Black Sails - The Ghost Ship

Anna, a reporter from New York, is travelling on a large passenger ship. Suddenly the ship crashes, and there are only two survivors: Anna and a man she doesn’t know.

They survive long enough to discover another ship passing by and manage to climb aboard. Anna and the stranger, Lex, find themselves on a large, fully-furnished ship with one notable exception: it is entirely devoid of life...



German Demo: Das Geisterschiff

Dutch walkthrough


Walkthrough by ShinjiGR - ver. 1.0

The way you talk to a character the first time you meet them sets their attitude towards you for the rest of the game. There are three different attitudes. Friendly, neutral and hostile.

Chapter 1 - Anna
You find yourself in the Captain's cabin of a strange ship. Talk to Lex about everything. Your first lines decide his attitude towards you for the rest of the game.

If you continue to behave like a...
Well, if it can't be avoided...

If you continue to behave like a...
Easy, I didn't mean it like that...

At least, we should try to work together...
Then do whatever you like.

At least, we should try to work together...
It'd be easier for both of us, if we worked together.

It was hard for both of us, but it's over now.
Let's focus on getting out of here.

It was hard for both of us, but it's over now.
That means you're going to behave?

Examine the passenger list on top of the desk and pick up the corkscrew. Pick up the crooked picture from the wall and examine it in the inventory to find a key. Pick up the piece of paper from the bookshelf. Examine the knothole in the wooden wall and try to use it. It's blocked. Then examine the knot in the beam and try to solve it. You can't do it with your bare hands. Talk to Lex and tell him about the knot. He wants something in return. Examine the locked chest with the combination lock.

Use the key on the upper left drawer on the desk and pick up the piece of paper from inside. It's a picture of a little girl with burn holes. Then use the key on the upper right desk drawer. There more books inside. Combine the two pieces of paper and examine them. You're still missing something. Examine the lower left drawer. It doesn't have a handle. Use the corkscrew on the drawer and then open it. Pick up the piece of paper from inside. In your inventory combine the three pieces of paper. Three numbers are shown, 8, 6 and 3. Use number 863 in the combination lock to open the chest.

Read the love letter and pick up the razor and the amulet. Use the razor with the knot (select to use it when asked) or talk to Lex and give him the Amulet. Now you can move the wooden panel, so use the knothole to move it. There's a secret room behind it. Pick up the anchor and the clothes line and combine them in the inventory to make some kind of an anchor. Examine the gas station and the defective cannister and try to pick it up. You must find a way to fix it first. Try to turn on the valve.
Go to the locked door and use the anchor on the lock. Go to the left area, open the window and throw the anchor to the ocean (use the anchor in your inventory which is the 'idea' of the anchor attached to the door). Now try to exit the Captain's room.
Lex has other plans again, which they backfire. Try to lift the boxes but they're heavy. Remove the seal from one of the boxes and it empties on the floor. Now lift the boxes again. Lex is bleeding so you must search for some disinfectant and bandages.
Exit the Captain's cabin. You're in a dark corridor. Pick up the gas cartridge from under the docking station. It's dark and the gas cartridge is empty so go back to the Captain's cabin. Remove the defective cartridge from the machine and use the new empty one. Now use the valve. Pick up the filled cartridge, go to the corridor and place it in the docking station. Now turn on the light switch on the right. There's a trapdoor on the floor. Open it and read the note inside. It's a memo about the musket.

Go to the right. Read the note. Both those doors are locked. Go to the left and examine the alarm clock. Pick up the cord. Examine the shaft and read the diary page on the floor.
Although it's not obvious, this is a T-junction. Go to the right of the screen and open the door to enter the mechanic's room. Pick up the chain and from the floor the gear. Get the screwdriver from the workbench and examine the big clock. Pick up the piece of leather and leave the mechanic's room.
Open hatch to the maintenance shaft in the corridor and examine the opening. Now enter the door leading to the Mess Hall. Pick up the fishing pole from the wall. You can't go to the Mess Hall that way.

Climb up the staircase to the bridge. Examine the crane controls and read the warning message. Pick up the hand-log from the center of the room and the part of the ship plan from the map table. The table is locked. Try the door to the deck, but it is blocked by a lifeboat. Leave and go downstairs. Try the crane controls, but there is a problem with the machine.
Try to climb the stairs to the cabin door. You fall to the Mess Hall. Examine everything. Pick up the bottle of alcohol from the shelf and the empty bottles from the other side of the room. Use the empty bottles with the enamel pot to fill them with fresh water. Pick up the pliers from the workbench. Try to examine the oil barrel, or just walk to the doors, to see the cargo fall down. After the crash examine the wooden crate and use the pliers on it. You get some wooden boards and a nail. Use the nail with the vice on the workbench to make a hook.
Combine the hook, cord and fishing pole to make a complete fishing rod. Pick up the map piece and combine it with the map in your inventory.

Now get back to the Captain's cabin and Lex. After talking to him use the screwdriver with the ventilation grille. Look inside the shaft and pick up the insulation material. There's a cranial drill behind it but it's too deep to reach it. Use the fishing rod to get it out.
Go outside the doctor's office and use the drill on the door lock. Enter the doctor's office. Examine the picture. There's something here. If you didn't use the razor on the knot and still have it use it on the picture to remove a hidden letter with some important information. Read the note on the table about the stock of morphine. Pick up the bed-warmer from on top of the bed and the doctor's bag. Examine the bag to find a needle and some bandages. Open the top drawer and get the leather belt. Then close it and open the lower drawer to read a passage from Moby Dick.
Leave and go back to the Captain's Cabin. Talk to Lex and tell him that you have both the disinfectant and the bandages. He gives you your handbag. Examine the handbag to find a framed picture of your parents, a pair of scissors and some notes.

Now you must search for morphine. Remember the note in the Doctor's office? Go back to the Mess and use the leather belt with the roller drum. Now use the scissors on the piece of leather of make some leather bands and use the needle with thread on those to make a stitched leather belt. Attach the stitched leather belt to the roller. Now go back to the bridge and try to hoist the rope. Unfortunately it breaks.
Move the crane backwards and then lower the rope. Go to the Mess Hall. Unfortunately it is not long enough. Climb back up and go to the maintenance shaft. Tie the chain to the crane rope. Now it is long enough. Go back down to the Mess Hall and use the crane rope to attach it to the cargo. Back to the bridge and hoist the rope. You've successfully lifted the cargo and the path is clear. Go down to the Mess Hall and try to open the door to the infirmary.

Chapter 2 - Fiona
Talk to the Doctor, the sailor and then Ruben. Now talk to Ruben again and ask him what to do. When you regain control examine the room and pick up the clock from the cot. Now use the carpet to reveal some loose boards. Remove the boards to find the maintenance shaft. Go in. You lost your necklace but it's okay. Examine the spilled liquid on the floor. Use the cloth with the strange liquid. Now it is soaked in it.
Go through the hole behind the pipe to enter the Captain's room. Pick up the pipe wrench, the bottle with the sleeping powder and the key from the desk. Return through the hole and the maintenance shaft to the prison room. Use the key on the door.
You can't go far. Examine the coat and pick its pocket. You find a box of matches with a single match in it. Back in the prison room use the wrench with the pipe clamp, then use the wet cloth in the hole and finally use the matchbox with the wet cloth to light it on fire.
After they leave, open the door and examine the empty Mes Hall. The Doctor and the Captain are talking on top of the stairs so you can't go that way. Use the sleeping powder with the cooking pot.
Exit your room and climb up the staircase. You can go examine the cabin up the stairs but there's nothing to do there right now. Leave the Mess Hall corridor. In the main corridor examine the keys. They are too high. Examine the hatchway and then push the wash tub. Now open the trapdoor and pick up the musket. Use the musket to get the keys. Examine the keys. This is the storage room key where Ruben is, so return to the Mess Hall and use the key on the door.

Chapter 3 - Anna
After the cutscene you regain control of Anna. Enter the storeroom. Examine the furnace and pick up the screw box on the right. Pick up the ramrod from the floor and the boat hoot on the left. Walk towards the door and pick up the coal shovel. Return to the Mess Hall.
Try to climb the stairs for a cutscene. Examine the soldering point on the pipe. Try to go to Lex to see a cutscene. The door is blocked so you have to try the other entrance. Unfortunately the hot steam is blocking that way. Go back down to the Mess Hall.
Examine the soldered pipe on the right of the stairwell. You will need some heat. Go to the storage room and use the shovel with the furnace to get some hot coals. The coals cool off right before you exit the storage room, so use the bed warmer with the shovel to carry them around. You can't use the bed warmer directly on the soldered pipe, so put the ramrod in the hot bed warmer to heat it up. Now the ramrod is hot so you can't use it without some kind of insulation, so combine the insulation with the ramrod in the bed warmer. Now use it on the solder joint. You can now climb the stairs to the cabin.

Go upstairs and then go to the cabin. Lex is here but in a bad condition. After you talk to him, examine the four souvenirs to get four notes with coordinates and pick up the lock-pick from the bookshelf. Don't forget to read the diary page from on top of the small table. Return to the warped door in the Mess Hall and use the boat hook to lift it off its hinges. Enter the room. Pick up the syringe with the morphine from the shelf and return to Lex.
Give the morphine to Lex and talk to him about everything. Examine the ornamental box and use the Amulet to open it if you haven't given it to Lex. Read the letter from inside for some important information. Now leave and go to the bridge. Examine the rudder and the compass. The rudder is stuck and the compass damaged. Use the lock-pick on the map table and open it to find inside the shipping route book, the sea chart, a sextant and a little note. Pick up the sextant. While picking up the note it is destroyed leaving an imprint on the chart.

Examine the shipping route book and the sea chart. You can't remove them. You need five coordinates in order to determine a shipping route. You have 4 from the notes already. Don't forget to read the notes with the magnifying glass in order to learn the coordinates. Examine the imprint and use the picture frame with your parents on it to read the final coordinates. Now that you know all 5 of them go to the sea chart and click on the following places: Monte, Lajes do Pico, Santana, Pedro Miguel and Castelo Branco. After you discover all 5 places go to the shipping route book and click on those same 5 places to determine the shipping route. You now know the shipping route.

Use the sextant on one of the portholes. You can't see much because it's foggy. Leave the bridge to see a cutscene and get back to Lex. Talk to him about the sextant, the rudder and the weird vision and he assigns you some new tasks. You need to find how fast the ship travels and for that you need a hand-log and a clock.
Go to the mechanics room. Combine the bolt with screws with the cog and then use it on the opening on the big clock. Now turn the crank on the left to wind it up. Use use clock's face to set the time. A figurine of the Captain comes out of the lower gate, Hell's Gate. Now set the time two more times and the figurine of the mechanic comes out of the top gate, Heaven's Gate, holding a pocket watch. Pick up the pocket watch. Go back to the Captain's Cabin and use the hand-log with the ocean through the open window.

Now go back to Lex and tell him about the ship's speed and the shipping route. He gives you his revolver. Time to fix the crane and for that you need the hook. Examine the revolver to take out one bullet. Go to the Mess Hall and use the pump. The safety pin is missing. Use the bullet on the pump and use it three time to completely drain the water. Examine the hatch. The hook has drifted to the rear. Go to the prison room that Fiona was held and check the ventilation shaft. You get the hook.

Chapter 4 - Fiona
You take control of Fiona again. You're hunted by the Doctor. Pick up the oil-can. It's empty. Examine the barrel and the pressure gauge. Use the handkerchief on the hot steam valve and pick up the gauge needle from the ground. Use the needle to make a hole in the barrel and use the oil-can with the ethanol pouring out to fill it up. Examine the gap between the boxes to get a glimpse on the Doctor and use the full oil-can on him. A passage opens up so go through.

Pick up the shovel and examine the coal chute. Open the trapdoor and go down the passage. Pull the lever to empty the coals blocking the entrance to the coal chute. Back to the passage and go up the coal chute. Continue to walk on the pipes until you reach an intersection. Go right and you'll wee a pig's head on a hook. Use the shovel on the pig's head and then examine it on the inventory to separate the hook from the head. A bit to the right is a closed suitcase. Use the hook to open it, to obtain a pair of slippers. Wear those slippers and go back on top of the chute. Use the pig's head with the chute. Go back on the pipes and in the intersection continue going left towards the exit of the room and drop on the sacks. The Doctor doesn't hear you. Go through the passage and then through the trapdoor to the lever. Press the lever three times to kill the Doctor.

Chapter 5 - Anna
You take control of Anna again. Talk to Lex about the little girl and the fire. Use the crane controls to lower the rope and then go to the Mess Hall and use the crane cable to detach the crates from the crane. Now use the hook with the crane cable and return to Lex.
Time to use the crane controls again. Hoist the rope, move the crane forward and then turn it left. Watch the cutscene and talk to Lex about everything. You need to decide what's real and what's not. Your choices affect the ending!



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