Code Name Nina: Global Terrorism Strike Force

 Walk through:

Level 1: The Middle Eastern town.

Move forward from the starting position and enter the first gate to the right. Eliminate the two guards and proceed to the area near the tower to kill another guard. Return to the starting position and move forward. Watch out for two guards hiding behind the corner. Eliminate them and collect some ammo and health lying on the stone bench.

Enter the central part of the town. Go to the right and collect more ammo from the wooden bench. Move back a little and go towards the large entrance to the tunnels - but do not approach too close. There's an officer walking nearby - ignore his shots and extract his mind. Now you know that the alternative entrance to the tunnels is located on the top of the hills. Proceed to forward to the third part of the town.

Eliminate the guards and take the elevator up. The way to the well is guarded by the machine gun in the bunker and you can't eliminate the guard there from that point - although the bunker seems to be vulnerable from the behind. Ride the elevator down and return to the first part of the town, to the other tower.

The elevator near this tower doesn't work - there's no power. Follow the power line - it leads to the closed area in the middle part of the city. All the entrances are blocked, but the wooden cart can be used to peek inside. Push the cart two times and you can see a red barrel inside (red barrels explode when shot at). Shoot it and run away from the blast. Enter the area and collect some ammo and health in a far corner (automatically saving the game). Try to "use" the diesel power generator - it doesn't work because there's no fuel. Watch out for many guards alarmed by the explosion.

Go to the southern part of the town (that opposite the starting point) and check the doors in the area - one of them can be opened. Enter the corridor and close the door behind. There's a window with bars to the left with another explosive barrel visible - do not shoot it! Move forward, find another window, eliminate the guard, notice a fuel tank. Find the ammo and health on the bench nearby (automatically saving the game). There's a closed window on the wall opposite to that where the explosive barrel is visible. Open the window and now shoot the barrel - you are safe behind the wall from the blast.

Exit the area through the door, eliminate guards waiting for you and enter the game destroyed by the explosion. Move forward till you collect the fuel, eliminating any resistance. Return to the power generator eliminating more alarmed guards. "Use" the generator, activating it. Return to, now powered, elevator, killing any resistance. Stand on the platform and activate it. Ride up and kill another guard on the top.

With your game auto-saved you are ready to use the sniper rifle. Eliminate the guard in the bunker and quickly rotate to right to kill another guard near the well. Use the rest of sniper rifle ammo on the guard coming out the lower entrance to the tunnels (this is optional, but helps later in the game).

Run through the town to the second tower. Ride the elevator up, eliminate new guards waiting there, go past the bunker, collect more ammo and enter the well.

End of level.

Level 2: The underground factory.

From the corridor where you start the level are two exits. One is through a door to the left leading to some room full of guards and passage forward blocked by a well-placed machine gun whose operator can't be eliminated. Retreat, close the door, and enter a large storage room by the opening to the right. Shoot a red crate with explosives, which lures all guards, including the machine gun operator, to the storage room - eliminate them all. Enter any of the rooms to the left, explore them, collect any goodies and return to the storage. Exit it through the next room and the go through a corridor to another, smaller but more crowded storage room, also crowded with the guards. There's ammo there, plus very handy box of explosives which are handy later in the game (many players will miss it and have to return for it later). Continue your way through the corridor until you enter the large elevator shaft. You should meet an officer on your way, extract him and collect vital information. Unfortunately, the elevator can't be accessed from that side - you have to find a way around, through a series of corridors and rooms.

Ride the elevator down, and exit the shaft through the door. Follow the corridor to large underground cave (the mine) killing any opposition.

There's a set of two tracks in the cave with a self-powered carts. You can try to ride any car to the opposite side, but you will be eliminated by the machine gunners in the bunkers. Notice that each of the carts can shield you from the fire coming from one side - you have to use both carts to safely reach the opposite side of the cave.

Use the left control panel to place the left cart on the first connection between the tracks from the starting position. Use the right cart to ride to the connection, then switch carts and ride the left one to the far end. Use the left console to call the cart waiting near the far connection. Use this cart to reach the platform leading to the rooms hidden in the cave. Enter the rooms, clear them from the enemies and "use" the computer to extend a middle platform in the elevator shaft.

You can use the carts to ride back to the far exit, but you can also jump to the bottom of the cave and go on feet to the exit, keeping yourself in the middle of the cave in order to avoid the machine guns, watching out for new guards.

Return to the elevator shaft and ride the elevator to the middle level. Enter the corridors leading to the bio-factory.

You should extract another officer there - you will get information about the explosives (or nothing if you've already collected them). There's a room with entrances blocked by iron bars. You should see some guards behind the bulletproof glass waiting - shoot the opening button from the safety behind bars and eliminate all guards. Open the bars and proceed until you find a door with an opening button - this is the entrance to the factory. Open the door and eliminate the resistance, but don't proceed too far inside - better go back and eliminate reinforcements coming from behind.

The large blue container is supposed to be destroyed, but don't do that before you explore the room. There's another mind to extract, this time warning you about the necessity of turning off the cooling system. Use the computer to turn off the system and check out the interesting suitcase near the PC. After than you can "use" the tank and place your charges. Run as fast as you can from the room.

End of level.

Level 3: The basement in Ukraine.

You are in the basement of some office building in Ukraine, currently occupied by a large group of terrorists. You have less sophisticated weapons, semi-auto shotgun and automatic (3-round bursts) pistol.

Proceed through the room but do not try to jump over the wall and reach the area with the vans - the machine gun covers this area. Use the way to the left, jump to the top of the wall and enter the dark corridor killing the terrorist hiding there. Enter the area with the vans, but watch out for the machine gun. You should notice a button on the wall near the vehicle - press it and the part of the wall opens. Enter the opening and eliminate the machine gun operator and his supporters. You are near the exit to the upper parts of the building, but the door is electronically locked therefore you have to explore the basements a little more. Return to the area with vans and go to the opening in one of the walls.

Enter the room and eliminate the resistance, watch out while proceeding farther - the next area is again covered by machine gun fire. Notice the button on the opposite wall - shoot it with your pistol and the stair steps will extend from the wall. You can reach them going back through previously explored rooms. Ascend the steps watching out for the guards on the upper level. Go to the window at the end of the corridor (auto-save). Collect the goodies and notice the machine guns crew below, and the red explosive barrel. Shoot the barrel and wait little more for incoming forces - eliminate as many as you can from the safety.

Go down, and proceed through the area past the machine guns - you enter a large storage area with the elevator platform in the middle. This area is a little tricky - you should use the pistol to eliminate the terrorists on the upper levels and shotgun is perfect for close combat. First of all explore the lowest lever of the large room, eliminate the terrorists and collect all power ups. Approach the elevator - the platform should descend. Enter the platform and activate it - do not ride more than one level at a time. While moving on the platform and on the first level, you should notice heads of terrorists waiting for you on the next level. Use a well-aimed pistol burst to eliminate them - they wait on at least three sides of the room. Ride to the next level watching out for any remaining threats and finally reach the top level.

Go through the door and use the shotgun to kill all terrorists. The corridor ends with a pair of doors, one of them can be opened to reveal a room with control computers. Kill the guards, collect ammo and health and use one of the computers to unlock the door below.

Now it's time to go back. Prepare for a strong resistance. Ride the elevator down one level at a time and use the pistol to eliminate the terrorists from the distance. Remember that the elevator's floor is a good protection. Switch to the shotgun on the lowest level and clear your way to the recently opened door. Be prepared to eliminate the final batch of terrorists behind the door and collect all goodies before exiting the level.

End of level.

Level 4: The office building.

This is a complicated level with aggressive enemies and challenging puzzles.

Enter the base floor (number 0) of the office building. Progress through corridors and kill the terrorists. You will reach a hall with the doors to four non-working elevators. Pass the hall and take left corridor. Both corridors lead to the same main hall of the building, but the right one is covered by machine guns. Enter the main hall and go forward toward the tree in the center. Beware of terrorists hiding in the dark near the main doors. Eliminate them, but don't approach the right corner of the hall (covered by machine guns). Carefully approach the tree and collect sniper rifle bullets. Back up close to the elevator in the center of the right side wall. Enter the elevator, and stay near the front glass. A sniper on the upper level will spot you and try to kill, fortunately the glass is bulletproof.

Stop the elevator at the top level (the button in the middle of the front glass) and quickly leave it and proceed to the sniper's hideout. Hide behind the wall (auto-save). Approach the area with the sniper hiding from his view. Eliminate other terrorists there before you attempt to fight with the sniper. Go as close as possible, sidestep suddenly and kill the sniper with your shotgun. If you miss him, you are dead, fortunately the save point is very near therefore you can try again and again.

Go back to the elevator. There's a sniper rifle waiting there, but you have to find a good target before you decide to waste some bullets. While riding up and down, observe a narrow gap in the room with machine guns. If you notice something red in the gap then stop the elevator and "use" the sniper rifle. Shoot the red explosives crate placed there, eliminating another nest of machine guns. Immediately turn your aim up, to the opening door on the top level and eliminate the bad guys.

Return to the ground and go through the door near the recently liquidated defense post. Follow the corridor to the final door and enter the room, killing the threats inside but sparing an "extractable" mind there. Extract him and obtain the info about the traitor. Use all computers to unlock and activate all elevators. Notice that even after unlocking the elevators travel only between some floors. Return to the elevator hall, kill any opposition and enter the elevator waiting there.

The elevator rides between the ground, 6th and 7th floor only. Do not select the 6th floor unless you want to die from heavy machine gun fire, select 7th and go there.

Exit the elevator, turn right, go forward, turn right again and follow the corridor until you find the door. Open the door and kill guarding terrorists. Go right to the stairs and climb one platform up. There's a door to ventilation shafts. Enter the shaft, take the right route which is blocked by the rotating fan. Backtrack and take another route. Open the door at the end of shaft and jump into the room. Clear the series of rooms until you get to a room with computer. Use the computer to stop the fan. Go back 2 or 3 rooms and use large doors to exiting to the elevator hall. Return to the stairs and then to the shafts. Go by the stopped fan and stand on the elevator's roof. The elevator descends one floor and reveals an entrance to another shaft. Follow the shaft to a door at the end (auto-save).

Jump into the room and eliminate a welcoming committee. Go to the next room and "extract" a traitor woman. You now know that the boss of the terrorist organization is waiting on the 11th floor. Go to the next room, with a large rifle/grenade launcher lying on a table. Approach the rifle, but place yourself on the back of it. "Use" the rifle to launch a grenade which destroys a door and most of the terrorist outside who prevented you from entering the 6th floor directly from the elevator.

Take the elevator to 10th floor. Look for the stairs and climb one platform up to another ventilation shaft door. Open the door, follow the shaft, go over the elevator's roof to the next shaft. The farther way is impossible because the next elevator is one floor above. Return to the stairs and climb to the 11th floor. Enter the hall with the elevators and choose the left large door on the opposite side. Go to a room to the right. "Extract" a guy there. The boss and the rest of the terrorists are escaping to South America and the building is empty. You have to find the rifle before the police enter. Go to the elevator and ride down to 10th floor. Go back to the shafts and use the roofs of both elevators to go farther. Your passage is blocked with a door locked electronically from one room on the 11th floor. Return there and find this room. Examine paintings on the walls, one of them is hiding the button. Press the button to open the door blocking the entrance to a secret room. Return to the shafts and enter the room with the atomic rifle. End of level.

Level 5: The ruins in South America 1

All South America levels are basically straight FPS levels with no puzzles with the exception of finding buttons for opening passages. Kill everything you encounter.

Follow the corridors until a large area with a toxic waste lake in the middle. Don't climb the ramp - it's protected by a machine gun behind a bulletproof glass. Go to the right, and open a stone door. There's a button in the room behind the door which empties the lake. Now you can jump into the empty lake using the stone ledges to the right (do not fall too soon!). There's an exit from the lake in one of the corners leading to a series of dark corridors and stairways. You end up with another area with a lake inside. Kill the machine gunner on the opposite side and go past his position until you enter the upper part of the former lake area. Now you can go to the left and descend the stairs. Find a dark room near the ground which closes its doors behind you. The floor opens and you land in the corridor below. Navigate the corridors and notice that one of them is flooded. Find a switch which removes the flood. Follow the newly opened corridor and then series of rooms and corridors until you find a large stone door with some relief on it. Open the door and enter.

End of level.


Level 6: The ruins in South America 2

Do try to use the stairs in front - they are guarded by well-placed machine gun. Jump on the stone wall in front of you (slightly to the left) and then look for the passage behind the wall. Follow the passage until you meet, and eliminate, 2 guards protecting a large wall. The wall is a door - open it. It reveals a series of underground corridors - follow them until you emerge on the surface on the opposite side of the stairs you've seen after the start. There is a passage to the left to an area with toxic waste lake in the middle, but there's also a room with some goodies (and auto-save) just next to the passage.

The lake can be crossed by 3 platforms controlled by 3 switches in the vicinity. Climb the stairs and go behind large columns. Press one button to open a room with the machine gun - eliminate the soldier there. The other button empties the lake. Jump to the empty lake and find the entrance to underground corridors. Follow them until you emerge in a storage room. The button there opens another large stone door leading to large storage area. The area ends with another flooded stairs, and there's a button near it. Press it and return to the previous storage room - there's an open passage there. Enter it and follow the corridor - look for the button somewhere in the middle. When pressed, it removes the fluids from the stairs in the storage area, but do not return there yet. Proceed through the corridors until you enter the room with a hole in the middle. Kill the machine gun crew below and jump down, trying to land on large crates. Follow the corridors until you return to the large storage area. Now go down the stairs and through the following corridors until you reach the starting stairs area. Look for a new large area with large stairs and columns. Climb the stairs and search an area behind the columns for a button. Press the button - the exit from the level opens. Go there.

End of level.

Level 7: The Egyptian pyramid.

Follow the only path leading from the starting point and look for the stairs. Climb the stairs and enter a door in the front of the stairs. There are stairs down and up in this room reading to a small hole in the wall. Go there and eliminate machine guns crew though the window. Leave the room through the door and immediately turn right.

You are on the platform above the room. Approach the edge of the platform carefully and look down - you should see several barrels forming a support for a machine gun. One of the barrels is red - shoot it to explode and eliminate any threat from that machine gun. Jump down and enter a room behind the barrels. Locate the button there and press it - it opens the door to a storage room nearby. Go to that room and press another button.

Exit the storage room and find the way outside. You are in the large place at the base of a pyramid. Kill any soldiers there and quickly approach a building on the left. There are soldiers inside, but a much more interesting target is another explosive barrel among them - shoot it. Clear the building from those who have lived the explosion.

Climb the pyramid and enter it. Follow the corridors until you reach the button on the wall. Press it - it opens the exit from the level. Leave the pyramid and find the exit.

End of level.


Level 8: The arena.

Enter a large room and keep killing the soldiers until the boss decides to take care of you by himself. Exit the level though the door below the boss compartment.

End of level.


Level 9: The boss.

Kill the boss. He randomly opens one of the shielded windows of his compartment and tries to kill you. Use the weapon to inflict on him as much damage as you can (observe his damage bar at the top of the screen). Beware of soldiers coming from time to time from behind. Find a spot where you are safe from them and pump as much lead as you can into the boss. Locate and collect health and ammo power ups when in need. When the boss is defeated then locate a button which extends a bridge over the water and enter his compartment.

End of game.



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