Nick Delios: Conspiracies

Anima Ppd - Interactive
Walkthrough by
Rosemary & Gordon

General tips
Take advantage of the 3D freedom. Look behind, under and on top of everything ... Experiment with conversations; it's fun getting different responses. Just try again if necessary! But some conversations lead to GAME OVER experiences, so watch out! Save often! Look at items in your inventory to get more description and to open and read things. If an item can be manipulated then it displays on screen in isolation. Use the control key in combination with mouse to manipulate it. Esc closes this view. Also your inventory will become cluttered so drop things you think you might not need at Nick's place, you can always come back for them.

Some of the items you find are red herrings, but this walkthrough doesn't discriminate so you can find out for yourself what is useful J

You can die, especially as you get into the game, so remember the advice above.

Also you can run by holding down the Ctrl key.

A note on deleting: In the New Player/Load Game menu to the right of the starting screen the delete button deletes your name and all your files, so be careful. If you want to delete a single save use the delete button on the left ... this is the voice of experience speaking!!

The introduction shows Nick pushing his luck too far at the casino. He goes to the bar to drown his sorrows ... this is where you join in. Choose his/your attitude from three responses, it doesn't matter which as the result is the same. You get thrown out. As you leave a 'thug' intercepts you and you are whisked off to meet his boss. Oh No! It's Dimitris Argiriou who stole your ideas and prevented you from marrying his sister, Anita. He's the head of Detronics. Talk to him (choose your response, it's up to you). He's offering to cancel your debts if you help him by taking a trip to find someone. You can't refuse, he'll fax you the details.

Home sweet home
Check out the laptop on the table. Take the first fax and look at it in inventory. It's in code. Take the next fax, it's from your friend Thanos Pekas arranging a meeting in the Gardens. (This note disappears but leaves a map marker). Note the broken coffee machine and cup then look carefully at two grey tabs protruding from the table. Click on one to open a drawer and get phone/address book with Thanos's number: 55568374639. You can't phone without a vidphone card.

Look around, it's messy. You can pick up papers and bottles. The papers near the stove will appear in inventory but they don't have a use so put them down again out of the way.

If you try to leave by the red door Nick will say he's not going anywhere without a coffee, so start searching. Open top left cupboard near jacket to get coffee. Take the jacket and Nick will put it back ... something falls out. Pick up the sugar. Examine bookshelf, take tennis ball and lighter (top shelf) (or you can leave them for now) and note the fish tank. Look at Nionios ... a thinking plant! Open cupboards under stove and take the coffee pot. The angled cupboard is stuck; you'll have to work on that later. Check the sink, no water, you haven't paid your bill. Check out the chest of drawers with XOX pattern. Clicking top drawers opens bottom drawers ... experiment and get map for travelling (doesn't appear in inventory) vidphone card and plant vitamins.

Head upstairs and look around. Open drawers at right of bed to get brooch. Look at it in inventory to see Anita. Then you wear it. Open drawers left of bed to get code breaker. Use coded message on code breaker to decode it. It's a warning from Anita - it disappears.

In bathroom take spoon and toothpaste. No water here either, so where have we seen some? Go to the fish tank and use coffee pot to get water ... hmmm! In inventory combine spoon with coffee and use it on pot, then add sugar. Use them on the stove, then pour hot coffee into cup near laptop and drink. You can use the vidphone card with laptop to ring Thanos, but he's not in. He's probably waiting in the Gardens, so primed with coffee you can leave. Outside all other doors are locked at the moment but look around and note that one door has an interesting doormat. It's worth checking occasionally. Then head for the double doors to leave the building. Your map will pop up ... you can drag it to rotate it and find different locations ...

Meeting in the Gardens
Watch the proceedings as you meet Pekas and learn about the death of Mikes and possible pharmaceutical company involvement. Thanos gives you 1000 credits to investigate and he drops something that you will automatically pick up.

You are then returned to your apartment. Examine new inventory item, a photo of Thanos's wife, Julia. It has an important date on it. Rotate it using the Ctrl key and the left mouse button. The date is 25/11/2059. Enter this date as written in the Universal Database to access Thanos' files. Check them all and note the Hapacom entry. Hmm,, that might be useful. This will put Hapacom on your map so head off there. Note the strange shaped lock at this door. Then head around the building to the door with the Hapacom sign. It's locked and you need a code. Try Inside search boxes and take the huge syringe. Hidden behind another box is some ether, take it too. That's all you can do for now so head home.

Turn on interactive TV and watch the news then you'll go to bed and think about ringing Thanos and visiting the Iphestos Bar tomorrow.

In the morning phone Thanos and chat. Ask him about all names listed. He tells you about G53. Leave apartment and go to ...

Iphestos Bar
Listen to the band then talk to them. If you say you're desperate they'll give you a photo (or CD sleeve), which you can open and rotate. Be sure to do this to see their latest songs.

Search the room and get the coaster from a central table. Take cap from rack near door and chewing gum from left of unoccupied bar. Move to the right of this bar and find the locksmith's card on the floor behind a panel. Look at it; Nick will give you a hint as to its use. He has some broken locks back home so we'll try it shortly. Now talk to Bloody Mary (don't forget to scroll the names) and ask her about everyone. You'll learn about Rania, Aristos and Jenny and get Jenny's address (new map marker).

Jenny' Apartment
The door you need is down the end on the left. Press the buzzer and talk to Jenny, she won't let you in. Press again and you'll automatically wear the cap, so pretend to be a Janitor and you'll get in. In cut scene you'll learn about Aristos, Rania and Gloria. Jenny tells you that Aristos was in the Pallatino (new map marker) with Tony. She also tells you she has Aristos' things. She's scared because Rania is involved with the Mafia.

After cut scene you are back outside her apartment. You want to see Aristos' things so try to re-enter. It's locked. Enter cleaner's room opposite to get rag and cellotape from box. Take the broom, and from the doorway of this room use it on Jenny's door. This triggers a cut scene showing Jenny leaving and Nick using the broom to keep the door open. Now you can search the flat. In the living room find sewing kit in corner cupboard. Look at it and you keep the scissors. Move cushions on sofa, take bra. In bathroom take plunger. In kitchen take ice container from freezer and put it in the sink. Turn on water. When ice melts take key. Use this key on small box near the TV - hmm, it's empty! Open cupboard near TV and examine case. Locked ... it needs a three digit code. The answer is in the name of the case. Busyman, which is made up of 7 letters. It has 3 vowels 'u', 'y' (a semi-vowel) and 'a'. It also has 4 consonants. (BuSyMaN) Back to case and enter 734 by clicking on the small red numbers. Take certificate and Chemtron card. (If you enter Chemtron in your file database you will be prompted for a code which you don't have yet.)

You can't get in without a membership card. Look around the area, you find more chewing gum on the steps leading to the landing pad. Go down the alleyway - 2 locked doors! Look in the green rubbish bin and take passcard. Examine the blue teleguided clerk (forklift) and note the 'antenna' hidden near the wall. If you climb on the boxes you can spot a drain underneath. You know you'll have to move the boxes, but not yet. So leave the antenna for later so it won't clutter your inventory. Use card on the door with slot. Go to Gloria's room (this triggers a map marker for her room) and talk to her to learn Rania's address (another map marker). After conversation you return home automatically.

Nick's paid his bills so the water is back on and a fax arrives from Gloria. Call her on the vid phone 45632109909. She tells you that Tony is involved with drugs. Now try the Locksmith's card on the stuck angled cupboard to open it. Take the Torn Flakes. Feed them to Nionios to get the iron hook. Leave and go back to Gloria's dressing room. She's out so help yourself to her cottonwool balls and nail varnish from the dressing table and talcum powder from the wardrobe. Watch out for the useful glove draped over the dressing screen. Take it. Leave and off to ...

Rania's House
She's not in and her door is locked. Look carefully at the card slot. Press the button and a card ejects. Use it on the slot to enter.

Now carefully look around, all doors are locked. Note the force fields protecting two works of art; they'll have to be disrupted. Open the drawer in the small table to get a remote control, now you need a code. Examine the four corner pot plants to get 4 pieces of paper. There's one more to find. Examine the rear side of the right brick column, there's a discoloured brick. Press it to open a secret drawer and get last piece of paper. Fit the pieces together, just roughly line them up, to get the correct number. Try it but it won't work! Note that one piece of paper is burnt ... the last number is missing! Enter the sequence into the remote control and experiment to find the final number... 185375. This opens the force fields.

Now note green and yellow blocks on the right hand sculpture then go to left hand sculpture. Push the top (yellow) block. Return to the right sculpture, the green secret compartment has opened so take the code. Enter this sequence (283456) in the remote control to open the 2 doors downstairs.

Enter bedroom (left hand door). Open bottom drawer left of bed to get the cling film. Open case under bed and take ticket (booking) to Brazil (this puts travel agency marker on map and disappears when you examine it). Take ring. Take stool and leave.

Now push the green block on left hand sculpture to open the top compartment on right sculpture. You can't reach it so drop the stool and you stand on it automatically. Take the green transparent liquid.

Head off to the pool and get the rubber duck (quickly or you'll drown) and the swimming gear from a chair. Open left cupboard and move towels on top right shelf to get some pepper spray. Leave and off to ....

Travel agent
You arrive in a lift (elevator) so open the door and exit. Look around for sign to Travel Agent and note that locked door nearby! Walk around building to the Travel Office. You talk automatically. If you are truthful and pick the topic on art, the travel agent will get a phone call and you can look around. Note the space poster where the earth is sticking out; press it while she's occupied. When the conversation continues talk about Blues Wire songs to win her favour. Then ask all questions especially about Rania to learn that she will be arriving shortly to pick up her tickets.

Note: If you have a different conversation when you enter and get refused information, before you talk again you can look at the poster and you'll be alerted that you can't manipulate it whilst the agent is looking. So talk again and follow the responses above.
Note: If you don't get the Blues Wire song option you haven't looked at the Photo/card that the group (Blue's Wire) gave you, so do it now.

Before you leave pick up the brochure next to the poster and chewing gum from the desk. Save game because you'll meet Rania as you leave. Talk to her. When she storms off you'll get the chance to be more 'clever' and she will answer your questions. Ask all questions especially about Mikes when Rania will offer to meet you later at the Plaza Hotel ... another map marker!

Now what did that trick poster do? Return to the locked door on the other side of the building, it's unlocked. Enter storage area and get the GPS Receiver from box on right and Transmitter from box on left. (Look carefully; it's on the grey strip on the inside of the lid.)

Back to the lift and go down to the next landing area. Find storeroom E6. Check out the boxes to get the teleguidance device. It's time to move those boxes outside Pallatinos so back to the lift and press the middle button to access your map and head back to the alleyway.

Now you can pick up the antenna and use it on the teleguided clerk. Nick will move the boxes to reveal the drain. Use the iron hook to open it and head down. Turn on the light and follow the tunnel straight ahead to the wall. Turn left and then take the last left. A body ... it's Aristos. Take the Chemtron card ... well chase it down the tunnel. It gets caught against a grate, grab it.

Around and about
Off to the Plaza Hotel where the receptionist will give you a note from Rania and you'll see the G53 advertisement.

Back at Nick's place read the note, Rania is staying at her sister, Renata's (new map marker). Save game here! Head off to Renata's where you meet a police officer in cut sequence. Be friendly or the game will end. Try the middle (camaraderie) option. You learn about a body on the beach and are given accesses to the crime scene. The police think the victim is Rania but you know better ... it's Renata!

Back at Nick's again to collect a fax from Dimitris asking you to meet him at Detronics (new map marker). Before you go phone Thanos. Ask about Rania, the police have still got it wrong. Also ask about Aristos to learn about his association with Middle East businessman, Souleiman Saidi.

It's time to head off to Detronics and your meeting with Dimitris. He wants you to go back in time and bring Mr Prokopiou into the future. Heed the warning and drop ALL your belongings before you leave!

Back to 2019
At the university open gate and head up the stairs. Talk to the receptionist. Oh no, everyone is away and you can't access her computer while she's there. Look around. The lifts are broken and all the doors are locked ... but note that Class H has a distinct locking knob. Take special note of the smoke sensors on the ceiling ... a way to get rid of the receptionist, maybe? Talk to her again and ask for a cigarette, she won't give you a light because it's a no-smoking area. So how to light it? There is a pedestal with an owl near the middle of the room. The owl has glass eyes. Click on pedestal to dislodge the owl ... oops a glass eye has popped out. Take it.

It's a lens so go outside into the sunshine and use it to light the cigarette. Back inside and set off a smoke alarm and watch the receptionist flee.

You can now push back the glass screen and enter the receptionist's 'cubical'. Access the computer and check out the files. The access codes are what you want. Mainframe's door 3 2 7 6 4. Teachers file access ALLTOGETHER.

Back to Class H and turn the knob 3 right, 2 left, 7 right, 6 left, 4 right to open the computer room. At mainframe enter password ALLTOGETHER, choose Staff addresses to learn about Mr Prokopiou's daily musing in Filippi. Take paper from the printer and marker pen from white board. Use pen on paper to write his name then leave with your newly fashioned sign.

Go to station, save game here, click on doors and you will automatically go to Filippi. Watch cut scene then talk to Prokopiou. Tell him a pack of lies then continue undaunted or you might meet another GAME OVER screen.

Another cut scene and you are at Prokopiou's place. Have a look around when you get the chance. Search the chest of drawers and take the familiar box from bottom right drawer. Note the painting, it's freshly done! Enter the bedroom and take sleeping cap from dressing table drawer, black box (portable disk drive) from right bedside drawers and scrunched up note from left bedside drawers.

After cut scene you can enter the lab/study. Open drawer near the fax and take ruler. Open the next drawer to take floppy disk. Connect floppy drive to computer and insert disk ... you need a code!

Examine scrunched note in your inventory, looks useful but it isn't. You might need it later so put it in the familiar box. If you stand near the door you can see something on top of the tall cupboard so open three filing cabinet drawers to make steps to climb up. Use the ruler to get methylated spirits. Use spirits on sleeping cap then wipe the painting to reveal a colour code ...... Red Green Blue Black Pink.

Enter RGBBP into computer to access files. Read them all (there's virus that might come in handy) and copy them. Now take the disk and pop it in the box. Drop the box and you are ready to leave. Select the teleporter in your inventory and click on it. Watch cut scene.

Home, sweet home
Pick up useful items ... you decide. Phone Thanos, he wants you to find Rania. Pick up the sheet of paper near the door, it's blank. Use the lighter on it to reveal message and code ... 522. When you examine the paper in your inventory it will disappear and two locations appear on the space station map. So before you head off to the Space Station drop in to Jenny's and open the familiar wooden box ... would you believe, a note and a floppy disk have suddenly appeared. Take them.

Space Station
Amazing ... a maze! You don't have to map it all just find the hub in the centre, there's a swimming pool nearby. Take a swim and get the screwdriver. At the hub door enter code 522. Use lift and press button then watch cutscene with Rania. She tells you to contact Tony at the Iphestos Bar, gives you her phone number - 23415657392, then disappears. Before you leave the space station check out the other location, the Warehouse.

You find three doors, one with a puzzle/lock - 7 buttons with images that match the seven fountains in the maze ... you must have stumbled across at least one of them. Press a button and it lights up with an image of another button. So press the button with that particular image and keep following this pattern until all buttons are lit up. Check the door, if it's not open then follow this button-pressing pattern again starting with a different button until you get it right. The correct sequence is 4715236 ... enter the storage room.

Look around, note the explosives ... you have to find a way to get them out. Go up to the next level, slide one of the boxes to find a detonator and check out the airlock! (another way to die) That's it for now.

Finding Tony
Off to the Iphestos Bar and chat to Bloody Mary. When you ask about Tony she'll give you his phone number - 23465789000. Back home and ring this number to learn you have a message waiting. So check out your messages to get one from Tony asking you to meet him at behind Pallatinos.

Head off to your meeting. Go to the alleyway. You can now get in that second door that was locked. Save game here! Before you risk your neck, you'll need some goodies. Be sure you've got the pepper spray, transmitter, receiver and all the chewing gum you've collected (6 sticks). Open the door and meet Tony and he'll fill you in on some details. You'll be surprised by some thugs and automatically use the pepper spray. You get control again when Nick runs outside. You have about 10 seconds to react, which is plenty of time to head for the open drain. Another cut scene as Nick chews all the gum and uses it to wrap the transmitter and hurl it at the escaping flyer.

Note: If you die inside you haven't got the pepper spray.
Note: If you die when you leave you haven't opened the drain.
Note: If you get an end game when the flyer leaves you haven't got the transmitter/chewing gum.
Note: If the gum doesn't stick then you need more. Be sure you have 6 packets.

When you survive this ordeal you can look at the receiver to track the flyer and get another map location ... Chemtron. But duck back into that storeroom and take a look around. Along the back wall there's three tins of paint and an iron bar. Take them. Try to leave; would you believe it, you're locked in. So pull the lever, it should move the hook but it doesn't work. Something is blocking the overhead track so slide the ladder across and climb up to take a look. You see a pyramid shaped object, dislodge it with the iron bar to get a strangely shaped key. Climb down and hang a paint tin from the hook. Pull the lever and it bashes the door. You'll need to do this with all three tins before you're free!

Now that key you just found probably fits the strangely shaped Hapacom lock so head off to Hapacom and open the door. Search the boxes to find a delivery docket. It might be useful to get the explosives so back to the space station warehouse and stick it on the explosives box. Return to Hapacom and the box is ready and waiting for you. Take the explosive from box, smart guy J and off to ....

Unlock the doors with the Chemtron Level 1 keycard. Save game! Open the door and you'll be greeted and eaten by two electronic dogs if you walk in too far. What might gum up their works ... water? The huge syringe will come in handy but it needs a huge reservoir of water. Return to Rania's and fill it from the swimming pool. It won't work on it's own, you need something else to attract the dogs so use it on the rubber duck to get a water filled duck. Back to Chemtron and drop the duck inside and watch the dogs attack it. They're no longer a problem!

So cross the compound and open the next door with the Level 2 card. Search around the warehouse and note the thinner wire to the right at the back. Use Level 2 card again to open the door. Most of the boxes are protected by energy fields but there is one sample box. Open it and take the canister. Save game. If you open the door at the top of the stairs you will be shot. If you look at the canister more than once ... curtains! Walk around and check out the high up windows. One is partly open and there is something on the window ledge. Climb the girder and take the cutters (watch the cut scene) then you can use them to cut the wire at the back of the warehouse. Enter that enclosure and examine the lamp pole for a hint. Move it closer to the ventilation system? The only way to move it is by sheer force so use the dynamite with the bra and attach the detonator. Save game and get ready to move smartly. Attach the bra to the pole and head quickly (run) for the opposite, back corner of the enclosure.

In a cut scene you see the thugs alerted so don't venture too far. Climb the pole up to the ventilation outlet. There's a tricky hotspot here at the front corner of the outlet. Use the screwdriver on it then open the cover and crawl inside. At the end drop down the vent and watch cutscene as you free Tony.

Note: If you die here you haven't got the Ether.

When you're back in control take the note from the desk drawer and read it ... Saidi is staying at the Plaza Hotel. You're finished here so leave. You'll make a fast trip home and get a surprise visit from Anita. Talk to her she'll ask for your help, Prokopiou isn't well, and she'll give you the Bioco Password: destro32.

When she leaves access your files and search for Bioco. Use the password and check messages, No 3 in particular to learn of links between Detronics, Bioco and Chemtron - who are the secret partners? Ring Thanos, he confirms what you have learned and wants you to investigate further, especially Dimitris Argirou and Detronics to find out what happened to the Joyland supplies.

Plaza Hotel
Time to find Saidi. At the Plaza talk to the receptionist and take the tried and true method when you get the chance. She'll let slip room # 762. When you leave the lift if you go left a cleaner will send you packing so go right and take the fire extinguisher from the far wall. Return and enter room 763, a storeroom. Search the lockers and take the bow tie and find the uniform. It's needs modification so put the bow tie on it. Not good enough you need something more. Back to Nick's apartment block, remember that moveable doormat. Check it out, someone's left a magazine with a big red "P" for Plaza on it. Use the scissors to cut out the P then go back to the Plaza. Use the cellotape to stick it onto the uniform and you'll wear it and the maid will leave in a cut scene.

Now open the vacuum cleaner and take the key card. Open door 762 and search the room. Hone in on the bar, and bar fridge. You're looking for 10 scraps of paper. Search the area carefully. When you've found them they will automatically form a note. Read it, hope you've got you vidcard because you must phone Thanos immediately; you haven't got time to go home! Use your vidcard on the monitor and ring him. Well done Nick, you're an ace! Talk to Thanos, he wants you to go to Argiriou's Office (new map marker for Detronics).

When you arrive check the doors - all locked. So examine the windows to the inner hub, one is cracked. Use the plunger on it and then use the ring on the crack to cut a hole. Step inside and open the box at the side of the door to get the keycard: Detronics Security Level 1. This opens the President's Office ... careful as you enter, watch out for the laser beams. You can't see them? Well look for the small red dot on the skirting boards to the right. Use the talc on it and watch Nick step over the beams.

Head for the desk and move Anita's photo to reveal a safe. Mmm a finger print lock. This is where the glove comes in handy. Use the nail polish on them then cut the cling wrap with the scissors and stick the scraps of plastic onto the gloves. Now you need some fingerprints, try the ashtray and you're ready. Use the glove on the safe to open it. Inside take the Red Diary and note the numbers on the bar code at the back of the safe ... 38014 56729.

Next have a good look around, especially at the monitor. Oops it's booby trapped. After a short nap watch the cut scene with Dimitris. Then Anita comes to the rescue.

Note : If you don't make it you haven't got the green liquid.

Your next stop is ...

Prison Cells and labs
You start out in the lift. Beware of the killer robots. Save at every stop. Open the lift doors and dash to the safe alcove with two chairs to your right. Watch the robots and time your run, dash to the left to the alcove with 8 monitors. Get ready for another long dash to your left, straight down the corridor to the very end then follow it around, it leads directly to Prokopiou's cell. Open it and wake him, he escapes.

Then go to the very next cell, open it and lift the bunk to reveal a secret room. Inside use the keycard on the reader slot and you'll go down to the main servers. You can't do anything with the mechanical arm so walk along the wall and look left. You'll see some drives/disk trays. Use your infected floppy on either one to shut down the system and immobilise the robots. Time to leave so back to the lift and press the button to meet Thanos, Dimitris, etc, and then Anita who asks you to send Mr Prokopiou home. Eventually you're back home for another chat with Thanos and Anita. The stakes are higher than you thought! Anita gives you the key to Argirou's house ...

Off to save the world
Dimitri Argirou's Place - look around. Check out the fire, you need to put it out. Use the fire extinguisher then search the chimney, one brick is sticking out. Press it and a staircase descends. Up you go. At the locked door at the top examine the buttons, 10 of them, number them 0 - 9 from left to right! Now where have we seen a 10 digit code? That's right the bar code in Aragou's safe. Press buttons 38014 to open the door. Inside look around and take the CD behind the box to the left then open the box on the floor and take the key. Look at it, an address in Sector 1231 (new map marker). Leave go to sector 1231 ...

Gloria's house
Another lift. Save here in case you blow it. Use the key in the lock and prepare for a surprise. Now talk to Gloria, be straight to the point then cool down. Ask about Dimitris and she'll give you a CD and floppy.

Back home again and check out that CD. A mix-up, it's a music CD. Back to Gloria's and retrieve the CD from her CD player. Back home again and watch the denouement. The case ends here but Nick learns he has more to do, and for that you may need to wait for the sequel. Watch the credits, you've earned a few laughs!

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