Once steep Moscow hacker forced open the site Of "makrokharda", (after hanging out on it drawn zadnitsu, about which game tactfully hushes up), after which his life it changed by very essentially.

Take disk to the right of monitor and hide it into the cactus, which stands on the window-sill. From the cabinet you will catch passport, open door into the apartment. Sly customs officer with the box will appear, he will require for obtaining of load (stibrennyy by gennadi jug from the virtual auction) his honestly obtained piece of Baxes. Iditol to the kitchen, reach box and rub jug. Above the ceiling will rock gray of hazes. You leave into the corridor and reject jug into the rubbish chute, here take linoleum. Further it is possible to be missed to the roof, to the neighbor or to the street. On the roof besides show blue nothing interesting, it is here necessary to visit later. But gennadi thus far to go and itself will not want to the neighbor and to the street, return- kA are better to it home.

On the kitchen you will reveal mysterious starikana, which tarabanit by basin on the refrigerator. This is dzhinn Of khottabych, which was appeared from that jug itself. In genes now is three desires, the first, what he selected - to make Baxes's heap. True, for this by sorcerer will be necessary although anything as the model. You leave to the stairs and you break into the door to the neighbor. Return your passport to it as the guarantee, you will obtain money. Carry dollars for Khottabychu (necessary preliminarily to have a talk), it from kitchen it moved to room. Take away the heap of Baxes fallen to the sofa, after which again stir with the old man. The loss of the dear jug greatly upset it, it is necessary to return. But first drive away to the neighbor and return debt, you will obtain passport conversely. Further you leave to the street and poshar'te in musorke. It is silent jug, they drove away rubbish. You will report this sad information Khottabychu, which at this time moved to the rubbish chute.

Gennadi assumes to find the data about the collectors of rubbish in the Internet. Leave to the computer and attempt to dig up there anything useful. Such entirely a little, namely - the reference about the customs officer, who reached load, and the address of organization, where it is possible to be arranged musorshchikom. Tell about the results of search Khottabychu. He will propose to leave to the address on the flying carpet indicated, but it, unfortunately, no. Then there is the linoleum, which, as it is explained, is fitted out for the flights not a bit not more badly. Come out to the roof, spread linoleum, leave for the flight. Show Khottabychu paper with the address in order to land.

You poshurudite in the bags with the rubbish, the police will appear and it will ask to produce documents. You will ask Khottabycha to podsobit' - the guards of order, after getting rid of their uniforms, will fall on the elbows, and jug will look from the bag. Be sufficient it and step into the alley of sanitation workers. Change currency in the exchanger, then iditol into the store of clothing. You will purchase to old man from the lamp of new acquisition and will pay off for them in the cashbox. After being selected again to the street, you will propose Khottabychu of pivka. It is possible to take it in the gourmet that to the right of the point of the exchange of currency. You ugostite friend by foam beverage, then stamp after it further along the street. You sit down yourselves into the driven up automobile, afterward talk with the bandit, who dreams about the personal hacker, who would draw off for it money directly from the Internet. Khottabych will learn as from them to be finished.

On the central street it is possible to glance into the film cartridge, the auto-salon, the auto-workshop and the Internet- cafe. All these places for you thus far without the necessity, but soon will arrive their turn. By the way, it is time to become acquainted with the friends of gennadi - in the cafe sits Seleznev, and in the store on sale of the computers Of "kompoza" the type on the nickname the vacuum cleaner (store it is located in the alley of geneticists, to the right of area).

Return to itself home, approach the computer and read a little mail. The unknown girl Of enni proposes to be encountered. Step in the cafe and open this infu Of seleznevoy. It will not begin to help, but will prompt the place, where they can prompt as be pleased actually to girl. Approach the free computer in the Internet- hall so that it will be connected to the chat room. Prescription to the surprise is simple: to roll friend in the steep machine, to bring into the elegant apartments and to entertain by drinking bout. Let us begin from the machine. You will purchase to itself "victory" in the auto-salon (return to the salesman of money and passport), then you will agree about its redyeing in the workshop on the contrary (to this sufficient only money). Now iditol into the store of computers return keys from the apartment to the vacuum cleaner, which promised to alter it to the unrecognizability. Conversely to the Internet- cafe you will have a talk Khottabychem, camera is extremely necessary to it. You will purchase fotik in the store on the same street, gladden old man.

You sit down yourselves into the recolored automobile and be encountered over the area from Enni. It will prove to be by the colleague of safety Of "makrokharda", and this encounter - not more than the ambush, whose purpose consists of the catching of steeply hacker himself. Khottabych will rescue from the paws of the police and this time. True, Enni seriously it will suffer, sloviv the arrow Of shaytanycha, which was intended for Khottabycha. In the machine you will have a talk Khottabychem, and then kiss that locating in otklyuchke Of enni. You will then ask old man to make anything in order to be selected from the automobile plug.

On the uninhabited vacant land again you will have a talk Khottabychem. It already carried out all desires; therefore it is requested and will fly away. However, to gene they will jostle into the militia machine and will unload in its entrance. Inspector will apologize himself, will return disk and will depart. The police stepped back not on its field - these are the sequential tricks Of khottabycha, which decided to return in order to be among the friends and to be occupied by the dear photograph. Rise into the apartment and you will have a talk Khotabychem. It will tell about Shaytanyche - the hunter to dzhinnov, which shot in reality at it, but it were missed. Then Khottabych will become usual mortal so as to fence itself from the attacks Of shaytanycha. Place jug on the regiment next to the computer and you look the sequential roller, in which Shaytanych leaves to the bandits with the proposal about the collaboration.

In the Internet- cafe chat with The the seleznevoy - it will propose to pass in the recreation area of hall and to show Khottabychu to vapor of priyemchikov. Step you will there and ask player on the nickname broom to train Khottabycha to any play wisdom. Thus far it is played, iditol into the store on sale of computers take away keys in vacuum cleaner. On the telephone to gene they will invite to the "pointer". You will take from the club Of khottabycha and leave for the gateway. Here they will shoot old man (it indeed now it became mortal, they did not forget?), and they will connect hacker on the arms and the legs. Collect by the connected feet the telephone Of enni - girl friend immediately primchitsya and it will free.

In the cafe you will have a talk with The the seleznevoy. In it remained the hairspring Of khottabycha, in children new plan immediately ripens. To calculate the genetic code of old man and to cross him straight in... Internet. In the apartment you will have a talk from Enni, it will transmit its banknote. Money are genes the bandits nevertheless of sperli. Now leave for the institute of genetics and you will have a talk with the guard at the entrance. It requires to the paw - give. How, you still do not have money? Then immediately blow to "zver'banku", next to which is located bankomat, and remove from the banknote of American woman. In the laboratory of institute return to scientific muzham of the hair Of khottabycha and money. Still they will ask the disk, to which we could write down information. Take disk in "kompoze" and return. You will obtain disk with the code.

Put it into your computer and you will have a talk from Enni. To revive Khottabycha at least and in the electronic form thus far quickly is not obtained. It will transmit its own operating times - also indeed it once earned by khakerstvom. Put the disk Of enni in the system block and... you will see on the monitor the physiognomy Of khottabycha. It remained to run off into the store after the Web- camera so that the bearded sorcerer could see that he occurs in the room. At the moment of the connection of camera will appear Shaytanych and it will leap into the computer. Further takes place the battle of two magicians directly on the spaces of the World Wide Web. After slaughter again you will be turned to Enni. It is now necessary somehow to be dismantled with the cloud of the false dollars, which Khottabych printed on the papyrus. You will ask it to find familiar bandits, they will reveal them in the airport. Strictly, on this the adventures of hacker and dzhinna from the jug ended. Shaytanych is devastated, bandits after the lattice, Khottabych delights in by serfingom on the Internet, and gene it compresses in ob"yat'yakh that sleeping Of enni. Here and to fairy tale end.




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