Forever Worlds 09-05-2004

PART 1: The Peruvian Jungle

 You are Jack Lanser, well, at least for now, and the only way your true love will marry you is if you find her father and return him safely. Click on the boat that deposited you at the foot of this jungle. See those words hat mysteriously popped-up, they are the guideposts and will often describe your surroundings or a situation you may encounter. Read them. So now you’re ready to begin.

 Follow the path into the jungle until you reach the village clearing. It is festival time so you’ll be greeted by three colorfully dressed Locals sporting decorative masks. Click on the trio to speak to them. After they “boogie down” the Local on the left will point to the path behind him and says that you need to find the book and the tree.

 Before following the path, enter the hut to your left. Click on the right side of the suitcase to read the new guidepost. Now search the room. There, on the table is a photograph of your beloved, Nancy. Take the photograph.

 Exit the hut and follow the path to the right that was pointed out to you by the Local. Keep going deeper and deeper into the jungle, looking on the ground to your right for a book and the tree the book is beneath. Reach for the book and read the guidepost. Once you are done, click on the magic tree above and you will be deposited into its underground vestibule. Step forward and the high priest takes possession of Jack’s body. Jack is now trapped and his problems are twofold. He must search for Doc and return him to his daughter and he must figure out how to get the high priest back into the tree and switch bodies with him.

 Step towards the strange machine with the green and blue lights and clockwork gears. Click on the black screen where your cursor will turn into a puzzle triangle and you’ll be greeted by a huge, fiery, talking wizard mask. The wizard mask controls the departure booth that allows access to the portals that lead to the other worlds. The departure booth can only be activated by clicking on the keys at the bottom of the booth to match the sequence of symbols at the top of the booth. Click on the keys to watch which lights they activate and their sequence. First, be aware that anytime you find a puzzle triangle, it indicates that you need to solve a puzzle. You must always first click on the triangle to activate the puzzle. 

Now, number the keys on the departure booth from left to right 1-2-3-4-5-6

This sequence activates the departure booth: 3-2-3-2-1-2 and Press 2 again

 PART 2: The Land Of Mu

 You have arrived at a surreal, almost heavenly location. Surrounding you is a series of elevator doors that are access portals to the other worlds. For now there is only one that can be approach, but as you attempt to activate the door, a mask to the left of the entrance begins to jabber away uncontrollably. Lift the mask to reveal Ix, a wise cracking, smart aleck lizard that will accompany you on the remainder of your journey. Now click on the door to proceed to the land of Mu.

 You have been transported 70,000 years back in time. Follow the path to your right to a strange stone column. A six-note melody emits repeatedly from its top spire. There are only three different notes in the six note melody so it should be quite simply to memorize (if you need to hear the notes again, exit the area and then return). Return to the clearing and follow the path to the left. As you follow the path, you will see a river with a canoe on the opposite bank. It’s on your right. Click to swim across the river. Whoa!! I guess your best option is to continue to follow the path. Press forward until you reach a set of stone stairs that lead upwards to a wooden platform decorated with bird designs. Go up the stairs. Four tall wooden columns decorated with fresh garlands reach toward the sky. From each column hangs a curved pipe that can be played to match the melody heard back at the spiral building.

 Click on the puzzle triangle to activate the puzzle and click on each pipe and listen to the individual notes. They sound similar, but are a few octaves lower than those heard back at the spire. Your first attempt will most likely be wrong and a small bird will flutter into sight searching for a yummy centipede sandwich. Once he leaves, play the pipes again in the correct order. 

Number the pipes from left to right: 1-2-3-4

Click on the pipes to play the melody: 3-2-1-2-3-1

 The correct melody summons the condor who takes you to the next world. After the condor deposits you at the landing dock, scan the area. Go forward for your first encounter with the Fillers. Since you are inhabiting the high priest’s body, the two Fillers are not aware of your true identity so they are more than willing to fill you in on the latest gossip.

 Enter the building behind the Fillers. Look around and then take the chocolates from the table. Take note of the butterfly motif. Exit the building. Cross the rickety, rope bridge to the left of the Fillers to the village of the sky people. Walk forward from the bridge and climb the hill until you reach a duplex on the left with an axe at the door. Go inside this building and pick up the Swiss Army Knife for your inventory. Cross to the opposite building with two shields on either side of the door. Pick up the genie’s lamp from the table and add it to your inventory. There is a large set of wings with handles inside an oak cabinet. Click on the puzzle triangle to activate the puzzle. Remember what the condor told you? Place your chocolates from your inventory on the shelf below the wings.

 You are now next to the canoe on the opposite side of the river. Search the surrounding area and next to your wings to find some more chocolate. These pieces are decorated with an icon of a lizard. Walk towards the canoe and look behind you. There is a door. Click on it and read the guidepost. Every time you click on it all you get is this guidepost so you must do something first.

 Hop into the canoe and be transported to your next location. This beach is strangely familiar but this time there is a hammer on the ground to the left of the door. Add the hammer to your inventory and click on the door. You are now backstage in the Maintenance Area, an extensive operation that keeps all of the game Worlds in working order.

 You will later explore all of this area but for now click on the machine in front of you. This is the River Mu Ride kiosk. You can attempt to operate it, but it appears to be stuck. Take the hammer from your inventory and use it to smack the top of the kiosk. Now click on the wheel. It still seems to be stuck, but a workman hears the pounding and shows up to repair the machine. You will be transported back through the door to the canoe.

 Hop back into the canoe to be transported back to the opposite beach. As the River Mu Ride kiosk has now been repaired, the fake door has disappeared and the path is now clear. Look right to grab the chocolate decorated with a shoe icon. Continue on the path to the left of where you picked up the chocolate and add the duct tape in the woods to your inventory. Behind you is a huge, unmovable boulder that has something hidden underneath. Take the small, gray rocks that are at the foot of the boulder.

 Return to the beach. Pick up the rocks to your left (these appear purple in your inventory) and then follow the path to the left. There is a small hut raised on stilts, but no ladder to climb to the hut. Return to the beach clearing and take the path straight ahead. It’s another Sky People’s village. Take the bananas hanging from the hut on the right and turn around to follow the path, beside the large rock, deeper into the woods. Ahead is an ornate temple, but before going forward and climbing the stairs, take the small cloth sack to the right behind the tree. Move up once to take the gray duct tape from the bushes on the left. Now enter the temple.

 To the right is a prominent Water Altar adorned with an exotic, serpent-like creature. Straight ahead is an elevator door that leads to the top of the temple. To the far right of the Walter Altar, by the pillar are some chocolates adorned with monkey icons. Towards the outer edges of the room on the opposite side of the Water Altar behind an offering dish is a compass. Approach the Water Altar and click on the puzzle triangle to activate the puzzle.

 Take the small cloth sack from your inventory and place it before the serpent. Next, place the gray rocks you found near the large boulder on top of the cloth sack. Now add the sack, weighted down with rocks back to your inventory. Turn around to face an offering dish. Click on the puzzle triangle and then place the bag of rocks in the offering dish. The elevator door to your left will now slide open.

 Inside this room there is a glass case with a pair of magic sandals. Click on the puzzle triangle on the case and then click on the door at the bottom of the case to slide the drawer open. Put the chocolate with the shoe icon in the drawer and the glass case will slide open allowing you to take the magic sandals.

 Go out of the temple and return to the beach. Take the path to the right of the river to return to the giant boulder blocking the path. Click on the puzzle triangle and then take the sandals from inventory and click on the boulder and it will skip away revealing a broken ladder. Take the broken ladder and add to inventory.

 Return to the beach and revisit the hut on the stilts on the path left of the river. Click on the puzzle triangle to activate the puzzle, then place the broken ladder on the ground in front of the hut. Now click the silver duct tape on the ladder and it will be repaired. Put the ladder into your inventory. Now take the fixed ladder from inventory and place it against the hut and climb to the top.

 On the other side of the hut is a rope bridge guarded by a monkey named Abel. Go forward twice on the rope bridge. Click on the puzzle triangle. Place the bananas in front of Abel to the left. He still won’t let you pass. Click on the chocolate in inventory with the monkey icon and place it next to the bananas. Meet Doc from 70,000 years ago. Touch him to break the spell and be transported back to the tree.

 Click on the Departure Booth again to return to the access portals. The mask will appear again to speak and there is a cut scene to Jack’s girlfriend. Click on the only available portal to be transported to the Butterfly Penitentiary.

 PART 3-The Butterfly Penitentiary

 You are now in the lobby of an ornate, upscale hotel. The building’s architecture and décor theme is predominately butterflies. Click on the Filler behind the reception desk inhabit his body. The main exit doors behind the reception desk are locked, but you can easily open them by pressing the security clearance access button on the reception desk. To do this, click on the gold postal box affixed to the wall on the right behind the reception desk and then press the access button on the right of the desk. Ooops, well that didn’t work. It looks like we need something to weigh down the button on the opposite side of the desk. Look next to the floor plant to the front right of the reception desk. There’s a large, heavy bird statue beside the green plant that would be perfect to weigh down a button. There’s also a candlestick that can be added to your inventory atop the armoire to the right. Activate the puzzle again and place the bird statue on the far left of the desk and then click on the button on the far right of the desk. You can now go through the double doors.

You are in a hexagonal shaped room surrounded by six doors, each with a security guard who will check your security clearance. As you are currently in the guise of the hotel Receptionist, you only have limited access. Each of the doors (except #4) can be opened with appropriate clearance. Access privileges can be gained by hijacking the bodies of the different Fillers. To make things easier, let’s number the doors clockwise. You will eventually discover the contents of the room behind each door on your own. 

The door behind you leads back into the hotel lobby. We will start clockwise with the hotel lobby door: 

Door 1 – Hotel Lobby (behind you)

Door 2 – Manufacturing

Door 3 – Administration

Door 4 – Read the note on the door (facing you)

Door 5 – Warehouse

Door 6 – Loading Dock

Go through door #6 into the Loading Dock area (this is the door on the left side of the reception door). To the far left is the Dock Foreman. You can find him near the back where the ship can be seen through a screen. Click on him to assume his identity allowing you to enter other rooms.

Scattered about the room are three empty nectar jars colored yellow, blue and green. Add them to your inventory. The door in the right far corner leads back to the Maintenance Area we visited earlier. We will explore there later. For now go back and go through the Loading Dock door and make note of the graphic on the wall to the right of the door. It is the combination you will later need to get an administration pass to the warehouse.

 Return to the hexagon room and go through door #2 in Manufacturing. It is full of complicated machines and conveyor belts. Examine the machine on the far left. This is the Emergency Stop Switch. It appears as though you’re missing a tool needed to operate the machine. Go to the left of this machine to find the red nectar jar sitting on the piping. Now go up the metal staircase and speak with the Manufacturing Plant Manager Filler at the top of the stairs. Before descending the staircase, take the piece of amber on the desk to your left. Take special note of the door outlined in yellow at the bottom of the stairs, though you can’t open it at this moment, it will come in handy later.

 Back in the hexagon room; go through door #5 in the warehouse. Walk straight ahead to the desk and take the abacus. Click on the puzzle hotspot on the desk to open a drawer revealing a sequence of butterflies. This is the combination you will later need to open the Butterfly Containment Roof in the Administration Offices. Remember: Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow

 To the left of the desk are four large vats of nutritional butterfly nectar. This nectar is what keeps the butterflies nourished and working. Each vat supplies a different type of energy—Duration, Burst, Intensity, and Purity. Click on the gauge above the tap of each vat to activate the puzzle. From inventory fill each colored nectar jar with its respective colored nectar. Return the jar to inventory and continue around the room to the left until you are facing a machine in the corner of the room. Click the puzzle triangle to activate the puzzle and then press the butterfly button to start the machine. Three patterns will appear in the viewing window. There are yellow circles with green ticks, green circles with a yellow hexagon and red circles with yellow ticks. The combination to solving this puzzle was on the door next to the Loading Dock. The key here is to match the three patterns in the viewing window to the pattern from the Loading Dock. 

  1. Rotate the first pattern until the two yellow circles are parallel going from left to right.
  2. Rotate the second pattern until the green circle is in the middle and the yellow circle is vertically below it.
  3. Rotate the third pattern until the two red circles are parallel going from right to left.

Once all three are in the correct sequence a pass to the interior Administration Area will print out. Take the pass and return to the hexagon room.  

Use the permission form you took from Manufacturing Plant Manager Filler on the door to enter room #3 – Administration. Directly ahead is the door to the Executive Offices, but that room is off limits until you concoct a way to convince the Fillers to leave the room. Chat with the Fillers toiling at their desks to learn that the chart on the wall to the right is a description of the various grades of nectar and their attributes. Study the chart to learn that you will need red nectar. Take the machine wrench from the case to the left of the nectar chart. To the right of the nectar chart is a door that can be partially opened, but only momentarily. This door leads to Manufacturing, remember the door outlined in yellow? Maybe we can cause a malfunction in the machines in Manufacturing, then the Fillers would leave their desks allow you to sneak into the Executive Offices. Use the abacus in your inventory to wedge open this door. Now return to Manufacturing. Go to the Emergency Stop Switch and use the wrench. An alarm will sound clearing the Administrative Office of the Fillers. Re-enter the offices through the wedged open door and then quickly slip into the Executive Offices before you are noticed. 

This is where thousands and thousands of butterflies are trapped in various wind harnessing facilities. Take the lighter on the table facing you and then turn left. This is the Butterfly Containment desk and has four colored butterfly buttons that need to be pressed in the correct order to free the butterflies. Remember the combination? Blue, Red, Red, Blue, Purple, Yellow.  Once they have been pressed in the correct order, click on the red button to open the containment roof. Cross to the door on the opposite side of the room. To the left of the door is a port for your jar of red nectar, it looks like a blue symbol. Activate the port by clicking on the puzzle triangle on the first butterfly column at the opposite side of the room to the right and then place your jar of red nectar into the port.

 You land at the Emporium. Enter the emporium and seated inside is Doc fantasizing about capturing the great, white butterfly. Touch him. Watch the spell be broken and be swiftly transported to the Eternal Tree. Once again you can not exit the tree so click on the departure booth to travel to another world. Click on the only available portal.

 PART 4---The Volcano

 This time you will be whisked to a barren, volcanic world. Wind your way across the barren landscape until you spot a Filler sitting on the ground flying a kite. Travel forward to the left of the Filler towards the volcano to find a lost red kite lodged in a scrawny, leafless tree in a crater of the volcano. When you are facing the volcano, choose the path to your right. Retrieve the kite, turn around and go forward twice to exit the area. Face the volcano and take the path to the left. Click forward once and you will be at the volcano cliff. Turn to your right to take the chocolates decorated with bee icons. Return to the Filler flying the kite. From this point, walk north (slightly to the right) to the small village.

 There are two Fillers deep in discussion, ask them about the volcano and they’ll clue you in to an impending meeting, so why not go into the large main meeting hut, which is the largest building and get some coffee while you are waiting. Take the coffee vase on the table beside the water cooler and add it to your inventory. Locked in a cage in the far corner of the room is a brightly colored parrot. He is anxious to help and advises you to head southeast to the Tree of Nocturnal Dissension. In reality, the parrot is secretly plotting to overtake the Forever Worlds and has put into motion a plan to create enough magic leaves to capture everyone on Earth. Jack has played right into the parrot’s plan. Exit the hut through the back door which is to the right of the water cooler.

 Hike directly ahead to the foggy canyons. There are three passages to choose from. Explore if you want, but the correct path is to the left. Click forward once to enter the canyon and then turn to the right. Click forward once again and turn to the right. Click forward once and then turn click to the left. Turn slightly to the left, take the first path and click forward to reach another free-standing door in the distance. The door is this World’s entrance to the Maintenance Room. In the Maintenance Room walk forward once, turn right, walk forward twice and turn left and then click forward once again. Enter through the first door on the left. This is the Reanimation and Reversal Room. Click on the puzzle triangle then click on the main switch at the bottom of the middle machine and the chamber will open. Take the lizard amber from your inventory and place it in the chamber to the left. Click on the switches in the correct sequence on the middle machine to activate it.

 1L – leave 1st switch on the left side

2R – Move 2nd switch to the right

3R – Move 3rd switch to the right

4L – Leave 4th switch on the left side

 Click on the main switch again to extract the lizard from the amber and put the lizard into your inventory. He will tell you he owes you a favor. Exit the room. Enter the room to the right of the Reanimation and Reversal Room. This is the Zoom Room. Inside is a small portal to an inner chamber and some controls in front of a window with a robotic arm. Activate the puzzle by pressing the small control panel on the wall, next click on the big red button n the middle of the console. Place the lizard in the tunnel to the right and then click the black switch to shut the tunnel door. Click the black switch again, and the robotic arm will grasp the lizard and it will then be zoomed large enough to carry you up the steep side of the volcano. The scene flashes to Jack being carried up the volcano by the lizard.

 At the top of the volcano, click on the puzzle triangle in the sky over the center of the volcano and then fly your kite. Now attach your coffee pot to the kite. The pot and kite will slowly descend into the center of the volcano and fill with combustible gasses. Return to pot to your inventory and then descend down the side of the cliff. Return to the village – you can find the village by moving forward once from the Filler that was flying the kite – go through the back door of the hut again and back through the canyon maze to the door and through to the Maintenance Room again.

 Go forward once and turn right down the short corridor between the hallways. There is a locked door on your right here. Click on the puzzle triangle on the door. Place your candle at the bottom of the door. Now use the lighter on the candle. Finally, place the coffee pot by the candle. The volatile gasses ignite, blowing the heavy door of its hinges. This room is a direct inter-dimensional connection to the parrot cage back in the Volcanic World meeting room. In the middle of the room is a tall transparent tube. Trapped in the tube is a transparent being that resembles the Custodian. Click the switch to the left to free the Custodian and the great Wizard Mask will appear and stop you. You learn you have been duped by the parrot.

 Inside the room is a tall, padlocked locker that you have no way of opening. Return to the hallway, ask the maintenance worker who already cleaning up the after effects of the explosion to open the locker. Move your cursor to the locker and click on the puzzle cursor. Inside is Doc. After he speaks, you will return to the vestibule.

 PART 5 – The Leaf Synthesis

 Use the departure booth again to return to the portals and then enter the only available door. You arrive at an enormous manufacturing facility used by the renegade custodian (the parrot) to produce the synthetic leaves of the Tree of Eternity. Flames and smoke spew from skyscraper size towers polluting the atmosphere. Nothing can be done with the consoles in this room, but the first door on the left opposite the control panel to the left will open. Follow the corridor to the next door until reaching the Central Control Room where meters measure the amount of production activity, humidity and temperature. Click the meter on the wall opposite the door to activate the Security Desk monitors to your right.

 Click on the monitor switches, the monitors can show you several locations, but you only need to see the ones you have not visited before – an image of a bee and the greenhouse. When the three screens are only showing images of a combination of bees and the greenhouse you will hear the sound of the special access door opening to the inner zoom room. Examine the Synthesis Console on the opposite side of the room, this is the machine that controls the reproduction of the synthetic leaves.

 Return to the Console Room (the room you previously entered through the silver door) and go through the door to the right of the console to enter the Maintenance area. You will be facing the door you just came through. Now turn left and enter the Zoom Room. The first door on your right is the Zoom Room. Click on the inner chamber at the far left of the room to be shrunk so that you may travel to the greenhouse on the back of a bee.

 Turn to the left and walk towards the bottom of the stalk of the large plant. Carefully climb to the top of the plant. Follow the vine up and around the stalk of the plant, you have to move your mouse until you find the hot spot that allows you to spiral up the stalk. At the top you will find a red seed hidden in some leaves. Pick up the seed for your inventory. Spiral back down the plant looking for hot spots like you did on the way up. Use your bee chocolate to summon the bee. Find the bee on the wood frame hidden beside the white plant. Click on the puzzle triangle. Take the bee chocolate out of your inventory and place it in front of the bee. The bee will come alive and take you for a ride.

 You will be flown back to the Zoom Room. Leave the room and re-enter the Console Room. Return to the Central Control Room and activate the Synthesis Console. Put the seed from the plant in the Sample Drawer. The Zoom Room has made the seed enormous. Click the puzzle triangle, the oversized seed will cause the Synthesis Console to jolt and short circuit. The Mask reappears to talk once again. All of Doc’s past lives have been leading up to this moment. It has all been a plot to poison the world with magic leaves and draw everyone into the Forever World of Xulon. There is still one catch though; you have arrived at the vestibule at the moment that the Doc disappeared. If Jack leaves now it would create a time paradox. However, if you take possession of Doc and leave as him, you can go back to the village and wait for yourself and tell him to find the book and the tree. Now when Jack finds the tree and goes inside, you know the guy who looks like you coming out of the tree is actually the Custodian. Push him back into the tree and then all three of you can do triple de-possession so that everyone is back to normal. 




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