Aurora: The Secret Within:

In this adventure game for us one must, playing for detective piledzhi, untangle the mysterious disappearance of outstanding person, which will more lately force detective to be connected with the secret government organization, the experiments of aurora and the journeys in the machine of time.

This WT are translated to English with a machine ??

Day 1

Hotel. Number of the detective:

In the bedroom we to the right reveal the closed trunk. We pass into the room, obustroyennuyu under John piledzhi's office. We select from the floor near the entrance door and we read letter from Ellison (we compulsorily click by magnifier on the documents, if there is this possibility!). We investigate table. We read documents and newspaper. It is discovered the box from under the cigars, from which we obtain paper with numbers 100683. We ring on the telephone to sheriff and to one additional addressee. From the upper box of table we obtain keys and empty purse. We read the letter from Kheleny, which lies at the second box of table.

We pass into the bedroom. It is discovered by key door on the opposite side. From the cabinet with the clothing we obtain pinch bar. The trunk is discovered with the aid of it. At it the case will lie. From the case we obtain magnifier and handcuffs. We leave from the number of detective. We get down into the vestibule. There we speak to administrator James and to the new guest (before to have a talk, it is necessary to click on the characters by magnifier). We leave from the hotel. On the map we select newspaper kiosk.

Newspaper kiosk:

We talk with salesman dzhek. From the earth we select two coins (one it is hidden after the metallic leg). We buy from the jack the newspaper (we click by coin on its face), then for the second coin we buy in it information about the woman. We read newspaper in the inventory. It is utilized on the title of newspaper magnifier in order to obtain the address of editorial staff.

Editorial staff Of rozuell Of deyli:

We say through the window to the woman in order to obtain the address of military base.

The military base Of korbel:

We speak to the soldier through the window. We do ask it, possible to have a talk with Colonel marshol. We tell it that we journalist, but so that they would believe us, it is necessary to produce the appropriate certification.

Office Of the sheriff:

We click on the radio in order to obtain the address, where tragedy occurred. If we three times break ourselves in the office of sheriff to the left, then they will plant us and game will end.

Governor Robertson's house:

We speak in the anteroom to the policeman. It is pivoted to the left, we go through the door to the right in the guest room. We take from the table large envelope. In the inventory we unpack envelope, plate will inside lie. We study fire in the fireplace. We take from the mantle of fireplace right spark plug. We look at the window to the right of fireplace. We see the splinters of glass. We investigate the earth under the window. It is pivoted to the output from the drawing room. It is utilized plate on the gramophone. Usual music is recorded on it. We look also on the piano to the right.

In the anteroom again we speak to the policeman. It will leave post and will go into the drawing room. We rise upward. We pass into the office through the last door to the right. From the upper to the left box under the regiments with the books we obtain insurance policy. We penetrate the last door to the left into the bedroom. From the cabinet we to the left obtain dark-blue box. It is discovered box in the inventory, we obtain from it form from the metallic bars. We look at the left mirror, which hangs on the wall. The safe will be located beyond it. It is empty inside it. We go in the tank room. We take bucket. We fill with its water from the bath. We leave into the corridor. We investigate also other two rooms, one of them will prove to be closed.

We pass into the guest room. We pour out water from the bucket to the fire in the fireplace. We look at the ashes, we find the scorched paper. We go into the anteroom. We penetrate the door to the left of the door of drawing room into the basement. From the table we take the packing of matches. Let us inspect packing in the inventory in order to obtain three matches. We look at the form from the twigs, which stands on the table. We place to it the been charred paper, which we reached from the fireplace. We further place above the paper the second form from the twigs, which is located in our inventory. We place under the forms spark plug. We ignite spark plug by match. Debt list will appear on the paper. Under them will be written GABE.

We pass into the guest room. We look closely on the piano. On the note sheet we read the note: A=.la; B=.si; C=.do; D=.re; E=.mi; F=.fa; G=.sol. On the piano actively 7 keys. From left to right they go: to, Re, mi, fa, salt, lya, SI. We number buttons from left to right from 1 to 7 and press on 5 6 7 3 buttons, that will correspond salt, lya, SI and mi. But this is in turn equal to word GABE.

The hiding-place will be opened after the picture. We look at the precious stones.

Office Of the sheriff:

We discuss with the sheriff in his office.


We talk Derekom, which sits at the steadfast of bar. We look at its pocket in order to reveal the certification of journalist. We click to the bottle to the left. Drink 3 wineglasses, and after we will begin to move away from the counter, in our inventory will prove to be its document of journalist.

Hotel. Number of the detective:

We return to the hotel. We rise into the number and lie down on the bed.

Day 2

The military base Of korbel:

We speak to the soldier through the window. We show to it the certification of journalist. Soldier will let pass us to the Colonel. We speak to it and we depart.

House The bills:

We go inside the house. It is pivoted to the right. Is discovered curtain, we pass into the bedroom. We look at the debris bucket to the right of table. We inside find the scraps of the torn letter. Our purpose as in the game tags, to gather of the pieces entire letter (we look at the figure below, 2 scraps in a lower number should be interchanged the position.

Two serious peasants will be directed to the house, after the letter will be assembled. We turn around and rapidly go into the bedroom behind the curtain. Is discovered cabinet and we hide there. Thus far we sit in the cabinet, we see as peasants they move aside rug and then they again place it in the place. We look at this rug. It shuts hatchway into the cellar. We move aside rug, we get down into the wine cellar. We look at the counter with the bottles of wine. We go out.

Publishing house Of rozuell Of deyli:

We arrive by the night, when in the editorial staff there is no one. It is discovered by pinch bar entrance door. We go, we turn around. We place to the table to the right of door the certification of journalist.


We speak to the owner of bar in Maksimilian. Afterward we pass into the toilet. Door will in front derive us on the rear cavity. There we associate with the unknown person. It will give to us military identity card. In the inventory we can turn certification. The imprint of finger will be located on the reverse side.

Hotel. Number of the detective:

We return to the hotel. We rise into the number and lie down on the bed.

Day 3

House The bills:

We look at the leaflet with linyami, which lies on the table at the bedroom. We get down into the wine cellar. We approach the counter with the wine. In an upper number we lower the first and fourth bottles, on the lower - second and fourth bottles (according to lines on the paper). We enter into tunnel. We reach that place, where there will be left and right passage. We go to the left. From the box with the tools we obtain glass bulb and cap. In the inventory we unite both these objects in order to obtain safety device. We look at the digital lock to the right of door.

We return to two passages. Now we go to the right. It is discovered the cover of the electrical shield, fitted to the wall to the left. We put safety device in the free section. Shield we to the right of find panel with three buttons. Average button does not work. Left button sends trolley into another end of the tunnel, right - vice versa returns. We click to the left button and it is rapid zaprygivayem into the trolley. After reaching to the bridge, we pass to the lattice in front. We turn around. We look on something to the left of the bridge. We select the hammer, which is utilized on the lattice. We crawl through the mine into some secret object, judging by everything.

Secret object:

We now in sector A of zone 51. We look at the scanner of eye near the door. 4 other doors conduct into sectors B, C, D and E.

We pass into sector C room 621 it is closed. In room 622 there is nothing interesting. In room 623 it is possible to overhear scientists. Room 624 is closed, but we should find someone, who could open it.

We pass into sector E. In room 519 of the box we obtain white dressing gown. Now to us it is possible not to fear soldiers, but still more safely it will become when we will make to ourselves a certification. Room 518 is closed. In room 516 the coils with different records examine. We read the documents, which lie on the table. We press on the green button on the wall in order to lower screen. We take coil with the film to the right of screen, more to the right - to disketku. We read documents with the important note (they will appear on the screen, when we take disketku). We click by coil with the record on the projector in order to look film. We leave. We go in toilet (WC). We take the certification, which will lie under the red- white rag (or this towel) to the right.

We pass into sector D we go in room 508. Is utilized military certification Vinsa Of rodofa on the scanner to the right of rays. We put disketku in the computer. We introduce password (code nickname Of vinsa Of rodofa) - condor five (by precisely small letters). We select in menb of computer:

* Database.
* Technical.
* Todd Beckett.
* Change the photo.
* Charge a new photo.
* Print the photo.

Now in our inventory will appear Todd's certification Beketta with our photograph.

We speak to the soldier near room 509. We show our certification to it. Inside the room of control we speak to the soldier, who sits after the computer.

We pass into sector C room 624 it will be now opened. We look at the levers of sector A. We lower the only neopushennyy lever.

We pass into sector A. We look at the scanner of the retina of eye to the right of the door of zone 51. We press on the button of scanning. System, certainly, us will not recognize.

We pass into sector B we go in room 609 (everything else they are closed), where laboratory was arranged. We look at the table to the right. We take bottle with the solution. We look at two apparatuses, which stand on the same table more left. We read the paper, which is fastened to the wall of higher than the apparatus Intelilab Advanced BY X we put bottle with the solution into the opening of right apparatus. We click on Intelilab Advanced X we select Database - Vince Rodov - Imprinting - Exit. We take contact lenses from the output section of right apparatus.

We return to sector A. We use the scanner of the retina of eye. This time the system will recognize in us vinsa it is ancestral. We pass into sector 51. We study apparatus aurora and we look at the monitor. It is pivoted to the right. We go in the elevator and will go downward. We look at the monitor, fitted to the ceiling. Further we go in the door and we pass into the darkness. After scene we will prove to be in the desert.

Future. Rozuell

House in the desert:

Something strange occurred with us on the secret object. Otherwise from what we did prove to be, themselves of that without desiring, in the desert? We pass to the plant, which is visible in front. We look at the radioactive tables. We turn around and go to the lonely confronting far away house. We approach the door, but we do not thus far go inward. From the mailbox we obtain advertising pamphlet. We go in the house.

The first door in the corridor to the right conducts into the garage. We go, it is pivoted to the left. From the box we obtain components for the distillation - small and great capacities, apparatus itself and cover with the tube. We pass to the shelf to the left of the automobile. From the box we obtain drovishki, from the shelf - canister, to the left of the shelf - pinch bar.

The first door in the corridor to the left conducts on the kitchen. We go. In the box below and more left than the saucepan we find box. From it we obtain sugar syrup.

We pass into the end of the corridor. From the upper left box of chest of drawers we obtain keys from the automobile. Door at the end of the corridor will to the left bring us into the bedroom. We read the small papers, stuck to the board on the wall. Especially that that with the red button. We look at the calendar on the wall. We understand, that outside of 1997. We obtain from the box of table cigarette lighter. Let us inspect it in the inventory. We obtain needle. We investigate floor near the bed. We break in floor-board by pinch bar. We look at the closed box, which will be found in the hiding-place. It is utilized needle on the lock and it is pivoted it downward, upward, to the left and upward (prompt it was printed by gray text on the paper with the red button). After opening basket, we obtain the bottle of rum.

We go into the garage. It is pivoted to the left and we leave through the door to the street. We turn around, we look at the table to the right. We place on the table the apparatus for distillation. Then we place the great capacity in the apparatus, small - to the holder to the left. In the great capacity we place sugar syrup. We shut with the cover of capacity. Under the great capacity we place drovishki. We ignite by their cigarette lighter and we obtain as a result small container with the distilled sugar.

We return to the garage. We study canister in the inventory. We fill into it the bottle of rum, and then we add the distilled sugar. It is utilized canister on the fuel tank of automobile. We pass to the left side of auto-. It is discovered door by keys and we sit down ourselves for the control.

Doyezzhayem to the servicing. We go inward. We study goods on the regiments. We associate with the salesman. We pay to it for the gasoline. We say that the price is high, then we ask it about the city. We take the map of city, which lies on the counter. Now, when we go to the output, on the screen will appear the map Of rozuell city.


We select on the map library. We go to the right, then to the left to the elevator. We rise upward. We go in the first door to the left. We turn around. We look at the list, which hangs to the left of the door. We read the book Of vinsa Of rodofa about the journey in the time, that lies on the lower shelf of cabinet. We leave from the room. We turn around. We look at the closed door of archive. We get down on the elevator downward. We associate with the girl after the information steadfast. We look at doctor Igor zabinskiy's morning coat, which lies on the counter before the girl. We pass to the left to the telephone. We ring to the girl, who stands after the information steadfast. It will leave. Then we investigate boxes behind the counter. Then we pass for the counter, where from the shelf we take key from the archive. We rise on the elevator conversely upward. By key it is discovered the door of archive. We look at the box below, at which lie the newspapers, dated 1947. Study all four newspapers. We get down conversely downward. We attempt to visit into the reading hall. We leave from the library.


We speak to professor zabinskiy. To us they will propose to answer three questions:

Question 1 - answer #2
Question 2 - answer #ya
Question 3 - we collect numbers 313 and we click on the chalk.

He will say then about professor libnitsa and will give its address. If to questions incorrect answers were given, then we go into old Rozuell. Behind the container we find 2 coins. It is utilized coin on the telephone in the library and, after ringing girl after the information steadfast, we learn the address Of libnitsa.

Apartment Of libnitsa:

We speak to the professor. It will give to us documents about Rodove and 2 letters from Helen.

Old Rozuell:

We pass into bar Bluemoon. We go in the toilet to the left. We turn around. We talk with Yuri.

Church of holy John:

We pass to the left. We look at the sepulchral plate Of dereka. We go inside the church. We look at the door to the left. We leave on the cemetery through this door. We look at the sepulchral plate of Natashas (it Helen).

After after city (desert

It is pivoted to the right. We obtain from the box with the radioactive sign mechanism.

Apartment Of libnitsa:

We attempt to enter, but the police is located inside the house.

Old Rozuell:

We go in the hotel. We look at the sleeping owner, at the board. We turn around. We rise on the elevator upward. Along the way we click to the upper button. We pass into the distant to the right room (our old room). We click on the pillow of bed and lie down to sleep.

Central park:

After awaking, we go into the park. We look at the case, which lies on the bench, on which sits the man. From the case we obtain 2 containers with plutonium.

Apartment Of libnitsa:

We read the document, which lies on the table, in which it is discussed the machine of time. We pass to the starting mechanism of the machine of time to the right. We look at it. There is no nourishment. We rise upward. We pull lever in order to include electricity. Now we place 2 containers with plutonium into the central section on the apparatus, higher than it we install the mechanism, found in the desert. We pull two levers along the sides from the containers with plutonium. It is pivoted to the right. We press on the red button and go inside the machine of time.

Past (it present)

Apartment Is ancestral:

After journey in the machine of time, we will prove to be in our year in the apartment it is ancestral. We turn around. We penetrate the door. We talk with the ancestral - father of professor libnits. We must find now machine.


We speak to the owner of hotel. We rise upward. We go in number 15, which is located opposite our number. It is pivoted to the left in order to leave to the balcony. We look on top at the machine parked in the alley. We return to the number. We look at the newspaper cuts in the frames, which hang on the wall. We look at the hanger to the left of the table. We obtain from the pocket of coat keys from the automobile. As soon as we will take keys, the owner of hotel will leave for his number. Rapidly we leave to the balcony, we get down on the stairs into the alley. It is utilized keys in the machine and let us go to Rodovu. It will give to us passage to the aurora.

House The bills:

We go in the house, we pass into the bedroom to the right. We move aside rug, we climb into the wine cellar. We pull downward fourth bottle in a lower number. We pass on the tunnel to two passages. We go on the leftist. We look at the digital panel to the right of door. We put in the slot the passage, which to us gave ancestral.

We pass to the control panel. Of the panel we to the left pull downward levers. Panel we to the right of find cutting pliers. Pererezayem by cutting pliers red wire to the left of the digital panel. We move away flap and compulsorily we remain!

As soon as we investigate wires in the lower part it will begin the report of the starting of rocket or another unit. Pererezayem by cutting pliers black wire. We await, when sounds explosion, and then by cutting pliers pererezayem red wire. We move to the output in order to finish celebrating victory in the bar. If we cut after black wire immediately red, then nothing terrible on the beginning it will occur. But it is worthwhile to leave to the output and to reach the office of detective, as they will there us erase from face of the earth. But if we do not cut to the end of the report black wire, then us, just as in previous by the case, expects unsuccessful fulfillment of assignments. End.





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