In the Shadow of the Raven


General: in the four corners of the screen can the option menu per mouse click, that Setup, that are called country card and the inventory. After successful actions, new persons appear and objects at single scenes, therefore this more often once search for. Examine everything and with persons emptying reden.

Shortly before the balloon flight, the game froze on my computer. I found a Patch in the FAQS under www. havran. cz of that the bow.


After the flight out of the cloister window, brother Severin in the forest wakes up and makes himself on the search for the sense of the life. It goes to the right and takes a piece of cows of the large tree on the hill with. Further to the right before the door , a watch stands and complains over its itching back. A nail can be brought by the fence. Back in the forest , Severin encounters on a herb woman, who gives a prescription for a back ointment to it. The way towards the top leads to a stream, at whose bank Severin finds a stone and interrupts a branch of the tree. On the hill , the branch is struck on the large stone and decomposes it into a branch and needles. Again in the forest, the resin can be taken out of the tree-trunk with the branch. In the inventory now cows, resin are combined given and and the received ointment of the watch before the Stadttor to needles. Unfortunately the watch releases the way into the city always not yet, but iron hooks be can be brought. Back on the hill, Severin in the inventory combines its


Scarf with the stone and receives a sling with that it now from a distance the watch umhaut. Now the way is into the city free and Severin reached the market place. Here again a stone and a woman lies asks Severin for a bucket water out of the well, that unfortunately the crank is missing. In the store unfortunately without money yet can nothing be bought and out of the Taverne , Severin rausgeworfen becomes because it looks to young. Again on the market place prescht a horseman past and loses a type fact half. The way between the pink house and the store leads scratched becomes a ruin out of its wall by means of the nail a coin. Further to the right on a field , a farmer complains over the laziness of its horse. With the coin, Severin in the store buys now a horse costume and in the visit in the pink house , it finds Makeup that it combines with the horse costume to an original mare costume. With this on the field , the horse is activated and gives the farmer to that thanks to a bowl bean soup. Of the market place out of towards the top, Severin to the smith and to the smith to which he gives the iron hook goes. Without bellows, this can make from that however no crank. The hammer at the wall can be taken, has however no utility and must become again zurückgehängt before the work. Severin plays uses and receives now bellows, in that it the bean soup on itself the crank.

This is secured to the well and can be given a bucket water to the woman. Severin follows its into the pink house and finds at the closet a hair volume that it connects with the type fact half in the inventory to a neck chain. To the left above a way leads to the mill where hay is brought by the market place. It gives and to the right therefrom is an outlook point, from that a destroyed bridge noted becomes to the left by the mill to yet nothing to see. Between Taverne and pink house of the market place, a way to a farm house before which a rope lies leads. Severin gives some hay to the horse and can bring so harmless its tail.

Further to the right the way leads again to the field where out of the manure pile a manure fork juts. It breaks to take it in the attempt, but it gives a thorn free. On the market place , Severin views now in the well and fells in. A secret gear leads itself it into the ruins, where it first once on the chair ausruht. This breaks however and it can four chair legs gathered werden. The leaders to the loft becomes with a chair leg repaired and hinaufgestiegen. A further chair leg becomes benutzt. than a lever for the box here. Unfortunately the box flies through the window, but a dagger lands on the floor in the room below. Back on the market place , Severin on grey beard, that encounters it the cane entwendet. Before the farm house in the mean time a Fakir niedergelassen that a snake swears to has itself. The snake with its neck chain soothes Severin, takes the basket and of the Fakir the glasses whereon this disappears and its flute zurücklässt. Basket and rope become connected in the inventory in order to construct the first step of a balloon. Before the mill to the left now the gauze lies to go that it permitted into the mill. In the mill above the wheel with the third becomes Accommodate chair leg and actuates the lever, around the mill wings in gear to setzen. These hurl can opened the lost box on the terrain and by means of the dagger it and a löchriges cloth taken become. On the market place in the mean time grey beard decomposes becomes time of the Taverne ash and it a visit abzustatten. Previously Severin gets itself out of the forest again with the branch something resin and combines it in the inventory with the tail to a beard. It goes in now into the Taverne and addresses as the first beard and glasses out of to and can look at subsequently everything in this disguise and speak with the Barmann and Seer.

After these actions, the house is opened to the left by the well. Here Severin gives the löchrige cloth and the thorn to the tailor, goes shortly out, again purely, and the balloon cloth is finished and is put together in the inventory with the basket to a balloon. Now only the hot air to the start is missing. On the outlook point, Severin in the inventory uses the glasses on the hay and flies now over the destroyed bridge into the neighbor empire. It lands in a pond with frogs. Six frogs can be caught. To the right the way to the destroyed bridge leads, to the left to a fisherman cottage. The door is locked and calls someone from within around aid. The fisherman is not very obligingly and except a piece drive wood can nothing further found become. At the bank to the rear to the left the boat of the fisherman, that could bring Severin to the pirate ship, but the fisherman does not lie permits it. Therefore Severin goes to the right to a cave, before which a Katapult stands. Something can be brought grass by the left Totenkopf. In order to worry in the cave for light, in the inventory the grass with the drive wood is combined and at the fire before the fisherman cottage this torch entzündet. Now that can become in the cave erkundet whereby a fish network and a rusty key is found. The door of the fisherman cottage is opened with the key and a boy frees, who would like to eat somewhat. To the right behind the fisherman occasionally a fish jumps out of the water, that is caught with the fish network and is given the boy, who sleeps thereupon first once. Severin runs somewhat around, erkundet again the cave and can speak finally with the boy, who tells it something of a medicine man in the mountains.

Severin goes to the Katapult, however alone cannot use it and asks therefore the boy for hilfe. This hurls Severin into the mountains and it lands in one Jungle. Here it takes the costume at itself and speaks gaped with Monika, that it about a telescope on that told. Now the large rock block can pushed under the Liane and become at its hochgeklettert. On that, an intellect appears gaped and delivers a silbernen key to a treasure trunk under water. Moreover some binoculars are taken, through which in the inventory hineingesehen becomes. Severin recognizes approach itself a horde cannibal on lake the village. Monika asks it to warn the villagers and shows arrives it a secret gear to the left, through the Severin through the cave again into the village. Severin goes to the boy and tells it of the cannibals whereon this takes the costume and frightens therewith the fisherman. Now Severin with the boat to the pirate ship can row, takes previously it of the bank to the right another reed tube with. On the ship becomes with the captain spoken until this goes over board. By means of the reed tube, Severin immerses on the sea reason and takes a wine bottle and the second type fact half out of the treasure trunk, that is opened with the silbernen key. Again on the ship in the inventory, the type fact half of the neck chain is added. The wine bottle is given to the drunk pirate whereon this clears the way to the right. Severin takes the shining sign, hangs it on the hooks and uses the giant lamp in order to produce an orifice plate ray. With this, the cannibals become on lake after and after sunk.

Automatically Severin arrives after this action at the cannibal island and ends at the marterpfahl. It frees uses and appears, in that it the stake the appearing little cannibal boss its neck chain, that of this as a boss symbol erkennt. A bulliger cannibal demanded however one shot as a beweis. With arrow and bent equipped, should encounter Severin on a suns goal disk. Severin shoots and aims finally on the bulligen cannibal. One encountered and killed it, a longer Endsequenz in that follows however always yet act one muß. With the little chief speak at the water and take leave. One stands then at the bridge, turn himself to the left and then to the left of the lake next to the shrub the old clothing wiederfinden. Move itself and in the Mönchskutte the bridge to the right diagonally. In the place shortly with the proprietor speak the local, then weiteer to the right and finally into the background to a house with green roof. Go in, use after below and then the medallion/type fact on the rock, that the run blockiert. So the way will see lands into the cloister free, we the end sequence and our hero again in the forest where everything began. Was - all only a dream?

This are a translation from a German Solution :)









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