Backpacker: The lost Florence Gold Mine

This is a straight walk through sheet for Backpacker. A player does not necessarily need to play the game in this order. Many of the hints supplied by characters in the game are by-passed by using this information. However following this sheet will get you directly to the end.

Payette Inn

Talking to the park ranger gives you the information that you will need a hiking pass to enter into the park. He also says that the passes are sold at Payette Inn. Head left till you are standing in front of the inn. Talk to the two men on the porch. They will give you some color fold talk. Before entering in the inn, lets exit to the right and take a look at the park map. continue up the path and you enter a circle of stones. Now go ahead and take the park map that is in the wooden box on the left of the large sign. By using this map on Chuck, you can see the whole park and to see where you will be going in the game. Lets go back to the front of the inn. Use the door and enter in. You are now in the lobby of Payette Inn. Feel free to talk to people and pick up information. There are three exits not counting the way you came in,. The one on the left leads to the bar. If you want, enter in and talk to the people inside. On the right are stairs leading upstairs, and straight ahead on back is the way to the dining room. We want to enter the dining room.

At this time an auto sequence begins. When it ends, you will be led to the kitchen and have a knife. Talk to the cook and find out what we are suppose to be doing. Okay, exit left and enter the storage room. Use your knife on the sack of flour and open the sack. Take the tin cup that is sitting on the shelf, and use it on the open sack of flour. If you look at the floor, under the barrel is a trap door. Use the barrel to push it out of the way. Now use the door to open it and climb down.

You are now under the inn at an underground stream. Take the fishing pole. You will be needing it later, and also pull the handle. This handle unlocks the shed door that is outside on the back of the inn. Return to the kitchen and give the cook the cup of flour that he asked. Talk to him some more. Now there are two things still to do before he lets to go outside for his final errand. One is to wash the dishes that Meagan didn't finish. The other is to take the sandwich to the guy at the bar. Pick up the sandwich and exit down into the bar. Once in the bar give the guy at the bar the sandwich. Notice the book that he has. Talk to him to gather more information. Return to the kitchen and do the dishes and talk to the cook. The cook will give you a list of ingredients that he needs for supper. He also says to get a plant book from the gearshop. All of these items are found here and around the lake. Head right into the dinging room and pick up a flower from off the center table. Exit right again and enter the gearshop.

A short auto sequence is shown between Bart and the repairman. This drops a clue for later. On the shelf are several books. Click on each book. There are three or four books you can read, and a small book on animals can be taken. Talking to Bart, lets you know that you are not going to get any book from him. Exit out and use the back door to go onto the balcony. Talk to Meagan. She tells you to meet her at the hotsprings on the other side of the lake. But before we do lets go back into the inn and get the rest of the items needed. Go into the kitchen and the cook is gone. Use the refrigerator door and look inside. A pop-up will appear. Take the cheese. Now open all the drawers and take the bucket from under the sink and the can of dog food from the right cabinet. Head into the bar and talk to Hank. He will loan you his botany book. Go back to the balcony and head down the stairs.

Payette Lake

At the back of the inn is a single door which leads into the shed. Open the door of the shed and enter. Once inside, take the rope, the miners pan and the bee hat. Head back out and go left. This takes you to the south side of the lake where the ducks are swimming in the water. From here you can go up across the bridge or left around the lake. Go left around the lake. You enter a sandy beach where boys are playing. Use the flower from the dining table to catch the bee flying around in this scene. Talk to the people if you like. Continue going left. Use the bee hat on Chuck while standing near the old hollow tree. Go on and take the honey. Now continue going left.

You are the north side of the lake now. There is a fork that goes up. Take that trail and enter into the small cabin. Once inside use the hand icon to take some of the sulfur off the rocks in the hot springs, and take the hacksaw blade on the bench in the hot springs. After talking to Megan you can leave and go back to the lake. Go right to the next scene. Use Hank's plant book on the berry bush to the right of the trail. Identify the correct berry. You can use morphology if you need to learn plant identification techniques. Once you identify the correct berry it will be in your inventory. Go up through the bushes towards the waterfall to the next scene, and on your right are some berries with a slightly different color. Use the plant book to obtain them. Continue up through the bushes to the next scene. Use the hacksaw blade from the hotsprings on the dogfood can in your inventory to open it. Now use the opened can on the wolf. You can safely enter the cave.

Take the stones on the right. They are on the floor of the cave, and exit the cave and go back to the lake. Continue to the right. One of the cattail plants along the shore can be picked up. Take it. In your animal book you can read that porcupines love cattails. Give the porcupine the cattail. After the porcupine eats he will drop a quill. Pick up the quill. Go right to the next scene, and use your miner's pan on the water to get a gold nugget. Go right through the trees. Continue on along the stone wall to the next scene right. You should be near the water under a small foot bridge. Use your bee on the fishing pole. Use the baited pole on the water. You will catch a trout.

Go right/upward under the bridge to the next scene. Follow along the trail one scene. Use the hand icon on the tree to avoid the grizzly bear. After the bear has gone take the meat and bones the bear left behind. Take the mushrooms under the log. You must use the plant book on the mushrooms to obtain them. Go back to the scene with the stone wall. Head right/down one scene and you will be back at the inn. Go up the stairs on the right behind the tree and then enter the inn. Give the cook the bucket full of his ingredients. Talk to the cook to get more information until the conversation repeats. Now head for the bar.

Save your game here!!!! There are 2 ways to save -

Saving with a file name. This is done by placing the cursor at the bottom left corner of the screen. Wait for the cursor to turn into a series of windows and click the left mouse button. Select File then Save from the main menu. You can now give a name to the current game. Return to the game by selecting Game then Play.

Quick saving. You can press the F6 key at any time during the game to save your present location. If you need to return to the spot you just saved hit F5.

Give the Indian the gold nugget and he will play you darts.

Playing darts: Aim your dart by placing the red "X" on the location you want the dart to land. Click on your darts at the right of the screen and the speed meter will start to move. You must click the mouse button quickly on the speed meter then on the accuracy meter to control your dart. In both cases you should try to stop the meter on the black line. The game is 301 and you must get exactly that number to win. If you lose just restore your game and try again. If you didnít restore then you must go pan for more gold. Download here a save game to pass the dart game.

Once you beat the Indian, he will tell you to meet him outside to discuss a private matter. First go to the gearshop. The innkeeper is gone. Use your hand on the counter door. Go behind the counter and open the cash register by using your hand icon on the cash lever. Use the eye icon on the opened cash drawer. A picture of the cash drawer will pop up. Use your hand on the hiking pass to take one. Now head to the lobby of the inn. Take the red daypack in the lobby that the hiker left behind. Use your hand icon on the chair where the hiker was sitting in, and use your hand icon on the moose. The hero will stand on the chair and find the lost page from the diary (which is really a puzzle map). Now head outside to the front of the inn, and talk to the Indian until the conversation repeats. Go to the ranger and give him the pass and then you can enter the park.

Save your game at this point!!!!

Payette National Forest / Lost Woods

Enter into the park, and continue up till you see a meadow with purple flowers in front of you. From here go left and traverse along a canyon wall. Be careful (save) The object here is to get the missing page that the osprey took. First use the fish on the osprey for him to fly away. Now the branch can not support Chuck's weight. So tie your rope to the trunk of the dead tree stump, then use the rope to climb out onto the limb. When you are swinging back from retrieving the piece of paper click your hand on the ledge to your right otherwise the rope breaks and you die. After getting the paper, I suggest saving the game. Go up the trail and enter into the lost woods. The lost woods path starts from the J.F. Rock scene, so go right 2 times until you come to a rock with the letters J.F. Use the secret map on Chuck to read. Follow this sequence: Left one scene, down one scene, right one scene, down two scenes, left one scene, and down one scene. Now follow the trail to the fire tower and use the stairs to go up.

Once inside the fire tower, open the chest of drawers on your right, and take the hangliding book and the wrench. Use the map table and set the number to the degrees written on the secret map. This is a foreshadow of things to come. Head back to the lost woods. Now go right, up, right, and down. You should be out of the lost woods and at the edge of the meadow. Great you made it out of the lost woods, but the bad news is that you just got bit by a snake in the grass, and no we are not talking about Bart. Use your snake bite kit by opening the red daypack on Chuck. The kit has two parts the razor blade and the suction cup. Use the blade on your wound then the suction cup. After recovering from the snake bite, go down two scenes and go back to the inn. When you come to the front of the inn go right one scene to the park map sign, and take the stairs on the left. Give the wrench to the tram repairman, and use the tram to go up the mountain.

At the top of the tram, go left and enter the small cabin. Pick up everything there is to get, especially the tire inflation gel. Go back outside the cabin. Combine the glider book and the missing page together and use it on Chuck. The hang glider is now assembled.

Save your game and use the glider on Chuck. You will automatically fly off the mountain. You must now fly down to the island at the center of the lake. The secret is to try and stay in the middle of the flight path by using your mouse to direct your flight. Download here a save game to pass the hanglider.


Click on the hanglider hint pictures to enlarge

When you have landed on the island take one of the berries from the bush on your left, and use the hand icon on the dead tree to slide down off the cliff. Take the inner tube out of the old tire, and use the can of air on the inner tube. Look at the rotting boat and get the broom. Now use the broom on the inner tube and float across the lake into an underground stream which takes you back to the inn.

Go back and give Tipyalanah the berry that he asked for. This starts an auto sequence. After the thugs take the chief go back in the inn. Enter the gearshop, and talk to the innkeeper. Go to the kitchen and then back to the lobby. Now there is a door open upstairs on the left. Use the stairs and head back into the lobby and enter Bart's bedroom. Take the pennies out of the ashtray on the night stand, and the keys off the clothing rack by the door. The innkeeper will make you clean the bathroom. Inside you must take the cologne bottle. Leave the bathroom. When the innkeeper dismisses you, go back to the gearshop, and use the keys on the cabinet and take the blue mountain backpack. It now time to save the chief. Go back into the park and go left towards the bridge.

High Mountains

Use the cologne on the skunk, and take some bark off the bush where the skunk ran to. Now cross over the bridge. From now on, the trails are narrow and you can fall off, so be careful and save the game alot. Download here a save game to pass the climbing Mountains.



Click on the climbing Mountain hint pictures to enlarge

Go up the trail till you get to a waterfall (save). Use the bush in the middle of the falls, this will jump you across to the other side. Once you land go into the cave before the lion can get to you. Use the red meat on the black hole at the back of the cave. The lion will chase it into the hole. Follow the cavern in and use the stalagtite to jump across. You will need to use the ledge during the swing. Take the golden arrow from the dead animal. and go back out to the falls, now continue right, and use the pennies on the binoculars. This gives you an idea where the thugs have taken the chief. Jump across the falls and continue up the mountian. Soon you will get to a fork in the trail.

If you continue up, you will have to contend with an earthquake/rockslide. This is a doable arcade game, but instead go right. The trick here is to hide behind the tree till the thugs leave. Once they leave, use the other penny in the well to make a wish. This is a bypass for the rockslide game. Head back and continue up the mountian. Once it seems that you can't go any higher, it's time for free climbing. Use your mountain pack on Chuck and then use the shoes on the right crack on the rock face. This changes your action menu. Horizontal climb, vertical climb, swing up/down, and jump. The object is to climb to the top. Make sure that your clicks are on the cracks / ledges or Chuck will fall off. The best side is along the left side. At the top of the third scene there are trees above you. Here you must jump right then move right along the wall. Then climb up the large crack to the center-right of the scene. You will be at the top of slick rock after this with mountains to your right and a trail marker up ahead.

Rainbow Peak

Once you make it up the three scenes, you'll be on top of the mountain. First take a leaf from the bush on the right, and go towards the marker up the trail. An auto sequence, the bad guys will catch you here and throw you in a small lake. You will be underwater. Use the sharp rock at the bottom of the lake. This cuts your ropes. Then head for the opening on the beavers hut which is the nearest supply of air. Now head for shore. You will find yourself on the shore of the lake. Go up the trail, and follow the right fork.

Pick up a rock and use it on the bad guys. Enter the hut, and cut down the chief with the knife. Take the bucket, and go back to the lake where you were thrown in and get some water in the bucket then return here. Use the water on the chief. This starts an autosequence. After the chief leads you to the burial site talk to the Indian near the pool of water. Give the chief all the items that he asks for. The pipe and the arrowheads are on the gravesites. This starts an autosequence. After the vision go back to the outside the hut where you found the Indian and go down the log chute.

After the bad guys leave enter the cabin. Take the crumbs off the plate. Get the mirror off the wall, and the gasmask from under the bed. Use the crumbs on the mouse hole, then put your hand in the mouse hole. This opens a secret passage. Enter the secret passage on the left.

The Mine

Take the lantern, and go down the ladder. Use your hand on the ledge to the right. From that ledge go right. Use the lantern so you can see. Now go up 2 scenes, and put the mirror on the stone spire in the center of this room (This will light up the mine so you wonít need to use the lantern). Go right, then right again. Use your lantern to light up this room if need be. Take some wooden poles at the far right of the room. Exit and head back down the tunnel. Don't blow yourself up. Use the gas mask so you can breathe. Once you get the pop-up of the stone door to appear, put the wooden poles into the holes in the following sequence:

If you number the holes 1-7 from the left, put them in the following order (The clue to this order can be found on the walls of the mine. Each room has a letter and a number which reveal the sequence outlined below. The letters spell out the word "compass" the numbers tell you the order.)

1, 6, 3, 5, 7, 2. 4

The stone door will open. Go right into the hole. You are now in the main cavern use the ladder to climb down. Use the right handle of the turnstile, and a pop-up will appear. Place the bronze (green) arrow on the slot in the arm of the wooden handle. Do the same with the silver arrow on the left handle and the gold arrow on the top or center handle. If you have done this correctly you will get a pop-up puzzle with the word "set" at the bottom. You need to put the images in the right order from left to right as follows.

Use the left arrow to move the pointer to the sun. Then click on the set button. Do the same for the moon, hands, bones, and the deer (in that order). This will open the stone door at the back of the cavern. Go up into the new room which was behind the stone door. Upon entering the room take one of the bones on the right, and put the bone into the dark hole in the rock downscreen left. The door to this cavern will close. Light your lantern. Use the hammer on the gold on the wall, then the hammer on one of the crystals in the center. Once the room starts to fill with water, use the raft on chuck right away. From here the rest of the game plays automatically and the story ends.

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