Dracula Origins

The game puts you in the role of Professor Van Helsing, the renowned vampire hunter on a quest for Dracula.
The main menu contains New (game), Save, Controls, Credits, Resume, Load, Options and Exit Game.
press the ESC key to exit to the main menu during gameplay. Press space bar to view all the hotspots in screen.Right click shows the journal and inventory.


Cut scene Van Helsings lab/office. Maria slides envelope under door. Letter from Jonathan Harker auto appears in inventory

right click to exit inventory and a copy of News Times also appears in inventory.
You’re at Nina’s house.
“what is going on”
Nina leaves room
Take paper from chair “The Courier”
Take single paper from desk “Daily Big Mirror”
Go to pile of newspapers on the desk and take “News Times” 06/09/1898
Go to screen forefront and to curtain on wall
Open curtains. Use pencil to plot locations from papers

News Times 06/09/1898
St George’s church – Victoria station
Daily Big Mirror 08/09/1898
Tottenham Court/ Euston Rd – St George’s cathedral
The Courier 08/09/1898
Southwark Bridge – Tate Art Gallery
News Times 08/09/1898
New Kent Rd – National Gallery

Left click to see the lines intersect at Godalming Manor
Right click out of inventory
Van Helsing bids farewell to Nina

Knock on door of Godalming Manor. Meet the Butler , he likes flies.
enter cemetery
check the gatehouse – locked
walk down path past gatehouse meet gravedigger
“the combination”
“opening the shed” – check tombstone of J B Lemon and wife, find their ages and turn the numbers upside down for combination
pick up claw tool directly in front of gravedigger
go forward 3 times and to the left of the steps down is Lemon’s mausoleum
use claw tool to scrape stones

John Bruce Lemon 1703-1772
Susy Lemon 1722-1790
Ages 69+68
Upside down 9698

Shows in inventory. Right click out
Go back to shed
Enter combination 9698 push button on right hand side of combination lock
Take lantern from table, shovel and iron bar from right hand side of door
Go back to gravedigger
“Godalming Manor”
“other entrance” learn about secret tunnel between cemetery and manor
“where is the watchman?” clues how to get into manor are in watchman’s mausoleum
go back towards the entrance to cemetery and continue round the cemetery round other path forward x 5.
Pick up veil from cross tombstone in left hand forefront corner of screen
Take veil to gravedigger. Open inventory and offer veil to gravedigger – he tells you to keep it.
Go to cemetery entrance and trap flies from urn in veil
Go back to Lemon’s mausoleum and go down steps to watchman’s mausoleum
Go to large iron gates. Inscription noted in inventory
Use iron bar on gates
In inventory combine matches and lantern
In inventory combine lit lantern with shovel to make sconce
Use sconce through the bended iron bars
Check inventory for inscription. You’ll need to complete a series of puzzles on the archangel tombstones
Exit screen gate and goto white angel right of where you are standing
Look at base of angel

”when the saint sacrifices himself to redeem our sins, the demons drink his blood, and the pure cry on him”
note the little buttons in front of each of the characters surrounding the saint
going clockwise switch these buttons the 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th,11th, and 12th to cups and all others to tears.
Click on saint button top left hand corner and watch the blood filter into stone pattern

Go up steps out of mausoleum, turn right and go forward
Look at base of angel in chains

“the demon is everywhere in the eye of the spider, the serpent, the toad and the wolves”
click the eyes of the spider, serpent, toad, wolf at foot of horse, wolf left of hound, wolf left of ram.(other two “wolves” in bottom rh corner are dogs – spot the collars) and their eyes will turn red. Click on the wolf button hear hissing noise

Go forward 3 times to next angel

“only the pious and the pure have eternal salvation and nothing to fear”
click on heads of fat lady being carried, man counting money into bag, woman beating child, woman showing bum, man gorging on food. Their heads turn dark. Click on sword button

forward one to next angel

click on scroll and read in inventory
(3x100)+(300)+(300)+(300)+(600+25) = 1825
drop the weights down to add up to 1825 and click on pocket below weights

go back to watchmans mausoleum
gate has gone. Enter
take book from top of coffin opposite
read in inventory – there’s a false tomb in NE of graveyard, between a tomb without a cover and a large gothic cross
Exit mausoleum and climb steps
Turn right and go forward once
Click on tomb directly in front
Use iron bar to prise open
Enter secret passage

Combination lock
Hit first, fourth and then first button again to move all the buttons from left to right.

Godalming Manor
take box of old nails from table, jar from under table, and pliers from base of column left of table
put flies from veil in jar in inventory
exit left hand screen
take saw from base of steps
climb steps
enter door on left
take file from floor at Van Helsing’s feet, take spoon from table
take jar of flies from inventory and give to butler
go through door on left hand side
enter door opposite
look at the safe panel on wall left of door
go further into room. Take block of wood to the right of fireplace
leave room .climb stairs
use pliers on candlestick on wall on stair landing
click on section of wall where candlestick was. Need to make key.
Go further upstairs. Enter room on right
Look at the panel on wall – same type as safe in the lounge
Go further into room
Take sheets of paper from table. Use paper on wall panel. Slide the paper down over the bumps to make a series of holes in paper.
Exit room enter room opposite
Lift message from the lady’s chamber on floor left of small cabinet left of door.
Lift spool of thread in front of wardrobe
Go further into room
Take measuring tape from floor at foot of bed and mallet from floor below window
Go back downstairs and into room with panel. Use paper on panel to get impression of bumps.
Use paper with holes from upstairs panel to get series od letters and then use the paper with holes from downstairs on the upstairs panel:

Upstairs N_E_N_S_SE_E
Combine and turn the 12 safe dials to the compass points:

Take key from safe.
Go back up stairs to first landing. Click on wall panel
Use measuring tape combined with spoon and spool of thread “measuring instrument”. Click measuring instrument on each hole to give measurements
10, 8, 12, and 5
go down to cellar (through kitchen where you entered the house)
make key

pick up larger, paler dowel drop on ruler and use saw to cut off at the measurement 2. insert into only hole on left of pipe. Use hammer and nail to secure
pick up a small darker bit of wood, drop on ruler and use saw to cut at the measurement 10 insert into top hole on right of pipe.
pick up a another small dark bit of wood, drop on ruler and use saw to cut at the measurement 8 insert into 2nd hole from top on right of pipe
pick up a another small dark bit of wood, drop on ruler and use saw to cut at the measurement 12 insert into 3rd hole from top on right of pipe
pick up a another small dark bit of wood, drop on ruler and use saw to cut at the measurement 5 insert into last hole on right of pipe.
Use the file on each of these dowels. Then secure each with nails.

Go to the stair panel. Use wooden key in panel. Enter
Go up stairs to right. Go to door on left. Use key from inventory on door
Dracula’s room.
Look at book under Dracula’s portrait .puzzle.
Exit and go further into room.
Go to bookcase. 3rd shelf down far right. Take book and read – the puzzle.
Go back to book under portrait and solve puzzle.

Press belly of bat. One of the signs is exposed.
Click on one of the blank, smaller triangles on the inner ring and another blank triangle in the inner ring , they’ll exchange places. Press belly of bat. Do this until all signs are exposed.
Do this with the larger triangles on the outer ring too until all signs are revealed.
When you press any of the five coloured stones, the options of where you can move them to will light up. Arrange the stones on the outer ring as follows:
Working from 1 o’clock clockwise – dark blue, red, light blue, green, white

Read Dracula’s diary writings.
Oh-oh butlers coming. Go back out secret door behind swords.
Go down stairs – youre automatically at Nina’s

Nina’s house
look at basket of garlic
use crucifix on Nina’s door.
Cut scene. Van Helsing sends telegram to Seward. Read in inventory.
Talk to Seward and follow him toward map on the wall
Click on map to expose new map of Europe
Click on Cairo
Talk to Seward

Market place
Try to talk to the two men – they only speak Arabic
Go further down street
Talk to next two men – they only speak Arabic too
Go up to raised marketplace. Try to talk to vendor. Useless
Take set of scales and flask on right hand table and take garlic from stall post
Go back down from raised market to camels
Take pot from cornerstone right of man
Talk to man – Mustapha the Inn keeper
“Egyptian museum” - go left of camels and straight ahead x 2
go down the street forefront of camel pen you’re automatically transported to museum

go forward and talk to assistant director
offer help – he gives you a list of objects to find in museum
head with solar disc
knife with mother of pearl handle
pharaoh with broken head
papyrus 1852
small scarab from M S Chang

“what is deben” he gives you a copper deben (weight benchmark) and scribes stylus
take sketch of Giza pyramids from his desk
walk right of desk – take reproduction of a Nekhnekh from shelves in foreground 2nd shelf from top, take the pyramid and key from under it from the middle section of shelves, take 1852 papyrus
go left of screen – take pyramid from shelves in foreground and knife from bottom shelf
go right and forward towards museum entrance
take Spanish helmet from shelves left hand side foreground, a crook and pyramid from the box below. Pharaoh with broken head and pyramid from table in foreground, granite scarab from shelves on right
turn and go back to assistant director
go right – chest on second shelf use key to open – another pyramid. Take pyramid from bottom shelf and head with solar disc.
go back to assistant director
go left of his desk
go to the middle sarcophacus in row of 3. Place the hekah and nekhnekh in its hands. It opens. Take pyramid.
Take items to assistant director
“my questions”
“the demonomicon”
“how to get to the tomb” – blood rocks.
Leave museum

Go to Mustapha
“what is going on?” – camels are sick
“the blood rocks”
walk down alley left of Mustapha to Christians house.
Christian is standing at door
“take care of the camels”
“the blood rocks”
go back to marketplace
look at herbs in camel’s trough
take pitchfork from wheelbarrow on left and use on herbs
go back to Christian and give him herbs
“remedy” he gives you antidote
go back to camels
talk to Mustapha – he takes you to blood rocks

Blood Rocks
Enter doorway
Cut scene of rock fall the entrance is blocked
Left turban at your feet and head of pickaxe. Take plank of wood from other side of corridor
Go further into corridor
Go right, see spike trap. Lay plank of wood across trap and walk over
Take lantern
Go forward and go left
Take belt from beside body
Go right of sun door
Take linen strips from coffin, flask of oil from small table opposite entrance
In inventory combine belt + linen + turban = rope and combine oil + lantern + matches = lit lantern
Go back to spike trap and use rope on plank
Climb down rope and take broken spike on floor
Enter room
Take curious plants in front of skeleton
In inventory combine broken spike with pickhead
Use pick on rocks top right
Climb out
Talk to Christian
“who are you really?”
“the seal” learn how to open sun door. Need objects from museum

Talk to Mustapha – his niece has disappeared
Go to museum

Talk to assistant director
Cut scene
Take knife from bookshelf
Take Christians list from inventory talk to assistant director
“Coptic artefacts”
“if we co-operate” – he gives you hinu (measuring receptacle)and necklace
take broken piece of mirror from his desk
leave museum

Show Mustapha the knife
“knife” he knows who the knife belongs to
go back from Mustapha
exit the marketplace top left hand corner

Turk’s house
Go to wooden door
You need to manoeuvre the balls to match the pattern on left
Take axe from floor in left hand corner foreground
Take scraps of paper and assemble to solve hieroglyphic puzzle
Take the black sphinx left hand side and hieroglyphics appear in docs
Take pyramid from chest left hand side
Look at the bags of stones on the table
Go further into room
Knock over large urn beside shelves eek
Put the herbs into burning pot on table. Night night
Go back to broken urn and take key
Use key t open door. Enter
Take sachet of gold powder to left, take solar disc on back wall and take letters from Dracula from right
Leave Turk’s house
Go to museum

Talk to assistant director
“copic artefacts” – he gives you the artefacts
talk again . Hieroglyphic document
look in book to translate
“weapon with magical powers within Seker head
cursed blood hidden under North alter
before enter darkness destroy guard
curse be on you forever”
words turn red
show the assistant director the black sphinx
“statuette” phrase on sphinx
leave museum

Talk to Mustapha – he leaves
Take pot from inventory and fill from camels trough. Set on bar-b-cue and take warm water.
Go to Christians house
Talk to Christian about black sphynx
“other artefacts” – he’ll need holy water.
“statuette of the sphynx”
in inventory combine broken piece of mirror with cup of warm water and then combine with flask to get “flask with condensation”
give flask to Christian
“holy water”
“what have you found”
“what should I do?” – learn of secret passage
automatically transported to Blood Rock.

Blood Rock
Enter tomb through hole in wall
Go forward and back up rope
In inventory use knife on necklace to get diamond. Use diamond on mirror to get square mirror
Sun door
Put garlic in right hand slot of cross
Put water in the well at the bottom of cross
Put host in top slot of cross
Put square mirror in left hand slot
And place sun disc in center

door opens

Upper chamber
Take bowl from skeleton on floor at left hand side
Take copper deben from small urn on right
Use the hieroglyphic found at the Turk’s
“weapon with magical powers within Seker head
use axe on fallen Seker’s head (right hand side figure face down) take arrowhead
cursed blood hidden under North alter
go to small pillar left hand side of whirlpool – puzzle
click on the hieroglyphics from black sphinx in order. Pillar moves to reveal a well of pool. Use the hinu to gather blood
the christian said
"to open it (the secret passage)you must put a gold deben and aa hinu of cursed blood into the basin"
according to the hieroglyphs on the black sphynx we need 13.6gms
set the scales on the chest between the pillars on the left of the room.
click bowl on scale
weigh the copper debens (27.3gms each)and scribe 41gms
put both debens in one bowl = 54.6 gms and scribe in other = 41gms
difference is 13.6gms
use 3 scoops of gold to balance
bowl auto appears to right
scoop gold from scale into bowl on right = gold deben

pour blood and gold deben into swirling basin
it turns to sand

use lantern on middle left hand column
pyramid puzzle
select pyramids and slide lantern from left to right to get the correct size of 3 pyramids to blot out the light on the engraved pyramids. use the middle setting on the bar to the left.
once completed you'll automatically come out of puzzle screen
you now only have 3 pyramids in inventory.
place pyramids in basin of sand
smallest to largest
left to right

secret door opens
cut scene

go back into upper chamber
use axe on support of boat
take metal bar from large statue on left
combine stake and hammer in inventory
take broken piece of column to right
place broken column under right hand side of boat and use metal bar on.
prise boat of stand
go back down to lower level
walk across boat and toward smoke
in inventory use the axe with the black sphynx
"before you enter the darkness,destroy the guardbut a curse be on you forever"
throw the broken sphynx into smoke
smoke clears
enter doorway
pick up papyrus from seat
leave room
automatically in marketplace

go to christians house
talk to christian he tells of a monk in Vienna
go back into marketplace
talk to Mustapha
"gold dust"
cut scene

Duchess' house

meet Seward and Duchess in Vienna
"impregnable Abbey"
"your husband"
"how to enter" - there could be access to the abbey through a door in the library of the university
"key to the university" - search for key
go further into room
open cylindrical column in alcove to reveal safe - puzzle.exit screen
go right of screen look at black and white painting automatically appears in inventory.
open bureau section in bookcase
check the door beside the painting- its the doorway to the university library
talk to Duchess
"strange melody"
the notes of the tune the Duchess hums appears in inventory
C G D# F D A# C2
take chemistry book from bookshelves beside bureau
compare with notes on painting
click on bureau
test tube puzzle
take a roll of paper from dispenser and dip in coloured test tube in the order of the music notes the Duchess was humming
C yellow 2
G blue 6
D# green 8
F black 12
D red 14
A# orange 15
C2 white 18

will appear in inventory - solution to safe combination
go to safe
turn switch to 2 and click on handle, 6 click on handle and so on continue to 18 click on handle. handle will move everytime.
safe opens
take Duke Orlowski's letter, key and wooden angel from safe.
use key on library door

University library

go right of the stairs take braces from skeleton. ha ha
go upstairs -map click on Transylvania Romania to reveal angel.take.
go right and take Herzogs work from bookshelf on left
turn and go back downstairs
come to forefront of screen
pull curtain
bat and angel puzzle.
drag and drop the bats and angels onto puzzle
some peices still missing.find.
go left of stairs
lift tweezers and paper cutter from desk
use paper cutter on butterfly cabinet. remove angel.
go to smaller wooden latticework cabinet against wall. take angel
step forward toward fireplace.
turn crank to lower chandalier. the chandalier doesnt stay down
take poker to left
go to middle of library and take rolling staircase
use staircase on chandalier
climb steps
take angel from chandalier
in inventory combine braces+poker=obedience collar
go back toward bat and angel puzzle
use obedience collar on feotus in jar
use tweezers on jar to retreive bat
insert all angels and bats in puzzle
the secret door opens

the Abbey
take St Michaels spear from statue left hand side of shelves
take linen cloth from basket
use St Michaels spear on dragons head on front of desk. it spins open
star puzzle

click on a point in the puzzle and it lights up and gives two options were to place the dot. My method was to pick any point to start and select either option. Then pick a point to light up your starter dot. do this round the board and click on the remaining dot to open safe.

take chalice from safe
move to forefront of screen
take broomstick from floor
use paper knife on wine barrel to spill on floor
combine linen and broomstick in inventory = torch.
light torch with matches
go right. Ugh
use lit torch on rat
open shoulder bag on floor
take holy water
go back to where you spilt the wine from the barrel
oh oh youve been spotted
use lit torch on spilt wine. night night
take key from floor
go through the room with the carcasses and go down corridor
take hooded gown from wall on left
automatically Van Helsing puts on gown
use gold key in inventory to open door
go into back of room
talk to bro Alberto in cage
go back into room into circle
in inventory combine holy water with chalice. set this chalice on the animals head on top of short column to right
step back out of circle
cut scene
go back and talk to bro Alberto
"save Mina"
go to large double wooden doors
use black key to open

Duchess' house
Van Helsing talks to Seward and Duchess
cut scene

talk to Seward enter Inn automatically
take spoon,silver paper and pretzels from Sewards table
go to take menu from bar counter- the Innkeeper wont let you
talk to Innkeeper
go to foreground of room past Seward
go to exit door on left
auto transported back to Seward
talk to Innkeeper
Innkeeper leaves
take Harkers journal from bar counter
Innkeeper returns and gives Seward remedy
pick up broken tooth from floor
use spoon to scoop sticky substance from small table opposite Seward
in inventory combine sticky substance + silver paper + both pretzels = assembled pretzels. combine tooth+ silver paper = shiny molar. shiny molar + pretzels = false key
swap false key with real key on door post to left
go back and talk to innkeeper
he leaves to get drink from behind bar
use key on door behind Seward.enter

Inn stables
step forward
take empty bucket on floor left of table
use empty bucket on barrel of oats to left
go back to hanging carcasses at entrance
use bucket of oats with carcasses to get bucket of oats....with blood
give bucket to horses
go forward of horses. lift tube at your feet. go to table take chest, funnel and trough from ground
go toward double doors and pick up beaver carcass
go to carriage and place crate on ground at back wheel.
place trough on crate, tube at base of trough, beaver at top of trough and funnel on top of beaver
turn tap on barrel
take down equipment
cut scene - Van Helsing leaving Inn in carriage

Draculas castle

castle stables
pick up leghold trap
go towards double doors
pick up two hanging hooks from table
click on dead rat. attach hanging hooks. take dead rat
go round back of carriage.
take 2 ropes from top of barrels
turn round and take bowl from boxes
go to boxes in foreground and set rat down on ground in front of purple boxes
combine rop and leg trap in inventory
use rope on rat. look above to see hook on roof.use rope with legtrap on hook
go to table where you originally found rat .look up and click on pulley to rig the trap.
cut scene - trapped
take axe on floor
talk to Igor
"I am looking for a girl"
"where is she"
go round front of carriage and use bowl on barrel of blood
go back to Igor . see small package on boxes close to carriage
use spearhead on package to unwrap jar. take jar.
give Igor jam pot
3 x night with white moon, 2 x night red moon, 5 x night with black moon

go through doorway to right of Igor
pick up tassle from red curtain and take the fur coat from barrel in foreground.
go into smaller door on back wall

check panel on wall
colour puzzle
the objective of this puzzle is to solve the colour code sequence on the horizontal and vertical bars on the left.
starting with the horizontal bar click on the symbols to reveal sections of the dracula picture. click on these sections in the dracula picture to give four blank spaces. now drag draculas picture onto the main grid where all four symbols in the horizontal bar can be seen. top left hand square of draculas picture should be on 2nd col 6th row. take note of colours green white blue blue. follow the same steps for the vertical one too and it should be 7th col 5th row colours green white red white. enter both sets of colours on bars on left

crypt opens
enter crypt
open all coffins except one with design on lid in foreground. three have skeletons one has a body. from coffin with body take Harkers journal and his glasses. use stake and hammer on Harkers body. take Myths and Legends from Harkers coffin.
look at coffin with design on lid. use axe on it.
look at the other coffin lids.
Illoma's lid 8954 click on it for it to appear in inventory
Moana's lid 12176 click on name to put in inventory
leave crypt
enter hall on right

go to paintings on left
pull curtain cord .look at picture. look closer at womans wrist.drag spectacles over and click.read in inventory.
take curtain tassle
combine curtain tassles in inventory.
look at burnt wooden panel on floor to right. read in inventory "Fiat Lux"
look at tapestry, Dracula's sheild and ribbon on knights wrist
go forward into room. open small door on left meet Jada
"where is Dracula"- Jada has spent 5777 nights with Dracula
go to cage weapon display right of double doors, need code
go back into hall and look at ladies portraits on wall.
remeber what Igor said
"3 x night with white moon, 2 x night red moon, 5 x night with black moon"
Illoma white hair 3x8954 = 26862
Moana red hair 2x12176 = 24352
Jada black hair 5x5777= 28885
total = 80099
go back to weapons cage enter 80099 as combination
take chain mail coat and crossbow
go to middle shield on bottm row
look closer sheild puzzle
turn the half moons to face each other, turn outer ring with circles 12 times and inner ring with arrows anticlockwise 3 times
Pelor legendary sheild now in inventory
turn around.
place bowl of blood outside Jada's room
cut scene

Jada's room
take grease pot on floor to left
use arrowhead on mandolin leaning against bed to get mandolin string.
combine mandolin string with crossbow and then arrow to have crossbow ready to fire.
use axe on both coffins. take portrait of Jada from far coffin and key and Deverins mysteries from one in foreground.
leave Jada's room

use key on large double doors
have to get rid of the forcefield.
bookcase is trimmed with metal.
use grease on the rails coming from base of bookcase and push bookcase towards knight
lay chainmail in puddle in front of knight and tye rope to its foot
the forcefield will now part in the middle.
lay the fur coat over the puddle in the break in the forcefield.
in inventory highlight the armed crossbow (i didnt first time and had to redo this bit lol to see the proper sequence)
enter gap in forcefield
watch final cutscene

Walkthrough from twitchy.co.uk



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