Evil Days of Luckless John

Passage of game to tear away KUSh.

Following day in completely different place (prison)

You sadanite by foot on prison shkonke. You will focus attention on the cockroaches crept out from the mattress. Then you will have a talk with the fellow, who sits in the adjacent camera, for this it is necessary to knock on the wall. At the end of dialogue you poshumite a little in the camera, proorav into the prison window and the discharge water in the toilet. When these actions be executed, you stuchite into the door and talk with the guard. In it you will be able to obtain the "rules of behavior in the prison". The guard will arrive after the reading of the book and he will throw to you into the camera the basin of balandy. Try the food proposed, and then beat on the bed with foot and begin to press cockroaches. For the specific quantity of time it is necessary to crush all insects. After prison cook they will plant into the adjacent camera, you will discuss with the neighbor twice.

Yesterday at the same place (casino)

After proving to be in the office, iditol to the rear door. Without having opened it, approach the writing desk in order to use telephone. After conversation bills, open the box of table. You will shift ash tray and sheet of paper to the nedoyedennyy sandwich and take rule. You will further shift entire heap in the backward sequence. You should reach the box of automobile periodical lying on the bottom. Prolistav it, you will find page with encircled number 5. Then with the aid of the rule rummage in the debris basket, there you will find the scrap of newspaper, on which it is possible to examine number 24. Further approach the board of declarations, which hangs on the wall to the right of entrance door. On it there is a calendar with marked numbers 1, 8, 7, 2. Thus, is a complete date of generation the bills: 24.5.1872. in order to learn, as it is correct to use seyfovym lock, bend back photograph in the lower left angle of board, under it you will find note about how safe works. After taking away from it key and gold ingot, try to open rear door. After the unsuccessful attempt to make this, push up stone to the window, by ingot break glass- and wait until the end of your actions.
In the court zaprygivayte to the box and climb over the enclosure. Further pass into the door, nurse on the corridor and you leave to the street. Displace to the right and run forward to the second turning. After passing for the angle, displace to the left, and then to the right. Iditol to the right between the houses, there turn to the left from the small area in order to fall into the small court.
Take the box, which stands in fire hydrant, place him close to the door. Pull the second box to the fence and climb over the wall into the adjacent court. There pass past the automobile to the brick lying on the earth. You will look upward in order to see the weakly fixed boards on the construction forests. After this, gather a little more stones, return to the forests and begin to fling stones into the bricks, on which lie the boards. After dropping one of the boards, rise on it upward and iditol to the right along the wall.

Again next day in completely different place (prison)

After conversation with Curry you leave into the corridor. In order not to fall to the eyes to guard, it is possible to hang on the hands, after being held for the handrail. The first door according to the corridor conducts into the toilet, but because of the malfunction to you there to not fall. Continue forward movement, get down on the stairs, if it is necessary, hide in the hatchway in order not to fall to the second policeman, and displace to the left on the corridor. In the room, where is established electrical chair, use switch on the wall. When anxiety operates, run directly along the corridor and take away to the first pipe, so you will be able to avoid encounter with the sheriff and to almost without difficulty reach his office. From the room of Barnabe take away plush bear, it must be planted on the electrical chair and again included knife switch, after which to again hide on the pipe. Thus far sheriff will be "riveted" to his to bear, try to search him, then return to Curry's camera in order to take away the leg from the table, which lies to the left of the window. With its aid you will be able to obtain key from the toilet. There you will find the old brush, which first must be moistened in the toilet, and then lit up in the electrical chair, after converting it into the small torch. Now you will be able to go down into the canalization.


Moving on the tunnel, displace to the left. When you leave into the first hall with the rats, run forward, in by right the distant angle of accomodation there is the passage, through which you will leave the secondly of halls. Output from it is located in the left distant angle. After passing along the short corridor, you will leave into the third hall, populated by rats. Iditol on it to the left and you will reach the collector.
With the aid of the instrument, which controls the water level in the cameras, which is located on the wall after your back, you will devastate right tank. After going down downward, take away from the box iron handle, then be taken away under the stairs, where you will find bonus. Further return to the instrument and you will devastate left tank. On its bottom you will find old gear wheel. After filling central reservoir by water, move on the areas and the floating crocodiles to the output. By the way, on the reptiles it takes a long time cannot be stay, since they can overturn and gorge you. Being located in the omitted lattice, put gear wheel into the empty place, and then put knob into the second gear in order to raise lattice.


After leaving into the shop, approach the first metallic box. Begin to move it into the narrow passage so that it would create the similarity of bridge. Pull upper box on the received passage. After sufficing it to the angle, run off into the distant part of the hall to the passages and you will bring from there one additional iron box. With its aid create bridges in order to outbalance the first box to the platform, where it must be established to the black- yellow square. More to the right from the platform there is another pair of the same squares, place on them second and third boxes. On the descended passages pass into the right side of the hall, from where visit into the angular office.
From the urn reach jar with the beans and you will fasten it to the chain, which girded cabinet. Then reach the piece of rope, which lies at the box of writing desk, and you will fasten it to the jar. It is further necessary to take away matches from the table, on which stands the telephone. With their aid light up the rope, inserted into the jar with the beans. After explosion to you will be opened "glushilka", which stands inside the cabinet, which interfere withs making a telephone call. Lower slider advance on the middle of the scale, average more left from the lower, and upper - approximately to two housings more to the right from the lower. After these manipulations large pointer must stop in the green zone, and you will be able to make a telephone call.
After having a talk on the telephone, take away from the table small box, you leave from the accomodation, you will go down downward and pass to the left to the door, which leads to fresh air. After proving to be on the street, take away pot from the heap of rubbish, located to the left, then pour waters into the obtained vessel from the radiator of the broken automobile. In the pipes folded into the pile select the piece of steel tube, and then you will have a talk with that arrived to you to the encounter other. Further approach the boards folded after the shed and place on them pot with the water, after which with the aid of the matches divorce fire. Again, return to the plant and pass into the door, located to the right of the entrance into the office. Attempt to open box with the aid of the job lengths. After unsuccessful attempt return to the peasant in machine and you will ask in it tool. After taking away scrap from the baggage carrier of automobile, you will be able to open the closed cabinet. From it you will be able to take away civil suit, rusty dangerous razor and foam for the shave.
Return to the pot, you will place in it razor in order to disinfect it. With the clean shaving articles return to the shower room and you will replace appearance.


After successfully you will reach the city along the only road, which goes from the plant, send into the local bar. For this rise on the stairs, after passing for the building, next to which stands the automobile. After having a talk with the fellow at the doors of bar, you pass inside the accomodation.
In the counter of bar you will have a talk with Curry, then you will have a talk with the horn, which sits at the table. You learn from it, that the new documents can be reached from the tank which stands next to the entrance into the institution. You do not hurry to be thrust into musorku, but for the beginning you will have a talk with the pianist and barmenom, then pass to the kitchen through the door, located next to the steadfast. After conversation with the cook, glance into the refrigerator and return to barmenu in order to ask scissors. With their aid you will be able to cut off beard from the corpse, which is stored in the refrigerator. After obtaining desired, you will have a talk with the pianist (peasant for the piano). You learn from it, that the cook has himself the deoderant, which will help you to get rid of the stink, which goes from the debris tank.
The obtained tools of horn carry to their owner. For the false documents the horn will demand 500 coins. In order to obtain money, pass into Kyd's room, which is located after the kitchen and you will ask them in the owner of institution. Kyd will propose to you to work in the home-brewed apparatus, and for this you will obtain necessary money.
Take away electrical wires from the box of writing desk and you leave to the street. Pass into the adjacent building with the signboard "Exotic Warez". Of the entrance door inside to the left use wires to the switchboard so that all terminals would be begun to operate. To make this is not complicated; therefore in detail describe not I will be. After the starting of apparatus and screw die of the last party of warming beverage, deliver end product on the ranch along the road of that going into the city.


You will have a talk with fermershey about the work. Further throw with potato into the targets given. After carrying out training, you will obtain the gun, with which you should protect herd from the attack of the flock of coyotes. After this, you will obtain a little money, but they clearly will not be sufficient for the purchase of documents. Before leaving hospitable ranch, select the packing of fertilizers, which lies at the doors of shed.
After arriving from the village, you will have a talk with the fellow in garage. He will propose to pouchastvovat' in the races for the money, but in order to begin to earn, you should pass test route. Make this, and then can select: to participate in the races or to go to Kyd. Although to earn money to the documents you will be able, only participating in the races.
After obtaining new documents, iditol to Chendu (owner of garage). It will send you to the local shaman, after granting at your disposal its van. In the process of motion you are held right side, i.e., displace always to the right and you sufficiently rapidly will reach the house To chimichiku.

House To chimichiku

Roll up to the right from winch. In old barrels select the bottle of the been overdue solvent. Then pass past the house to the distant part of the fence. There you will find the shaman, who nakolduyet to you journey into the the other world peace.

The other world peace

In the urn, located after the loudspeaker, you will find the ticket, which it is necessary "to open" in the punch, which stands not far from the entrance to the exhibition, and plastic bag with the money. Further you will be able to pass to the exhibition. After wandering a little between the exhibits, you will leave on the area, where it stands several cashbox houses. Approach the leftist, they will there you ask to fill statement and to produce him into window UB40 - this the following house to the left. they will from there you send to write one additional paper and to place on it press in window 69. This bumazhentsiyu podsun'te into the house following clockwise. They will there to you report the need for writing sequential document and its subsequent transfer to the adjacent window. Further one additional document with its transfer to the adjacent window, and then your patience must break. You will propose money into the last window and to you they will celebrate audience with the dead uncle.
After returning to the earth, you will have a talk with the shaman about the map and the mask. Then for you it is necessary to give a ride in the body of van and to fire back from the napadayushchikh motorcyclists.


In order to be freed from the handcuffs, you should press pointers in that sequence, which to you preliminarily shows. With each at once the combination will be a little complicated, but, I think, you here will manage also without the prompts.
After throwing down fetters, remove trombone from the opposite wall. Then return you will back and go down downward, on the stairs to the left. When you free girl, approach the heap of rubbish. There you will find two oars. Further pass into the passage, located more to the right of the place, where girl stands.
You will install oars and trombone into the broken automobile. More to the right from it in wall lies the skeleton, from which you will be able to remove rubber glove. Further return in the large of halls and use glove in order to open fans. After this, push up box to the base of stairs and return to the bridge, where you were riveted. From there jump to the protrusion to the right and move to the fans. With the aid of the job lengths remove both propellers and you will establish them to the machine, after which you descend after the girl.
Moving along the channel, roll up to the left, then again to the left. Reach the first bifurcation and you will land into the left "sleeve". In the round hall with the skulls pull by the knobs on four pintles and rapidly return to the machine. Return in the large of the hall, through which you recently passed, and swim through the passage, that it was covered, when it was little water. Roll up to the left and swim to the end. In the second hall the output is located in by right distant angle.

Return to the city

After having a talk from Kendi, iditol to Kyd's bar. Then return to the workshop and you sit down yourselves into the machine with the open top. To you will be opened the map, on which you rapidly will reach the farm of the mother Of khelen. There for you one must shoot with tens of mafiozi, whose part will be arranged before the farm, and part in the garden, located behind the structures. When this is executed, you will return to the city.
Leave for the bar, you will have a talk there with the fellow, who stands at the doors, and then will give a ride on your improvised boat to the place, where the brothers drowned the map of your uncle. After which you should be returned, avoiding underwater stones.
On the map leave for the church to the saint father. You postuchites' twice into the right side door. From the construction forests to you under the feet will fall the axe, with the aid of which you will be able to force open left side door and to select inward. On the garret search each heap of the books and boxes, you must gather ten splinters. Above you will be turned to saint Brown twice, it will not be able to answer you, since it will be dead. To the left of it there is the box, on which it is necessary to use the obtained splinters. You should gather disk so that it would not shut the opening on the cover, otherwise you will not be able to open box and to reach from there key from the museum.
Inside you will meet the old lady, with whom for you it is necessary to conduct the pair of the rounds of hand-to-hand fighting, after which you will be able to reach the mask. In order to open the shop window, in which it is located, it is necessary to solve simple puzzle with the balls. In the play field to you will be interesting only the corners of lower three levels. Diagram is so simple which would be ridiculous to explain it step-by-step.
After reaching to the mask and the map, for you it is necessary to conduct conference with its friends, and to then leave at the neglected cemetery, where the revived corpses wander by the flocks. You will be able to reach there, moving in the machine on the old mines. In them adhere to right-hand rule, i.e., displace only to the right, when there is this possibility. After arriving on the cemetery, in you will appear the possibility to postrelyat' on zombi. This stage will very resemble known shooting at the hens, here only corpses will give deliveries in contrast to the birds.


After conversation with the small size aunt, jump on the flickering cells. Further you will continue conversation with the unknown lady. You will then repeat leaps on the cells in any order, and you will be able to obtain more than information. After continuing conversation, you will obtain task to bring plush bear cub. Run to the right for this (if we stand by back to the door, from which you arrived), get down downward and jump in the platform with the bent piece of iron in order to lower bridge. After obtaining toy, the creation of virtuality will send you into the activated door for the progress of sequential testing. For you one must as to kolobku, reach the neighbor of that remarkable girl, with whom you recently were requested. In the process of motion in you will arise the complexity perhaps that in the revolving labyrinths. To be rolled in on them necessary along the last path and to displace at the bends to the right, then you be able to overcome them. At the end of the way to you will be encountered the robot, with which it is necessary thoroughly to have a talk. In it you learn the mass of interesting information.


You will have a talk with The the chendoy about the hours, and then iditol into the bar to Kyd. You will have a talk with it, Kyd will say which hour, and you should return to Chende into the workshop. Help it with the repairing of tractor, after which leave for the farm after the beans "Puff- puff". The mother Of khelen will load to you entire body, will remain only accurately to carry them to the point of destination. After returning beans To chende, you will help it to invent new fuel- for the racing tractor. With this fuel the tractor will rush as the racing bolide "of formula -1", and to you it will not comprise the labor to win final race.

Refuge of Barnabe

In order to explode gates in the sandy quarry, the bomb, which the pilferer, who stands in your casino, can make will be necessary by you. He will ask you to bring the piece of soap, job lengths, solvent and fertilizers. Everything, except soap, in you exist. On its location you learn from barmena. You will find remnant in the bushes to the left of the main entrance into the church. Further return to the casino and return all components of bomb to pilferer. After obtaining from it charge, return to the quarry and explode gates.
You will be examined with the protection in the court, then you will go down into the channel on the board, be taken away into the lateral pipe. On it you will reach to the roof of factory. From there be taken away into the second from the edge of roof pipe and you will prove to be inside the building. Everything, which will be turned further, resembles the times, when reigned prefixes Dendy and Sega, perhaps that graphic performance rather better. When you finally reach Barnabe, transfer pointer by shot so that its transportation means would leave the rails, and you then look tail piece.



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