Fenimore Fillmore: Revenge 
Creaated By: Dean.T.L. Essex UK.

I have created this walkthrough for you all, who enjoy this type of game,
although I have done it so as you donít finish the game too quick. 
There is a quick way but that would be pointless, at least this way you can 
you can enjoy the scenery and the full affects of the game. 


Fenimore Fillmore and Rhiannon are galloping through the wild west and find a wounded man.
Fenimore leaves to get some water
while Rhiannon keeps watch and tends to the manís wounds.
After the first cut scene they will stumble on a wounded man.


Examine the injured man
Go to the horse and take your knife and blanket
Give the blanket to the man you will notice that he drops his glasses (specs) pick them up.
Now get the green plant next to the mud by using your knife
Do this twice
Now get the red plant behind the wounded man
Now use the red plant on the mud and get the red poultice
Give the green plant to the injured man,  then give him the poultice.

CUT SCENE 2. (Rhiannon does her impressive girlie fighting).

Place your curser at the most bottom of your screen
Rhiannon will see a snake, Pick up the boot at the bottom of the bed and pick up the rotten apple on the table (you canít get the pepper just yet).
Use the apple on the snake and then use the boot on the snake, now got to the window where the man is asleep (Lefty) and use the boot on the window.
Now you can get the pepper on the table.
Use the pepper on Lefty and grab the key which is underneath him and unlock the drawer and get the medallion.


Take the hat and the knife off the wall, take the lasso and hip flask from the table and the poker by the fire and go outside.


Pickup the brush next to Baker (talk to him if your forget what 3 jobs you need to do or any information...
you can also do your target practice by talking to him) when you do the target practice knock down all 4 targets
before they come back up and without re-loading,
However you canít complete the 2nd shooting test until later but you can try this to watch the scene.
Go to the skin that is drying and pick up the empty bucket and fill it by the river, pickup the shovel behind the cabin,
ignore the snare for now, pickup the scarecrow (twice) use the knife on the scarecrow then take the saddle from the horse.
Now go to Carsons Grave
Use the saddle on the horse and the shovel on the grave. Just above the dead carson (RIP) you will see a branch,
use your lasso on it. And lift carson onto his horse.
Take the hip flask and the specs from the coffin and then "use" the horse back to Baker.
Use the bucket of water on the fire in the cabin, and now use the brush on the fire
Go back to where you picked up the shovel and use the specs on the bucket of resin that is on the tree at the side of the cabin.
Now use carsons hip flask on the snare now use the poker on the snare to get the flask open.
Go to where baker was sitting (take the rout behind the cabin) and use the hip flask you got from the cabin in the whiskey bottle,
go get the map from where the trap was and show it to Baker.
Once back in the cabin Baker says the map is un-readable so use the sooty brush on it then use the specs on the extinguished fire to make sun glasses.
Now talk to Baker and tell him you want to try the shooting test.


Pick up the axe at the entrance of the mine (behind the rail cart) and use it on the telegraph poles by the cabin, once the pole has fallen use it again to cut it in half.
Now push the cart to where the cut telegraph pole is.
Do exactly the same to the other pole and lift them into the cart and move the cart back to its original position. Try to use the crane.
Enter the cabin and take the oil and the hammer.
Use the oil on the track switch and pull the lever, now push the cart to the other side and chop down the other two poles
(you will notice they wonít go in the cart because the cart if full, so just leave them there for now)
Go to the entrance of the mine and use the hammer on the two wooden support struts/posts and then use them on the ramp,
Baker will say ďgoodĒ and give you the crank for the crane.
Now just use the crane...The rest is obvious so just carry on until you need my walkthrough to help you
Now lift the other poles into the cart and do the same. Once all that is finished go to the far right of the track and grab the cable that is on top of the end rail.
Tie the cable to the posts on the ramp and do as Baker says (move the cart).


After the cut scene SAVE YOUR GAME
You are now in the mine with Baker and playing as Rhiannon, Baker is bleeding to death so you have to be quick before he dies.
To the left in the corner is a pic axe Pick it up, Follow the track half way until you see a little window in the wall (use the run by double clicking your mouse)
pick up the stick and return to the cart and Baker, use the pick on the cabinet and take the cloth now go to Baker and stop him from dying by giving him the tourniquet,
Baker will now get in the cart and rhiannon will push but it up hill so she has to walk.
Walk up the track until you come to a lever and a hook on the opposite wall, use the pick axe on the hook, and pick up the hook. Now use the lever and watch the cut scene, Wahoooo thats fast and dangerous lol.
After the roller Coaster ride (DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME IN THIS LEVEL) examine the planks that are blocking the tunnel and Rhiannon will kick them through, pick them up and enter the tunnel (now the oil is alite and you have to be quick before you choke to death, pick up the can of oil use the planks with the white platform in front of the conveyer belt and the oil on the machine (the machine has 2 speeds use it twice for fast speed. Now push all the available barrels over and right click on each one to use it on the machine THIS IS THE SEQUENCE...
Large barrel
Small barrel
Small barrel
Small barrel
Large barrel


Outside you will see a rope attached to a ring, untie it.....haha just kidding....
OK seriously go to the horse and he will run away from you if you try to mount it.
Use you pick axe on the sign and now use the wood from the sign on the flagstone and now you can take the rope/lasso.
Use the newly acquired lasso on the horse and help Baker out of the hole.


This next level I enjoyed.. If you die, well, thereís not much i can do about it.
TIP:..keep the left mouse button down to duck.
After you have shot everyone you will return to Bakers cabin as Rhiannon.
Take the gunpowder and horn from the wall at the bottom of Bakers bed, Check out the chest and take the Anti rust, take the small knife from the stool.
Go outside and pick up the Bottle of whiskey, the bucket by the river and fill it with water, pick up the logs beside the cabin, Now get the resin from the bucket on the tree as you did earlier with Finnimore,. (Remember when he used it for the specs), and the oil from the other side of the cabin.
Use the logs with the axe,  go to Bill Carson (the newly appointed scarecrow) and take his shirt, Donít use  the resin on the tub (unless you want to keep refilling your bucket and tub),....OK we need some soap to wash the shirt....but first things first, go to the cabin and use the logs on the dead fire to keep Baker warm, (it will slow his death down).
Go back to the tub and use (in order) the anti rust, oil and water, hooray we have soap. Wash the shirt in the tub.
Go back into the cabin and heat the small knife on the fire, and dry the shirt on the stool,  go to Baker and give him the Gun powder, hot knife and shirt.
After the short cut scene you will be Finnimore and another gun fight. There really isnít any way to tell you how to do these, just donít get shot or the level is over.
Enter the cemetery for yet another gun fight, This gun fight is a little bit harder, Kill all the bad guys and watch the cut scene.


Game walkthrough created by: Dean .T .L...ESSEX, UK©




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