Gaea Fallen

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Penny. what to do first
1. In your cottage, get a match from your bedroom and lump of coal and penny from your living room.
2. Exit your cottage and go into your back yard. Get the pestle and pluck the head of lettuce closest to your cottage.
3. Go to the village, southwest of your cottage and pluck a rose from the rosebush.
4. Enter the library and talk with Simon. Then, read the books on the bookshelf. Four books hold clues about your mission. Most important is the book of spells (tells you how to summon a Phoenix, create liquid gold, and put out the flame of death), book about the Guardians of Gaea (tells you what to give the Graces when you see them), and book of ancient symbols (tells you what the symbol for life is).
5. Go into the Odert's store. Trade your penny for the bag of wind. Also, grab a golden needle from the basket of junk.
Part 1: Lamia the Wise(seed of wisdom)
6. Go south of the village to the sea shore.
7. When you reach the sea shore, follow it east until you reach the cliffs. At the base of the cliffs is a seashell. Pick it up and listen to it. Remember that it says "seeeee". This is a clue you will need later.
8. Walk west along the seashore until you find a boat. Look into the boat. You will find a tattered old net.
9. Get into the boat and use the bag of wind on the sails. The boat takes you to an island across the sea.
10. When you reach the island, get out of the boat. Walk to the east shore of the island and pluck a heliotrope flower from the bush.
11. Walk to the cave at the top of the hill in the middle of the island.
12. Talk with Lamia.
13. To prove you are the chosen one, you must answer her riddle. The answer is "see".
14. Lamia opens the portal (on the main land) to the Ethereal Garden, and accepts you as the chosen one.
15. When Lamia disappears, walk into her cave and get the Seed of Wisdom and some sulfur from the wall.
16. Return to the main land.

Part 2: Vivia, Queen of the Nymphs(seed of Life)

1. When you reach the main land, get out of the boat and walk northwest until you reach the portal stone.
2. Walk onto the portal stone. You are transported to the Ethereal Garden.
3. Outside the Ethereal Garden, pick up the pomegranate fruit.
4. Go into the Ethereal Garden and plant your Seed of Wisdom in the northwest pile of dirt.
5. Leave the garden and walk back to your village.
6. In your village, visit Odert's store. Exchange the bag of wind for the cloak of invisibility.
7. Leave the village and walk southeast until you find a Hare. Talk with the hare, then give him the head of lettuce you plucked from your garden. He now owes you a favor.
8. Walk south to the sea shore where the granite cliffs are.
9. Look at the granite cliffs. You will discover there is an odd looking puzzle on the face of the cliff.
10. Enter the symbol for life on the puzzle (this symbol is located in the Book of Symbols in the village library) and click the checkmark.
11. Enter the cave and get the staff of healing. Also, get some white substance from the wall.
12.Leave the cave, and head north until you see a nymph blocking the pathway into a grove.
13. Talk to the nymph, then give her your pomegranate.
14. Walk into the grove. Rest behind the big rock.
15. After a bit, a quicksilver lizard wanders down to the pool of life.
16. Put on the Cloak of Invisibility so the lizard won't run away when you come out from behind the big rock.
17. Throw the tattered old net on the lizard (you must be invisible to do this!!).
18. Pluck a quicksilver scale from the lizard, then let the lizard go.
19. Dive into the Pool of Life. You will swim to the Nymph Kingdom on the flip-side of the pool.
20. In the Nymph Kingdom, pluck a myrtle flower from the bush.
21. Enter the Castle.
22. Talk with Vivia, then hand her the Staff of Healing. She will give you the Seed of Life and a key to her treasure chest.
23. Use the key on the chest and select the mortar.

Part 3: Phoenix the Transcended(seed of Transcendence)
1. Go back to the Ethereal Garden and plant the Seed of Life in the southeast dirt pile.
2. Go back to the hare. Put the ingredients to create living gold into the mortar (ingredient list found in the Book of Spells in the library). Put the sulfur and quicksilver scale into the mortar. Then, put the pestle into the mortar.
3. Hand the hare the mortar (with the ingredients and pestle inside). He will create living gold for you.
4. The hare gives you the living gold, pestle and mortar back.
5. Go to your cottage.
6. Light a match on your flint (you should have both in your inventory), then throw the lit match into your fireplace. A fire will start.
7. Throw the living gold into the fireplace (this will summon Phoenix).
8. Phoenix is summoned, but tells you he cannot leave his home. He says you can go to him through the flames.
9. Walk through the flames in your fireplace. You enter the Plane of Transcendence.
10. Talk to Phoenix. Then, leave the plane to collect ingredients to put out the Flame of Death.
11. Go to Odert's shop and trade the cloak of invisibility for the bag of wind.
12. Go to Lamia's island and enter her cave. Get some more sulfur from the wall of the cave, then return to the main land.
13. Return to the Plane of Transcendence.
14. Put the sulfur, coal, and strange white substance into the mortar. Then put the pestle into the mortar.
15. Throw the mixture onto the Flame of Death.
16. Talk with Phoenix. He will give you the Seed of Transcendence.
17. Leave the Plane of Transcendence.

Part 4: The Graces (seed of wellbeing)

1. In your cottage, pluck the lump of gold from your fireplace.
2. Go back to the Ethereal Garden and plant the Seed of Transcendence in the southwest pile of dirt.
3. Leave the garden and go to Odert's shop. Trade the lump of gold for the sieve pouch.
4. Go northeast until you find a circle of rocks.
5. Read the markings on the large rock to the left of the circle.
6. Throw the sieve pouch on the circle of rocks.
7. After the rainstorm, a rainbow will appear. Throw the heliotrope flower into the rainbow. This will open the Way to the Graces.
8. Walk into the rainbow.
9. Talk to the Graces, then replace the evil spinning wheel needle with your golden needle.
10. Talk with the Graces, then give Charity an apple, Love the rose, and Beauty the myrtle.
11. Talk to them again, and they will give you the Seed of Wellbeing.

what the heck do i do with the seeds?!
12. Return to the Ethereal Garden and plant the seed. By this time, manna trees are in various stages of growth. A voice will tell you to come back when the trees are full grown.
13. Leave the garden, return, leave, and then return. When the manna trees are full grown, the Ethereal Tree appears and the game ends.


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