoh has a weakness for the goalkeeper.

Container: We speak to the daughter of pharaoh about the goalkeeper, we call him.

Assil': We return to the bridge, but we do not intersect it. Instead of this we place bottle under the discharge tube.

Container: We take cup from the table. In it we fill from the teapot of mocha. We find behind the daughter of pharaoh the drain, into which we pour out mocha.

Assil': We take bottle with the mocha. We return to komnatushku with four passages. We penetrate the door to the left into the prison. In the first camera we find the short chain. We pass to the last camera, in which we speak to the prisoner. We propose to it mocha. We return conversely to the lever and this time without the problems we pull it. We catch the feather, which lies on the weight omitted recently. We return to the prison, where we speak to the prisoner in the third camera. We return to it feather, then, when it opens lattice, we give to it the plan, instead of to which it will give to us spoon. We strike by spoon the bell, which we find in the room with the lever to the right of entrance in order to finish time.

Container: We go into the throne hall. From there we follow towards the kitchen, where Olga guides by the work. We are kitchen-boy, we take from the shell washcloth and with the aid of it we clean the pile of dirty dishes. We pull the lever above the shell in order to activate hoist.

Assil': We pass into the warehouse accomodation, the entrance into which is located to the left of the room with the lever. We attempt to take cat, then we take bag with the tomcat. We step to the hoist, on which we pull lever. After rising to the kitchen, we hang bag with the tomcat to the hook.

Container: Is pivoted the lever of crane next to the wooden table. Since Olga is shrewd from the kitchen, then we can quietly arise to the hoist. Together with Assilem let us go downward. We go to the bridge, we intersect it and stop near the waterfall.

Assil': We go into the prison. We go in the camera, of which we recently took out prisoner. We hang chain to the hook, then to it we prophesy stone with the eleventh order. We divide the wall of camera by this ram. We go along the new corridors to the stairs, from it we pass to the left to the crocodile. We go further to the left before the placement of the maintenance, where we should arise to the wooden board. Thus far we on it is cost - will be opened secret passage.

Container: We penetrate the secret passage, which previously covered waterfall. In the cloakroom we speak Moiseyem, which clearly does not return the report to its actions. We pass into the tower. If guard turns himself to you, then we say that we are separately important persona. We rise along the stairs to the platforms. On the very to the top we find the merchant of fruits. We converse with it, among other things it will tell about the fact that the ambassador frequently eats up fruits. We leave platforms, we see how merchant carry fruits to the gunstock for the important people. We return to the gunstock, i.e., we get down on the tower downward, we penetrate the cloakroom, the secret passage, we intersect bridge, we go into the accomodation with four dver'mi, from there to the hoist, on it we rise to the kitchen, from where we follow into the throne hall and into the gunstock. We take fruits and tray.

We return back to the throne hall. We compulsorily attach tray to the fastening on the throne. We travel entire way conversely in order to reach the platforms. Now we will be able to take watermelon from the tent of the merchant of fruits. We return by his Moiseyu, and spleen as by hand it will remove.

We convince trainer to let out Moiseya in the field. We rise to the platforms. On the lower tier we speak to the tailor. We convince it in the fact that it does not see that which occurs in reality in the field (of 2 commands and what commands play), and then it will remove glasses and will return them to us. We rise to the upper tier, where merchant was located by fruits. Glasses we attach to the figure to the right (compulsorily to the fastening on the throne it must be fitted tray).

Is here in principle everything. There remained only to select the diverse variants of dialogues and because we will select, the tail piece of game will depend.





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