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Remember to save often- you can die when you least expect it.
There are multiple endings depending on the actions you've taken during the game.
This walkthrough explains the quickest way to finish the game, but you can do certain things differently and in different order then the one given below.

Enter the Quiet Haven Hotel. Take menu from the table. Use the bell to call the receptionist, then talk to her and rent a room. She'll give Joe key to room 101.
Take lift to get to 1st floor. Unlock door to the room you rented and go inside. After an argument with his wife turning into a break-up Joe will have his first dream.

In the morning go down to reception area and from there to the dining room. Talk to the receptionist again. Before she leaves, she will hand you a letter from Ivy. Read it. Go back upstairs. In room 101 now there's a tray on one of the beds. Search it to get a knife. Go downstairs again. In the reception area lure the black cat by showing him your room key. Then cut him open with a knife to get room keys 101 and 102.

Use the new obtained key to unlock the door to room 202. Inside, talk to little Sophie, then leave. Joe will start feeling exhausted. Go back to room 101 and go to sleep. Joe will have his second dream.

From now on you gain access to all of the hotel floors and garden, just outside the hotel. Go there first and take the rope. Then go back inside and take the lift to 2nd floor. Enter room 201. Talk to Doctor Z. He'll give you key to the cellar and ask for a certain favour. Before you leave pull the syringe out of the mannequin on the left and take the glass bowl from top of the bookcase.
Next take the lift to 4th floor, enter room 401 and pick up kitchen key from the table. Get back to the ground floor and in the restaurant use the key to unlock the kitchen. Inside, take the icepick and open the freezer door. Get in and take mannequin leg off the wall. Then open the small door on the fridge in the centre of the room and crash some ice with the icepick. Put ice in the glass bowl and leave. Take the backstairs from the restaurant and on the staircase between 1st and ground floor pick up the rat poison. Door to the cellar can now be unlocked with the key that Doctor Z gave you earlier.
In the cellar pick up can of oil and plank. Combine plank with the rope and put it on top of the hole in the floor. Climb down.
You're in the lower level of the cellar where Doctor Z conducts some of his experiments. Fill syringe with either red or blue chemical. Pull the lever on the wall. Examining files on the side of the corpse you find out that body belongs to John Wilson, the legendary Devon Axeman. Take a closer look at him and you will find a cut running across his forehead. So this is the favour Doctor has asked you for. Remove a flap of skin. Place his brain in the bowl filled with ice and leave the cellar. Return to DOctor Z and give him what he asked for. Then talk to him again. He'll ask you to become his assistant and find the woman from reception.

Go back to first floor and inject little Sophie with the chemical. You'll see the mirror in the lounge crack slightly. Don't forget to pick up Sophie's necklace from her body. Upon leaving room 202 Joe will start feeling tired again. Go back to his room and go to sleep. Joe will have another weird dream.

When Joe wakes up you'll notice ther's a card on the floor. Pick it up and read it. Someone wants you to hit the town... You now gain access to all areas around the hotel. Take the lift to 4th floor, go right to the end of the corridor and take hammer from the wall. You can now leave the hotel. By the church keep walking to the left until you get to the Studio Gate. There's a small abandoned guardhouse next to the gate. Smash the door window with a hammer and put your arm through the hole to unlock the door. Inside, on the board, you'll find instructions to how to open the gate. You'll need two people to do that. Open first locker on the left. You will be attacked by a strange creature and lose conciousness.
You wake up underground, in the coffin. Talk to two corpses. You will be offered 2 choices now. These will affect the ending of the game. For now, choose WAIT, and the story will move to Agnes.


Pick up sheet and blanket and combine them. Then tie them to the doorhandle and climb out the window. Head up to the Studio Gate and keep on walking until you get to the Waxworks Museum. It's now open. Inside pick up the shovel and as soon as your companion falls down run through the backdoor. The Axeman will start chasing you now, so get as quickly as possible to the guardhouse. Hide in the locker. In the dream-like fashion Agnes enters the house of Death. In the coffin on the right you'll find key to the front door and 2 shotgun shells. Unlock the door and leave the house. Make your way to the hotel garden and dig up the grave with the shovel.

Joe is out of the coffin at last. Talk to Agnes. Now both of you can go back to Studio Gate. Ask Agnes to pull the lever outside while you go inside the guardhouse and flip the switch on the panel. Talk to Agnes and she'll start following you again. Enter the studio. Take mannequin's head from the chair and leave.

Back in hotel go to 3rd floor now. You'll notice the lever in the cellar went back to it's OFF position. Take saw. Go first to the Room Where She Died, take torn-out page and read it. Read Sophie's diary as well. Take shotgun. Examining the body on the right you'll discover that this version of Sophie is still alive, suffering unbearable pain.
Go back to 3rd floor's main corridor and use silver necklace on the mirror to open one of Sophie's secret hiding places, Room Where She Was Eating. Inside, pick up another part of the mannequin. Grab a can of beer from the fridge and leave.

Go down to the lower level of the cellar once again. Is it possible that a ghost is playing tricks on you because he wants his missing brain back? You'll need to find a different one as a replacement. Go back to the walk-in freezer and cut the pig's head open with a saw. Take pig's brain and place it in John Wilson's head. Don't forget to pull the lever again before you return to 3rd floor! Once you're there, go to Room Where She Died and turn the gas on. Now visit Room Where She Was Rejected. Talk to Mr Harris and crying Sophie. Offer Mr Harris a beer. He'll drink it and leave the room to use toilet. Before you follow him, lift the bowl up and take the human head from the platter.

Chain-smoking Mr Harris causes massive explosion in the room to the right. Unfortunately, Joe is struggling to stay awake again, so before you explore the bathroom you'll need to go back to 1st floor for a rest. This time he has no dreams. Or so it seems... Follow the corridor down to the staircase to end the nightmare.

When Joe wakes up take the lift to 3rd floor. Make a quick stop in the room behind the mirror to grab another beer. Enter Room Where She Died (you'll see the mirror in the lounge crack a bit more)and examine Mr Harris' legs. You'll find a key in his pocket. Explosion blew a big hole in the wall to the left. Through there you can enter a secret storage room. Pick up mannequin's part. Use smoothie maker. You'll have to follow the recipe you found earlier on the torn-out page. Put human head in the blender, push the red button, then add beer, oil, rat poison, and push button again to blend it. You've just made Sophie's special Fattening Smoothie.

In the meantime Sophie dissapeared from 3rd floor, and so did the upper half of Mr Harris. You'll find them in room 202, which you can unlock using the key found earlier. Give Sophie her Fattening Smoothie. The rat poison kills her quickly. You'll see another crack appear on the mirror. Ask Agnes to follow you and leave the room. Then, exhausted Joe will collapse losing consiousness. He'll dream again, but this time it's more a flashback from his childhood than a nightmare.

You're on the building site now. Take crowbar.
To knock the guard out you'll need to pick up a stone from the pile on the left and throw it at the planks on top of the scaffolding. Don't give up if you fail the first time. Take another stone and finish the job. Then move on to the right.
Use crowbar to move block of concrete out of the way.
When Joe wakes up, he'll still have crowbar in his inventory.


It's time to find the receptionist.
She's in room 401 now. Talk to her. She'll run off but leave a trail of clothes. Don't follow it yet, though. Go back to room 201 and report to Doctor Z. He'll come up with a new plan and give you a walkie-talkie.
The trail of clothes leads up to the kitchen, then freezer and eventually into the the big fridge. Pass through the corridor inside and climb the ladder.
You'll find yourself in some kind of torture chamber. Take the mannequin's limb off the wall and enter the doorway on the left.
Once again, you'll have 2 choices. Pick one of the options, then unlock the door from the inside(it's a shortcut to 4th floor corridor). Take the stairs leading up to the roof. Contact Doctor Z when you're ready using your walkie-talkie (Right-click) and place crowbar in the strange device. It works! But it looks like the Doctor is in some serious trouble.

Go back to where you left Agnes and ask her to join you again. Then, head back to room 201 to find that Doctor Z is missing, and so is his ' little experiment'. Take the red book. Examine it. You'll find a photo between the pages. Assemble the mannequin by sticking limbs and head onto a torso in room 201 and lift it's right arm up, as shown on the photo. Then flip the switch on the wall to open a secret room. Inside, you'll find shotgun shells, chainsaw and doctor's body.

Last memory of Sophie lives in room 403. Push the menu under the door through the gap. Now use your room key 101 on the lock to push the key out on the other side. Pull out the menu and now you've got the room key 403. Unlock the door.
You'll meet a Grown-up Sophie here, but she won't talk to you. The dolls glued to the wall beg you to kill her. You can use your chainsaw for this.

The fourth Sophie dies and the cracks on the mirror create a human-shaped hole.
Go to staircase, reload your shotgun and walk to the right, into the Twilight Lounge. The Axeman is there. Shoot him as soon as he stops talking, then carry on to the next room. You can now enter the mirror.


To kill Sophie for the last time aim for the baby-like creature on her back. You have to shoot it 4 times, reloading after each shot. If her attacks knock your weapon out pick it up quickly and use it again. You have to be quick, or Sophie will eventually kill you.

Back in the lounge you'll find that Ivy is dead. There's only one way to bring her back to life- you'll have to use Doctor's equipment in room 201. Pick her up and head back to the lift. Go to 5th floor. After a series of cutscenes you'll get to room 201 at last. Put Ivy down on a big chair in the middle of the room. Then activate the control panel.

You now control Billy Hookway's character. Talk to your colleague first. Then ask the police officer nearest to the door to break in. You're in Joe's flat.
You must find 3 clues proving that Joe is the killer. Pull down the curtain and examine the black cat. Listen to the message on the answerphone. Then use UV light from your inventory on the wall, in the spot where the wallpaper is ripped. After finding each clue you must discuss it with Billy's colleague.
After you've found 3 different clues, pick up an axe and use it to smash floorboards on the right side of the room. Walk left and enter the door.

You play as Joe once again. Time is running out and you've got to decide how you want to end it. Things are about to get very messy....



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