The Blackwell Legacy

Day one:

-watch opening cutscene.
-Talk to doorman, exhaust all dialogue options.
-Go to the park.
-Head left to the fountain.
-Lure the dog down and around the lamp post. When he gets tangled he'll start barking.
-Talk to Nishanti, continue the dialogues until you wind up in your apartment building.
-Enter your apartment.
-Take the elevator out and head to the psychiatric hospital.
-Talk to the guard to gain access to the doctor's office.
-Talk to the doctor, exhaust all dialogue options.
-Return to your apartment.
-Pick up the envelope from the floor and right-click it to examine.
-Read the letters.
-Answer the phone.
-Head to the dorm.
-Talk to Adrian and Kelly.
-Be honest with Kelly and she'll answer your questions.
-After grilling Kelly on everything, ask Adrian about "JoAnn slept all night"
-Open your notes, use "JoAnn slept all night" with "Kelly sleeps elsewhere"
-Re-ask Kelly all the questions in your notebook, making sure to get a picture.
-Back to your apartment.
-Use the computer and write up your article.
-Rosa has an episode, notice the photo on the TV flash.
-Go to the hospital and ask the doctor about the headaches. He's no help. (maybe not necessary)
-You can also visit Nishanti now, exhaust all dialogue options to get to know her, and feed the dog (or swipe a treat).
-When you're done, return to your apartment and watch the cutscene.
-Remember where it started? Back at the park.
-When talking to the dog park ghost, lay on the charm to get all the info out of her.
-Rosa's had about enough of this. She heads to bed and to...

Day two:

-Lots of talking. Exhaust all dialogue options.
-You can talk to Nishanti again. Turns out dogs+Joey=barking.
-Head back down to the dog park and talk to the ghost again. Add "Deacon" to your notebook.
-Back to the dorm. Examine the bulletin board. "Davenport" added to the notebook.
-Talk to Kelly about the picture of the girls, "Alli" and "Susan" added to notebook.
-Use the phone on the desk. While holding the phone, click on Joey to pretend to talk to him on the phone.
-Ask him for a little performance.
-While Kelly picks up the papers, grab JoAnn's notebook off the desk.
-Examine JoAnn's notebook to get the doodle and notes. Examine both. "Alexander" added to notebook.
-Open your notebook Use "Alexander" with "Davenport", get "Alexander Davenport"
-Adrian's no help, so back to the dog park.
-Talk to the Alli's ghost about "Alli" and "Susan" to get last names for both.
-Head back to your apartment and boot up the computer for some research.
-Searches for "Alli" and "Susan" will reveal new info. "Ouija boards" is added to the notebook and Susan's apparently in the Hospital.
-Searching for "Alexander Davenport" tells you that he was on the Hockey team.
-Open the notebook. Use "Ouija boards" with "Deacon" to get "Deacon and Ouija"
-Back in the park, talk to Alli about "Deacon and Ouija." Definitely something up there.
-Head to the hospital. Yup, Susan's here, but you can't get in to see her.
-You can talk to the doctor, but it'll just make Joey all antsy.
-Try to see Susan again, give a lame excuse to the guard.
-Hmm... we need a name that might be on the list. The only names in our notebook connected to Susan are either dead, and therefore not on the list, or boys names.
-In the notebook, use "Alexander Davenport" on "Adrian" to get "Alex Davenport." Try that with the guard.
-Talk to Susan, be honest. Ask her about "Deacon and Ouija."
-Ask her about everything else. Apparently Alli likes dogs.
-It's night now. You can no longer go to the Dorm.
-Visiting Susan again, she'll give you her diuretic pills.
-Use the pills with a dog biscuit (If you don't have one, go back to Nishanti's and ask for one).
-Give the pill to Nishanti's dog.
-Take Moti to the dog park and enjoy the cutscene.
-Head back to the Hospital.
-Lure Joey close to the radio. While the guard tries to fix the static, you can grab the fusebox key.
-Open the fusebox (near the elevator)
-Click the fusebox again to shut off the lights. The guard will come to check it out.
-Quickly hide in the telephone nook in the upper-right corner.
-After the guard has passed you, walk through the door and up around the corner.
-Enter the Deacon.
-Play a little "Good cop, bad cop" with Joey. The way you handle it (very) slightly affects the ending:

Ending one:
-Just let Joey handle it the whole way

Ending two:
-Let Joey handle it for a bit then switch back to Rosa.
-Offer him hope, then tell him no one else will help him, then he'll trust you.

Either way:
-Talk to the Demon about Deacon's sins.
-Talk to Deacon about his flask.
-Open the notebook, combine "Deacon's Sins" and "Deacon's Flask"
-Tell Deacon to drop the flask.
-Pick up the cobblestone.
-Click on the flask.
-Smash the flask with the stone.
-Enjoy the ending.

-After using the phone in Kelly's room, Kelly says something, but the wrong speech file plays.
-It is possible, after turning "Alexander" into "Alexander Davenport" to get another "Alexander" by examining the doodle again.
-Talking to Alli about "Deacon and Ouija" repeatedly makes Joey walk further and further away.


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