ECHO: Secrets of the Lost Cavern

by Kheops Studio, Totem Studio & Zone Studio

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     July 2005



Gameplay:    This point and click game is played with CD2 in the CD-ROM drive. The Main Menu has new game, load game, documentary database, credits, options and quit. The documentary database has pertinent data on the background encountered during gameplay. The options menu has hardware rendering, speed of camera rotation, subtitles and volume control. The introduction, cutscene and dialogue can be skipped by pressing the space bar.

When a new data is available, a shell icon at top right of screen appears. The data can be then access by clicking similar icon left of the inventory bar. A hand icon is also seen to show the objectives during gameplay. The hand icon flashes at top right of screen and can be accessed beside the database icon left of the inventory bar. The X icon accesses the gameplay menu. The lens is used to see a close up view and purpose of the inventory item. The gameplay menu has the save, load, options, return to game and quit game selection. The saved games can be overwritten. The subselection pages have an X return icon at bottom right of screen.

Be sure to check the database and the objective when they light up at top right. They give hints and great information about history and storyline.


You are Arok, a young Cro-Magnon hunter stalking a stag. A lioness arrives; Arok seeks refuge in a cave that invoked memories of an old teacher.


Trapped in Cave:

Look down on the ground and pick up bundle of firewood. Turn around to the mouth of the cave and pick up piece of hardwood. Look outside and see the lioness waiting for you. Take the piece of ice at the mouth of the cave. Turn back to the dark cave and move forward. Pick up the dry grass and piece of softwood from the ground.

Build a fire - Turn to the fire ring. Place firewood, dry grass and piece of softwood on the fire ring. Click the piece of hardwood on the softwood and see the friction method of making fire.

Look around and see wall paintings. Click on the colored squares and invoke the memory of Klem. This is his signature. Klem's painted stone is now in inventory.

Colored squares on wall - The stone colors does not match the wall colors. We need to paint it correctly.

Collect the colors - Pick up the red pigment left of the stone below the colored squares. Turn around and go left of the fire. Pick up the brown pigment on the ground. Note a flat boulder with 3 tools also. Turn towards the left side of the mouth of the cave and go forward. Take the black pigment from rock and branches.

Go back towards fire and take the small strap from ground.

Prepare the colors - Go to colored squares painting. Place the red, brown and black pigment on colored rock below the squares painting. Turn to fire. Place piece of ice on shell left of fire to get melted ice. Click on water to get a drop and click it on a pigment on the rock. Do this to all the pigments.

Color the squares to match Klem's painted stone - Click on wet pigment and then click on the appropriate squares on the wall.

Top L-R:     Black, Brown, Red

Middle L-R:    Black, Brown, Black

Bottom L-R:    Brown, none, Brown

If done, correctly, watch Klem's instruction.

You now have to look for the Klem's path through the mountain but there's a lioness outside the cave. Turn around and go forward right of the fire to the painting on the wall.

Hunters and bison fresco - Look close at a mammoth painting. Inside it see 3 hunters and bison.

The object of the puzzle is to kill the animal. Clicking on the animal and the hunters animate them. Click on puzzle to restart.

Solution - Click on a spear and click the spear on the hunter with the slingshot. The slingshot becomes a spearthrower. Click on bison when the spear is now ready to be thrown.

Scare lioness - Go back to fire. Look up to ceiling above fire and click the branches on heated rock to get burning branches. Go to mouth of cave and click the fire on lioness. Exit the cave. pick up assagai (stick) and deer antler from ground.

Make a spearthrower - Go back inside and prepare a spearthrower. Go to the flat rock with tools at back right of cave. Study each tool - scraper, knapped flint and awl and know what they are used for.

Place deer antler on flat rock. Use knapped flint-middle tool on the 3 tips of the antler. Right click to drop tool. Use scraper-right tool on both ends of antler to make holes. Click left tool-scraper on middle of antler. Click small strap on hole of finished spearthrower. Pick up spearthrower with assagai.

Get more branches from below the bison-hunters puzzle. Light the branches on ceiling above fire. Go back to mouth of cave and click the burning branches on lioness. Exit and see how you fare with your first spear throwing. Born free!


Path through the mountains:

Climb up the path and enter another cave. Turn right and see an unlit fire ring. Go back to the other cave and get more branches. Light branches, back to top cave and drop it on the fire ring. This is Klem's path through the mountains.

Cave maze - Note that there are 4 openings at the back of the cave. Each opening has a colored square - black, clear, brown and red. There's a flat rock with the path of the maze. Pick up 3 torches on the ground: one by fire and 2 by stone maze map.

Note that the maze map is similar to Klem's painted stone. The end of the map is a starburst at one corner. Comparing it to Klem's stone, the starburst - end of the maze must be the red square.

Based on that comparison, the path of the maze is: Brown - Black - Clear - Brown - Black - Brown - Black - Brown - Red.


Light a torch on the fire. Follow the maze path - Brown - Black - Clear - Brown - Black - Brown - Black - Brown - Red. Note that it takes 8 clicks for the torch to burn down. Go through the maze and at the 7th click, light another torch.

Step by step by looney4labs:

Pick up all the torches and light 1--then go to the cave entrance with the Brown Square on the Left and the Sun drawing on the Right side.
1. You go into the the cave with the brown square -- go 2 clicks.
2. Now you are in another big room. Pan Right and go in the cave with the Black square by the entrance. Go 2 clicks.
3. Another room. Pan Left--there will be a cave with just the Square outline--not colored in--go 1 click into there--then right click to bring up your inventory--select a torch and then left click on the torch in the bottom left of your screen to light a new torch--now go 1 more click.
4. Another room. Pan Left and go through the cave entrance with the Brown square next to it. 2 clicks again.
5. These rooms are getting repetitive.  You need to go through the cave entrance with the Black square this time--I did this 2xs --once it was directly ahead and the other time I had to pan to the right just a bit to find it-2 clicks--
6. Here's another room. Go straight to the cave entrance with the Brown square. 2 clicks
7. Guess what--yep, that's right--a room. Pan right just a bit and there is a cave entrance with the Black square--go 1 click and then you have to relight your torch-then 1 more click
8. Yep, you guessed it--another room---This time go Straight into the cave entrance with the Brown square--2 clicks
9. Almost there--and yet another room.  Pan Left and go into the cave with the Red square--click click--and you should be in a room with a totally different puzzle and on your way out.
Be careful that you are not picking a black thinking your are picking a brown and vice versa.

At the end of the maze, is a cavern with a handprints wall at far wall.

Handprints wall - The object of the puzzle is to light up left and right hand prints to reach the top by arranging the position of the hands.

The handprints have starburst at bottom and on right side. Clicking on them turns the column or the rows of the handprints. Clicking on the bottommost handprints selects that handprint.

I started at bottom and midway checked the handprint from top going down. Looked for and selected left and right hands by turning the rows going down. Watch the thumb position of the handprints.

Hands light up when a possible route up is made and all light up when done correctly. The reset starburst is at bottom right corner.

There are several possible solutions to this puzzle.


When done correctly, watch the climb up to the bear ledge.

Look around and see a bear fresco on the left wall. Pick up the piece of leather on the ground. Note a flat rock with a tool.

Bear - Go to other wall and look down the ledge. Note a sleeping bear, with rocks overhead. Pan right and see stalactites in the water cavern. Look down and see a piece of painted rock. If you go down, the bear will waken and attack. Turn around and take a clump of dry grass and drop it down. It takes 2 clumps of dry grass to soften your landing and the bear will not waken. Take the rope uncovered under the dry grass. Jump down and take the piece of the wall.

Bear fresco - Place the piece of the wall on the hole-black spot of the fresco. The object of the puzzle is to get the bear out of the way.

Note that this fresco is similar to the situation of the actual bear at the ledge. The actual bear is sleeping in his den with rocks above him.

Click a stone and then click it on the man. There are 4 active areas that the stone can be thrown at - the stalactite, the rocks above, the indentation behind-above the bear and the bear itself. If unsuccessful the bear will attack.

Solution - To throw a rock, click a rock, then click rock on man and then click on the place you want to throw the rock. Click on the indent above the bear. The bear wakens and looks back. Immediately take another stone, click rock on man and throw it at same indent. Eventually, after 2 stone throws on this spot a den will open and the bear goes in. Immediately, throw a stone on the stalactite to get it out of the way. Follow it with another stone throw on the rocks above the bear to cause a rockslide and block the bear inside the den.

If correctly done, what happened on the fresco happened with the real bear on the ledge.

Go to the ledge and see rocks blocking the bear in his den. It is time to get across the water.

Make a slingshot - Following the fresco clue, we can shoot down the stalactites. We need to make a slingshot.

Go down to rockslide. Pick up rope and 3 stones. Go back up to the flat rock with tool.

Place piece of leather on rock. Take the tool and click on leather to make holes. Click the 2 ropes on holed leather and Voila! - take the slingshot with 3 stones.

Path to center isle - Stand by edge of top ledge and click the slingshot on the dark spots close to the ceiling of the 3 stalactites. The stalactites drop to the water. Go down to the rockslide and get more rocks. Shoot at the fourth stalactite from this spot. When done, a path of stepping stone is made.

Cross to the center isle, turn right and forward to the other end. Note a fire pit on the right. Take the long branch and the Auroch's horn from the ground. Go back to the other side and get embers from the lit fire pit by clicking the Auroch's horn on the fire. Go back to the center isle and oops! We're not going back there anytime soon. Click the embers on the unlit fire pit. WOW! look at those stags.

Stag fresco - The object of the puzzle is to light the oil lamps and get the stag moving so that we can get to the other side. There are 14 oil lamps in front of the fresco. The fresco is made up stags of different colors going from right to left, in and out of the water. At the center is a man that is beside one of the stags.

Light the oil lamps - Arok stated in objectives to light all the oil lamps to pay homage. Click the long branch on the fire and then click the lit branch on the oil lamps. Note that clicking on the lamps will light or unlit other lamps. All the lamps must be lit.

Solution - Numbering the lamps top row, left to right: 1 to 7 and bottom row: 8 to 14. Light 14, 5, 10 and 1.

Positioning of the stags - Arok stated the stags might help him cross. You need one stag only but we need to move that stag from right to left. To do so, make a pictorial of a single stag going from right to left and going in and out of the water. Then position the man to climb on the stag.

1. Make the stags as a pictorial of one stag by changing the colors of the stag to just one color - red, yellow or black. Click on the stags to change the color.

2. Then position the stag to run in and out of the water. Click on the arrows above the stags to change the position of the stags. Note that front hooves should be in the water when entering the water and the back hooves should be in the water when exiting the water. Also note the position of the heads while in the water - some are craning forward, trying to be above water or getting ready to be out of water.

To check the progress, click on the double arrow above the the 3rd stag on the right wall. This will move the stags until a wrong one. Then change the position as appropriate.

3. Click man to same color as the stags. Then position him to be ready to get on the stag.

Click on the double arrows at right wall and see if it is done correctly. If so - have a fun ride!

You are now standing at the other end of the water cavern. Go forward to the valley.



Arok is hungry. There are 2 paths coming out of the cave. Take the left path. Take the worked stone from the tree trunk.

Take the left path close to the water. Pick up camomile, white flowers at left of path.

Take the left path close to the water towards the weeping willow. Go forward again and see salmons swimming up the river. Pick up the harpoon point beside 4 movable stones.

Continue to the left path beside the water. Look down and pick up worked stone and shaft.

Continue to the left path beside the water and reach a cliff with red signs. Look down and take knapped flint.

Take the right path going to a cliff painting. Click on cliff painting. Look down and pick up worked stone and tinder from the log.

Take the right path while facing the cliff.  Pick up branches from the ground. Take note of skins hanging on the cliff wall. There's a dwelling up there.

Fire pit - With your back on the cliff wall, take the second from the right path. See a fire pit. Take the strap and worked stone from the ground. Note the red signs on the boulder. Go to flat rock by fire pit.

Make a harpoon - Time to catch some salmon. Place the shaft on flat rock, harpoon point and strap to make a harpoon.

Catch salmon - Go forward to water from fire pit area. Note a gap between the rocks in the water where the salmon swims through.

Block the gap using the 4 stones around here. Start with the big leftmost rock and drop it on the gap. Turn right and pick up the closer stone and drop it on the gap. Use the other 2 rocks on the gap.

Watch the salmons jump over the rocks but they stop for a while before the airborne antics. The running of the salmon is delayed a bit.

Use the harpoon and click on a salmon. Yum!

Go back to fire pit by turning around and facing the cliff. Go forward on left path where you see a man sitting down. Talk to Toar, a carver and learn about the great gathering. He gives Marcasite and a wooden recipient (bowl) for camomile tea.

Make fire at fire pit - Place tinder, branches and then the marcasite on the fire pit. Use knapp flint on marcasite.

Tea time - Pick up the 3 small rocks on the fire. Place the rocks in the fire. Go back to river and click the wooden recipient-bowl on water. Go back to fire pit area and place the wooden bowl with water in front of Toar. Click on stick on the ground and click the stick on rocks on fire pit. The rocks are now on the ground. Try to pick one up and get burned. Ouch! Toar gives a wooden spatula. Use the wooden spatula to place the 3 heated rocks in the water bowl. The water should be boiling. Drop the camomile in the boiling water. Toar loves it.

Cook the salmon - Use the stick on large rock left of fire pit to place it on the fire. Later, use the same stick to take it out of the fire. Place salmon on top of heated rock. Use the paddle to turn the salmon to cook the other side. It has to be cooked well, underdone or overdone - Toar will make a comment. Take the grilled salmon and give it to Toar.

Dinnertime is over. Talk to Toar. He will teach you how to blade knapp. Toar places his tools on the flat rock.

Blade knapping - Move the cursor on edge of the top 3 tools to learn what they do. L-R: Reindeer antler hammer for refining, awl for piercing and stone hammer to chip flakes.

Use the tools on the 3 test stones at bottom row.

Click the stone hammer at right on the middle stone 3xs. Right click to drop tool.

Click the deer antler at left on the worked stone 2xs. Pick up the core flint.

Give the core flint to Toar and get a knife.

Talk to Toar again about the worked stones you have found. He gives the 5th worked stone. They are musical stones. The signs around can get you to the cliff dwelling.


Cliff dwelling:

From the fire pit turn around towards the cliff and go forward to the cliff painting.

Musical stones - Click on the cliff painting. The musical stones come up. The object of the puzzle is to hit the correct stones in order that the wall signs changes to red.

Use hammer on each stone and see which mark is affected. Then hit the stones that affect the L-R signs order.

From L-R: Using the hammer, click on 4, 2, 5 and 1 stones.

The bison painting moves and is replaced by another red signs.

Turn left and take the path to the other red sign on the cliff by the water edge. A new path is now accessible under the overhang. Go forward and up to the cliff dwelling.

Talk to Tika at the first cliff recess-alcove completely. She wants you to do the custom of telling the story of your adventure using items around the area.

Collect items - Go to the entrance of the dwelling and pick up stag antlers by the cliff edge.

Go back to Tika's alcove. Pick up the engraving of fish and engraving of stag from lit shelf at left. Take the pebble decorated with hand left of Tika. Go to the other lit shelf and take the figurine of woman, bone engraved with lion and the vertebra.

Go outside to left side of the dwelling and turn left to the next alcove. Take the animal fat from the lit trough left of the alcove. Go to the flat rock at the center of the area. Pick up the strap left of flat rock and stick with hole engraved with a bear right of the flat rock.

Go outside of alcove and left to hanging skins. Take skin from post and bladder from ground.

Arrange story icons - Go back to Tika's alcove. Go to the left lit shelf with icons on the wall.

There are 11 icons on the wall. Click to turn it red and hear a part of your adventure. Click again to turn it to black. Arrange the icons in correct sequence of your adventure by clicking an icon red and then move to the icon you want to replace it with and get a spinning shell cursor. Click on that icon and the 2 will exchange positions.

If correctly done, Arok will say so.

Arrange the story items - After the story icons are arranged, click a story icon and place the appropriate item on the shelf in front of the icon.

Left to Right:    Stag antlers, bone engraved with lion, Klem's painted stone, spearthrower, rock with hand painted on it, stick with hole engraved with bear, engraving of stag, harpoon, engraving of fish, knife and figurine of woman.

When done, talk to Tika about Klem and being a painter. She says that there's a fresco that needs to be restored at the deepest part of the dwelling. There's a rough draft or broken tablets for the big fresco. Exit the alcove and go to the far end of the dwelling.

See a curtain blocked by giant antlers. Click and drop the antlers on both sides of the curtain. Enter the ceremonial hall. Look around and see animal heads covered with animal skins on stands.

Go to the flat rock at right of hall. Look to the left at the shelf close to the flat rock and pick up black pigment, resin and piece of skin. Click on flat rock and see that it shakes. How can I slide this slab? Place animal fat on the stone under the slab right of the lamp and then at stone at other end of the slab. That should do it. Click on slab to expose the broken tablets.

Reassemble broken tablets - Note that there are 2 tablet pieces that are stationary. These are the core of the 2 tablets.

Click to take a piece and see if you can find a hotspot on either of the 2 stationary pieces The correct piece will automatically turn to fit the other pieces. You might have to move the cursor-pieces slowly around the stationary ones to find the hotspot.

White A and yellow B are the stationary pieces. The colored numbered pieces are the ones go around the same colored stationary piece.

The tablets are still in pieces. They need to be glued together. Go to the smoker-grill at middle alcove and place resin on white stone in front of the grill. Take melted resin. Go back to joined tablet pieces at the ceremonial hall. Click melted resin on both tablets.

Go back to Tika. and tell her about the tablets. Go back to ceremonial hall. Pick up the tablet with the hole and move around the wall until Arok sees the stag wall painting through the hole and say Now the stag appeared to me...

Go back to Tika and on the way, see that water now flows on the trough at the middle alcove. Talk to Tika about the water flowing - magic spring and Klem. She will help now. Talk to her again. You have to clean the wall and then paint.

Stag Fresco - Go back to middle alcove and wet the piece of skin on the water of the magic spring to get moist piece of skin. (I think regular river water works also). Go back to ceremonial hall and use the moist piece of skin on stag fresco 3-4 times until Arok says the wall is clean enough.

Go to the black pigment on the rock shelf. Use moist piece of skin on black pigment to get wad of hide dipped in paint.

Go back to stag fresco and use the wad of hide dipped in paint on it 3xs on active spots.

Talk to Tika again and she asks that you get a reed. Go back to the willow tree by river's edge. Pull a reed-cattail. Go back to Tika and give her the reed. She also asks that you make a waterskin for the travel tonight.

Waterskin - Go to the flat rock at middle alcove. Place the skin on flat rock. Place bladder over skin and the vertebra on the bladder. Click the strap on needle and use the needle with strap on the folded skin. Take waterskin.

Finish the stag fresco - Go back to ceremonial hall. Tika suddenly appears and gives the blowpipe. Look at the left reconstructed tablet to get a clue on what to add to the painting. Turn the left tablet over and see 13 black dots.

Use the blowpipe with pigment in front and after the black dots below the stag. Click 3 dots in front and 2 at the end of the dots.

Tika gives back the knife for you to etch the last symbol. Click the knife on the line left of the dots twice to make a square.

If done correctly, the stag moves.

Tika stands by the river's edge where there's a broken bridge. Click the waterskin on water to get full waterskin. To make a makeshift bridge, try cutting the white barked tree right of the bridge with your knife. You need a bigger tool. Go back to the fire pit and talk to Toar. You can take the path close to the cliff and see him 3 clicks away. He gives an axe. Use axe on tree by the broken bridge 3xs.


White Grotto:

It's now night and they have traveled hard. Tika wants you to get mint leaves and juniper berries.

Turn right and forward to the first shrine. Note the shrine's entry is blocked by sticks. Take juniper berries left of shrine and juniper twig right of fenced shrine. Continue forward once to next clearing and pan left to get spearmint. There's a fallen dead tree on the other side of the path.

Go forward once to the entrance of the White Grotto. Pick up the little stick on the ground and the piece of bark on the stone. Forward once into the cave and look down. Take the strap, black pigment and block of ochre pigment from the rock shelf.

Go forward and talk to Lahrik. He wants you to make a palette. Talk to him again. Turn left of Lahrik and take the tuft of hair.

Make a palette:     Go back out to the fire pit.

On the flat rock by the fire, place the tuft of hair, little stick and strap. Take the brush.

Pan right and see a mortar and pestle. Place the block of ochre pigment on mortar. Click the pestle on ochre to get yellow pigment.

To the side of the pestle, place the piece of bark. On the bark, place the yellow pigment, black pigment, brush, blowgun and piece of skin.

Pan right and click to get a drop of water from the waterflow. Click the water on the pigment. Do this again to the other pigments. Take the palette.

Talk to and give the palette to Lahrik. He mentions another color.

Go back and get another block of ochre pigment from the shelf on the left. Place the block of ochre on the fire. It turns red. Use the wooden spatula to get the block of red pigment. Place the transformed pigment on the mortar. Use the pestle on it and get the red pigment. Place the palette on the rock and add the red pigment to it. Get another drop of water and moistened the red pigment.

Go back to Lahrik and show him the palette. He added to the palette a black stone used to mark the edge of paintings. Glad he approved.

Enter the White Grotto. Look around at the beautiful wall paintings. Talk to Klem and find out why you were chosen. The cave itself chose you.

Talk to Lahrik completely to find out what to do. He wants you find his bullroarer and he will give you something that might help. Exit the cave and talk to Tika. Give her the juniper berries and the spearmint. Talk to her again. Find out about where to look for the bullroarer.

Go back 3 clicks to the clearing from the white grotto and see that the wolves are here. Find a way to climb the tree.

Stone stack puzzle - This is similar to a Hanoi puzzle. There is a stack of stones on the right and one on the left. The stones must be stacked from biggest to smallest at the middle under the tree.

Place left stone to middle. Place right stone to left. Place middle stone to left. Place right stone to middle.

Place left stone to right. Place left stone to middle. Place right stone to middle.

Place right stone to left. Place middle stone to left. Place middle stone to right. Place left stone to right. Place middle stone left.  Place right stone to middle. Place right stone to left. Place middle stone left.

Place right largest stone middle. Place left stone to right. Place left stone to middle. Place right stone to middle. Place left stone to right. Place middle stone to left. Place middle stone to right. Place left stone to right. Place left stone to middle.

Place right stone to middle. Place right stone to left. Place middle stone to left. Place right stone to middle. Place left stone to right. Place left stone to middle. Place right stone to middle.

Climb tree. Take the bullroarer and the pinecones and slingshot.

The Wolves shooting gallery - Go down and face the wolves. Use the pinecones and slingshot on the wolves. Just keep on targeting and shooting and eventually they will all leave. The ammo-pinecones will not run out. The music stops when all the wolves are gone.

Go back to the White Grotto. Talk to Tika about the wolves. Give the bullroarer to Lahrik. He gives you a bull figurine.

Enter the White Grotto and place the figurine on the oil lamps on slab that is on the ground. See a bull shadow on the wall. You can't go up to reach the shadow. Talk to Lahrik again for help. Look for a dead tree. Exit the cave and go back to where the spearmint was taken. See a fallen dead tree. Use axe on the partially broken off branch. Use axe on the limb on the ground twice. Pick up the gnarly tree cut on a slant.

Go back to the white grotto and learn a new painting technique from Klem. Place the gnarly tree cut below the bull shadow.

Bull shadow painting - The object of the puzzle is to correctly paint the bull. The puzzle resets after 7 chances are used up.

Use brush on black pigment. Click the brush with black pigment on outline of the legs, face, horns and back of the bull shadow.

Use blowpipe on black pigment. Click the blowpipe with black pigment on chest, left leg, above left leg, stomach and jaw.

If correctly done, see it separate into 2 animals.

Animate the Bull painting - Click on bull again and this time the musical stones appear. The object of the puzzle is to make the bull move.

Click the hammer on each stone and find out which leg the sound reacts to. Then make the bull move by hitting the correct stones repeatedly until it moves.

Musical stones left to right: 1 moves left front, 2 moves right front, 3 moves left rear and 5 moves the right rear.

Use the hammer on stones 1, 3, 2 and 5 until the bull walks.

If done correctly, the bull walks and another bull appears ahead of it.

Animate second bull - Only 2 musical stones affect the legs of the second bull. Look for more stones. Go to Klem's scaffold and pick up 2 more musical stones.

Now click on the separated bull and find out which stones affect which leg.

Musical stones seen left to right: 1 moves left front, 2 moves right rear, 5 moves right front and 7 moves the left rear.

Use the hammer on stones 1, 7, 5 and 2 until the bull walks.

Talk to Klem and learn about the prime spirit of the cavern and you must find out what you see in it. Learn about the other grotto. 

Cavern spirit slider puzzle - Look at the drawing on the stretched skin leaning on the wall. It is the pattern of the spirit of the cavern.

Look close at the outline of the painting beside Lahrik. Click on red and black animal outlines to start the puzzle. A grid 5x3 grid is seen. The red dots rotate the squares clockwise. Clicking on each square changes the color.

Click on ALL the squares to make them all black like the drawing on the stretched skin. There are 2 empty squares that will show black lines and later 2 squares will still be blank.

Then click on the red dots to rotate the 4 squares around the dots clockwise. Move the squares to form the drawing on the stretched skin.

This is just one way to do the slider.

Click:  3 - 1x, 4 - 1x.

Click:  1 - 1x, 2 - 1x.

Click:  5 - 1x, 1 - 3xs, 5 - 1x, 1 - 1x.

Click:  8 - 1x, 6 - 2xs, 7 - 1x, 5 - 1x, 6 - 1x, 5 - 1x.

Click:  8 - 2xs, 7 - 1x, 8 - 1x, 6 - 1x, 7 - 1x, 6 - 1x.

Click:  8 - 3xs, 7 - 3xs, 8 - 1x.

Once the puzzle is successfully completed, the unicorn moves away.


Talk to Klem again. The cavern is now alive. But the fresco is lacking a little life, a little color. Learn more about Trajarh and the ceremony.

Finish the frescos - Get the gnarl tree cut and place it at the other side below the unfinished drawing. Climb up to look close at the outline of 3 stags. The necessary colors to use are shown by the lines and dots beside the stags.

Use the brush dipped in red pigment to outline the stags at top and bottom left. Click the brush on the antlers of bottom left stag and legs of these 2 stags.

Use the brush dipped in black pigment or the black chalk given by Lahrik to outline the bottom right stag. Click on the legs and antler.

Use the reed to color the body of the stags. Use yellow pigment on reed for the body and black for the neck of bottom right stag.

Use the reed on yellow and red pigments to make orange pigment. The orange pigment on reed is clicked on the body of the top and bottom left stags.

If done correctly, the stags will move.

Talk to Klem again about the little stags. He wants you to clear the passage in front of the other shrine and bring back the headdress and beautiful oil lamp. Exit the cave and go to the first shrine.

Remove sticks blocking the shrine - Stick post and stick bars cover the entrance to the shrine. The object of the puzzle is to move the post and bars to enable access to the curtain behind the sticks.

Each stick can be rotated and the bars can be slid to the side. On the stone arch above the sticks are the slider direction icons and the rotating icons.

Solution:    Number the stick posts from left to right: # 1 - 12. Look at the graphic to check the solution below.

Click on a post or bar and it will flash. Use the sliding or turning icons to turn the sticks.

1. Turn post #1 to get the knob to front. Turn leftmost black bar to get the black knob up and then slide it to the left.

2. Turn white post #12 to get the knob to front. Turn rightmost top brown bar knob up and then slide it to the right.

3. Turn #11 brown post knob to the left. Slide the short brown bar to the right.

4. Turn the top right white bar knob to the back and slide it to the right.

5. Turn topmost middle brown bar knob to front and slide left. Turn #7 post knob to the front. Turn #8 post middle knob to the front. Turn #9 post knob to the front. Turn middle (second from the left) black bar knob to front and slide to the right twice. Turn the bottom black bar to front and slide to right.

6. Turn #3 post top knob to front. Turn #4 post top knob to front. Turn top black bar knob to front and slide it to the left twice. Turn middle top white bar knob to the back and slide it to the left.

The curtains open. Take the sorcerer's headdress and the oil lamp.

Go back to the white grotto. Place the oil lamp and then the headdress in front of Klem. Klem wears the headdress. Talk to Klem.  Klem wants you to prepare the oil lamp.

Oil lamp - Place animal fat on oil lamp. Then place the juniper twig on the fat. Turn around and pick up the twig. Click twig on the lit lamp. Very slowly move the lit twig to the made oil lamp. Click to light the oil lamp.

Drink the concoction made by Tika. Learn about the musical stones. Now, play the music that awakens the spirits.

Spirit music puzzle - The spirit engraved musical stones are placed on a skin on the ground. The object of the puzzle is to play the music of the spirit to awaken them. 

Click on the stones to activate the puzzle.

First find out which of your musical stone match the sound of the spirit stones. Click the hammer on a stone at bottom right and find the matching sound on the spirit stones. Once a match is found and the sound is made one after the other, the spirit image will appear on the stone at bottom right. Do this for all 7 stones.

Then play the music of the spirits by following the images seen on the spirit stones and drawing on the skin.

Click the stones to activate the puzzle. Hit the stones with the hammer. Hit the stones one after another (overlap the tones) with the 2 pauses in between.

Numbering the stones at bottom right as 1-7:  Hit with hammer 7, 6, 6, 6, 4, pause, 1, 3, 2, 4, 3, 5, 4, 6, pause, 4, 6, 6, 6, 4.


Watch the spirits dance.


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