Eye of the Kraken – Solution

(These are only the necessary actions to end the game, if you do only this, you’ll miss many things in the game)


  1. Monday
    1. Morning

                                                    i.    Copy the list of passengers in the notebook

1.    Solve the misplaced chest problem with the captain

                                                  ii.    Show the statuette to all available characters

1.    Captain

2.    Rasputin

3.    Villon

a.    Solve his seasickness problem

                                                                                                                i.   See Villon barfing

                                                                                                              ii.   Speak about seasickness to Rasputin

                                                                                                            iii.   Advise Villon to do as Rasputin said

1.   or offer him a glass of wine

4.    Fitz

    1. Afternoon

                                                    i.    See Aboubakar and Ophelia together

                                                  ii.    Speak about them to Rasputin or Villon

                                                iii.    Find ice for Aboubakar

1.    Speak of the ice machine with Fitz after having looked at it.

2.    Find the necessary ingredients

a.    Sausage

                                                                                                                i.   Ask Ophelia

b.    Salt

                                                                                                                i.   Found on a table of the restaurant

c.    Water

                                                                                                                i.   Fill the teapot (Abdullah’s cabin) with water from the captain’s cabin.

3.    Put all the ingredients in the machine

4.    Use the machine

                                                iv.    Give the ice to the captain

                                                  v.    Show the statuette to Ophelia

                                                vi.    Find the anonymous letter in Abdullah’s cabin.

    1. Evening

                                                    i.    Get binoculars from Fitz

1.    Look at the binoculars

2.    Speak to Fitz about them

3.    Speak of opera with Ingrid (restaurant)

4.    Look at the helmet in Olaf’s cabin.

5.    Speak of Ingrid to Olaf

6.    Give the helmet to Ingrid.

7.    Speak to Fitz about the binoculars

8.    Put one of the statuettes in the cannon.

  1. Tuesday
    1. Morning

                                                    i.    Discover the vampirized Zog in his cabin

                                                  ii.    Speak to the captain about the vampire

                                                iii.    Search Villon’s cabin

1.    Read the poem on his table

2.    Take the dice

                                                iv.    Search Vlad’s cabin

1.    Speak to the captain about Vlad

                                                  v.    Play dice with Rasputin

                                                vi.    Speak of Villon with Rasputin

    1. Afternoon

                                                    i.    Speak to Aboubakar

1.    Try playing dice with Aboubakar

                                                  ii.    Search Ophelia’s cabin

1.    Open her wardrobe

                                                iii.    Put the mushrooms (found under Rasputin’s bed) in Villon’s plate

    1. Evening

                                                    i.    Search Rasputin’s body (Storeroom)

                                                  ii.    Put the badluck fetish in Rasputin’s clothes

                                                iii.    Find more ice for Aboubakar

1.    Same thing as last day except that the sausage is found in Villon’s cabin.

                                                iv.    Find a second anonymous letter in Abdullah’s cabin.

                                                  v.    Speak to the Zog brother on the poop about a bribe

  1. Wednesday
    1. Morning

                                                    i.    Get information from Odysseus (front bridge)

1.    Speak of the investigation with Odysseus

2.    Find a cockroach in the restaurant’s shrimps.

3.    Find the ultimate cockroach power recipe in Rasputin’s cabin’s chest. (opened with the key found on Rasputin)

4.    Find the ingredients of the recipe

a.    Wine

                                                                                                                i.   Take a glass in the restaurant

b.    Cheese

                                                                                                                i.   Take it in Villon’s cabin

c.    Grass

                                                                                                                i.   Cut some grass in Olaf’s cabin with the saber (found in Abdullah’s cabin)

d.    Guano

                                                                                                                i.   Try to open the captain’s pigeons’ cage.

5.    Put all the ingredients in the teapot

6.    Put the teapot’s content in the pot still (Rasputin’s cabin)

7.    Find some wood.

a.    Destroy Villon’s stool (Villon’s cabin) with a cannonball (Storeroom)

b.    Take the wooden boards

8.    Put the wooden boards in the Pot still’s oven.

9.    Pour some water in the pot still.

10. Use the pot still.

11. Give the potion to the cockroach.

12. Win Odysseus’ contest

                                                  ii.    Copy the runes on Olaf’s stone in the notebook.

                                                iii.    Give the copied runes to the captain.

1.    You must have spoken about the captain’s correspondence with him before in the “blabla” subject.

                                                iv.    Play dice with Rasputin until you get a big pile of money

    1. Evening

                                                    i.    Ask Olaf the meaning of the runes on his stone

                                                  ii.    Give the money to the Zog on the poop.

                                                iii.    Put the second statuette in the cannon.

  1. Thursday
    1. Morning

                                                    i.    Find the 2nd vampirised Zog in the Zog cabin.

                                                  ii.    Take the suckomatic on Aboubakar’s table in his cabin.

                                                iii.    Show the suckomatic to Aboubakar on the poop.

                                                iv.    Speak to Odysseus.

                                                  v.    Knock on Villon’s door.

    1. Afternoon

                                                    i.    Speak to the captain about the second case of vampirisation.

                                                  ii.    Show the rune translation to Olaf.

                                                iii.    Speak to Villon about the translation.

                                                iv.    Speak to Rasputin about the translation.

    1. Evening

                                                    i.    Speak to Aboubakar in his cabin

                                                  ii.    Use the doped cockroach to get the submarine on the bridge

                                                iii.    Lower the anchors

                                                iv.    Speak to Aboubakar

                                                  v.    Speak to the moray eels about an anemone

                                                vi.    Flatter the moray eel on the right side of the screen

  1. Friday
    1. Morning

                                                    i.    Watch the ritual in Aboubakar’s cabin

                                                  ii.    Listen at Rasputin’s door.

                                                iii.    Take the statuette on the ground of Olaf’s cabin.

                                                iv.    Use the statuette on Olaf’s terrestrial globe

                                                  v.    Speak to the captain on the front bridge.




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