Solution Days of Oblivion 2
Location Action Items
Intro New seaweed
swimmer downtown go backwards into the priscilla
turn the light on with the help of Mel (PA)
Pick up the dirty little mirror at the elvis altar
dirty mirror
cottage to the left of Stowe's shop pull away the planket
talk with the lunatic about octopus pictures
wheedle the child's drawing out of him
child's drawing
guard to the left of Stowe's shop pull away the curtain and speak to him
try to go straight onwards through the bars
in front of Stowe's shop whistle three times using your mouth
go into the shop
jellyfish creme
Stowe's shop ring the bell in order to wake up the shop assistant
buy the contaminated herring and rum
PA (Inventory) combine the dirty mirror with the rum -
guard / vampire show him the clean mirror -
police glider take the ring of the dead's hand with the help of the jellyfish creme blue ring
cell influence the left sensor with seaweed
influence the right sensor with the herring
second cell take the photo out of the dead's pocket
'I have an idea'
photo 1
game show answer the questions (no matter wheter yes or no) -
island throw the herring into the water
go ashore
pick up the plank on the beach
look at the shells on the right
knock off the mussel with the help of the plank
turn left to the stuck person
ask for a saw
PA (Inventory) combine the plank with the mussel
combine the mussel clusters with the nitro
pour the acid onto the wooden leg
mussel clusters acid
cottage give the blue ring to the hermit piece of paper
submarine scan the piece of paper with the help of the PA
take up the audio CD on the right
take up targo on the left
move the left handle on the upper panel board
put the CD into the lower panel board
move the small switch on the right
move the big handle on the right
move the upper slide control to position 2 (from left)
move the left slide to position 2 (from top)
(a simulation of an enemy attack follows)
audio disk
sewers turn left to the police hall
take the area-limiter out of the glider
go into the hall
pick up the rag and the peice of paper on the right
turn left to the lift and open the door
go into the lift
hold the sheet with the code word for the panel board
piece of paper
PA (Map) fly to swimmer downtown -
swimmer downtown go backwards into the priscilla
take up the excrement tube in Elvis altar
go into Stowe's shop
take the liquison tablet from the table
take up mother Stowe's gun
excrement tube
Remington 57
PA (Map) fly to little russia -
Little russia go to the car
put the rag onto the oily puddle
go into the deserted backstreet in the middle
take up the newspaper
oily rag
PA (Inventory) combine newspaper and targon
take the lift up to Dimitri
offer targon
B62 Chip
PA (Inventory) combine B62 Chip and area-limiter
go back to the street
turn left into the red-light destrict
turn rigt into the strip show and take the coin out of the machine
back to square with the old car
dip the cloth into the oily puddle
turn left into the backstreet
go into the courtyard
pick up the vegetable on the left
go to the glider and throw the excrement tube into the tank
go back to the street
go to the house entrance
knock at the door using the background melody
offer the russian the coin
take the glass eye out of the right drawer
russian coin
red beet
glass eye
PA (Map) fly back to the police hall -
police hall go to the lift and 'use' the glass eye on the panel board -
PA (Map) fly to Gorgonstreet -
Gorgonstreet go three times to te statue and back
turn right
say the password
look at the balls and unlock the doors with 'unlock'
go back to the hall and turn left
open the gate in the room
tke the photo out of the dead's pocket
photo 2
PA (Map) fly to the Shotuma tower -
Shotuma tower take the lift to Pechlivandis
offer red beet
go out and in again
take the lift to Jack Boone's flat
build the interface into Odin
talk to Odin
Odin Interface
PA (Map) fly to Mirror Inn -
Mirror Inn enter and speak to the doorman with the red mouth
ask Mel
leave the Mirror Inn
turn right to the dustbins
look at the newspapers
go back to the doorman
have a psycho duel with him:
Do you miss your parents?
Did you know your brother?
Is this a sore point?
Are you safe?
Do you like small kittens?
Did you suffer a heavy loss?
Your shoe size is not 22?
What effect does darkness have on you?
Father? Mother?
turn right through the hall to the mirror (lift)
press the button on the right and go to the cellar
look at the doorman
show him the child's drawing
go to the computer
enter 'octopus vulgaris'
unlock the doors under 'security'
take the lift back to the cellar
turn left into the small room
take the video tape out of the closet
take the P6 bottle from the table
go back to the corridor and turn into the room on the left next to the cocoon
click on the different fields one after one
aks Mel (PA)
Thunder card
Video tape
PA (Map) fly to the Araiana-Shop -
Araianna shop try P6 at the shop assistant
head back to Tara with the clothes
Shotuma tower as Tara scan both parts of the photo one after the other in Odin
click on Ayla Shen (blue)
click on Elvis
PA (Map) fly to Ayla Shen as Elvis -
Ayla shen speak to her Ayla's mirror
PA (Map) -fly to the agriculturer -
agriculturer offer video tape dinoaea musciculpa
PA (Map) fly to the Thieves market -
Thieves market turn right to the arms dealer
take the holo key to the left of the door
offer arms dealer the Remington
leave the shop and go into the Thunder
Hold the Thunder card in front of the sensor
go onto the dancefloor and change into Tara
go to the arms dealer as Tara
speak to the arms dealer
take the mains supply to the left of the counter
go to the poison brewer beneath the dealer's shop
take the herb out of the drawer on the left
remote and weapon
mains supply
officninal herb
PA (Map) fly to Swimmer downtown -
Swimmer downtown call for the blind swimmer using your mouth
give him the officinal herb
Scarrags eye
PA (Map) fly back to Thieves market -
Thieves market go to the poison brewer
call her using your mouth
ask for the powder
look at the powder on the right
exchange the scarrag's eye for Saguro
go to the Thunder
order various drinks until the barkeeper leaves
speak and dance with Waker until you get informations about the ball colony
PA (Map) fly to the ball colony -
Ball colony turn right to the box
lubricate the hinge with the oily rag and open it
press the button on the left and in the middle
go down to the plattform
pick up the pipette on the left
take some fluid out of the left bottle from the right using the pipette
turn right to the panel board and activate it
insert the holo-key
feeding in the nutrient fluid
trickle the fluid out of the pipette into the filler neck
go back to the bottles
take some fluid out of the left bottle from the left using the pipette
go back to the panel board and trickle the fluid into the filler neck, afterwards fill in the Saguro too
go onto the platform
take the lift down to Gary
offer him the dionaea muscipula
sound Gary out
PA (Map) fly to the Thieves market -
Thieves market go to the Thunder
change int oElvis on the dancefloor
go into the storeroom
give the baarkeeper the Liquision from Stowe's shop
ask barkeeper for a performance
promise him pure sex
as Tara go to the left side of the dance cabin
build the mains supply into the circuit line
turn on level 3
go to the bar to Doc Williams (at the bar)
speak to him
go to Waker
speak with him until you get the pill
PA (Map) fly to Chris Williams -
Chris Williams flirt with him -
PA ask Mel for help
let it ring once again
throw Waker's pill into the drink of Chris Williams
take the Manta key card out of his pocket
key card for manta area
PA (Map) fly back to Thieves market -
Thieves market go to the Thunder
go onto the dancefloor
Island take the diamond diamond
PA (Inventory) combine the diamond Ayla's mirror
smash Ayla's mirror onto the ground




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