Darkness Within 2: The Dark Lineage

This is a first person point and click game. The Main Menu has new game,  load game, options, credits and quit. The secondary Menu has continue,difficulty options,save game,load game,options,leave game . In saved game, enter the name saved game and then press enter. There are unlimited save game slots.

The main menu is accessed by selecting the esc button on keyboard. Inventory is displayed at the top of the game screen by right clicking on mouse. left click on inventory item and drag onto screen to use. movement is controlled by the WASD keys W=forward, A=left, S=backward, D= right and control+c to crouch down. Combine inventory items by dragging into slots of the thinking interface and click the cogs button. Objects can be moved on screen by pushing/pulling -right click on the object and then select WASD  keys depending on what direction you want to move the object

Intro sequence:

Howard is seen while carried to an operating room by some doctors

Bron website from http://www.twitchy.co.uk/


>>Howard wakes up in a wooden building he doesn’t know. After animation sequence, examine the surrounding.
>>Look at bedside cabinet.Notice the envelope. Take it and read the letter.
>>letter tells Howard to go to a town called Arkhamend and seize a book called “Recollections of the Past” from a place called  Worm’s Feast.

I gave you something………….when you wake up
when you wake up, head straight to Arkhamend
Worms Feast

turn page over
It is directly connected with us, you know this

>>Clues about Arkhamend town, Book and the Worm’s Feast will be added to the thinking interface.
>>Letter also tells that he left some money and clothes for Howard.
>>Check the drawers of the bedside cabinet and find a flashlight and a wallet with some money in it. Take them both.
>>In the wardrobe left of the bedside cabinet there are some clothes. Click onto them and Howard will put them on.
>>On the drawers left of the armchair, there is a lantern. Take it. We can use both the flashlight or lantern to light our way.
>>look close at the weird stone statue at foot of bed
>>You will hear some sounds that are coming from above
>>go toward the top of stairs. use lantern to light the way
>>look up and see a trapdoor on ceiling

Cottage attic

>>pick up a crate (there are some down by the statue and one through the door on right) and put it below the trapdoor.
>>Jump onto the crate using W key and Spacebar and click on the trapdoor.
>>Howard will climb up to the loft and you will gain a point because finding the loft is a game secret.
>>look around the loft. There are bones scattered all over the place and amidst them a book about cannibalism. This will give you a clue about what had happened in there.
>>There’s nothing else to find here
>>Climb down to the second floor by clicking on the trapdoor.

>>Go down stairs to ground level
>>You can have a look around but there’s nothing else to do in cottage
>>click on front door at foot of stairs to leave

An unpleasant train trip to an unknown place

Train Compartment cut scene:

>>While travelling to the Arkhamend town, in the train compartment, Howard will talk about what has happened to him and how he feels about all of the things he experienced. After this, game starts in the Arkhamend train station.

Night 1
Arrival in the dark depressing town of Arkhamend

Arkhamend Train Station:

When he gets off the train, Howard says he was the only one who got off here and the train only works twice a day.Take a look around. Station seems desolate.
>>go right and enter tunnel on left
>>use the lantern to light your way.
>>continue to the end of the tunnel, you will reach the town center.
>>First, go check the Worm’s Feast. It is in the alleyway on the left.
>>Check the door but it is closed. Howard says He’d better ask someone when it will be open.

Scream secret:

Click on the door of the Worm’s Feast twice. You will hear a muffled scream and a thought will be added to your thinking interface.

Camphorwood Inn
>>leave the alleyway and go straight ahead. You will see the Camphorwood Inn. Enter.
>>Go and speak with the innkeeper.He will be behind the bar or at the doors right of the bar

>>He tells Howard that the bookstore is now closed. There is nothing to do, so book a room to spend the night.

>>After you pay the money,Enter the doors left of the bar
>>open the drawer in the chest to your left to get a document

two cruelly butchered……..Northwood forest

>>continue to your room. Up the stairs and the first room on the right.

Howard’s hotel room

>>Check the room and look at the newspaper on drawers beside bed

the city used steam power to operate various mechanisms

>>click on the bed and Howard wants to sleep

First Dream:

>>Howard will be woken by a weird voice calling his name.
>>After he gets up, notice that the room is totally changed. Now it seems like it was burned.
>>Examine the room, look at the two pictures on the walls, and notice that the door is locked
>>Also notice the sound of a cello sound – it comes from the next room.
>>Go to the chest of drawers next to the bathroom door and drag it away from the wall or push it to the side.
>>There’s a hole in the wall that opens to the next room.
>>Click on it. Howard will knock at the wall and says “Anybody there?” and a man will come.
>>Speak with him. At the end he will give you the key to the locked door of your room.
>>Unlock the door with the key.
>>Instead of the second floor hall of the inn, Howard will find himself in a completely different place.
>>Go to the end of the hall and enter the room on the left.
>>You will see a man sitting on a rocking chair. He speaks with Howard
>>Howard will wake up in the room he booked.
>>After you wake up you will hear someone trying the door of the room. Get up and go check
>>Exit the room and go down the stairs to the first floor.You can only go so far
>>You will see two dangerous looking men speaking about getting rid of Howard.
>> After they leave, try to follow them but Howard says this is not a good idea.
>>go down and speak with the innkeeper about the man who was in the next room you seen in your dream and about the Worm’s Feast.
(If you speak with innkeeper about Worm’s Feast he will tell you that Henry, the owner, becomes talkative if you ask about the War of the Northbridge)
>>leave the Inn and go to check if the Worm’s Feast is open.

Investigation begins

>>Go into the alley and see the shop is now open.
>>Click onto the door and enter.
>>Ask Henry about the book you’ve been told to get at all costs. He says it has a buyer.
>>There will be 2 options; tell him whatever you want. He will agree to give you the book but it is in the cellar of the bookstore and
you have to go and get it.
>>look to the right of the counter click on the rolled map and the camera on the desk and speak with Henry again to buy them.
>>Buy map and the camera on the table.
>>ask him about the previous buyers of the book. At the end of the dialog, you will find a new place to go.
>>in inventory right click on the map to open.Howard will mark the new place and the Camphorwood Inn on it.
>>go to right of counter and lift counter top
>>Now go down the stairs to reach the cellar. Use the lantern

Easter Egg

If you walk onto the crate which stand near the entrance door of Worm’s Fears’s cellar, you will notice that there is a trapdoor on the ground. After noticing it, you can move the previously unmovable crate. Reveal the trapdoor completely by moving the crate aside, crouch down using control+c and open trapdoor. You will find a metallic box with a copy of Necronomicon and a statue depicting Cthulhu in it.

>>You will find the book in a case on the bottom shelf of the farthest bookshelf, under the white toy jeep.
>>You can also click on the toy jeep and the music box to buy them from Henry.
>>Take the case and right-click on it in the inventory.
>>Notice the horizontal object on the bottom left of the object. Click on it and you will see the locking mechanism on the screen.
>>The stick-like object with a big button on it acts as a key. Key has six rotating parts on it and the button opens and closes six small metallic sticks issuing from within these six rotating parts. These sticks should be opened on a correct position.
>>So we should try every rotating part individually and depend on our ears to solve this puzzle but there is something missing right now. Try rotating a few times and Howard says he can’t hear a thing.
>>there is a puzzle to solve but we are not equipped yet
>>go back towards the door and see the bookshelf with the statue of a dragon
>>take the crowbar leaning against the bookshelf
>>take stethscope from shelf
>>combine stethoscope with the locked case in the thinking inventory.

>>click on the handle of the key to pull it out of lock

The solution is:

working from left to right:

- 1st wheel turn 2 times.

- 2nd wheel turn 2 times.

- 3rd wheel no turning.

- 4th wheel turn 3 times

- 5th wheel turn 1 time

- 6th wheel turn 1 time

>>click on the handle of the key to reinsert into lock
>>click on switch of key handle
>>You will hear a sound when you do it correctly. And the case will come to the screen.
>>Open the cover and take the book inside.
>>When you try to read the book, you will notice that it is written with a cipher system. But examine its every page.
>>go back upstairs and speak with Henry about the book.
>>He takes a look at the book and says it is a cipher used during the war and he can decipher it. But he says he needs another book written about the War.
>>So, go down to the cellar and find the book named “War of the Northbridge”.(1st bookshelf 2nd shelf from bottm)
>>Pick it up and take it to Henry. He says he can decipher the book now.
>>You can also buy the toy jeep and the music box now.
>>Leave the book with Henry.
>>Exit Worms feast
>>Go back into Worms feast to see if Henry has made any progress
>>When Henry is done working on the cipher he gives you the translated index page of the book and says which part you want him to translate because otherwise it will take too long to translate every page.
>>look at the index page in inventory.

>>look at the map in inventory and go to the new place in the forest glade.

Visiting the notorious place in the woods

The Old Building

>>use lantern
>>go forward up snowy path over the fallen wooden posts and through gate on right
>>once in gate turn left and straight ahead
>>door to building is right of the barrel
>>If you take a look around you will notice that there several stone pieces circling the building.
>>enter the building.
>>Walk forward and enter the room on the left.
>>Note that there is a lantern hanged from the ceiling.
>>click on hanging lantern to get fire option.click again to light it
>>go to desk near the hanging lantern.
>>open 1st drawer on left take torch
>>open 2nd rdrawer on left take roll of sticky tape
>>in the rightmost drawer, there is a document

They killed……in coma now
turn page
A single bite….and even death
I pounded henbit…..to the mixture

>>take the sprayer from the windowsill beside the desk
>>Notice that there are some bits of ripped paper on the desk.
>>look close up

picture puzzle

>>In this puzzle, every paper piece can be turned 360 degrees to match with the other pieces. One right mouse click turns them 90 degrees. All the pieces should be combined to solve this puzzle. (Note that the pieces will be randomly scattered every time you play the game). To complete the puzzle I recommend starting from the inside and working out
The combined pieces should look like this:

>>back out of the puzzle screen by clicking on the bottom of the screen.
>>If you try to take the combined pieces now, Howard will tell you he cannot take the pieces because they would fall apart.
>>Use the tape you took from the drawer of the desk on the puzzle. Now you can take it.
>>Take a look at the diagram on the paper. The diagram is like the stone formation outside But we still need more information.
>>Notice that there is a chest under the desk. Push the chair away, control+C to crouch down and pull the chest out.
>>Open the chest. There are some books inside. Take them and throw out until you reach the one you will read (the third one).

This jar was placed inside a metallic box

>>Pan right of desk and go straight ahead
>>Enter the bedroom.
>>look at the wardrobe .it is locked cabinet . It has a strange mechanism on it above the door knob.
>>go to the single bed beside the doorway
>>move the pillow
>>Notice that there is a notebook under the pillow . It tells about a protective suit against dangerous insects. Read it to learn more.

theyve killed eight of our brothers to this point
Prof Jacob
they live….are blind

turn page twice
we tried to go down but realised the handle was gone
turn page
and there were…..S.P.Q.R carved on them

>>Now exit this room and go into the room on the left.
>>A horror moment will enter. Watch the animation. Howard will see a frozen corpse.
>>On the right side of this room there is a dresser. in the drawers there are labelled compartments which contains dried plants.
>>Take the mortar and pestle from the cabinet
>>from the document (the one in the drawer of the table) that tells about the mixture.
>>add hanbit, rue, heath aster, basil and geranium to mortar and pestle. If you check in the inventory, you can see which plant you’ve taken.
>>After this, select the sprayer and use it on the needed liquids (water, alcohol and neem oil).
>>combine mortar and pestle with sprayer in slots of thinking interface
>> Now you have the mixture that can ward off the dangerous insects. (If you make a wrong mixture, it won’t affect the insects and Howard will empty the sprayer. So you can start over.)
>>Notice the foot prints on the floor.Click on them.
Howard says there could be something around here since there no other shoe prints around and it is obvious that someone came here in a rush without cleaning his shoes.
>>when facing dresser pan left look down at floor
>>see small trapdoor. Look close
>>open. locked case
>>leave this room for now
>>Go through the door where the frozen corpse is.
>>Examine the frozen corpse. to get capsule and letter
>>read letter

machines mentioned….destroy them all
turn page
Borellus’ way
turn page
immediately report back…..way to you

>>Examine the frozen corpse again and Howard will find 3 metallic sticks on him.

These sticks are needed to solve the puzzle of the lock mechanism of the wardrobe in the bedroom. But we will do this later

>>Climb the ladder.
>>Check the drawers of the cabinet.
>>from the righthand one take the compass and a handle
>>In the lefthand one there is a book about ancient signs. Read it to learn more about the stone circle.

alternatively placed….coming close
it consists of…..compass rose
East = red, North = white, West = black. South = yellow

>>Take a look again at the paper with diagram on it and notice that colorful discs are connected with a black line.
>>go back down the ladder
>>enter the room with the herb cabinet and follow bloody footprints on the floor to large square table
>>look close at the footprints where they converge. Back out
>>look at the edge of the table here
>>use the handle on the mechanism to open secret compartment

>>In the compartment there is a key. Take it.
>>go across room to the small trapdoor in floor
>>open trapdoor and use key to open case
>>Notice that there are seven discs with some strange symbols on them.
>>We have no clue right now about these signs. So exit this screen.
>>leave the building
>>go around the outside of the building  and use the camera on the stones cicling it.the light of the flash illuminates   signs on them and notice that some of these signs are the same with the ones on the discs under the metallic cover on the ground. This is the protective sign that was mentioned in the book.
>>So now right click on the compass in the inventory to enable it. This way you can see the direction you’re looking.
>>Connecting lines starts from the black disc so you should find the stone on the west (because according to the book black means west) It is the closest one to the door you just exited
Start from this stone and find all of the related stones’ signs.
>>Now we know the code of the discs.
>>re-enter building go to the bedroom

Protective Suit Secret
>> Use the three metallic sticks on the mechanism on the wardrobe door to solve the puzzle.
>>when you solved the puzzle, an unlocking sound will be heard. Now exit the puzzle screen and open the door of the wardrobe.
>>There is a suit inside. Remember the document that tells about a protective suit.Take it. This suit will protect Howard from the dangerous bites of the insects. You can wear it by right clicking over its icon in the inventory. If you wear the suit, you don’t have to worry about the insects. (But if you are not wearing it in the underground, you will have to ward off the insects by using the mixture to not to get bitten by them. If you are bitten, Howard will gradually be affected but this effect will pass after a while.

>>Go into the room with the small trapdoor
>>open trapdoor and adjust the discs with signs on them.
When you enter the code correctly (starting from the west stone’s building), and pull the lever next to the discs, the floor you’re standing on will start to move down. (if you’re not already standing on the part of semicircle floor move onto it)

>> there are several rooms. First go the one on the far left corner.
>>When you enter the rooms notice the cupboards with a lot of insects on them.
>>Use the sprayer and ward off the insects.
>>Open the cupboards and take the metallic capsule open the wooden box. There are two cylinders inside it. Take them both.

Corpse secret:
>>If you were bitten by the insects too much in the hovel, go down to the stairs in the center of the underground chamber  you’ll find a corpse hidden under a sheet. Remove the sheet and click on the corpse to listen what he says.

>>Now leave this room and head to the one opposite. It is locked.
>> Turn right and go to the room straight ahead. It seems like an alchemy laboratory.
>> Go to the table on the right and check the first drawer. There is a key inside. Take it.
>>This is the key to the locked room we just tried to open
>>Now proceed ahead and see the big metallic object seems like a power generator.Just like the drawing we’ve seen in the ciphered book. So could this be the thing Dreaden was trying to use?
>>We should check this by going to the town and having Henry to decipher the part about the machines. (there is part about the machines in the index part)

Worm’s Feast
>>Speak with Henry. Howard wants him to decipher the part about the machines. After some time it will be ready.
>>Just leave the shop and come back.
>>Read the deciphered part.
It says the machines works with the remnants of the one who is intended to be summoned. Remember that the letter we found on the frozen corpse of Dreaden tells the same thing.
So this machine is definitely the thing they are after.

Go back to the building in the forest glade.

The Old Building

>>Go down in the underground section and unlock the locked door.
>>Inside there is a metallic box on the table. Check it and notice that it’s locked.
>>Check the morse code explanation on the table.
>>Open the cupboards and take the oil can.
>>Now we can go back to the room with the machine.
Read the deciphered part about the machine again. It tells what you must do in order to run it.

First combine the capsule (taken from frozen corpse) with the metallic capsule you found in the cupboard covered with insects and Howard will put the ingredients into the capsule.
Next check the secret compartment on the front of the  machine (below that large glass panel) and notice that it has a locking mechanism on it.
Deciphered part does not tell us anything about this.
Now check the phonograph right next to the machine. Use one of the disks on it and push the button. No sound to be heard for now. Remember that it is needed to reduce the noises with a special machine. So check the machine next to the phonograph. There are 3 slider buttons and two indicators on it. Here, you should press the buttons in a manner to decrease the noise level. Pressing 1st one once, 2nd once twice and 3rd one once will gradually decrease the level. So keep doing this till indicators show zero. After the red light on the device will be lit and you will hear what was recorded in the cylinder.

One of the disks includes frightening sounds of some experiments. And the other one tells you the password of the machine.
Listen to this disk and enter the password to the locking mechanism on the machine, which is 51637.
Now you can put the capsule you’ve just filled with the remnants in to the machine.

>>Put the capsule with the remnants in to the slot on the machine.
>>Use the gas on the generator and press the green button. Watch the animation.
>>After the animation, Howard wakes up in the bedroom of the building. After he gets up, check the berth and notice the paper attached with the knife. Take it and examine . It is in some other language.

Homunculus Secret

>>Get bitten by insects and have blurry vision. After this point you’ll be able to hear some sounds coming from the pit in the middle of the galleries. These are morse codes  which provide the code of locked metal door. If you listen them carefully and check the morse code explanation on the desk. You will find out that the code is AUSIR.

>>Enter this into the metal door and try to open it. It’ll get unlocked and open the second time you click on it.
>>Check the coffin on the right. You’ll find a strange shaped key on the skeleton.
>>Go back to the room with the metal box and open it with this key.
>>Inside the box you’ll find the results of the homunculus experiment.

>>Go back to Worm’s Feast again.

Arkhamend Town:

>>Go to the Worm’s Feast and ask Henry about the note. He says it is in German and translates it for you: “Don’t ever come back, go to the Gate!”.
>>He also remembers something about the gate and tells you that a native named Jacob Armitage can tell more about it. He lives in the old white house right next to the howling wolf statue.
>>Now it is time to go there and learn more about “the Gate”

Jacob’s House

>>Find the place and knock the door.

>>When you’re inside, speak with Jacob exhaust conversation
>>After the dialogs is over leave his place. Now we need to find where this place is called the Gate and how can we get there.
>>Go to the inn and ask innkeeper about this.
>>He will tell you where the place is and also will help you to get there.

The Gate

After the sequence, game starts in the garden.
Howard suddenly remembers this place. It belongs to his family.
After the animation, check the garden.
Notice that the front door is locked so we need to find another way to get inside.

>>Go to the left of the garden and see the small building. This is the family tomb of Loreids
>>There is a shovel near the entrance door. Take it.
>>Turn now and go far right of the garden,past the house there is a well. Check it.
>>Now go to garage door of the mansion and proceed down the left side of the building. There is another entrance here up some stone steps but it is also locked.
>>Notice that there is a cellar door right behind the staircase. It has a lock on it but, when you examine it, Howard says the lock seems weak and can be broken with a little effort.
>>Use the shovel on it to break it.

Mansion Cellar

>>Examine the place and notice the door on the right is locked.
>>You need to move the furniture and crates to get to the double doors.
>>see that there is a gas container on the ground. Take it.
>>On the right side of the room, there is a generator. This provides electricity to the house. If you put the gas and run it, lights in the house will be on or else you will be able to roam in the mansion only with the help of the flashlight or the lantern.
>>Now proceed to the next room and notice the old furniture around.go right and find the stairs up to the house.

The Loreid Mansion

>>open the key box on the wall. Take key and go down the small corridor on the left beside the key box
>>go into the main living area and unlock the front door with the key .
>>turn and go up the stairs to the second floor
cutscene – Howard will remember the room he stayed when he visited here with his family as a child.
>> Click on the bed to sleep.

2nd dream: 27 years ago

>>Howard wakes up hearing some sounds calling him from the depths of the well in the garden.
>>Check his room. There are some toys and drawings on the desk.
>>Take the candle on the table.
>>Leave the room and go down to the kitchen.
>>Open the key box on the wall and take the key of the well.
>>leave the house and go to the well.
>>Use the key on the well and enter .

The Loreid Mansion

>>Go to the room on the far left side of the second floor hall.
>>Here is a library and study used by Howard’s grandfather, Nathanael. While walking around notice the creaking wooden planking on the floor. Crouch and examine the place. There is a secret compartment.

>>Take both the key and the envelope and read the notes in the envelope.
>>Now go to the room next to the study and find the jewelry box in front of the broken mirror.
>>Open the lid and click on the bottom twice. Notice that there is a secret compartment in it too.
>>Take all the objects and read the notes you’ll find in the envelope.


turn page
Natahnael started to change
turn page
At around that time our son William was born
turn page
a stranger with a little boy showed up here
turn page
he brought his wife and child Howard with him
I was forced……at a young age

turn page
I will also take….aound his neck

>>Go to the room next to the stairs. Here is the master bedroom.
>>Open the top left drawer of the commode and notice the ring in it. This is one of the things that will influence the ending of the game. If you take it, you will increase your chance to see the second ending.

Monkey’s Paw Secret

>>Go the bathroom of master bedroom.
>>Examine the bathtub and take the hair pin
>>Go downstairs, through the area on left and through the double glass doors and into the room with the fireplace.
>>turn left and go to the small cabinet
>>look close and open the locked metal box with the hair pin to find a monkey paw.
>>read the note

Family tomb

>>Now leave the house and go to the tomb.
>>Use the key you’ve found in the secret compartment under the floor tile in study to open the door.
>>look around and see that there is a coffin prepared for Howard.
>>look further and see his father’s nameplate also in here.click on coffin to take closer look, Howard will be shocked to see his father lying here.
>>Examine the other nameplates and see Howard’s grandfather.Click on the coffin to take it down.
Howard will notice that the object that is supposed to be in the Nathanael’s coffin is not here and figures out that it was stolen by the people he has seen in the inn after the nightmare since they were talking about a tomb and stealing an object from there.
>>Click on Nathanael’s skeleton 2 times and Howard will find a key. You’ll use this key to unlock the secret room in the kitchen.
>>leave the tomb and prepare to go to town
we need a vehicle to go to back to the town. But out of the blue, a storm starts.
>>enter the house.
>>Go to the garage through the kitchen(go to far end of kitchen, enter door on left, enter door on left) and check the old car. It seems usable somehow but only lack gas to run. Use the gas container to fill the gas tank.
But Howard doesn’t want to leave in the storm.

Secret Kitchen Room

>>Go back into kitchen an  and unlock the locked door to the left in the kitchen.
>>You will find many interesting objects to view in this room.

Native Bust Secret

>>Stand in front of the native busts in the secret room.
>>Examine the music box in your inventory and play it.
>>Music will start and after a few seconds a special cutscene will start.

>>Go back up to Howard’s bedroom until the storm dies down
>>click on bed

The third dream

>>Howard is woken up some sounds coming from within the walls.
>>Follow the sounds and go down to the first floor and then enter the kitchen.
>>Watch the cutscene.
>>After the rats are gone, follow them to the cellar.
>>When you are in the cellar, go to the room on the right and see the stone stairs in the floor
>>Click on the stairs and Howard will be woken up by some strange sounds that are coming from the house.

The Mansion

>>Get up and check the house to find the source of the noise.
>>When you go downstairs to the ground floor, a cutscene will begin.
>>Speak with Loath Nolder. Exhaust conversation
>>When Howard wakes go and check every room in the house and see that Loath Nolder is nowhere to be found.
>>Go check the cellar to see what was the meaning of the dream you’ve seen last night.
>>When you are in the room check the ground where the stone steps were. Nothing
>>Go to the garage and take the hammer from the worktable on the right.

Ankh Secret

>>Take the screw driver from the middle drawer of worktable.
>>Combine it with the toy jeep to get an Ankh.

>>go back to the cellar and use the hammer on the ground to reveal the stone stairway.
>>Go down the stairway.

Beneath the cellar:

>>Walk to the metallic gate and click to open and watch the sequence. After the sequence Howard faints.
>>You will wake up in your bedroom again. Go back down again to where you’ve fainted.
>>go through the set of metal gates and then through the set of gates directly opposite
>>Proceed further and enter the only unlocked room (first on left).
>>You will see Loath Nolder here. Speak with him.
>>He will give you the second part of the object and wants us to find the other missing parts.
>>Take the dagger from the floor plinth.
>>go back upstairs and go to the garage
>>click on the car to leave the house and go to Arkhamend

Back to Arkhamend

Arkhamend town

>>Go to the inn. When you enter, a new sequence will enter.
>>Follow the grave robbers across the town square.
>>They will go down into the sewers.

Easter Egg

>>At this point don’t follow the grave robbers and go to Worm’s Feast.
>>Notice Henry is not there.
>>Check out the Lovecraft book on the counter.

Dead Wife Secret

>>If you have already taken the Homunculus, go the cellar.
>>go to enter the main part of cellar a cutscene will begin.
>>Homunculus will reveal the secret door behind the shelves for you.
>>Open the door and find out what happened to Henry’s wife.


>>Follow the sounds
go forward turn bend on left,go forward cross first bridge, go right turn bend with image of eye go forward again and cross first bridge, keep going forward and cross the third bridge go through gate, cross bridge , bear right go forward
and at the end you will find a dead end with a hole in the wall.
>>Enter through the hole.


>>Examine the place
>>go forward, bear left and climb the stairs
>>click on the door You will hear some people talking. This must be them.
>>turn and go back towards the hole in the wall go down the flight of stairs to lower level
>>Walk down corridor and enter the second room on the left.
>>You will see a row of display cases and in one of them there is a bust of a gorilla. Examine it closely and you will notice that an object hangs down from his neck.
>>take the necklace. This must be the one stolen from the tomb.
>>go to leave through the hole you entered the nursing home.
>>But before you reach it, you will be caught. Watch the sequence.
>>When Howard wakes up. Click on the door and listen to the sounds.
>>After it is quiet outside, leave the room.
>>See the grave robber’s corpses on the floor.
>>turn right  go straight ahead through door
>>Notice a key-like object lying near the corpse of second grave robber. Crouch and take it.
>>Now go through the hole again and enter the sewers.


>>Notice the screaming sounds. Are they coming from the things that were attacked the grave robbers?
>>Leave the sewers. Unfortunately theres no shortcut you just have to retrace your steps

Arkhamend town

>>Now we have two parts but still need to find the last one.

Remember Howard’s grandmother wrote in her diary that she will take an important object away from the Loreid mansion. Maybe she really managed to take it with her. And also the story the innkeeper told us about an old woman who stayed at the inn until she she was forcedly taken back is obviously is connected with the missing object. So we should go and check the room she stayed
back then.

>>Go to the inn and notice that the innkeeper is away.
>>This is a great chance for us. Go and take the keys numbered 101 and 201 from the keybox behind the bar.
>>Now go to the first room on the left through the double doors left of the bar and open the door with the key.
>>Examine the room.
>>Remove the bed by pulling it out and closely examine the floor.crouch using control+c.
>>Use the crowbar .
>>take the third piece
>>Now we have all three parts. Combine them in inventory

Dead Reporter Secret

>>Using the key of room 201 unlock the door next to Howard’s room.
>>If you have the homunculus a cutscene will enter.
>>You will find the dead body of Karl Paleo.

>>go back to the gate via the map

The Mansion

Easter Egg

>>Enter the mansion and check the table in the study room.
>>You will find a book of Darkness Within 1 game along with a Lovecraft book.

Easter Egg

>>Go to the secret room in kitchen. You will find a symbolic picture of the game’s development team on the table.

>>leave the mansion and go to the well and use the metallic object we got beside the body in the nursinghome on the locked cover and enter into the well.

Beneath the well

>>Watch the animation.
>>Walk till the end of the hall. You will see an elevator.
>>enter the elevator
>>Turn and notice the floor panel with the X.
>>Open the cover. You will come across the final puzzle of the game.
>>The goal of this puzzle is to increase the level on the top indicator to the max.

Each 4 valves on the bottom add a different steam pressure to the one on the top.If any of the 4 indicators reach the red zone, puzzle restarts with some stream coming from the
pipe. All indicators, including the top one, will go down to zero level.
Each valve increases the top one with a different amount: %10,%20,%15,%5 respectively from left to right.
Each valve can be turned a fixed number of times: 4,2,3,2 respectively.
The aim of this puzzle to get level %100 without over-adding steam or turning a valves more than its limit. If you precisely get level %100 a different steam begin to come from the pipe and elevator will be accessable.

>>starting from left turn first wheel 4 times, second wheel 2 times, fourth wheel once and third wheel once.
>>back out of screen
>>click on pressure gauges again to start elevators descent

>>When the elevator stops, you will find yourself in an underwater hall.
>>Proceed forward and hall will be shaken by some falling rocks.
>>continue forward use the lantern to light the way. open door
>>Now you are in a stone hall. Walk forward and you will again see falling rocks. It seems this whole place is falling apart.
>>enter through gates. go forward
>>enter the hall on the left.
>>Notice that there is a big hole and at the opposite side, there stands a man.
>>Click on him and Howard will say he is Edwin Pickman, the poet. Speak with him.
>>After the dialog, some rocks will fall down and you will not be able to see Pickman again.
>>turn go forward and turn left go through second set of gates
>>Proceed ahead and find the door with a strange circular mechanism on it.
>>There is a circular place at the center of it. Remember what Nathanael wrote in one of his notes about an object acts as a key and we will need it to reach the city.
>>use the combined key object on the puzzle.

>>It will open and you will hear Howard telling what he has seen until he reached to the place where the rite of summoning will take place.
>>When the game resumes, turn back and see one of those hybrid guards Nathanael mentioned in his notes.
>>Now proceed forward and cross over the stone bridge.
>>At the end of the bridge, Howard says he feels there is something in this place and you will see the deformed Loath Nolder sitting on a throne.
>>After the animation, notice that you’re hearing some strange sounds.
>>Go to the place where the deformed Loath Nolder sits.
>>There is a shining stone in front of him. Remember that this was mentioned in one of the notes written by Nathanael.

[SAVE GAME HERE]because the game has two endings.

>>Click on the shining stone and Howard will find himself in a strange place.
>>After the animation, you will see Nyarlathotep. At the end of the dialog, you will be provided two answer options that will affect the ending of the game.
>>In the first one, Howard says he has no other option other than walking the path his ancestors walked before him and in the second one, he says he is no puppet, he can do whatever he wants.

•If you chose the second dialog option, when you turn back to the place where the rite will take place, you will only have one option: using the dagger on the crystal to end this nightmare. Use it
and watch the animation.

•But if you choose the first option and if you have the Loreid family ring in your inventory, you will have two options: using the dagger on the crystal or using it on the real Loath Nolder. If you use it
on the real Loath Nolder, you will see a new ending animation.

•After the ending animation, wait for the credits end, after it you will watch another animation based on the choice you’ve made.


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