Hector Badge of Carnage


Hector Badge of Carnage: Episode 1

Double-click on the Mattress, then on the Condom to pick it up. Double-click on the Whiskey Bottle to pick it up. Double-click on the Poster of the lady to reveal the escape hole.
DoubleClick on the Escape Tunnel to get the Spoon
Use the Spoon with the Grate near the bed to open it
DoubleClick on the Grate to get the Evil Foot
DoubleClick the Foot from the inventory to get the Shoelace
Use the Shoelace with the Condom to make a Fishing Net
Use the Fishing Net with the Toilet to get the Paper Clip
Use the Paper Clip to shape it as a key
Use the Shaped Paper Clip with the Cell Door
DoubleClick on the door to get out to the reception

After the cutscene, you will end up in the reception

Talk to the Street Youth, the guy on the bench as responde as below:

"Police. I need to commandeer your trousers"
"No, really. I need your trousers."
"The future of Clappers Wreake depends on your trousers"
"Look, What'll it take to get these trousers?"
"I'll Wipe your record clean"
"We Give Out Asbos like complimentary mints around here, mate. You want real respect?"
"How about indecent exposure"
"Your Trousers"

Once you get the trousers from the perp, use the Bottle of Whiskey with the Coffee Pot near the door.

DoubleClick on the door to get outside. Once outside, exit to the right.

Talk to TrampyTim and after the conversation use the Bootle of Whiskey with Coffee with him. After he leaves, DoubleClick on the Mouthwash Bottle to pick it up. Also double-click on the Crowbar on the Ladder to pick it up.

Go back to the Left and use the Mouthwash with Fatimah, the fat lady. Once a customer pops in, follow them to the Right side. Double-click on the Garter to pick it up.

Return to the Police Station and head inside. Use the Crowbar on the KeyLocker on the wall to your left. Double-click on the Keys to pick them up. Use the keys with the Perp. This will get him in your inventory. Go outside and exit to the left. Use the Street Youth with the Nice Old Lady. This will get him charged.

Exit to the right and use the Keys with the Car. It won't start, so double-click on the Bonnet to open it up and use the Garter with the Car. The battery is flat, so use the Tasered Youth with the Car to charge up the Battery. Double-click on the Car to exit to the crime scene.

After the cutscene, exit to the left to talk to the Terrorist and select anything from the list until you will be shown the option "What Do You Want?
". Choose that and he will give you the list of demands:

Clocktower back in order
Exotico Pornstore shut down
Get whatever the Park Tourist rep needs

Click on the Map on the bottom left corner of the screen, and then close it. Talk to Meeks and select

"Have you made any progress"
"Can't we just throw some money at this worm fart?"

You will be given a Change Jar. Now click on the Map and select the Park destination to go.

Once you get ther use the Coin Jar with Tourist Rep to get Clappers Wreake Breath Mints. Talk to him to get the Who Cares button. Enter the Cottage Park and give the Clappers Breath Mints to the Short Kid. After they leave, pickup the Spray Paint Can. Click on the Map and head for the Porn Shop.

Enter the Shop and pickup the Free Lubricant from the counter. Go Outside and head back to the Park. Enter Cottage Park and use the Lubricant on the Bishop's Staff on the statue. Pickup the Bishop's Staff.

Click on the Map and go to the Clock Tower. Once there, pickup the Dirty Needle on the bench on the left side and use it on the Tower Door. Enter the Tiny Door. Give the Bishop's Staff to the ClockSmith so that you can go upstairs. Go upstairs, pickup the Power Drill on the stool and look out the broken clock Window. Go outside and use the Coin Jar with Change Cup of Busker McCusker and select:

"Do you know Papa's Got A Brand New Bag?"

You will be fiven a Gigi La Gii Handbag. Head back to the Click Tower and Eject the tape from the VCR to get the Video Tape and open the Cupboard and pickup the Moonshine Jug.
Click on the Map to head back to the Porn Shop and use the Tape on the VCR on your left and then click on the door behind the counter but you don't have the code. Go outside and talk to Blind Ali. Select:

"You've been a regular at Exotico for some time now, haven't you?"
"You know how to get past the security door behind the counter?"
"Sigh. I suppose you've got something in mind already"

Leave and head to the Park. Enter Cottage Park and get past the Statue to the right passage way. Double click on the Heroin Addict to pick him up. Head to the Clock Tower and get inside the Clock. Use the Moonshine Jar with the Distillery get fill it up. Head Back to the Porn Shop.

Enter the shop and use the Junkie-In-A-Box with the show owner i.e. Filthy Rich to get the new Sex Doll. Go outside and give the Sex Doll to Blind Ali to get the door code. Go back inside and use the Make Time for Safety tape near the VCR and then double-click on the staff door behind the counter.

To switch off the alarm, double-click on the switch underneath the hand reader. Head upstairs, and use the Power Drill on the X sign outside the window. Go downstairs and use the Hand reader. Go outside and double-click on the big X to pick it up and then on the hatch to get to the basement. Pickup the Frayed Cable. Double-click on the Box with Returns. Turn on the light on the ceiling and use the Frayed Cable with the broken Socket. Use the Moonshine Jar on the Building Support bar near the Dildo box. Now use the Light Switch on the ceiling. Pickup the Wig on the floor near the shop's door and head to the Clock Tower. Go upstairs into the Tower and give the big X to the Clock Smith.

Go back to the Park and enter the Toilets where you found the Heroin Junkie. After the conversation exit the toilets and enter them again. Examing the Empty Stall where the guy was. Combine the can of Spray Paint with the Handbag and then combine the Wig with the Handbag. Double-click on the disguise. When the two tugs arrive select:

"Offcourse i brought the thing"
"Let me just grab the thing for you"
"sure it's in here, look"
"It may LOOK like a packet of silica gel, but actually, it's the thing"
"You tosspot, you dont think im stupid enough to bring the thing with me do you?"
"only an idiot would have actually brought the thing"

Pickup the Briefcase of the Money and head to the park entrance. Give the Briefcase to the Tourist Rep.

End, see you for episode 2!



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