Museum of Great Britain

You start in the museum's lobby. Grab the Oil Lamp and go out the Northwest door marked Lavatories. Take the hallway all the way to the end and enter the Basement Staff Room to meet Abdul Wahid, who serves as both a save point and as a pack mule/storage box. Take the Southwest door and go to the next door, where you'll pick up the Truncheon off of the dead constable. Run around the corner and watch as both recently deceased constables are reanimated by the curse. Defeat them to get the Padlock Key. Return to the lobby and use the key on the Southeast door. Defeat the cursed guard and take the Atrium Key. Return to the lobby, take a nice look around as this is the last time you'll need to be here and use the key on the double doors leading to the Atrium.

Pass through to the second set of doors into the actual Atrium, which serves as a hub-like area. Go up to the second story portion and take the Northwest door to the Natural History Museum. Grab the rifle and ammo and enter the door. Keep moving along the hall until you run into a thug. Beat him down to get the Torture Room Key. Return to the Atrium and go to the first floor West door. Use the key and defeat the two cursed guards. Go over to the iron maiden and defeat the cursed guard within to get the rusty crank. Take the rusty crank over to the rack and use it. Be prepared to move as this sets off a trap that will smash open the doors behind you. Run out and go to the door leading to the Library. Here's you'll be faced with a few Thugs who are obviously looking for Victoria. You can fight them or just run over to the West door to enter the Library. Once there, grab the Desk Drawer Key and Torn Scrap of Paper from the clock. Use the key on Victoria's desk to get some papers, which will set off a scene where Abdul joins you. Go up the stairs and examine the obvious flashing light on the bookcase that looks different than the others. Enter the now open passage and work your way around the walkway to the door on the other end. Go down the stairs and grab the journal pages and West Wing Corridor Key. Go back to where the thugs were looking for Victoria outside of the Library and use the key on the East door. Take the next door to the Main Stairs. Go over to the other set of stairs that lead down to the Hall of Remembrance. Head around until you reach the South elevator and take it up.

Enter the hall, defeat the mummies and grab the amulet. Head North and take the North stairs. Deal with all the enemies to remove the curse from in front of the Osiris Collection and take the pistol from the constable. Return to where Abdul has taken up residence in front of the door leading to the Osiris Collection. In the next room, get past the two mummies and enter the door they were beating on. Go to the end of the hall and take care of the mummies in the next room. Talk to Kemble, who will send you to get his spectacles. Head back out and go up the stairs to the lobby for the collection, where you'll find Kemble's Spectacles. Return them to Kemble, who will give you the Heat and Combustion Exhibition Key. Go back to the elevator, take it down and enter the next door. Here you'll need to flip the lever to turn on the power to the lights. Fight the thugs and pick up the Staff Room Key. Sneak past the electrical exhibit, grab the Flame thrower and use the key to enter the Staff Room. Pick up the Staff Book and Empty Fuel Canister. Now, return to Kemble. Push the bookcase aside and take the Egyptian Room Key from the safe. Go to the Osiris Collection and watch as the hired help gets killed. Push the column close to the trap and then use the key to enter the exhibit. Head through the hall to the second story part of the collection. Run around until you run into a less-than-cooperative constable. When he gets taken care off, defeat the mummies and get the New Collection Key. Use it on the next door and enter the North door to the Isis room. Grab the notes on the floor. When Abdul shows up take the Decorative Wooden Handle and return to the Atrium, where you'll need to return to the Natural History Museum. Keep moving until you find some bears on exhibit.



Luckily, you'll only face one at a time. Each bear likes to charge when you're at a distance and will spew a cursed breath or bite you when close. The only time you can hurt the bears is when they rear back up. Stay near the bear's head and move back and forth, dodging attacks until the bear rears back and shoot away. When the first one drops, the second one will step in. Once they both go down, Abdul will conveniently show up.



Push the glass case that the second bear was displayed in aside and use the Decorative Wooden Handle on the wall and walk around the Secret Hall until you reach Victoria. Take the Decorative Clock Piece and give Victoria some weapons, ammo and healing items. Enter the West Gate, which will lead you to yet another secret doorway into the Library. Run around to the stairs, where you'll have to fight some thugs. Use the Decorative Clock Piece on the clock and pick up the second Torn Piece of Paper. Combine the two and use them on the safe by the stairs.

Victoria - Head to where you lead Darien to, making sure to pick up the Artifact Pot, Medical Notes and Disease and Medical Exhibition Key from the safe. After dealing with Darien, return to the Secret Hall and take the North Gate all the wall to its end. Now, head North and grab the Bucket of Water and use the key on the nearby door. Go to the end of the exhibit and take the Pestle & Mortar. Return to Darien, where you'll need to combine the Artifact Pot with the Pestle & Mortar and then combine that with the Bucket of Water. Use on Darien. Now, go back to the main stairs and follow the thief around until you reach the Atrium.

Darien - Go to the Atrium and grab the Eye of Isis. Pick up the Elevator Lever from Kemble's corpse and go back to the Main Stairs, where you'll need to return to the Hall of Remembrance. Head Northeast to use the lever on the mechanism near the service elevator to turn it on. Use the elevator and once in the basement, just keep heading forward until you reach a hall. Go to the Northern door to meet Abdul once again. Push the drawers out of the way and open the trap door



Once in the sewers, just run to the North gate and throw the switch across from the gate to open it. The path through the sewers is pretty straightforward. All you have to make sure to do is avoid the falling debris, which is often keyed off by dust falling from the ceiling. Take the next area all the way to the end and go up the ladder to throw a lever. Enter the now open gate and go down into the next section of the sewers. Go all the way to the end until you find a switch and throw it. Return to the Southern alcove you passed and go up the ladder. Go around hall and head West to get the Silver Key and Pistol (if you need it). Abdul will be nearby if you need to make inventory space. Take the Silver Key to the East Door to Exit.



Train Station

Head South to the next door and enter the Fleet Service Tunnels. Follow tunnel to your right, then left, then right again. Grab the Spanner off the dead body by the pool and go back to the room off the tunnels you saw earlier. Use the Spanner on the Mechanism to drain the pool. Return to the pool and go down the ladder. Go around until you reach the next ladder. Take the stairs up and keep heading South. At the far end of this location is a ladder tucked away in a corner. You need to climb it to find a switch that will open the exit. Go back down and go through the open gate. Follow the hall to the East Door, where you'll need to take the Gate Key off the dead body. Now, go down to the gate to unlock it and use Abdul as necessary. At this point, I'd suggest getting the Crossbow if you have it as you'll be getting a ton of Explosive Arrows from the enemies here. Now, run South and head up the stairs. Be prepared to fight your way up one side of the train, through the car on the end, down the other side, up the stairs, over the train, down the other set of steps and back along to other train.



You'll notice that the Statue has the Curse glowing in its major joints. The only the glows brightest is the one you need to target. Switch targets by hitting the Y Button to switch focal points. You can use the handgun or rifle, but I'd suggest using the Crossbow with Explosive Arrows to do some great damage. Avoid the Statue's stomp and forward thrust attacks. He also has a long swipe attack.




Once on the boat, head East and get to the front without going up onto the cargo loading section. Once you initiate the cutscene with Bupo and Victoria, head South and go to the stairwell door marked Fire Exit that you see Victoria escorted to. Enter Deck 1 and head to the Dinning Room in the Southwest of the deck. Enter the 1st door you see as you enter the room and liberate Victoria. Follow her lead until she comes to a stop and push the crate aside and open the hatch.

Victoria - Take the Truncheon from Abdul's inventory and grab the Oil Lamp before you leave. You'll find a Storage Room in the South side of the deck where you'll pick up the Pistol, Flamethrower and ammo. You'll also find a Bucket of Water in Crew Quarters 2-3. Once you've found all this, take the North Stairwell to find the body with the Cargo Bay Key. Go back out and kill the Cursed Thug to get the Padlock Key. Use the key on the South Stairwell door and head up the Deck 1. Go around to the Northeast Cargo door and use the key. Kill the thug and pick up the Coal Bunker Key. Go topside and use the key on the door leading to the Bridge and Coal Bunker. Run around the hall and head down into the Coal Bunker and Engine area. Defeat the cursed enemies until Abdul shows up. Go up the stairs and around to the Furnace Room. Grab the Spanner off the dead body and use it on the mechanism to lower the bridge. Cross over and go down to the trapdoor, which will lead you down to the furnaces. Through the furnaces, you should find your path to the door easily, but once you get there, the door will close, forcing you to go back up to throw the lever and then return to the door. At this point, you'll be besieged by a lot of enemies. Avoid as many as possible as you won't be returning here. In the next room, head up the stairs, around the walkway and down the next set of stairs. Go to the Northeast corner and watch as the engine blows. Take the Lucky Two-Headed Coin and Broken Steam pipe from the nearby sailor. Go back up the steps and head to the Northwest corner, where you'll take the steps down to double doors and a ladder beyond. Go to the door at the top of the steps and place the Broken Steam Pipe on the machine to repair it. Now, flip the Maintenance Hatch Lever to open the hatch for a note. Place the repaired pipe in the hatch, lower the door with the lever and use the wheel to lower the lift. When the lift returns, open the hatch to get the Bridge Key. Go to the Southeast door and make your way to the Bridge. After using the Bridge Key, work your way to where the Captain is and give him the Lucky Coin. Go down to the Captain's Quarters on Deck 2. On the way, Abdul should stop you. Be sure to get the Pestle & Mortar from him. After you trigger a cutscene, Bupo will leave the room, allowing you to grab the Sextant, Artifact Pot and ransom note. Return to the Captain and give him the Sextant. Now, go find the lifeboat on the Northwest side of boat and take the ransom note and crossbow. Go back to the Cargo Hold via Deck 2 (the door will be knocked down for you). Take the ladder down.



This beast has a ramming attack and a stomp attack and not much else. The real challenge here is to wear it down so that you can use the hoist to pull its corpse up. Aim at the head and keep shooting until it drops. Then, hit the hoist once to get it moving, a second time to stop its forward movement, a third time to stop its side movement and to lower the chain and hook. It may take a couple tries to line the chain and hook up correctly.



Once the enemy is dead, mix up the cure as before (combining the Artifact Pot, Pestle & Mortar and Bucket of Water) and use on Darien. Now, go up the ladder and run around to use the Spanner on the Anchor mechanism. Return to the Cargo Bay Floor, open the hatch and grab the Eye of Isis. Return to the Bridge to find the Captain and then find Darien and Abdul by the lifeboat.


Pyramid of Osiris, Egypt

just after you go up the stairs, Victoria will be swept away by a trap door (go figure). Head West and follow the hall until you find a room with a Pyramid Statue. Before picking it up, move the broken column into the doorway to keep the door from closing on you. Pick it up and return to where Victoria disappeared to have Abdul give you some journal notes. These will be helpful in solving some of the puzzles here. Head West and throw the lever to open the door. Use the Pyramid Statue to unlock the next door and go down the steps. Here, you'll have to place the two columns in certain spots detailed on the first journal page. Move one into the Southernmost East slot and the other in the Northernmost West slot. They're lined up to be pushed in with little effort. Grab the Scarab Beetle Statue and go to the set of stairs you passed when you got the first statue. Use the Scarab Beetle Statue to open the door. Move through and head through the hall until a stone slab drops before you. Push it forward until it stops and use the Scarab Beetle Statue on the closest indentation on your left to move the stone slab. Head on and go down the steps. After a cutscene, go North and fight the henchmen to get the Djed Statue to use on the nearby door.

Abdul will conveniently show up. Save as needed and pick up the Mortar Gun. Move West until you run into a room with some statues. Two will become animated and attack. Defeat both to get the secret door to open. Pass through and use the Pyramid Statue to unlock the doors. Go down the stairs, up the next set of stairs and through the West door. Go down the stairs and through the hall.




This monster has a charge attack and uses it's tail to attack. It also has some kind of screech attack that has a short range. Aim at it and when the tail becomes targeted, start firing to do damage to the monster.



Once the boss is defeated run over to the open alcove.

Victoria - Yep, once again you must take on the role of Victoria to save the so-called hero. And Abdul has managed to find Victoria all by his lonesome. Take the Flamethrower from him and head North and follow the Thug to the East and go down the stairs. Keep going where the Thug met his doom and work your way North. Use the Flamethrower to light both torches to open the door. Go down and keep going forward until you find two Animated Statues. Fight them if you feel like it. If you're in need of a decent weapon, one of the dead Thugs has a shotgun. Throw the Northwest switch to open the door. In the next chamber, push the two pedestals into place to open the doors. Pick up the Scorpion Statue and head through the other open door. Use the Scorpion Statue on the West indentation.



Defeat this one the same way as you beat it last time. Seriously. If you're in need of a weapon, ammo or healing items, you can run over to Darien's body and access his inventory.


Guess what? Yep. You have to go get the ingredients to save Darien from the curse ONCE AGAIN. Luckily, one of you should have the Pestle & Mortar. Grab the Pyramid Statue off of Darien and return the way Victoria came to a Southern room. Use the Pyramid Statue on the Southeast pedestal and push the central pedestal and bowl into the wall to get the Serpent Statue. Go back into the large chamber you received the Scorpion Statue from and go down the ladder. Run to where the broken staircase is and the floor should open up, revealing a hidden set of stairs to another door. Use the Serpent Statue and head on through. Keep running along the path (a long way through many rooms and a few traps) until you reach a room with three columns and four side rooms. You will need to push the center column into the room left of the door (Southwest room). The foremost column will need to go into the Northeast room. The last column will need to go into the Southeast room. Make sure to grab the Empty Bucket from the Southeast room. Once the door in the Northwest room is open, go through, making sure to grab the Water Symbol Statue from the dead Thug. Use it on the pot by the back wall, and once there is water, fill the Empty Bucket and grab the Artifact Pot. Go back to where Darien is and administer the cure. Now, go back to where you solved the three column puzzle and enter through the open door and run

North until you get a cutscene. Now that you've lost the Eye of Isis YET AGAIN, head down the ladder and go to the door. Run down the stairs and keep heading South until you reach another cutscene.

Darien - Once back in control of Darien, do yourself a favor and rob all of the healing items and ammo you'll want from both Abdul and Victoria. Weapon-wise, I'd suggest grabbing the Pistol, Mortar Gun and whatever other distance weapons you have good ammo in. Save with Abdul and head South. Spit on Bupo's corpse and try to place the Eye of Isis in its place. I say try because you'll have to defeat two Animated Statues. Go back to where the others are to get the necessary Red Jewel which completes the statue.



The real challenge here is to damage Bupo in a series of areas to get to his core where the real damage is needed to be done. Shoot at his arm as he shoots his beat attack. Once enough damage is done, you'll be able to switch to his head, which will cause him to shoot off some grenade-like spawn from his body. The last target, if you're fast enough, will be the core of his chest. You could use the other guns, but my suggestion is using the Pistol as it is fast enough, both shooting and reloading, to get a few hits into the monster's core before having to start the pattern over again.


Pick up the Eye of Isis and return it to its rightful place.



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