Delaware St: John: A Town With No Name

by Big Time Games and Bryan Wiegele

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    December  2005


Gameplay:    This point and click game has the tutorial, new game, load game, options and exit on the main menu. The tutorial is done by Kelly to show how the connect, photo and record buttons work. The options menu has music and voice volume adjustments.

Click on New Game to see the Story 1: The Big Picture and Story 2: Home of the Damned selection page. Click on story 1 to start and story 2 will be accessible when story 1 is finished.

Pres ESC to access the game menu. The game menu has the continue, save, options and exit selection.


Story 1: The Big Picture


Delaware ponders what had happened to him. In reading an atlas, he sees a map and hears voices in a page. He travels to the middle of the woods and enters an abandoned town.

Main road:    Look around both sides of the street and see locked doors, closed mansion, rusty cars and abandoned playground. Hear a familiar growl.

Theatre:  Look close at the ticket booth. eek! After your heartbeat settles, take the movie ticket. The doors to the theatre are locked.

The end of the road is blocked by an oil tanker. Turn right from the oil tanker to face the diner.

Diner:    The diner is locked. Look close at the dumpster left of the diner door and open the lid. Take the broken umbrella.

Alley:    Go to the alley left of the oil tanker. This is the right side of the theatre. The side door is closed. Click the umbrella on the fire escape ladder. Climb up and look around. Open and enter through the slightly opened window.



Office:    Turn left and look close at the desk of Charles Epps. Open the top right drawer and read Josh Martin's termination paper. Look at the clock, it is stopped at 1:15. Try to exit the room and a full body apparition of Mr. Epps is seen. Kelly calls.

Second floor:    Exit the office and check the doors on this floor. There are 3 doors at the left corridor. Check all 3 doors. Try to enter the opened middle Service door and hear Mr. Epps talk about seeing something of what the young male did to 'her'. The door closed automatically. Note that this middle door has a door knob on the left unlike the others that are on the right. Go to the open door left of the office and go down. Enter the theatre's foyer.

Foyer:     Go forward and Kelly calls. Learn about the commune and Jedidiah Epps, the founder and his family. Learn more from Simon. Go diagonal right to the concession stand.

Concession stand:    Watch the apparition of a young man, Josh and a young woman, Jenny making a date after they get off work. Look close at the side of the fridge-cooler. Read the clue to the cash register. Pull back and look close at the cash register.

Cash Register - See that the register has 3 switches - A, B, D. The clue at the fridge-cooler states: C-1, K-B, K-D, C-1.

C being the lever: Click to pull the lever, click to turn B, then turn D and lastly, pull the lever again.

Take the service room key.

Turn around and look close at the clock that stopped at 1:15 also.

Service room:    Turn left from clock or turn right from concession stand, forward back to the other end of the foyer. See the left door to go back to the second floor and the white door of the service room. Try to click on doorknob and hear a woman cry. Use the key on the white service door keyhole. Enter and forward to the lockers. Open the right locker, pull back and oh! Talk to Jenny about the theatre or who she is or about Josh. Open the left locker and take the rubber glove. Exit the room.

Men's room:    Climb the stairs to the mezzanine. Enter the men's room by clicking on doorknob. Enter the last stall and look close at the toilet to see a key. Delaware will not take the key. Click the gloves on small key. Exit the room.

Women's room:    Go next door. Use the small key on women's room's keyhole. Enter the women's room and take Edith May's ID card - what a sassyladi. <grin> Exit the room.

Balcony area of theatre:    Go left and try to enter the balcony door. See a ghost attendant blocking the balcony door.

Orchestra area of theatre:    Go down and go right to the orchestra double doors. Try the doorknob and see it is locked. Use the ID card on door knob. Enter the theatre. See another ghost. Look around and see the emergency exit at one end of the theatre. Exit and see a ghost sitting up the balcony. Get a report from Simon. The town is called Winter Haven. There was a police report about 2 missing teens - Josh and Jenny. It was reported by Charles Epps.

Balcony:    Try going up now to the balcony door and talk to the ghost attendant. This time (triggered by entering the orchestra area), the ghost attendant wants you to solve her crossword puzzle.

Crossword puzzle - After talking to the ghost attendant about her puzzle, click on the stand on the right of the doors to see the crossword puzzle.

Across 1 - When you don't want to be recognized. Click on the letters to enter c s t u m.

Down 2 - Unsubstantiated gossip - Click on letters to enter r m r.

Enter the balcony. Just don't let this place trap you too. Go forward and turn to the left seats. Look close at the third seat on the front row. Take the quarter coin from the seat. Pull back (Saved game here) and go forward to the end of the left front row seats.  Listen to the nun and ask about cleansing. She talks about cleansing and judgment. Uh Oh! The Hunter is here. You woke the dead. Hear the growls. Turn back, go diagonal right and outside the balcony. Hear the ghost attendant tell Delaware to go to Mr. Epps office so if you want to live to see the next tomorrow. Go down the stairs, forward, enter through the brown door and take an immediate left. If he gets you. Just replay on saved game.

Go back to the balcony and go forward. See the words knock, knock, knock on the movie screen.

Storage room:    Go down and enter the door left of the white service room door. Climb up to the second floor, take the right diagonal arrow and go to the middle door at the other hallway - the one with the doorknob at left of door. Knock 3 times on the door. The door opens. Enter, forward, left and see Josh at the middle aisle. Talk to him. He wants to talk to Jenny.

Service Room:    Go back down to the theatre lobby, turn around, right and enter the white service door. Delaware talks to Jenny. Press the record button and record Jenny asking about Josh. Exit and Kelly heard the recording. Turn around and go up to second floor through the brown door.

Service reel room:    Go back up to Service reel room and automatically play the tape to Josh. Josh asks Delaware to find them. Turn around and see Josh unlock the connecting door. Enter through door.

Projection room:    Look around. Look close at the desk. Open right top drawer and read maintenance request. Open the bottom left drawer and take the screwdriver. Look at projector. Take the shovel right of the projector. Exit room.

Animal Hunter game:    Go downstairs and go to the orchestra double doors. Turn right before entering and look close at the previously powerless Animal Hunter game. The machine turns on.

Insert the quarter in the machine. Look close at monitor to read the rules of the game.

The object of the game is to shoot-click on the animal with the highest point in the group. The bear is 10 pts, the skunk is 20 pts, the rabbit is 50 pts and the deer is 100 pts. If there are more than one kind of animal, add the points of those animals.

Select:    1 rabbit, 1 deer, 1 deer, 2 rabbits, 1 deer, 3 rabbits, 6 skunks, 2 deer, 2 rabbits and 3 skunks.

See a map of the orchestra area of the theatre. Click on the x mark.

Orchestra - Main theatre - Enter through the double doors. Go forward 2 times and look close at the base of the stage. Look close at the panel of the base of the stage again. It's stuck. Use the screwdriver on the panel.

Under the stage:     Enter and see Mr. Epps. He talks about no morals and the cleansing. Mr. Epps asks for your ticket. Give him the ticket given by the skeleton.  The Power is coming. There are some lessons learned the hard way.

Look close at the dark part of the ground. Use the shovel on the ground. Look close at Josh and Jenny. It seems Charles Epps got away with murder.

Try to exit the basement. Meet Jenny and Josh. Go to the emergency exit.

Outside:    Exit the basement and go left. Open the emergency exit and meet the ghost attendant.

Exit through the alley, forward to road and see the orphanage.

"You've completed Story 1: The Big Picture. To continue with Story 2: Home of the Damned, choose New Game from the main menu and select Story 2."


Story 2: Home of the Damned


Enter the orphanage. Hear malevolent laughter. The exit doors are now stuck. There are 3 corridors on the first floor: left of the statues, behind the staues and right of statues. There are 2 staircases, one on each side of the building. Note: When climbing the stairs, use the back button to see the next flight of stairs going up. The downward stairs are to the side.

Room 104:    Go left and enter rm. 104. Read the letter on the table. Take the key top left of the letter. Turn around and look close at the dresser. Read the diary at bottom drawer. It talks about The Child. Exit room and meet Sister Helena again. Listen to Kelly.

Kitchen:    Go to the middle corridor behind the statues. Go to the farthest left door. Look around. If the phone rings, answer it. Go to the storage rooms right of stove at the back. Look around. Face the door and click on cabinet right of door. Take the batteries. Exit kitchen.

Bathroom:    Enter the room across the kitchen. Look around. Exit the room. Look around first floor, if you want.

Second floor:    Climb any of the side stairs and go to the second floor. See a hole on the floor in the back of the building side corridor.

Painting room:    Go to the double doors opposite the balcony and where the TV is located. Use the key taken from Sister Helena's room on double doors.

Look at tack board on right wall and read a note: A foundation of Green then anything Blue. Enough Red to color an apple or two. Finish it off with any Yellow sun. Add a splash of Orange and your drawing is done!

Go left and then right to meet Tommy Jarvis. He needs to color better.

Coloring puzzle - Face the exit doors and look close at paper on table. Hear Tommy say that there are crayons to finish the picture around the room, somewhere.

Pull back from picture and look close at wall shelf across the table. Take the orange crayon.

Go forward to the doors and turn left. Look close at wall shelf and take the red crayon.

Go back to windows and turn left to sink. Take blue crayon.

Turn around and look at vase on table. Take the green crayon.

Look close at chalk board and take the yellow crayon.

Look close at drawing on table. Click the crayons in order: green, blue, red, yellow and lastly orange.

Tommy shows a layout of the first floor. The last room on the right corridor is marked X.

Exit the Painting room and go down the first floor.

Room 105:    Knock purposely on door at last room of right corridor at first floor. Look at book under the table. Read the diary of Sister Grace Evans. It mentions a scared little Nancy in the back part of the building. That part of the building is the one with a hole on the floor.

Third Floor - Rooms 311 and 310:    Note that room 311 has claw marks on the door. Enter and look around. Go to room 310 left of rm. 311 and look around. Look close at the door left of table. Take door. Go back down to second floor.

Room 209:    Place door on hole on the floor. Enter room, look around and face the door. Open the closet right of door. Talk to Nancy Thompson, the one Sister Grace mentioned in her diary. Click the batteries on the lamp.

Exit room and hear footsteps and closing door. Go upstairs to third floor.

Library:    Enter the double doors off the third floor balcony with TV. Go forwards to the windows, turn right and read a page of Sister Grace's diary from book shelf.

It talks of The Visitor. Turn around and meet Tommy again at the table with a stack of books.

Book sorting puzzle:    Tommy is asked to sort the books. Left side is for kids books and right side is for adult books.

Take a book and then click on left or right of table.

Kids Books

Adult Books

The Safety Book for Kids

A Kid's Guide to Churning Your Own Butter

Let's Count to 11

Let's Talk About The Alphabet

My First Book of Diseases

Punishment Made Easy

Inherent Evil

Schizophrenia & You

Get Rich Yesterday

Global Warming

It was the Maid! A Murder Mystery

Spells, Occult and Rituals

After sorting the books, look close at the Spells book. Read about the Hunter and ritual room. Talk to Kelly. The Hunter serves not only as a guardian to The Destroyer but as a harvester of power.

Exit the room and automatically look over the balcony to see a nun going to the right. Go down to first floor.

Room 102:   Go forward down to end of  corridor. Hear a voice call 'Delaware'. Turn back from end of corridor and see a male silhouette by room 102. Enter room 102 and read-click on paper by the pillow. Delaware IS the child to be sacrificed. He owes his life to Sister Grace. Take a photo of the letter and talk to Kelly. Uh oh! Sister Helena interrupts the call. Kelly and Simon warn Delaware of the danger. The need to find the ritual room is immediate.

Exit the room and go to the corridor behind the statues. Hear a cough. Turn around and search for the source of the cough. Search rooms to find out where the coughing comes from. Go forward to the kitchen. Answer the phone if it rings.

Storage room behind kitchen:    Go to the farthest storage room. Talk to Kirsty Cotton. Sister Helena hit her with a shovel after catching her smoke. Ack!

The Hunter is here. Follow Kirsty. The puzzle involves the correct amount of clicks. Turn around, forward, left to kitchen, out of kitchen and right to corridor. The Hunter follows. Forward to statue, right, diagonal up the stairs and climb stairs. See Kirsty enter the room on the left. Diagonal to room and use the doorknob. You cannot enter. The Hunter climbs the stairs. Turn around, forward, right, forward to stairs and climb the stairs. Go diagonal to room 311 and enter to safety.

Room 311:    Meet Ashley Williams, he knows where the secret room is located. He wants Rex, the stuffed dinosaur.

Room 104:    Go to Sister Helena's room and click on wall by top of bed. Take Rex, the stuffed dinosaur.

Room 311:    Give Rex to Ashley and he will lead you to the secret room.

First floor Bathroom:    Follow Ashley. Exit the room, left, down the stairs, turn around, down the stairs and left. Take a right on statues, enter the middle corridor, forward and see Ashley. Enter the first floor bathroom across the kitchen. Click on the painting by the door. Look close at the paper on the dish. Take a photo of the dark altar. Talk to Kelly and Simon. Don't touch the paper. Need a ghost that has a pack of matches. Guess who smokes.

Storage room behind kitchen:    Answer phone if you want to. Go to the farthest storage room. Talk to Kirsty. There's a whole book under the bag of flour. Look close at bag of flour on the left. Take matches. Go back to dark altar in the bathroom. The phone rings, answer it and hear Kelly.

First floor Bathroom:    Use matches on paper. Exit bathroom.

Sister Helena arrives.  She has an axe. Run to the exit door.

Watch... The exit door opens.

Go outside. The cloaked figure... The timing is right for one person to be at orphanage and the hotel. The Destroyer's purpose is to eliminate one life - the Protector.

Kelly, find out something for me - find out what happened to my parents.


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