Belief & Betrayal

As journalist Jonathan Danter, you discover that a ten year old murder is somehow part of a greater mystery that could destroy humanity itself. Filled with baffling plot twists and conspiracy theories, you must uncover the mystery that reaches back through history from 1194 A.D. to the time Judas received 30 pieces of silver to betray Christ

Jonathan’s Apt
Have a look around Jonathan’s apt.
Go to coffee table click on books. Screen close up. Pick up cell phone (it has camera)
Go to fax machine on breakfast counter. Close up. Take pocket watch.
Go to shelves under stairs to “pile of stuff” on bottom. Take passport
Phone call from Twinnings of Scotland Yard saying police are on their way to pick Jonathan up and take him to London

nights training – Chapter 1
Jonathan learns that his uncle Frank, who he believed died 10 yrs ago had actually been working for the Vatican and had been murdered 2 days ago.
Twinnings gives Jonathan the key to Frank’s flat to have a look around before the CIA arrive.
Frank’s Flat
Enter building. Climb stairs. Climb next flight of stairs. “Frank Danter’s investigations” look at the mail on the floor .Of no use. Enter office, take a good look around. Go further into room take map of London from pile of books on chair, look at laptop, computer etc. go to bookcase at entrance door . shelves far right “messed up books”
VI – IX – I – X – III
Go through the flat taking a good look. In the kitchen take the tin of tuna from the top of the fridge.
Colletti arrives followed by Kat McKendal to rescue Jonathan.
Kat tells Jonathan about the legacy and tells him to search for clues while she checks the garage.
play as Jonathan
Look at the grandfather clock. Close up. It’s broken and stopped at 10:10 when Jonathan was little it was stopped at 5:55
Look at small equestrian statue on writing bureau. Its sword is missing.
Click on radio on the wall behind computer desk.
In the top left hand corner of screen an icon of Kat appears. Clicking on these icons allow you to switch playing characters.
play as Kat
Check fuse box, skis and cupboard. Go further into garage. Have a look around
Look at “flicker” on middle panel of back wall. Close up screen. Take motorbike keys.
You’re back playing as Jonathan
play as Jonathan
Leave apt. go down one flight of stairs to floor 1. see cat. Talk to cat. Give the cat the tin of tuna. Back to Frank’s into bedroom. Take mystery object from between fishing trophys on top of TV .
Look at the mysterious object in inventory. It too has roman numerals. Move the curser to the right of screen and notebook will slide onto screen. On the mechanism turn the numerals to match those in notebook and click small button on left.It opens to reveal ancient doc.
Kat appears – she can get the strange symbols on the doc translated.

shining our swords – chapter 2
Kat takes Jonathan to her fathers house
Coletti regains consciousness and phones Twinnings and implicates Jonathan in the murder of the guards.
Kats dad thinks Damien could translate the symbols and tells of Imago Sanctissimus
Kat and Jonathan leave for Damiens place.
Damien gives Jonathan a communicator.
Kat takes Jonathan to Robert’s
Robert’s place
Kat leaves Jonathan to get her false passport. Jonathan must get a photo of himself for Robert to create a fake passport for Jonathan.
play as Jonathan
Have a good look at everything in Robert’s place. Then go up steps and leave Robert’s. come to forefront of screen. Check stack of crates. Exit top of screen. Aha photo machine. Talk to drunken tramp. Pick up bottle on ground right of photobooth. He wont let Jonathan into his “shelter”. Go further up street look at hut on left. Check bush on left . close up take yoghurt pot. Check old abandoned fridge. Close up take melted lolly. Go back past tramp one screen. See water fountain on corner. Close up. Use bottle on fountain. In inventory combine bottle and lollipop – you now have lollipop stick and bottle of water with strawberry juice. Combine bottle with yoghurt. Go back to tramp and give him the bottle. He leaves. Jonathan needs a coin for the photo machine. Turn round and click on the abandoned car (towards the back) close up. Take magnetic religious figure. Follow street around until you come to screen with pile of wood and puddle. Click twice on puddle take shoelace. Combine shoelace with magnet. Go to grate outside Robert’s. Close up. Use magnet on coin. Go back to photo booth and use coin on booth. Go back to Robert and give him photos.
play as Kat
Go to potting shed. Close up. Take gardening gloves.
Use gloves on climbing roses. You’re in house.
Look around go further down hall. Go downstairs. Go to room on left, go further into room. Click on sofa – there’s your camera. Exit room. Enter room opposite, go further into room. Check docs and papers on computer table. Fake passport . take it.
Kat meets Jonathan at Roberts. They are then auto transported to Damiens. Learn about the Cathars etc.

Imago Sanctissimus – Chapter 3
play as Damien
Enter Frank’s apt block – go up to level 2 and Franks apt. go to back of desk look close at Franks laptop “maybe Jonathan has the password” appears in notebook. Click and drag from notebook onto communicator in inventory. Click on the icon beside the message in communicator and drag onto Jonathan’s name. Immediate reply. Use the USB stick on laptop. From notebook drag “list of books” onto communicator (communicator in bottom toolbar) and click on email icon and send to Kat
play as Kat
Receive email from Damien with list of books. Enter building on right. Talk to librarian exhaust conversation – he’s not helpful. Try to distract him while you take he books. Go right further into library knock over pile of books on left. Doesn’t work look right and see fire extinguisher. Move fire extinguisher – rat hole, librarian comes over. Go back to where the librarian was , move forward to bookcase and take the 3 books you need.
play as Jonathan
Check the wooden boards leaning on the fence twice, and click to open gates. Enter hangar. Go further into hangar several times. Talk to Alan. Show Alan fake passport. Alan needs a sparkplug. Look in bin take canister. Open map in inventory and go to Damien’s . Go to Hunter’s blue skies tavern , check sign right of door close up. Click to get spark plug. Go back to Alan via the map. Give Alan spark plug.
Back at Damien’s
Cut scene - Jonathan and Kat take off for Chartres. Meanwhile Damien has a visitor but manages to transfer the images via webcam .

Chartres Remmiscene – Chapter 4
Play as Jonathan
Take tin of tomato soup from right hand side base of kiosk. Look telephone box – doors stuck. Go further into screen past entrance of cathedral to construction site. Click on twice to get close up look. Take the rusty metal bar from center of screen. Go back to telephone box close up. Use metal bar on stuck door.
Jonathan auto calls Twinnings. Used telephone card now in inventory.
Go to fountain look close take condom. Turn and look at first bench take newspaper. Continue down side of cathedral – look at cathedral window, statue. Close up on statue see the inscription. Pour tomato soup on inscription and use newspaper on to take imprint of inscription. Take small stone from right hand base of column.
Combine cell phone and newspaper in inventory to take picture of writing.drag “mysterious Latin sentence” onto communicator in inventory and send to Kat.
Play as Kat
Talk to kids- exhaust conversation learn of window in cathedral easy to open. Come into forescreen. Look at statue. Talk to the drunk man sitting below statuelearn about Mary’s robes, cathedral, golden ration and stone column. Send message about Cathedral window to Jonathan.
Play as Jonathan
Click on cathedral window twice for close up – too bright. Combine stone and condom in inventory and use on street lamp. Go back to window. Close up . use lollipop stick to open.
Jonathan in cathedral. Have a look at chairs and labyrinth. Go forward to altar. Go beyond altar and look at relic on altar “Mary’s robes” look twice. priest appears – he knew Frank. Exhaust conversation – take about fake robe, Notre Dame, Imago Sanctissimus, labyrinth.
Jonathan auto leaves cathedral. The police are waiting.

The mystery revealed – Chapter 5
Play as Kat
Kat has a map, guide and match added to inventory. Go right and talk to funny museum caretaker. Exhaust conversation he agrees to let you enter.
Go through the rooms looking at the frescos etc. on the way. In the fourth and last room look at Fresco De Borgo. Look close up. Look at Pope, man on left and capitals. From notebook drag “mysterious latin sentence translated to English” onto Pope. Go to wooden door opposite. Notice hole in right hand side panel. Use the matchstick in hole to reveal secret drawer. Remove magnetic cylinder. Go back outside and talk to caretaker. A new hotspot appears on the map – “magical door” click on magical door.
Magical door
Go through gap in iron fence. Look at alchemical door/ magic door. Look at the architrave close up. Look at center of circle. Use magnetic cylinder on circle to reveal a magic cone. Take cone. Use the map on the arrow on architrave and a directional arrow will appear on map. In inventory drag the guide to all monuments in Rome onto map and another new hotspot will appear – the Pantheon
The Pantheon
Talk to policeman at the door – he wont let you in. go back to St Peters Square and go to museum caretaker
Drag “ the policeman in front of the Pantheon wont let me in” onto museum caretaker. The caretaker gets you in to the Pantheon.
The Pantheon
Go to Altar on right have a look. Go further into room look at Raphael’s tomb. Go further into screen to tomb of King Humbert and Queen Margherita. Close up. Click on tomb twice. View hole insert magnetic cone. Secret drawer. Take magnetic pyramid.
Cut scene – secret trapdoor opens. Kat enters.
Underground chamber
Look at ray of light. Click on center screen to descend. Go toward column of light. Come forward into screen. Look at altar close up. Use magnetic pyramid on hole.

First click on crystal at 3 o’clock
Second click on crystal at 5 o’clock
Third click on crystal at 9 o’clock
Fourth click on crystal at 7 o’clock

Cut scene – Kat gets Mary’s robe but is caught
Play as Jonathan
In Twinnings office. Twinning is aware that Colletti was the bad guy and he is now dead.Jonathan gets message from Kat .go to Damiens place
Enter door right hand side of pub. Go upstairs cleaning lady wont let you enter Damiens flat.go forward and up the stairs go further into landing and notice clean spot on floor. Go back downstairs and out into street. Go left and into pub. Exhaust conversation until you get bottle of mustard.go back into Damiens building and up both flights of stairs and squirt mustard on clean spot on floor.go back downstairs and tell the cleaning lady that the floor upstairs is dirty. She leaves. Enter Damiens. Go behind Damiens desk, look at desk take “piece of Marys robes” on map of London go to Arthur’s
Arthur McKendal’s house
Enter room on right give Arthur the piece of robe. Arthur gives Jonathan a medieval key.
Cut scene – Heathrow lockers – get Franks old watch then Twinnings office
Frank’s flat
Garage – exit and go up to Frank’s flat.enter. in inventory combine “Frank’s old grandfather clock has always been broken” with second pocketwatch. New message in notebook “I could try setting the grandfather clock at 5:55” drag this message onto grandfather clock in close up. Secret drawer opens in base of clock. Take little sword. Go to small equestrian statue on top of writing bureau. Insert small metal sword. Secret drawer take piece of paper with musical notes. Use music paper on music sheet on piano. Secret drawer ancient medallion. Take.
Get a message from Arthur. Jonathan to go to Venice.
Heathrow airport
Look at trolleys in center screen. Put trolley back to get coin. Go right look at airport desk. Take pencil. Vending machine use coin and take can of drink
Venice flight announced
Cut scene – flight to Venice
Go further into screen, click to go further in middle of screen, enter archway, go further and talk to restorer. Take sandpaper from her table.offer the restorer the can of drink. In inventory combine pencil and sand paper to get graphite dust. Combine graphic dust with white plaster on restorers table. Restorer leaves.
Go down well .go to stone on right. There’s a hole in it. Use passeport on it.
Cog puzzle
Arrange the cogs properly on the pins.
Largest, second largest, smallest, second smallest.

Secret passage opens. Enter
Go further towards pool. Look twice at circular stones on ground. Close up
Click on small row of small stones.
Click once on stone far right
Click once on stone fourth from left
Click once on stone first left

A bridge appears. Cross to other side of pool. Take pedestal or codex stone
Cut scene – travelling back to London

Arthur’s house
Talk to Arthur. Need to immerse robe in water, ammonia and mercury.
Go to Damien’s
Go further into room, into bedroom. Take thermometer from beside shelves. Go further into bedroom take empty biscuit box from under chair. Go to Brixton.
Go to the fountain on the corner and fill biscuit box with water. In inventory combine canister + biscuit box to get biscuit box full of water and ammonia. Then add thermometer to biscuit box to get biscuit box full of water, ammonia and mercury. Add the piece of parchment to box to get “first half of Frank’s clue found on the piece of Mary’s original robes”. Drag the second clue of robe from notebook onto Mary’s original robes in inventory. “this is the clue Frank left us”
Arthur’s house
Drag “completed clue that Frank left hidden on Mary’s robes” from notebook onto Arthur. Cut scene – Kats in trouble

Moonlight shadows – chapter 6

Castle del Monte Italy
Cut scene.
Take stick left on scaffolding. Use stick on monk. Go further into room look at tool box. Take wrench and oil. Go back one screen and enter doorway on left. Go further into room and notice the big screw and cable on wall. Back one screen. Go through large doorway on right. Go through other doorway off courtyard. Look through archway – see Monks and Kat. Go back to the wall with screw and cable. Look at screw close up. Use wrench. Screw rusty use oil on screw and then use wrench on screw. Cut scene – freeing Kat. Exit into courtyard. Look at hole in doorway close up. Put imago into hole. Cut scene – floor decoration opens. Go forward over three large hexagonal stones. Go forward once. Look at gate, skeletons, blades, fountain on right. Got to fountain on left. Look close up. Use imago sanctissimus in hole. Gate opens.
Sit back and watch end sequence


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