This is the walkthrough for my game Blast Zone.
( Blast Zone )


You begin inside the inflation room with Trapida. Keep clicking on her until you can start making guesses about the number of balloons. Explore the room and note the three stacks of balloon containers. Click on each box and note how many balloons have been removed from the unsealed containers. Keep these figures in mind for later. Enter the mine using the ladder below.


Pick up the tin cans. Read the note. You can also click on the teleporter in your inventory, to bookmark it at the mine. You can also forget to set the teleporter however, depending on which ending you want later in the game. If you want the main ending then you should bookmark the mine. Climb back up the ladder to the inflation room.


Enter the door at the back. This leads to the corridor.


Once in the corridor, walk around to the wooden door on the left. This leads to the teleporter room.


Pick up the wire. Examine the balloon containers and again note how many have been removed from the unsealed containers. Talk to Dr X. He
mentions the teleporter power is down and you can help him restore power by pressing the buttons in the corridor. However, you must find
a way to communicate with him so he can tell you the order in which to press them... Combine the tin cans and wire together to make a phone.
Use the phone on Dr X. You will then be able to talk to him. D-TOX will then enter the corridor, ready to press the buttons.


Press the buttons according to the order Dr X says. Remember, a buttons press only counts as the button is illuminated, not as it's deactivated. When Dr X asks you to press five, and then furher numbers after this, you must press multiple buttons to create a total. So, for five, press: buttons two and three... etc....

Once completed, the power will have been restored. Return to the teleporter room.


Walk down the steps and use the teleporters. They just make sounds. Climb back up the steps and talk to Dr X. He explains they are a combination and that the combination is inside his locker, but his locker is invisible. Return to the corridor.


Having visited all the balloon containers, keep a running total of how many balloons have been removed from the boxes. This will help in
determining how many balloons Trapida is keeping inside the chamber. Once you have a total (should be: 244) you should then look at how many balloons are floating up on the corridor ceiling. There are 4. Then enter the inflation room and stand near Trapida.


Look at the ceiling and note how many floating balloons. There are 3. In total this makes 7 floating balloons which are not inside the chamber. Therefore, you must subtract these from 244. This makes a final total of 237. Talk to Trapida and tell her this final total. She will give you a water tight container.
Enter the corridor.


Once here, enter the box at the bottom right of the screen. It leads to a box room with a jukebox machine.


Press the tap on the jukebox. This will suck the colours from the room and store them inside the tank as paint. Then, use the container on the tap to collect the paint. Then move your mouse over the floor until you discover a strange area. Use the paint on the floor to reveal Dr X's invisible locker. Click on the locker and D-TOX will press a button. This plays some sounds which corrrespond to the teleporters. Leave and enter the corridor.


Enter the teleporter room.


Save your game. Walk down the stairs to the teleporters. You must step on the teleporters which make the same sounds as those you heard from the locker. The order is different however. You must step on them from top to bottom. So, if you label the top left teleporter as 1 and the bottom right as 9, and every other teleporter as a number in-between, from left to right, top to bottom. You must then step on teleporter 2,3,5 and 9.


Here, there are two small huts on each side and the Blast Zone in the middle. You are allowed to take only one item into the Blast Zone. Enter both huts. You will need to solve six riddles. The riddles and their answers are:

Who makes it, has no need of it.
Who buys it, has no use for it.
Who uses it can neither see nor feel it.


I am only useful
When I am full,
Yet I am always
Full of holes.


Weight in my belly,
Trees on my back,
Nails in my ribs,
Feet I do lack.


You can see nothing else
When you look in my face,
I will look you in the eye
And I will never lie.


When I am filled
I can point the way,
When I am empty
Nothing moves me,
I have two skins
One without and one within.


I build up castles.
I tear down mountains.
I make some men blind,
I help others to see.
What am I?


As you solve each hut you will win a prize. This will be a toy and a knife. Now you must prepare to enter the Blast Zone. You can only take one object. You should use the knife on the toy to cut a hole in its belly. Then you should conceal the teleporter inside the belly. This will allow you to sneak the teleporter inside the Blast Zone. Click on the Blast Zone, choose the toy with the teleporter and then you will enter.


You have three minutes to solve a puzzle. Get some power to the teleporter and escape. Read the note on the floor. Then solve the puzzle to get some power. You must extinquish all lights. By pressing a button all adjacent lights will turn on or off, depending whether they are illuminated or not. If you are really stuck on this puzzle, you can find various solutions by searching google for: lights out puzzle solution.

Once the puzzle is solved, click on teleporter to teleport back to the mine. Watch the sequence and, once finished, click on the mine cart to escape and complete the game.


Blast Zone has three endings:

1. You can die in the Blast Zone explosion. This occurs if you do not solve the puzzle within minutes or if you take the wrong item inside the Blast Zone.
2. You can die after solving the puzzle, but if the teleporter is not set to the mine you cannot escape.
3. You escape the Blast Zone.

Alan Thorn.


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