Darkness Within In Pursuit of Loath Nolder

As police detective Howard E. Loreid, players are tasked to solve the murder of Clark Field, a wealthy man involved in the occult. At the top of your list of suspects is Loath Nolder; a highly respected private investigator who mysteriously abandoned his last case for reasons unknown. Rumor had it that he ventured to several exotic places around the world learning from tribe shamans and sorcerers. It remains a great mystery as to why Loath Nolder disappeared so suddenly, resurfacing five years later and resuming his investigations just as abruptly as he had left them. Why does this venerated P.I. now sit on the other side of the law?

you have three different difficulty levels to choose from :
standard with hints
Detective, with hints shown later
senior detective with no hints given.

There are 50 save slots.

After initial cutscene you are in a hallway
Step forward pan right - look at hole in door - nothing. Pan left no handle on door. Pan right step forward pan right look at graffiti on wall. Pan left step forward look at graffiti straight ahead. Pan right no lock on door to open, pan left enter door look down see body. Wake up

Howards room
Cell phone ringing on bedside cabinet. Get up and pick up cell phone , right click on cell phone in interface press any button and listen to Arthur. Check answer machine no message from Arthur call Arthur on cell phone and ask him to explain situation again. Open top drawer of bedside cabinet and read poetry book “I, and my nightmares”. check clock on cabinet in centre of room 10 past 7 on 06/11. Look at painting on wall, Howard recites some poetry. Check cabinet in corner pick up book “Rubaiat” another poetry book. Look at the framed
picture of the tree and the dream catcher hanging from the ceiling fan. Step back toward bed pan left open door.Howards wardrobe - nothing of interest there. Exit wardrobe and go through other door of room into hallway. Step forward ,pan right, open top drawer , open small box and take car key. Close drawer. Pan left x2 enter bathroom. Open top left cupboard of bathroom cabinet. Nothing of interest leave bathroom. Pan left and exit into hallway, pan
right step forward x 2 and turn left out of building. Cut scene - travel to office

Howard’s office
Step forward to desk .look at papers in tray. Clark field’s register of death . Use the menu in the bottom left hand corner of screen to underline clues and then use the cogs in the same menu to save. Note DOB 03/11/1976 . Turn around and see photographs beside the photocopier take into inventory. Leave office and hotspot map opens. Select Nolders office.
Cut scene - travelling to Nolders office.

Nolder’s office
Step forward, pan left, step forward look at painting on wall. Turn step forward, pan left, step forward, turn to desk and open top drawer. Look at strange list of symbols and book “Wellsmoth Myths and Legends” . close drawer check the phone line - it’s dead. Take letter opener from bottom tray. read newspaper on desk about earthquake. Open Howard’s mind in inventory and compare the photos of Loath Nolders office with the state of the office now.(left click and drop each photo into comparrison slots and press think/combine) The painting on the wall is not straight. Close inventory and step over to the picture on the wall and take a closer look. Look at the back of picture. Theres something in it. Use letter opener to tear back of picture and take envelope from frame. Open Howards mind in inventory, put photos back in main inventory and move envelope and letter opener into comparison slots, click think/combine and envelope is open. There’s now a letter, note, and key in inventory. Right click on letter to read. It is from Clark to his brother Jonathan. Use the underline function in menu and underline :


Clark, don’t goto police (hidden clue) , he bought a house, and address at
bottom of letter.

Howard deduces the key is for Clark’s house. Back away from picture look at wall calendar 5 yrs old and exit room. New hotspot appears on map Clark Fields residence

Clark Field’s residence
Pan left, door locked. Pan right and step forward. Step forward again and enter cellar. Go down flight of stairs and enter lower room. Look at stained cloth hanging beside door. Pan right, step forward notice electric panel to left of facing door. Pan left and look at contents of desk. Messy. Turn around and check small pots on shelves. Smell like Rue and Harmal. Pan left and leave room go back up steps to the main house and into the hallway. Step forward x 2 , pan left, step through curtains, pan left door is blocked from other side. Pan right enter room , step forward x 2 to fireplace. Look at photo of young Clark and Jonathan. Take Part 2/4 of Clark Field's notes and read about the well .Look at large picture hanging above fireplace and other two pictures either side of it. Go back exit room and into hallway. Climb stairs. Pan left step forward notice furniture and paper scattered around. Check the round table to your left an unreadable letter, and a clock stopped at 6:55. Step forward and pan right, pick up wallet and open read the case of Alphonso Rugger. It mentions the hallucinogenic mixture
Dversalie. Back out , pan left, forward, enter room. Pan left, forward, turn left and take rope from table. Exit room. Pan right enter bathroom. Quick look .yuk. Nothing here. Exit.
Go forward, pan right, forward x 3 , pan right enter library/ office. Notice wooden masks around door frame, old books on shelves, authentic pot on floor. Step forward, look at dresser to right notice manuscript and desk calendar. Pan round to large table behind , look nothing of interest. Step towards bookcase on wall and look at books. Look at strange figurine on floor to your right. Turn the figurine around , click on back panel. It opens - three strings ? Unable to solve yet. Close panel. Pan left and go to far side of desk. Look at the empty show cabinet to right. Check locked case on desk. Pick up green book from the in-out tray at end of table and read /underline :
When I was just 22 years old, Jonathan and I became solely responsible for my father's company (clue).

Check cassette #1 - Record no.0008-0010 there was a meeting at Ivar’s place

Also a hidden clue contained in record 0008 - Christopher T. Dreaden one of the 3 men in that meeting apart from Ivar and me, told me that this place was built by an unknown witch.
Clark's birth date 1976 + 22, the Important Event clue = 1998 use 1998 on locked case to open. Take Take Clark Field's note 3/4 and see two rows of tapes .Use cassette 1 track 8 on recorder it is is from Ivar's cabin on the 5th of July, 2011
Read the note and learn about the meeting at Ivar's place with 3 other strange people

Exit room and enter room opposite.
Go into bedroom look and read book on bed. Go to small cabinet with lamp and phone in corner, open top drawer and take key. Go back down stairs , enter cellar room and use rusty key from inventory on locked door.

Well room
Look at ladder down to well looks flimsy, look at lantern beside well - still working, look up at pipes. Use rope on pipes. Look at hanging rope - its too dark. Take another look at lantern - now you can pick it up. Look at rope and descend. Go down as far as the rope will allow, look and see a hole in the wall. Enter tunnel. Step forward and notice the ceiling has collapsed. Notice a gap but its too narrow. Turn around to leave and see digital organiser on ground. Pick up. Something spooky happens. Get out and go back up rope. Exit well room and lock door behind you. Go to leave the lower room another scare from behind you. Go back into the main house and exit through the front door. You are now back at your apartment.

Howard’s apartment
Go to bed to rest
Nightmare - hear knocking at the door. Get up turn off radio and go to answer front door of apartment . Nobody there look at window and check down corridor, go back into bedroom. Radio is on again , turn it off and knocking begins again. Go to check again and return to bedroom. Shiver.
Cutscene Wellsmoth hospital.

Howard’s apartment
Leave bedroom, go to bathroom, open bathroom cabinet and take medicine. Access digital organiser: Go to bedside cabinet and take book from top drawer. Turn to “Time of the
Triumphant Witch” Underline clues:

They’re eighteen, six children have died, mirrors, 1699, -XI-

Since there were mirrors all around reverse the - XI- to -IX- , sign shows
9 since six children have died 3 left.
18 x 3 =54 add to 1699 = 1753 code.

Enter date: 07/05/11 (reverse the day and month for American form of date !) from the casette in the case from Clark’s library -
the first time he went to Ivar’s place
Gives details of Ivars cabin
Go to bed
Nightmare - this time youre in the well. Fall. pick up the torch and large bone at your feet. Light torch with flame to your right. Pan right and go forward to door. Its blocked but theres a hole . Try large bone its too big need something thinner. Go back down the corridor and see a rock on the floor. Use the rock to break/ splinter bone. Use broken bone on door. Wow. Go to statue in the middle of room take ring from hand. Go to what looks like a safe in the wall to left. Open safe door. Puzzle with cog wheels. Check small hole to left. Something’s missing .go to upper level. Notice the row of tombs cut into wall. Try pressing the button above each see the odd symbols. Got the very last one and notice a handle on the floor .pick up. Return downstairs to cog puzzle. Arrange the cogs and insert handle into hole on left turn handle. Return to the upper level. Now press the plates above the tombs and see the odd symbols. Use the ring on the last symbol - it matches. Open coffin below.
Wake up. Get out of bed - cut to clock and realise you’ve slept for two days. Go to bathroom and take medicine. doesn’t taste right. Phone Arthur. Turn and notice a note in the laundry basket:
Meeting at the cabin
After midnight

Leave apartment.

Clark’s office
Go to your office and leave medicine bottle for Arthur. Leave office and go to Ivar Bergen’s cabin

Ivar ’s cabin
Cut scene - see somebody standing on cliff. Approach him - Edwin Pickman Howard’s favourite poet. Exhaust conversation and turn around to go, hear something and turn back. He’s gone , pick up Quatran left by Pickman. Return to car. Cutscene.

Enter cabin. Enter door to left. Notice blank piece of paper on cabinet. Pan left pick up paint brush and go to corner far right (behind screen) theres a trap door under the rug. Its locked exit room. Got into room opposite . Kitchen . Look at table. Pan left ,step forward turn to your
left and open bottom left hand side cabinet of dresser and take thinners. Close cabinet door. Turn and step towards sink. Take wooden stick with hook from beside sink. Pour thinners into metal pot beside sink and clean paintbrush. Exit kitchen Go upstairs enter sitting room. Check both bureaus - locked . Go back downstairs and go to leave house. Oh-oh
Answer “no”
Take keys and leave. Go forward x 2 go back to your apartment

Howards apartment
Go to bed
Nightmare - look up at the eclipse. Wake up get out of bed and go to cabin

The lights are on . Continue into cabin go to bedroom on left and go to the trapdoor. Use the keys given to you by strange man and enter. Go down x 2 turn right and forward. Pan left and see locked cabinet with strange marking tool on top. Pan right and look at skull. Pan right to closed cabinet on wall . Open . Look at masks. Lift statue look at markings on back. Exit room try door opposite .locked. Pan right , forward x 2 through door. Pan left door locked. Pan right door locked. Forward x2 pan left open door. Look at candle on small table. Pan left look through slit in door. Exhaust conversation. Exit room and go into room opposite. Go to
panel with green light on far wall. Hit red button to turn power off. Enter cage and open crate only contains straw. Exit cage and hit green buttton again. exit room. Pan right and go through final door. Hmm too dark turn to leave. Nolder speaks . Exhaust conversation. Exit
room and go back up the corridor. People are coming. Hide. Go back to room with candle. Wait until they’ve gone and go back up corridor, through trapdoor and leave cabin.

Howard’s apartment
Go to bed
Nightmare - freezing cave. Notice some mushrooms on floor of cave. Lift piece of stone with marks on it. Go towards the musical horns at top of cave picking up 4 more bits of stone on the way. Look closer at horn – you can play notes by placing hand on holes. Open inventory and combine five bits of stone . Open examine screen - a music score for the horn ? From the bottom hole up cover with hand and play :
2 3 1 2 1 2 4
3 1 2 1 2 1 4
Wake-up. Get up and look at clock. You’ve been asleep for three days. Call Arthur for test results - Howard’s medicine has been tampered with. Go to the cabin

Go upstairs and enter room. Pan left and go to larger writing bureau. Open with keys given to you by strange man take 3 small sticks from jar. Take map . Read letters. John D returning 28/11/11
Kd78gt8 underline Use the cell phone, call and press the corresponding letters and numbers on the keypad. It turns out to be a phone number: 5378488 (clue). No one answers. Call Arthur and asks him to find out whose phone number that is

IB = Ivar Bergen
Close large bureau pan left step forward to smaller bureau. Open with keys. Take key, read papers by IB look at inkwell. Use clean paintbrush with ink .and keep brush with ink in inventory.Close bureau go back downstairs and into bedroom . Go down through trapdoor. Go to far end of corridor to the room with the electrified cage and enter. Open crate to your right when you enter room. Rifles. Go to control panel on wall (the red and green button)_ and take blob of putty from left hand side of panel. Exit go into room opposite lift
candle and pan right enter room. Look on floor theres a jacket take key and papers from Field’s jacket. Leave room ,replace candle, and go back into corridor. Pan right and step forward until you reach the eye symbol on the wall. Look at the eye - where have we seen that before ? go to room to right and to the cabinet with masks and statue. Lift statue and turn around use putty on back of statue to take impression. Put impressed putty back in inventory. Exit trapdoor . Exit cabin.

Loath’s office

Go to Loath’s office and take list of symbols from drawer (beneath the telephone) see the eye symbol underline it and all the other symbols with WMT (Wellsmoth) prefix
1-00548 WMT [eye symbol] 07.06 - 00.08
00.03 - 01.04
09.04 - 02.04

Go back to cabin through trapdoor . Pan right into first room with locked cabinet with marking tool on top. Unlock cabinet with key from bureau - full of maps. Select map id 1 - 00548 (in the middle) and place in marking tool on top of cabinet. Set rule to 07.06 - 00.08 coordinates using the knobs at the side and mark map . Mark all four coordinates and take the map into inventory. Exit the trapdoor. Go back upstairs - only halfway and look up. There’s an attic. Open with hook on pole and enter. Look at cabinet with chicken wire - fish etc. in capsules? Turn, step forward, turn left see charter on table , read letters. Underline:
Samuel William Poer
The crypts below a tomb

Pan right and look at books on chair. Read how to make a talisman. Look through the telescope ,is there a cave in Northwood forest ? Exit loft. Exit cabin

Clark Field’s residence
Pan right, Go to room opposite,enter, pan left, forward x 2 , pan left, Use key found in Fields jacket in cellar to open door . Enter. Secret ! Observe glass objects , read newspaper clipping from blue dresser on left “ghouls again” open box on same shelf to right . Read letter and newspapaer clipping. Back out of screen, pan right step forward. Open box under desk look at sketches and read letter. Look at circle drawn on floor, look at desk - alchemic objects. Move to other end of desk . Look at grinder. Go forward x 2 into room behind curtain. Look at circle on floor, look at desk on right, look at strange drawing s on desk and the parchment with the eye symbol. Back out of screen and move towards window. Look at book containing more strange drawings. Pan right and look at another sheet of strange drawings. Exit through curtain and exit room
Go to previously locked door left of house’s front door (directly opposite of where you are now). Use key found in Fields jacket in cellar to open door. Enter look at all the wall pictures. Enter next doorway walk around large table look at pictures on walls and at letter and lamp on table. Enter next doorway , turn left see another wooden
statue back panel is locked.
(picture of panel)
open panel. Take beetle and leaf. Leave room go to exit other room .oh-oh.
Where am I ?
in a room with four doors. Try door left of chair – there are noises coming from it decide not to enter. Turn around completly and enter door - youre in a familiar corridor. Step forward x 2 look to your right through hole in door. Its your room but different. Whats that on floor ? whos sitting on bed ? where’s my dreamcatcher ?back out , step forward and look at “double head” graffiti on wall . Step forward go to door on left – don’t want to got there. Turn around completely try other door lock is broken.Turn around step forward x 3 and re-enter room with four doors. Take two steps forward towards window. Enter door on left. Step forward. Look out window. Lift small wooden case from 5 chest drawer in corner . its locked.look at back of case work the three rings until they are all in line with the grooves. Hear the click. Turn the case around and open – the dreamcatcher. Exit room and open door opposite. Room is collapsing ,look uot window at black vortex and use dreamcatcher on vortex. Cut scene back in rrom

Howard’s Apartmentt
get up and look at clock – you’ve been asleep for four days. Answer the cell phone and talk to Arthur the phone number belongs to Edward Braunbell in Rowley in NE of Wellsworth/Wholestone. New hotspot on map
Howard comments the town is now called Rowley
Go to bathroom. Whats that strange mixture beside sink ? need to get rid of it. Lift into inventory and flush down toilet. Go to Loaths office

Loaths office
take book “Wellsmoth myths and legends” from top drawer. Underline “Windlapse” open marked map in inventory and look at Windlapse/ Wolfsprey. The marked place Wolfsprey appears in inventory. Comine Wolfsprey and the tombs in inventory. Howard knows an old cemetery in windlapse. Back out new hotspot appears on map.

Ivar's cabin
Enter the cabin. Go upstairs and open large bureau read second from left letter. Underline 28-11-2011. John D will not be at Braunbell's house today.
Read the 4th letter and underline EB as Edward Braunbell.
Underline Since we couldn't take that old fool's house in ordinary ways. Howard wonders: Who else called Braunbell 'old fool'? Listen to the dialog 'Encrypted phone number'.

Edward Braunbell's Mansion
Go forward until the small building. to the right is the mansion. locked.
Knock on the door and enter. Noone will be here as read in the note in Ivar's cabin. Go up stairs left of room. Enter door at the end of the landing. Go to the side table on the left. See a dirty torch. Open the top left drawer and Take the note under the other white paper. Look at the paper in inventory and turn it over to see 287 written on the back.
Go to and enter the door at end of hallway. Eek spooky noise
Go up the stairs and climb the ladder. Look around the tower room. Read the letters on the cushioned stool in the middle of the room to Braunbell from Nolder learn about his travels and the statues in Clark's house. Look at the locked chest . we got the combination on the note – 287 press the button. Open the chest and take the 2 blue seal pieces. Read the book 'Children of Dis'.
Leave the tower room through the trap door. After exiting the door from the tower, look down at the flooring beside the plant. Click on them. One sounds hollow and one is solid. Push the dresser off the hollow sounding plank. Lift the carpet see a trapdoor. Enter . go down ladder. Try door at end of hallway. Locked .Pan left and open the grill door. Take key and another blue seal piece .Use the key on the door.
Enter and see a temple. Look at the statues. Turn right, forward ,left ,step forward .Go through other door at the end .Look at the stone coffins on the walls of the room. Go to the palanquin in the center of the room. (described in letter in Ivar's bureau )
Open palanquin. Take 5 disks and metal object Exit the room.
Go to the middle aisle of the temple towards the seated statue. Look down at symbol on floor. It’s the symbol on the map. Go to the left aisle of the temple. And look at the symbol on the door.
use the old map from the bureau in inventory. Turn map over , look at bottom picture and see the position of the star and the symbols on the points.
Arrange the seals to match.
Insert the metal object and turn 3 times so the hooked end is on top right side. The door opens. Enter
Cave too dark. Howard wont go in and backs out.
leave the temple, hallway and climb back up the ladder. Take the dirty torch from the side table. Go back down to the cave. The torch battery is running out. Look at the 2 arch doorways.
Step forward . scare. Run back to locked door. No escape . all goes dark.
wake up in the hallway of the house.Exit the house. And choose windlapse on map hotspot
Cemetery at Windlapse:
If you enter gate to left or right Howard prompts you that the place is too big and you need to know where youre going. So go to gate straight ahead the north gate. Enter . Go up steps into registery office.
Lift and read book on top shelf on the left. Look for name Poer
It is not there. Pan right and go up several steps to another door. Enter back room .see panel under stairs. Its stuck. Go to the foot of the stairs and open the trap door on the floor. Lift and read book its written by Robert Hart the cemetery watchman. Underline :
Each of them wears a ring inscribed with a snake figure biting its own tail, wrapped around a shiny stone.

Ring with a snake figure is now in the clue list.

The registers of this and similar crypts were separated from the others.

...put into a secret section under the steps of the cemetery building which they last visited.

Hidden Registers is now in clue list.

Go up the stairs, through trap door and up to the top. Take the dagger from the floor into inventory. notice the broken stairs. Look at ceiling. Go back down the stairs and use the dagger to prise open the panel under the stairs. Take book and click twice. find the book with Poer's name.
Underline Poer's name. And his crypt is at the west side.
Exit the records building.
Poer's crypts Go through the gate. Enter the west gate on your right. step forward until the first crossroads. pan right and forward until the end. Turn left and look at sign on left of the door. It is a snake. Enter door. Look around.
Go down steps and open panel on the floor.
puzzle: taken from the burned book on Field's bed, the start and ending of the soul metamorphosis is the sun.
arrange the 5 disk taken from the palanquin on the slots.
Then arrange the symbols in between the disks based on the tracings taken from the seated statue in Ivar's cabin.
arrange the disks from left to right: sun, human body, eye symbol, 2 human bodies , eclipsed sun.
turn the edge of the circle holding the adjacent disks to select small symbols.
arrange small symbols from left to right: spiral , eye , scale.
Turn the middle eye first and then arrange the 2 on the ends using the rim of the end disks.
click. Open door and enter.
Howard hears a voice calling him. Enter side doors look at the names on the tombs. Take rope from floor beside the last tomb on the right. Go back to the main hall. Go through the next door and on through the other door. Look at Wolfsprey symbol on wall. Go through the gate and into the well room. See the statues. Go to the gate and click on the well. Hear 'Howard'.
Use the rope on gate,Go down into the well.
Climb the stairs and go towards the voice calling Howard's name. Pull out the coffin in the last hole in wall. Open the coffin. Take the medallion with the symbol of Howard's family - Loreid. Go inside the recess


Clues and Hidden Secrets


There are 37 documents in the game. 11 of them have clues and needed to be read to proceed in the game. The rest give deeper insight into the game’s plot. To be able to underline some of the hidden clues you need to set underlining to always in the "difficulty options" menu of the game. Also not all words can be underlines straight away, sometimes you must progress further through the game or underline other words before being able to underline the word you are aiming for.
Here is the list of all the documents found in the game (bold represents the ones with additional clues and those in italic are required to advance in the game. 8,9,13,15,17,26,28,29,30,32,33,34,36 and 37 have these clues):

1 ) Alchemy Room Cuttings 1 (In Clark Field’s locked Alchemy room in a box on the shelf)
2 ) Alchemy Room Cuttings 2 (In Clark Field’s locked Alchemy room in a box on the shelf)
3 ) Alchemy Room Cuttings 3 (In Clark Field’s locked Alchemy on the shelf)
4 ) Alchemy Room Letter 1 (In Clark Field’s locked Alchemy room in the card box)
5 ) Alchemy Room Letter 2 (In Clark Field’s locked Alchemy room in a box on the shelf)
6 ) Children of Dis (In Edward Braunbell’s mansion’s Tower room, in the locked chest)
7 ) Clark’s Notes Part 1
8 ) Clark’s Notes Part 2 (In Clark Field’s living room, on the armchair)
9 ) Clark’s Notes Part 3 (In Clark Field’s living room, in the briefcase)
10 ) Clark’s Notes Part 4 (In Ivar Bergen’s cabin’s galleries, in the prison room)
11 ) News Article in Clark’s Dining Room
12 ) Homicide Report for Clark Field
13 ) Clark’s Letter to Jonathan
14 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 1
15 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 2
16 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 3
17 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 4
18 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 5
19 ) Last Quatrain of Edwin Pickman
20 ) Loath Nolder’s Letter 1 (In Edward Braunbell’s mansion’s Tower room, on the floor)
21 ) Loath Nolder’s Letter 2 (In Edward Braunbell’s mansion’s Tower room, on the floor)
22 ) Loath Nolder’s Diary (In Cabin’s upper secret room, behind the veil near the bed)
23 ) Map and Pointers Notes (In Cabin’s loft in the first locked drawer)
24 ) Mixture and Wooden Sculptures Notes (In Cabin’s loft in the first locked drawer)
25 ) Newspaper in Loath Nolder’s Office
26 ) Edwin Pickman’s Poem Book
27 ) Psyche Diary (In a the purse which is on the table in Clark’s house’s second floor hall)
28 ) Register of Death (In Howard’s Office on his table)
29 ) Cemetery Registers P (New)
30 ) Cemetery Registers P (Old)
31 ) Soul Metamorphosis Book (In Clark’s bedroom, on the bed)
32 ) Symbol List (In Loath Nolder’s Office, in the drawer)
33 ) Sound Recording Notes (In Clark’s Library)
34 ) Summoned Ones Note (In Cabin’s upper secret room, on the table)
35 ) Timebore (In Cabin’s upper secret room, on the chair near the window)
36 ) Cemetery Watchman’s Notes
37 ) Myths and Legends of Wellsmoth (In Loath Nolder’s Office)

List of Normal and Secret Clues

1 ) Alchemy Room Cuttings 1 (No Clues)
2 ) Alchemy Room Cuttings 2 (No Clues)
3 ) Alchemy Room Cuttings 3 (No Clues)
4 ) Alchemy Room Letter 1 (No Clues)
5 ) Alchemy Room Letter 2 (No Clues)
6 ) Children of Dis (2 Secret Clues)
a. “eye-like symbol” 2nd paragraph
b. “musical instruments” 4th paragrath
7 ) Clark’s Notes Part 1 (1 Secret Clue)
a. “strange smells” on 03/24/2011
8 ) Clark’s Notes Part 2 (1 Normal, 2 Secret Clues)
a. “wide chamber” on 05/17/2011
b. “statues” on 05/07/2011
c. “a piece of the ladder to be broken off” on 05/17/2011
9 ) Clark’s Notes Part 3 (2 Normal Clues)
a. “secret meeting place” on 06/07/2011 1st paragraph
b. “my digital organizer” on 07/18/2011 1st paragraph
10 ) Clark’s Notes Part 4 (1 Secret Clue)
a. “I have noticed some great changes in the behavior and appearance of Ivar”
11 ) News Article in Clark’s Dining Room (No Clues)
12 ) Homicide Report of Clark Field (1 Normal Clue)
a. “packet”
13 ) Clark’s Letter to Jonathan (3 Normal, 1 Secret Clue)
a. “bought a house”
b. “the police”
c. “Clark”
d. “Address: North End Street No: 43 Northwood”
14 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 1 (1 Secret Clue)
a. “police friends”
15 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 2 (1 Normal Clue)
a. “28-11-2011”
16 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 3 (No Clues)
17 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 4 (2 Normal Clues, 2 Secret Clue)
a. “"EB"”
b. “kd78gt8”
c. “little building in the garden is under our control”
d. “old fool”
18 ) Letter at Cabin’s Loft 5 (No Clues)
19 ) Last Quatrain of Edwin Pickman (No Clues)
20 ) Loath Nolder’s Letter 1 (No Clues)
21 ) Loath Nolder’s Letter 2 (1 Secret Clue)
a. “wooden sculptures”
22 ) Loath Nolder’s Diary (1 Secret Clue)
a. “My body is becoming contorted and deformed.”
23 ) Map and Pointers Notes (No Clues)
24 ) Mixture and Wooden Sculptures Notes (2 Secret Clues)
a. “wooden sculptures that Mr. Curwen obtained from Africa”
b. “sculptures”
25 ) Newspaper at Loath Nolder’s Office (No Clues)
26 ) Edwin Pickman’s Poem Book (5 Normal Clues)
a. “they're eighteen”
b. “Six children have died”
c. “mirrors”
d. “-XI-”
e. “1699”
27 ) Psyche Diary (No Clues)
28 ) Register of Death (2 Normal Clues)
a. Clark’s Birth Date
b. Clark’s Death Date
29 ) Cemetery Registers P (New) (No Clues)
30 ) Cemetery Registers P (Old) (1 Normal Clue)
a. “Poer”
31 ) Soul Metamorphosis Book (1 Secret Clue)
a. "Dversahe"
32 ) Sound Recording Notes (3 Normal, 1 Secret Clue)
a. “I was just 22 years old”
b. “Cassette No: 01”
c. “Ivar's”
d. “Christopher T. Dreaden”
33 ) Summoned Ones Note (2 Normal, 1 Secret Clue)
a. “"things"”
b. “the crypts below a tomb”
c. “Samuel William Poer”
34 ) Symbol List (4 Normal Clues)
a. Symbol 1
b. Symbol 2
c. Symbol 3
d. Symbol 4
35 ) Timebore (1 Secret Clue)
a. “Pleiades”
36 ) Cemetery Watchman’s Notes (3 Normal Clues)
a. “a ring inscribed with a snake figure”
b. “registers”
c. “secret section”
37 ) Myths and Legends of Wellsmoth (1 Normal Clue)
a. “the town was changed to Windlapse”

List of Hidden Thoughts

There are 23 hidden thoughts in the game, which give you greater insight into the mind of your character Howard E. Loreid.
It also depends on your game progress if combinations can be made. If it doesn't work, try combining thoughts at a later time in the game.

1) Warning about the Police
2) Clark Field's Packet
3) Children of Dis' Symbol
4) Serpent Hall Statues
5) Wooden Sculptures
6) The Packet from Clark Field
7) No messages
8) Ivar Bergen killed Clark Field
9) Wooden Sculptures
10) Police Friends
11) Magical description.
12) Old Fool
13) Needed things.
14) The prisoner may be Edward Braunbell
15) Mr. Curwen
16) Arthur may be one of them
17) Clark Field's Death
18) Someone dug somewhere
19) Christopher T. Dreaden
20) Clark Field also hallucinated?
21) Someone Made the Ceiling Collapse
22) Did Ivar try to hide something?
23) Hallucinations?

Hidden Thoughts and Story Secrets

These thoughts are discovered in various situations and are explained here. There are also some story secrets, which award extra points to your final score and are obtained as you uncover each chain of thought.

Howard's Residence:
1. No Messages
• After getting #1, Arthur can be called and asked about the messages.

Howard's Office:
2. ”packet” should be underlined in Clark Field’s homicide report. This requires “Senior Detective” Mode or setting underlining to “Always”.
3. Clark’s Death date can be underlined to trigger a thought.

Clark Field's Residence:
4. Wet muddy shovel
5. Collapsed mold in the tunnel
6. Strong scent
7. Harmal smell
8. Something in the Air
9. Someone dug somewhere
10. Intended Collapse
11. Ivar’s Intentions
12. Hallucinations
13. Clark also hallucinates
14. Christopher T. Dreaden
• Combining #7 + #8 + #9, unlocks #13
• Combining #3 + #5, unlocks #10
• After getting #10, underlining “wide chamber” (Clark Notes #2) unlocks #11
• After getting #11, underlining “I have noticed some great changes in the behavior and appearance of Ivar” (Clark Notes #4) unlocks #12 (STORY SECRET)
• After getting #13, underlining “strange smells” (Clark Notes #1) unlocks #14
• Getting #15 enables “You left that note?” answer to the strange man in the cabin’s hall. (STORY SECRET)

NOTE: The Alchemy room in Clark’s Residence is also a STORY SECRET. In order to open the door to this room, use the key you found in Clark’s jacket on the locked door in the living room of the residence.

Loath Nolder’s Office:
15. Don’t go to the police
16. Clark’s Packet
• Taking envelope in the frame gives #17, if #2 is taken.

Ivar’s Cabin:
17. Mr Curwen
18. Wooden Sculptures
19. Ivar Killed Clark
20. Braunbell Enslaved
21. Police Friend
22. Old Fool
23. Athur can be one of them
24. Needed Things
25. Magical Description
• Underlining “wooden sculptures that Mr. Curwen obtained from Africa” in mixture notes gives #18
• Underlining “sculptures” in mixture notes gives #19
• Combining Clark’s Dining Room Key with Clark’s Notes Part 4 gives #20
• Talking the prisoner and getting #20 then underlining “little building in the garden is under our control” in 4th letter in the shelf gives #21
• Getting #21 and talking to the prisoner again gives a different dialog by Howard. He says something like “Mr. Braunbell, is that you?” (STORY SECRET)
• Underlining “old fool” in 4th letter after learning about the phone number from Arthur gives #23
• Underlining “police friends” in 1st letter if #16 is present, gives #22
• Combining #22+#23+(Arthur’s Phone Number Dialog) gives #24 (STORY SECRET)
• Underlining “"things"” in Summoned Ones Notes gives #25
• Underlining “Pleiades” in Timebore, gives #26

Residence of Edward Braunbell:
26. Cult Symbol
27. Wooden Sculptures
• Underlining “eye-like symbol” in Children of Dis gives #27
• After getting #27 and clicking the eye symbol in Cabin’s Galleries makes Howard say something about the cult.

Info Thoughts

Clark Field's Notes:

Genius loci
A term meaning the special atmosphere of a place. But in Roman mythology, it was used to mean the protective spirit of a place and was often depicted as a snake.

As da noite means "The Night Ones" in Portuguese and also the name of a deep-rooted mythical belief about the presence of the dead in the world of the living.

Franz Mesmer
I think here, Mr. Clark had mentioned Dr. Franz Friedrich Anton Mesmer, an Austrian physician who was infamous for inducing a hypnotic and trancelike state in human beings as a curative remedy.

Nyx was the primordial goddess of the night in Greek mythology.

Half man, half goat creatures from Roman mythology.

Unlocking Hidden Features

1) Clicking 3 times on the graffiti on the wall in the first nightmare. Howard makes a detailed comment on the graffiti, which hints at a dual personality.
2) In Howard’s nightmare when he’s in his residence, look at the clock after hearing knocking on the door for the second time. The clock suddenly begins to turn backwards.
3) Entering dates 31.05.37 or 08.20.90 into the organizer (H.P. Lovecraft’s birth and death dates) will reveal a picture in the organizer.
4) Clicking 5 times on the raven in front of Braunbell’s residence’s door will bring up a line from Edgar Allan Poe's poem “The Raven.”
5) After completing Braunbell’s mansion, go back home and check the answering machine. There is 1 message waiting, which includes strange noises.

The Scoring System

• The game begins with 6000 points. (6.00 score or 6 Big Stars)
• Looking at a hint loses 100 pts. (27 Hints total)
• Viewing the counters in a document loses 50 pts.
• Using the Research Pages Button loses 100 pts.
• Getting a secret thought gives 50 pts. (23 Total)
• Finding a secret clue in a document gives 50 pts. (17 Total)
• Finding a document gives 25 pts.
• Finding a STORY SECRET gives 250 pts.
• Finding and unlocking a Hidden Feature gives 50 pts.
• Finishing game in 0-6 hours gives 1250 pts.
• Finishing game in 6-10 hours gives 550 pts.
• Finishing game in 10-16 hours gives 250 pts.
• Secret Thoughts and clues are used to build up total “Hidden Clues” (40) on the results screen
• Each 100 pts left from 1000 points means 1 Little Star, for example: 6550 pts gives 6 Big, 5 Little stars.





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