Solution for Days of Oblivion
Location Action
Title Select new game
Intro concentrate on red
new body = yes
BCK select penis for 600 credits
IQ & charisma = 1
Doctor leave hospital
Street (Enter PA mode pressing the spacebar)
go to Techware
Techware 1- My PA has a defect. Can you help me!
2- I know you can do it, Sir
3- Do you know anybody who can help me?
4- press Map
MAP select Bates Shop
Taxi 1- I'd also love to be like Elvis
2-Don't ever drive me again!
Bates Shop 1- left to pinboard
2- press red button below "mutation nation" (end with space)
3- 2x back
4- go to counter
5- ask for XP-2 module
6- click on inventory - Elvis micro
7- offer micro
8- where do I live
9- who am I
10- who are you?
11- press map
MAP Shotuma tower
Staircase Go into elevator
click on yellow case - 1x Pachivanidis
click on yellow case - select 3x Jane Love
click on yellow case - select Jake Boone
In front of Jake Boone's door Wait until end of countdown
Jake's office 1- press red PA button No.4 (flashback - film)
2- go to cupboard and open it (green button)
3- take all objects
4- go to Odin
Odin 1- press archives (5 PIC subjects - view all)
2- archives - Nice & easy, select picture of Oezgur and press handcopy to Inventory
3- custom - JBX Database, all pictures
4- custom - notepad
5- custom - PA Link
6- press MAP
MAP Dream 'N' Lazy
Entrance 1- It's me, Jake!
2- Go an d get your boss, he'll let me in
3- If you won't let me in, you'll be in trouble
4- Inventory - select Odin digital photocard
5- show photo (4th red PA-button)
D'N'L 1- left upstairs (women refuses), get battery (In order to make the woman take her clothes off you need at least 3 IQ- and 3 Charisma points)
2- click landlord
3- pay a round
4- back
5- quit D'N'L
6- run the errand
7- MAP Waecker
In front of D'N'L 1- get out
2- select inventory Holounit (continuation page 1)
3- activate Holounit (4th red PA button)
4- get in
5- start flying
Police check  
Waecker 1- wait until woman sits down left on chair and disappears
2- behind sofa is a finger - click!
3- select inventory-case
4- give case (4th red PA button)
5- The tender said, you give me 500 credits for the job
6- hey you jerk. Gimme my credits
7- let's get away from this maniac (flashback)
MAP Stowe family
Stowes 1- click on right man
2- select inventory - rubber vagina
3- offer vagina (4th red PA button)
4- MAP - hospital
Hospital 1- buy new bodyparts
2- click head for 400 credits
3- O.K. MAP - Shotuma tower
Shotuma tower Drive to Jake Boone
Jake Boones 1- to Odin
2- select E-Mail
3- press exit, press space
4- MAP - Pandorra's Love Box
Pandorra 1- Interact mode (Space): turn slightly right, go straigt into side entrance
2- select inventory - Sleepy
3- click right on rubbsih heap
4- give sleepy as soon as PA is active (4th red PA button)
5- Mel, scan the guy for me, maybe he's got something useful
6- MAP - Shjotuma Tower
Drive to Jake Boone 1- go to Odin
2- press scan, select cartridge
3- press active scan
4- press Wong Bank log in
5- press credit download
6- press exit
7- press space
8- MAP - Hospital
Hospital Buy new body parts
1- select torso for 700 credits
2- O.K.
3- MAP - Pandorra's Love Box
Pandorra 1- click on black screen (end with space)
2- go right (with cursor)
3- Give it to her
4- select Inventory amulet (black with yellow point in the middle)
5- show Pandorra the amulet (4th red PA button)
6- MAP - Shotuma tower
7- drive to Jake, go to Odin
Odin 1- click E-Mail
2- click exit / press space
3- MAP -Wong tower
Gameshow 1- Well, baby? How about the two of us?
2- Tary, it's me, Jake!
Staircase 1- into the elevator, quick!
2- click onto elevator panel
3- click onto Jake Boone's sign and keep mouse button pressed
Elevator 1- Keep mouse button pressed and draw the Jake Boone's sign onto the sign of Pechnivanidis and let the mouse button go
2- press on Pechnivanidis (at the top)
Jake 1- go to Odin
2- select custom
3- click shutdown
4- press space / at the end of shutdown
5- Inventory Holounit
6- activate interactive mode (Space), go to exit (yellow beams)
Elevator apply Holounit (4th red PA button)
2- go with elevator to basement
Cellar 1- Space, for interactive mode
2- go into little way
3- straight ahead
4- Inventory - select Ziemen's card
5- apply Ziemen's card (4th red PA button)
6- set techware to unlock
7- back
8- press space
9- go into elevator
Elevator Drive to Techware Warehouse
Techware 1- press Space and go straight ahead to opposite door
2- press space to cancel
3- go to box with mark 'Ice Spray' (left beside door)
4- click on box
5- press back
6- press space
7- go to elevator
8-drive to cellar
Cellar Apply Ice Spray
Flashback, Tara tells
MAP Franklin University
Shawkins 1- click on computer
2- click on safe
Shawkin's safe 1- wheel at the top left
2- wheel at the bottom
3- wheel at top right
   1.wheel - set the oval face (symbol in front of the flower) / (click 16x with right mouse button at wheel)
   2. wheel - set on 'flower' (rightclick 4x at the wheel)
   3. wheel - set 2 symbols at the same time (rightclick 7x)
4- press MAP
MAP select rubbish
Rubbish 1- click on iron bar left beside conveyor belt
2- click quickly on capsule left
Labyrinth 1- space -interactive mode
2- go to lorries
3- have pleasure (peep show - optional)
Start 1. End  
Labyrinth - straight ahead - right - 4x straig ahead - right
In front of little hangar 1- go right
2- go completely right
3- important! keep in mind: "Wong is the truth"
4- 2x back
5- press on little terminal in front of the door
6- click on blue/white case at the bottom (but before doing this, read the next paragraph)
Little hangar Hurry!
- in the middle of the room is a glider. Go left next to it, until interactive mode is deactivated
- click left (direction of balcony)
- click at bottom
-there is a knife at the right bottom of the balcony
- click knife (new item)
- go to glider
- click on panel right beside the glider
- write "Wong is the truth"
-click OK
- 2x back
- click on glider
- cutscene: Escape, menacing comet, arrival Maya
Maya 1 - go straight ahead
- come on Tara, open the gate
Maya enigma explenation At the top is the indicator with 20 poitns (point 15 is marked in gold). Below are three slides. By pressing the path of one slide, the corresponding slide will move by one to the right. The 1st slide has a value of 3 points. Slide 2: 2 points and slide 3: 1 point. 15 point have to be achieved. Solution: e.g: press slide 1 5times
to activate the indicator, press the left button, next to the wall
In the temple Possibility 1:
  - go to the temple
  - are you crazy? Come back here!
  - go to the temple
  - click on hand at the temple
Possibility 2:
  - go to the temple
  - You're right. We might still need that chaerm after all.
  - go to the temple
  - Inventory: select knife and apply it (4th red PA button)

Start 2. End  
Labyrinth - straight - right -straight - right
Hangar - click on box besid the door at the hangar
- click on the box (box is loaded and the ark starts)
In the ark - activate interactive mode
- turn rigt to the corridor with the green capsules Attention! You should not go to the end. Take a look at the first capsule to the left.
- keep ID No. in mind (661208B/c1/31115)
- go to 1st capsule at the right side
- follow the way with the yellow horizontal beams.
- press Wong-panel
- press it again
- write user ID (see above)
- Inventory: select an apply bar (4th red PA button)
- go straight ahead
- click panel
-click cockpit air supply
- select "off"
- select "on"
- click exit
- 2x back
- go to the end of the corridor with the green capsules
-go left to the control centre
Happyend: If the cockpit air supply is not turned on again or fi the air pressure is not reduced at short notice, the player will get unconscious for lack of air wong and his henchmen (Synchro Guards) do not get unconscious and take the player prisoner



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