Galador / The Prince and the Coward

Publisher: Topware Interactive
Release Date: 1998

This game are only in German Language :Galador, Der Fluch des Prinzen

Das Spiel läuft nur unter Win95/98/me oder im Virtuellen PC ???
Das Image muss auf CD gebrannt werden. Trotz möglicher Vollinstallation wird die CD im Laufwerk verlangt.

The story focuses on the adventures of a youngster whose soul has been put into the prince's body by a demon's trick.
On your way through the game you will meet a wizard who's been dead for a thousand years, be enchanted into a bear,
meet a mysterious masked heroine, and kill a vampire lord.

Galador / The Prince and the Coward

First of all some explanations about the interface:

Spiel laden: load game
Aktuelles Spiel speichern: save game
Neues Spiel beginnen: start new game

Musiklaustärke: music volume
SFX Laustärke: sounds volume
Sprachausgabe Laustärke: speaking volume
Textgeschwindigkeit: speed of the text
Spiel beenden: quit game
Spiel info about the game

Right click of your mouse button:
Hingehen: go to
Anschauen: look at
Nehmen: take
Benutzen: use
Öffnen/Stossen: open/push
Schliessen/Ziehen: close/pull
Ansprechen: talk to

Anschauen: look at
Benutzen: use
Öffnen/Stossen: open/push
Schliessen/Ziehen: close/pull
Geben: give


Talk to the grave digger. When you keep on talking to him, your friend and helper Arivald will hop out of one of the graves. He gives you a magic map. With this map you can travel to the several places. That is when you're allowed to travel to those places during the game.

When the grave digger has gone, pickup the shovel. In invento­ry use the shovel. Use the shovel on all four graves. You'll dig up an amulet, an ornament, an immortal elixir and a dagger.

After you finished this nice job, the grave digger will re­turn. Of course he'll notice that you did some grave robber! He curses all your stolen items... Great!

Use your map and go to town (Städchen). Near the square you'll see a thief captured in a pillory. Talk to the thief. Keep on talking to him until he lets you examine his pockets. You'll get fake keys and some prepared dice.

Talk to the fat man in front of the shop. Now look at the two men playing dice. Next to the biggest guy you'll see a back­pack. Try to take it.

In inventory use the dice. Wait until the two men are looking away from the dice. Then quickly replace them with the ones from inventory. When they start playing quickly take the backpack. You'll find a book.

Walk to the left. Besides the pub you'll see a beggar sitting on the floor. Notice that he sometimes takes off his shoe. Your goal is to get his shoe. You must be very quick here... When you have his shoe, walk to the fat man and give him the shoe. He'll tell you that robbering a beggar is the ultimate thing to do. He tells you that you can become a member of his gang. To become a member you have to get a very special item. He also tells you about a burial mound.

Walk to the left and open the door at the left side of the thief. Talk to the chemist. Give him your book. In return he gives you a magic spell.

Look at the bottle with the little fellow inside. Talk to the chemist. He tells you that the little fellow is a Homunkulus. It seems that the bottle is covered with dust. The poor fellow inside thinks that the dust is inside the bottle. He's trying for months now to get it cleaned from the inside... Talk to the bottle...

Exit the shop. Outside the shop the little fellow hops out of your pocket. He tells you that you may do three wishes whene­ver you need.

Enter the bar, which is the door besides the beggar. Talk to the monk dressed in brown. Question him about everything you can. Try to talk to the man in blue who of course is your old acquaintance Arivald. The dwarf in the middle of the room won't let you. Try to give him your ornament. He doesn't want to have it because of the curse!

Use your map and go to the temple. Walk through the door at the right side. Go further to the right. Look at the altar. Look at the rare signs (Seltsame Zeichen) above the altar. Galador can't make a thing of them. Use your Homukulus on the signs.

Now talk to the altar. Keep on talking Zandaha. until a ghost comes out of the altar. Keep on talking to the ghost until he's undoing the curse from your items you found in the graves. Go back to town.

Enter the pub and give the ornament (Kleinod) to the dwarf. This time he accepts it. Now talk to Arivald. Question him about everything you can. Walk all the way to the right of the pub. Look at the bard sitting at the table. Look at the letter sticking out of his pocket. Take it! Look at the poster above the bard. Exit the pub.

Walk to the far end of the street passed the beggar. You'll end up near the house of the bard. Knock on the door. A very kind woman will open the door. Give her the poem you "found" in the bard's pocket. It seems to be some kind of love letter! The woman of course presumes that such kind of love letter must be to some nice and young girl. She hurries inside the house and throws all the bard's belongings out on the street. Pick up the stuff.

Go back to the bard at the far end of the pub. Talk to the bard to tell him the uhhh... great news. He hurries home to have a look himself. Exit the pub and go back to the bard's house. You'll be just in time to see the happy couple leave for a nice walk.

Open the door to enter the bard's house. Take the bottle (Flakon) from the table with the mirror. Open the lock (Schloss) of the bird's cage. Leave the house. Standing outsi­de, touch the cat. Galador knows exactly what's going to happen to the bird now. So he hurries back inside the house. Exit the house and pick up the night cap (Schlafmütze).

Walk to the square and questions everyone about all you can. Enter the pub and question Arivald again. Use your map to go to the Castle Fjord. Try to enter the castle. The only thing that happens is that your bottom will be burned by the statue...

Go back to Arivald and tell him about this incident. He tells you this stone dragon is some kind of detector. Walk to the right and talk to the inn-keeper. Use your map and go to Castle Garrahan.

Try to enter the castle. The guard won't let you. Go back to Arivald again and speak to him again. Give the magic spell (Verwandlungszauber) to him. When you're chained up in Castle Garrahan, you'll set yourself free.

Go through the door at the end of the square. Open the door at the left side at the end of the corridor. Talk to the girl. Use the veil (Schleifen) hanging from the right side of the bed.

Use your fake keys (Dietrich) on the lock of the door at the right side of the corridor. You can examine everything you want in this room. Open the treasury case (Kleinodienkiste) on the table at the right side of the room. It seems to be some sort of one armed bandit...

Your goal is to get three laughing skulls on a row. The laug­hing skulls are the ones with the bad teeth. Pull the handle to get the skulls spinning. Push the red button to stop the skulls from spinning. After you got three laughing skulls on a row you'll get a mirror. Exit the room and head back to the square.

Use the broken chain (Zerrisene Kette) to get your uhhh... old shape again. Go to the Castle Fjord. Use the mirror on the statue. Try to open the door of the castle (Schlosstor). It seems to be secured as well. Now what???

Use the Homunkulus on the statue. Use the mirror on the door (Schlosstor). Inside the castle some ghosts will welcome you. Quickly go through the entrance (Eingang) above the stairs. Pick up the amulet. Pick up the book. Look at the papers on the table. You can also examine the cupboard, the bloodstains and some other things in this room. Use your map to go to town.

Enter the pub and talk to Arivald. Give him your book of black magic (Buch der Grauen Magie). While Arivald is paging through the book talk to him again until he gives you a page from the book. In inventory use the spell (Zauber).

Take a look at the stone table (Steinplatte). Read the in­scriptions (Anweizung) above the stone table. Galador can't make anything out of the inscriptions again. So use you Homunkulus once more. Now you'll get the message that you have to show the friends and the enemies of the sun. Use the stone table.

The friends of the sun are:
moon, comet, star and sun

So press those signs in that order.

The enemies of the sun are:
fire, water and twister

So press those signs in that order.

When you pressed the signs in the correct order some kind of bridge will be placed over the abyss. Cross the bridge and walk to the King of Sun. Just for fun :>)) talk to the harem lady (Haremsdame).

Talk to the King of Sun. Ask him about everything you can. At the end of the conversation he'll tell you that he hasn't heard music for over thousand years. Use the guitar (Laute) on the King of Sun. He now tells you that the sun will be shining again over castle Fjord. Use your map to go to the burial mound (Grabhügel).

As soon as you walk towards the entrance (Eingang) all kind of Voodoo figures will appear. Just keep on clicking on the entrance and they will disappear. Enter the cave.

The door closes behind you and there's no way out. The handle (Hebel) next to the door is stuck. Now what??? Talk to the big skeleton. You have to combine three sentences. These are the correct ones:

2 Ich schwöre bei meiner Ehre dass... (I swear by my honor that...)

1 Ich deine heilige Mission fortsetze (I will continue your holy mission)

1 Und dass ich deine Waffe dazu benützen werde (And that I will use your weapon)

2. Das Böse zu vernichten (to destroy the evil).

When you spoke these wise words, the skeleton will drop a very precious ring. Pick it up. Use the ring with the handle next to the door. Exit the cave. Use your map to go to Castle Fjord. As the King of Sun promised you, the place is lit by the sunshine. Go through the entrance (Eingang). One zombie tries to block your way. But see how harmful to much sunshine is...

Walk towards the vampire laying in his coffin. When you exami­ne the vampire and his coffin you'll hear a female voice coming out of nowhere calling Hello? Just keep on waiting and you'll discover that this voice is coming from behind the sealed wall. Speak to her. The voice tells you that you only have to kill the King of Vampires. Use your map to go back to town.

Try to give the diamond ring to the fat man. On second thought Galador decides that it's better to keep it for now. Go to the pub and talk to Arivald. This time he'll beam you up to a place in the future.

Talk to the lady standing in front of the Hotel. I wonder what kind of lady this may be. She sure is talking in a foreign language. Talk to the man who's walking his dog. He sure doesn't understand you.

Walk to the left and enter the chapel. Talk to the priest. Because he won't understand what you're saying, you have to use gestures. This is the correct order:

4 Hände falten zu Gebet (folding hands for a pray)

1 Selbstbesprengen (bless yourself)

3 So klein (that small)

2 Flaschengestalt (bottle shape)

He'll understand what you mean and gives you a bottle of holy water. Exit the chapel. Talk to the lady in front of the hotel. Give her the Wolf amulet. Walk to the right. Use the red shawl on the green grocer. He'll understand that you have a cold and gives you garlic to get cured. Go to the elegant lady in front of the hotel once more and give her back her shawl. Now go to the butcher. Talk to him three times. Boy is he touchy! When he got you almost killed, enter the shop once more and take the axe.

Use your map to go to the settlement (Einsiedelei). Walk to the cottage. Use your axe on the tree in front of the house twice to get two branches. In inventory use the dagger on one of the branches. In inventory combine the two branches. In inventory use the garlic on the cross. Use the holy water on the cross. Use your map to go to Castle Fjord.

Walk to the coffin with mister Vampire. Use the cross on the vampire. The sealed wall will disappear and the lovely girl will show her thankfulness in a very special way. Before you leave this place, look at the coffin to get another magic spell. Exit the castle. Outside the castle you'll find a scale (Schuppe) of a dragon. Pick it up.

Go to the settlement (Einsiedelei) once more. Enter the cotta­ge. Give the Schuppe to the man. Before he can help you he needs some more information. Great... go back to town and enter the chemist's shop. Talk to the chemist. When you're finished go to the settlement (Einsiedelei) once more and enter the cottage.

In inventory use the Schuppe with the book page. Use the page with the man. Now you can travel to the Dragon's Lair. So use your map and go there (Drachenhöhle).

Your way through is blocked by a spider's web. Use your bottle (Flakon) with perfume with the web. Quickly use your dagger on the rocks (Felsen) at the left of the web. Walk to the right and meet mister Dragon. Hit him with your diamond ring...

Go back to town and enter the pub. Talk to Arivald. First talk to the dwarf. Then talk to Arivald. He'll beam up the both of you to Silmanion.

Look around and you'll notice a bird on a brick wall, a book on a brick wall and a pile of stones on the floor. Your goal is to get the bird drop down the book by throwing rocks at him or her. So pick up a stone and throw it to the bird. When you hit the bird, it will start flying. Quickly pick up another stone and throw it to the book. The book starts to wobble. Quickly pick up another stone and hit the bird while it's still flying. When you do this in time, the book will land near Arivald's feet.

Walk passed the remains of the tower (Torreste). Keep on walking to the right. Galador will hurry back because of the bad smell that's coming out the swamp. Go back through the remains of the tower. Use your map to go to the Dragon's Lair (Drachenhöhle).

Use your diamond ring (Diamant Schlagring) with the dragon. Now speak the magic word YUKKAKOPPAMAKKI.

Walk to the friendly girl. Talk to her. In inventory use the Dickmach-Spruch [Making Thick Spell] (Buchseite) with your dagger. Use the sword with the chains (Eisenkette).

Use your map. This time walk to the intersection. Then walk to the left and the Mill (Mühle) will show up on your map. Go to the mill. Walk to the right and enter the mill.

Look through the hole in the floor. When you're finished click on Ausgang. Use the hole in the floor. Your shoulders are far to big to let you pass through the hole. In inventory use the girl. Use the girl with the hole.

Use your map to go to the churchyard (Friedhof). Talk to the grave digger. In inventory use your girl. Use girl with grave digger. Use your Talisman der Nechromanten with the grave digger. Go back to the mill.

Use the girl once more on the hole. To uhhh... help her a little right click on the girl and choose "Öffnen/Stossen"... Look through the hole. Go back to town.

Enter the pub and use your Dickmach Spruch [make thick spell] (Buchseite) with the monk. You have to be very very very quick here. Quickly grab his rope. I wish you good luck with this one:>))

Go back to the mill. Enter the mill and use the rope with the hole. Use the Dickmach Spruch (Buchseite) with the dagger. Use the sword with the hole. Use the rope with the hole. Use the handle of the axe (Axtstiel) with the rope. Use your map to go to the churchyard once more. Give the rat to the grave digger.

Go back to town. Enter the pub and walk al the way to the right. Where the bard has been sitting you'll see a veiled woman. Talk to her. It seems she's waiting for a special poison delivery.

Walk to the dwarf and try to take his bier beer jug. He asks you to step outside for a fight. Before you do so use the girl with the beer jug. When the shameful fight is over, enter the pub again. Go to the Chemist's shop. Go to Silmanion.

Go through the remains of the tower (Torreste). Walk towards the swamp. Use the Schnelligkeitselixer (velocity elixir). Use the beer jug with the swamp. Go back to the pub. Walk all the way to the right and give the beer jug to the veiled lady.

Walk to the dwarf and give him the beer jug. Poor fellow..... Walk back to the veiled lady and give her the beer jug. She'll give you a bag of gold coins. Exit the pub. Pick up the veil (Schleier). Use the veil with the girl...

Go to the mill. Step on the scaffolding (Anlegebrucke). Use the poison with the scaffolding...

You'll wake up in hell. Your friendly girl takes off right away. Use your Schnelligkeitselixer (velocity elixer). Use the Dickmach Spruch (Buchseite) with the dagger. Use the sword with the devil. Go through the entrance.

Read the sign on the door. Go through that door. Walk towards the other devil. Speak to him. To end up in the correct hell choose the third sentence Ich habe Steuern erhoben (I have razed taxes). Notice that the devil is blowing out the black candle.

In this room, look at your left. On the table you'll notice a heavy limb (Keule). You have to take it four times in a row to get it into your inventory. If something goes wrong and you end up near the devil without the limb, just start over again...

When you eventually end up with the devil with this limb, it seems to be made of stone. Use the limb (Steinere Widderkeule) with the devil once and for all :>)). Right click on the devil and choose "Schliessen/Ziehen" to get him on the correct spot. Use the black candle. Pick up his horns. Time to visit the other rooms.

Use the red candle. You can't do anything yet over here. So just wait until you're beamed back. Use your dagger on the red candle. Use the white candle. Notice the glow beneath the cauldron. Use your dagger with the glow. Wait until the glow stops flickering. Then pick it up. Step on the skin (Fell) and wait to get beamed up again.

IMPORTANT: you have to keep the coal real hot (Erhitzte Kohle) from now on by using your burning red candle each and every time the coal isn't that hot again. If you let it cool down to much it will vanish and you'll have to start over again!!!

Go back through the entrance (Eingang). Walk to the right. Examine the coal in your inventory!!! Walk further to the right and you'll see some kind of prison cell. Look through the bars. Watch your coal again!!!

Go passed the passage (Durchgang) at the right side. Keep on walking to the right until you end up in front of a closed door. Watch your coal again!!! Look at the little fountain (Becken). Close the tap (Ventil). Use the horns with the tap. Open the tap. Watch your coal again!!!

Walk all the way back to the little exploded fountain. Pick up the piece of horn (Ein Stuck vom Hörnchen). Watch your coal again!!! Enter the now opened room. Use your hot coal with the fire place (Erloschene Feuerstelle) beneath the cauldron. Quickly use your burning red candle with the same spot. The cauldron full of tar will start boiling.

Look at your left. Take the red doll (Marionette). Use your new suit (Überzug) with the stretch bank. Use the suit on the boiling pot of tar. In inventory combine the horns with the suit. When you're done, exit the room.

Walk all the way back up until you're seeing the green niche in the distance. Use your suit... Talk to the guards. They won't let you pass.

Walk to the left and go through the passage (Durchgang). Look through the bars of the cell again where your girlfriend is hold prison. This has a great idea to get passed the guards.

When you're imprisoned as well you have to remove a huge stone. You can do this by pressing the right and the left button of your mouse very quickly, or by pressing the n and the m key of your keyboard very fast. Believe me, you better use the n and m key. Keep on pressing them very very very fast until the stone is removed. Don't pay attention to the remarks of your girlfriend :>))

When done, just wait for the shocking things to come... When the two of you are beamed up, go through the passage (Eingang) once more. Walk to the right until you're facing this niche again. Then use your suit once more... Hey... devils do have an eye for beauty!!!

In the next room walk to the right to face a very tired Lucifer. Talk to Lucifer. To wake her up use the next sentences:

Hey Lucifer! (Hey Lucifer!)

Es ist eine Schande! (It's a shame!)

Wir wollen Rache! (We want revenge!)

Hallo? (Hallo?)

The end...


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