Drascula: The Vampire Strikes Back

( from Midas Interactive )

 Walkthrough by Jon Bradbury


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You need to install ScummVm  to play this game

Drascula is a relatively short but enjoyable graphic adventure drawn in the wonderfully "old school"  2D cartoon style. I believe the game was originally written in Spanish but the English version I played suffered sadly from the poorest translation & voice acting I have ever come across in an adventure game. (even making Ark of Time look slick in comparison!) .  If you can ignore the vocals (or simply enjoy them whilst you squirm)  the game can be quite fun.


The following walkthrough may not be the shortest path to complete the game - it just represents the sequence I happened to complete it in.


Bar          -              Talk to barman (all options)

                -              Go upstairs  & see you new girlfriend, BJ, siezed by Drascula

                -              Return to bar & talk to Pianist (he mentions having earplugs to withstand the                                     monotonous music he is paid to play every day)

                                Talk to barman , & drunkard (he mentions that Von Braun was the only one ever                              to have entered Drasculas castle & come out alive - he says that he lives in a cottage                    out of town)


BJ'sRoom              Go back upstairs to BJ's room & open trunk to find BJS HANDBAG

                -              Open Handbag & find $1000 NOTE and COINS


Side Room            Enter sideroom to right of Bar & insert coin into cigarette machine (but nothing                                 falls out)

                -              Push cigarette machine & get PACKET OF CIGARETTES


Behind Tavern     Walk outside to town square & go to rear of Bar

                -              Look in bin & find PACK OF TISSUES


Blind Alley           Talk to blind man who offer you a sickle if you can afford to pay

                -              Give him the $1000 note & get the SICKLE

                -              return to town square & go to suburbs


Sweet Shop          Push barrel by shop & find BUBBLEGUM

                                Walk past sweet shop to outskirts of village


Cottage                  Try to open door & Von Braun pretends not to be in

                -              Talk to locked door & eventually Von Braun lets you in when you suggest trying to                        defeat Drascula together

                -              Drascula bets you cannot pass his test to see if you are worthy of the task.

                -              You take the test & fail (unable to withstand the noise) & Von Braun takes any                                 money / coins you still have befiore throwing you out.

                -              Return to cottage to find Von Braun asleep.

                -              Get BOOK from shelf by Von Braun & notice it has the music for Sleeping Beauty


Bar          -              Give book to pianist & he lets you have his earplugs ( Mmmm , nice )


Cottage  -              Wear Earplugs then agree to take Von Brauns test again - this time you pass & Von                         Braun give you back your money & offers to help you "once you are ready"


Cemetary               Examine railings & notice one is loose - get it - it is a PIKE

                -              Examine plant growing by Mausoleum - it is "fernan"

                -              Use sickle to cut plant & get FERNAN LEAVES


Cottage  -              Return to cottage & talk to Von Braun about vampire hunting - he says you need to                         use the light from a crucifix to kill a vampire but that you will need a "brew" to                                       protect you from the vampires hypnotic stare

                -              Ask about the "brew" - he says it is made fro a mixture of Garlic, bubblegum, wasx,                           nicotine & fernan  leave all rolled into a reefer with cigarette / tissue paper  - he                              mentions that he has garlic, but you will need to find the other ingredients.


Church   -              Go to the back of the church (ie behind the railings not in front) & break the furthest                        window with the pike

                -              Climb through window to enter Church

                -              Open door to enter main area of church & get CANDLE


Cottage  -              Talk again to Von Braun now you have all the ingredients for his "brew" & he                                   makes you a special ANTI VAMPIRE REEFER to smoke before attacking Drascula

                -              Talk again to Von Braun who says the way to the castle is is via the cavern near the                         well by the church


Church   -              Exit main part of church to the right of the stained glass window to find the well


Well       -              Jump down the well to the cavern


Cavern   -              (At this point your inventory changes & you have Von Brauns CRUCIFIX

                                 - wierd as the crucifix was never an item to manipulate earlier in the game)

                -              Walk right & use Crucifix on vampire guard to get past & walk on to castle


Castle Grounds    Get ROPE as you climb out of the well into the castle grounds

                -              Walk to top left hand corner of grounds & find a magpie in a tree

                -              Throw coin to Magpie & knock it off it's perch allowing you to get a KEY from

                                the Magpies nest

                -              Use the key on the smallest of the 2 doors in the castle grounds to unlock it

                                & enter the castle ballroom


Ballroom                -              Open door to left to Hallway


Hallway -              Open door to left to enter Study


Study     -              Talk to Igor - he thinks you are the cleaner & asks you to clean the ballroom                                       thoroughly after the party

                -              (Notice a wig on Igors desk, but you cannot get it whilst Igor is there) 

                -              Return to hallway & go upstairs to Grand Hall


Grand Hall             Several doorways here but you can only enter 2nd (kitchen) , 5th (too dark to see)

                                and  1St door on far wall (Library)


Kitchen                  Various items in the kitchen but you cannot seem to manipulate any

                -              Open door to right of kitchen to go to Pantry


Pantry    -              The hinges on the cupboard (called a closet here) are rusted shut


Library   -              Open false bookcase to left of entrance door & find laboratory


Lab         -              Take BRAINS IN A JAR and discover LUBRICANT on top shelf

                -              Get CLOAK from coatstand


Pantry    -              Use lubricant on cupboard hinge to open it & get BAG OF FLOUR


Library   -              Notice torch by side of bookshelf on left wall - its too wet to use but pull it to open                          another secret door leading to a passageway


Passageway         Walk right over several screens to finally come to a poster announcing that the                                                 passageway to the tower is closed for repair & that you should use the main entrance                 instead


Ballroom                -              Close the door to the right & get BAG OF DRASKIS (fang shaped chips)                            from the back of the table previously concealed by the open door

                                (at this point a cut scene show Igor leaving his study to get some supper)


Study     -              With Igor away you can now get the WIG from Igors desk - as you do so Igor locks

                                the study door.

                                Put on the Wig (and all other items accumulated in the castle) to look like a                                        Vampire

                                Igor returns, mistakes you for Drascula & hands you the LIVING ROOM KEY


Grand Hall             Use Living room key on 1st door to enter living room


Living room          Get AXE from display on wall


Castle Grounds    Return to magpies tree & use axe on branch to get BRANCH

                -              Tie rope to branch to make GRAPPLING HOOK

                -              Use grappling hook on tower to climb up into ramparts


Ramparts               (Exits to towers 1, 2 & 3 from here)


Tower 1 -              Go down into cellar & find machine & Fruskystein Monster

                -              Pick up PLUG from floor & plug it into wall socket

                -              (Try on/off swich but it doesnt work yet)

                -              Put Brain into Fruskysteins Monster, but he remains dormant


Tower 2 -              Go into cellar & examine door to see BJ imprisoned there

                -              Talk to BJ & ask for a HAIRGRIP to pick the lock, but it breaks each time you try


Tower 3 -              Talk to Werewolf inside - he mentions he has converted to vegetarianism (but it                                sounds like he's wavering )   


Tower 2 -              Examine skeleton on wall & find LEG BONE


Tower 3 -              Throw bone to werewolf & he jumps out of the window after it

                -              With werewolf gone, you can now open right hand door to Tower 4


Tower 4 -              Go to cellar & find security door protected by Stake Detector Camera

                -              Examine door & get LOOSE SCREWS by right of security door


Tower 1 -              Put screws into Fruskysteins Monsters neck

                -              Push On /Off switch on machine to start it up & bring monster to life

                                (the monster walks forward & crashes though the left hand wall)

                -              Follow monster through hole in wall & end up at other side od security door in                                 Tower 4


Tower 4 -              Walk right to Drasculas room


Drasculas Room  Open coffin but find it empty - Drascula & Igor arrive & capture you to take you to                          the Pendulum of Death


Pendulum Room  Talk to Drascula & ask for a last wish - he allows you to have a last smoke

                                You smoke the Anti vampire reefer but it seems to have no effect & you get fastened                       onto the plate below the pendulum of death

                                (Igor & Drascula then leave you to die as the match is about to start)

                -              "Use" your hands on the pendulum to cut your shackles & free yourself

                -              Push torch to right of door to open it & walk left into BJ's bedroom above the Bar


BJ's Room             BJ is chained to the bed & says Igor & Drascula are downstairs wating the match.

                                (at this point the phone rings - it's Von Braun who says he forgot to mention that                             the reefer may not be effective if used with alcohol) 

                                 (( No I didn't understand the logic here either))


Bar          -              Try to use crucifix on Drascula but he's too busy wathing the game to notice you.

                -              Try to talk to barman & fans but they too are engrossed in the game

                -              "Push" piano while game is on & barman complains you are spoiling the game

                -              Talk to Barman & threaten to play piano again until he gives you a SCOTCH

                -              Give scotch to Drascula & he turns to you to accept it.

                -              Use crucifix on Drascula to destroy him


BJ's room              Return to BJ's room to try to rescue her but find you are to late find a "Dear John                              letter" saying she has run off with Fruskysteins Monster instead




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