Legacy: Dark Shadows

by Razbor Studios

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     December 2004


Gameplay:    The game comes in 3 CDs. The manual in .pdf format is found in the program file after installation. It connects to the Legacy the game homepage. The game can be played without the CD in the drive.

The main menu has new, save, load, options, quit and later resume to continue with the game. The options menu has selections for subtitle, description, brightness and music volume controls. The save and load menus has frames that show the graphics of the saves. The saves can be labeled. There are scroll arrows to cycle the frames.

On the game screen, the menu button is at top right and new item for inventory is on top left. Right click of the mouse shows the inventory. Left click on the item takes the item out of inventory. Right click again returns the item to the belt and closes the inventory.

Pressing the space bar skips the intro, cutscenes and dialogues.

The active (green cursor) makes the main character do an action. In close up mode, click the active cursor on edge of frame to go back to screen mode.

The inventory is in a PDA. The log contains all the clues and events. To look close at items and documents, click the middle mouse button or the L on the computer keyboard. The action menu has look, take and talk.


Stalingrad 1941

War room:    In a war room somewhere at the Stalingrad war front, a soldier and Borisov, the journalist is seen. You are Borisov. Right click anywhere on the screen and see that you have a camera in your inventory belt. Check everything in the room. Check the phonograph. Click the active (green) cursor outside the phonograph to back out of close up mode. Look close at the table and see bottle, map and ashtray. How about some vodka? Take the knife. Talk to Ivan, the soldier. A cutscene of an airplane that crashed is heard.

Trenches:     Go outside and check everything. The left ladder goes to the battlefield. Climb the right ladder to the crashed plane. Use the knife on the strange box at middle bottom of screen.

Watch the introduction. You are Ren Silver, a private investigator.


Mars Colony 2138

See Ren arrive on Mars on a space shuttle, ride a bullet train and arrive at the Mars Colony.

Inventory:    Right click and see the PDA-inventory. Right click on the parts of the frame to examine them. On top left is the log that Ren has entered. Below the log are the camera, the Evcoll used to collect evidence and the wire that is a small scramble devise used to unlock doors. The scroll arrows are on the right side of the frame. Read the log at top left.

Maglev station:    Talk to the woman about the places to visit here. Move the cursor to right of screen and note the way to a corridor. Go up to Plaza.

Plaza:     The places to go to at the plaza are the Al Azif's Shop, MPD - the police station, the tree and the Hotel area.

Tree:    Read the marble plaque under the tree. See that the tree has blue fruits called Blue tooth. Use the camera on the tree and get photo of Blue Tooth. See a girl reading something. From here, you can go to Miner's Roopa, the bar at right, down to Plaza and left to Hotel.

Hotel Area:    See a boy with an interesting robot puppy. Enter Hotel Ares. Talk to the robot receptionist at right. Your room is #17, first floor, first door on the left. Take the elevator on the left of screen. Enter room 17 at right of screen.

Room 17:    You can open and close the window. See a camera outside the window. Look close on table. Read the flyer about the Mars Surface tour. Click on the computer switch on the wall and see a computer open on the desk. Check the battery. Go down to the lobby and talk to the robot receptionist about the tour. Miss La Tour is in charge of the trip to the surface. Exit the hotel. Look at hotel front and note the camera is pointed to the Tree area.

Miner's Roopa:    Enter the bar and click on bar. Talk to James, the bartender about things you've read on the flyer at the hotel and about the tree. There's only one cobalt mine left.

Al Azif shop:    Look at any shopping box. Use the scroll arrow on the screen to see what are available to buy. Click buy to get the GlobMars. You will buy only what you need.

Hotel:    Go back to the hotel and talk to Miss La Tour. The next tour is in 4 days.

Plaza:    Go back out and walk out to the plaza, click on the green arrow by the police dept. and get a call from Hacker. Ted has been kidnapped. Ren goes back to earth.



Ren's Office:    The inventory has a gun and a knife. Look close at the table and take neutron bullets. In inventory, combine gun and bullets. Look at things in the office and on the table. Exit to the hallway.

Hallway:    Look at items in the hallway. Enter the laboratory on the left.

Laboratory:    Look around. Look close at the analyzer and take the influenza medicine. Read the note from Charles and check the drawer and computer. Exit the lab and enter the elevator.

Building foyer:     Talk to Willard the doorman. Exit to the street.

Street outside the office building:    Go to the car - its' dead. Winny sends a taxi. Enter the taxi and see 2 destinations on the screen: Dawson & Steehl Offices (your building) and Dolphin at Red Alley. Click on Dolphin.

Red Alley:    Look around and then enter Hacker's place at bottom left.

Hacker's place:     See a dolphin swimming in the aquarium. Talk to a wired Hacker. Ted was kidnapped with a scientist of the Albert Hawking Institute, Prof. Harper Lee.


Albert Hawking Institute:

Ride the taxi to the Institute. See a blue car outside. Enter the building and look around. Talk to the red headed woman and learn that the 80th floor office of Prof. Lee is sealed with laser by the police.

Suitcase:     Click on the suitcase on the seat beside the worker in blue. Talk to the worker in blue until he leaves to check on the van outside. Look close at the suitcase (briefcase) and click on the lock. Take Universal synchronous repair device. Enter the elevator.

Professor H. Lee's office:     Look close at the laser locked door of Prof. Lee. Use the repair device on the panel (switchboard). Enter the office. Look around.

Evidence:     Look at the broken mirror on the corner table. See blood on the broken glass. Use the Evcoll on the blood to get blood sample. Note the broken vent on right wall and broken monitor at the table. Look close at the footprint by the trash can. Use Evcoll on the possible oil on the footprints to get strange sample. Leave the building and go back to your building, Dawson & Steehl.

Laboratory:    Use the elevator and go to the lab. Look close at analyzer.

        Analysis - Insert the blood sample and automatically get an analysis data. Right click the analysis data in the PDA - it is Prof. Lee's blood. Press the L key on your keyboard while the analysis data is selected or click the middle button of your mouse to see a full view of the analysis data. Read the analysis data. Insert the strange sample in drawer. Check the PDA inventory again and right click the new analysis data - it is an oil stain. Read the oil analysis data. Learn that it is rocket fuel and that the last known user is the Acme Power Plant.


Acme Power Plant:

Take the taxi to the Acme Power Plant. Look up at the fence on the building on the left. Click on ventilator and note that there is power on a shutdown plant.

Open the power plant main door - Go to the plate left of the large door. Flip all the 4 buttons to the on position and see the numbers cycle. Use the wire from inventory on the hand panel and see the hand panel turn green. Pull back and enter the large door.

Inside plant:    See a growling creature at the rafters of the plant. Go to the entrance at right part of screen and see a robodog. Use gun on robodog. See a danger marked panel to the right of the entrance.

Factory hall:     Go through entrance and see the clone creature on top of the Danger High Voltage tank behind a chain linked fence. Go to the trash barrels on top of screen. Take broom at right of barrel and screwdriver from top of right barrel. Use broom 2xs on trash on floor left of the barrels. Take tongs (pliers) under the trash.

Removal of clone:     Go back (exit) out to the danger panel right of door. Use screwdriver on panel and see disconnected wires. Use tongs on the open board. Watch Ren fix the connections and the electrocution of the clone. The clone disintegrated.

The Professor:     Go back to the chain linked fence and use gun on chain of the gate. Go deeper inside and see the bloody Prof. Lee guarded by a robodog. Talk to Prof. Lee. Shoot the robodog. Talk with Prof. Lee again.

Albert Hawking Institute:    Go down to the taxi and go to Hawking Institute. Go up to Prof. Lee's office. Talk to Prof. Lee. The documents are sketches of a space station, have Seal of League Nations and are dated March, 2020. The National Archives buried underground after the Great Explosion might have a copy of that document. Off we go to the old part of town.


Old part of town:

Click on the Metro St. (abandoned) destination in the taxi. Talk to homeless man. Go down the Metro. Take hammer from the cab window. Go to the tunnel.

Tunnel:    See a monster rat blocking the tunnel. Take the saw leaning on the wagon. Look at the cobweb and the flabby brick above the rat. Use the hammer on the flabby brick and the bricks will collapse on the rat.  Go to the door.

Use the saw on the door chains. Enter and go to the bulge on the left via the wooden bridge. Go to the cave on the right. Look at the skeleton and take the chart from his hand. Go back across the bridge and go down the stairs in the foreground.

Cathedral:     Enter the cathedral. Look at Holy Water. Go forward to the altar and look around. Talk to the old priest. Learn about the great explosion and radiation after effects. Go left under the gallery into the passage. See a locked door. Go back and talk to the blind priest again. Exit the cathedral and go right to the passage.

In front of the National Archives:     Talk to the homeless by the fire. He has the flu. Trade the flu medicine for the key. Go back to the passage in the cathedral.

Passage:    Use key on locked door. Look around at entrance to the catacombs. Go left to the catacombs.


Go forward and take planks by the 2x4s. Continue to the left.

Go right to the passage and take rope in front of ancient language plate.

Click the back arrow and now take the left passage. Take the empty bottle from a niche on left wall.

Go left to catacombs. Go forward to pile of rocks. Take the big rock that is at the middle of the pile (screen).

Click the back arrow and go bottom left of the screen.

Go forward and right to passage from the screen with a door on the right. Take the hose behind the barrel.

Click the back arrow and now go left to the catacombs. Take iron pipe with a hole from the niche on the right.

Go forward to the passage. Go left to passage and see barrels that have fuel inside. See that the right barrel has a vent.  In inventory, use empty bottle with hose. Use hose & bottle on the vent to get a full bottle of oil (black gold).

Click the back arrow and go right to catacombs. See a hole on the wall. In inventory, combine rock with pipe with hole. Then combine it with the rope to make a sledgehammer. Use sledgehammer on wall 2xs. Go up the stairs to the archives.

Archives:    Take the time to look at the different books on the shelves. Look at the extreme right shelves. On the bottom shelves of A. Hopkins, take the gray document book. Oops, the door slid down and locked us in.

Archive door puzzle - Look close at the 3 circle locks. The object of the puzzle is to place all the lines to the 12 o'clock position. The left circle moves the left 1 space and middle circle 2 spaces. The middle circle moves all 3 circles: left 2 spaces, middle 3 spaces and right 1 space. The right circle moves the middle 1 space and the right 2 spaces.

Solution - Click the right circle 3 times and the middle circle 7 times.

Spider - Leave the archives and the catacombs. Use the planks on the ladder and climb up. See a giant spider. Place the full bottle of oil on the floor below its right legs. Watch.

Ren's Office:    Go and talk to Hacker. Learn about the corruption and the connection with the Rope colony in Mars.


Mars second time around

Hotel Ares:    Talk to robot twice about the room and the missing tourist pictured outside the hotel. Go up to your room and try to open the window. The window is stuck. Tell the robot receptionist to fix the window.

Mars Police Department:    Go to the MPD. Talk to the Marshal. You can go to the surface by yourself if you have a suit. You can get a suit by persuading a miner to lend you his suit. Note the cabinets and monitors behind the Marshal.

Tree:    Take the Hotel Afrodita leaflet from the bench and learn about Mr. Grant.

Miner's Roopa:    See that the bar is closed. Go to the passage right of the bar.

Hotel Afrodita:    Enter the hotel. Read the leaflet on the counter. Talk to the doorman. Go to left and up the hallway. Notice an article about missing people on floor under the MARS poster on left wall. Enter the front room on the left. Talk to Onehand Grant. Learn about the cobalt mining.

Miner's Roopa:    Go back to the plaza and see that Miner's Roopa is now open. Talk to James, the bartender and learn about the miners at the lower level.

Miner's entrance:    Go down to the Maglev station and go right to the corridor. Talk to the robot guarding the door to the surface. Check the miner's entrance on the left. It needs a palm print.

Miner's Roopa:    Talk to James and for a bribe he mentions about John the electrician. Go to booth and talk to John. He wants fruit vodka in exchange for a jammer.

Fruit Vodka:

Store - Buy spray can and water.

Hotel room - Open window now that it is repaired after talking to robot receptionist. Use spray can on camera. Go down and talk to the Marshal who is checking about the water on camera.

Tree - Take the blue fruit.

MPD - Click a bottle of water on Ren. She drinks it and get empty bottle. Go to the cabinet and click door open. See a vodka bottle at middle shelf. Click the empty bottle on the vodka bottle to get vodka. Click the full bottle of water on the empty vodka bottle on the shelf. In inventory, combine fruit and vodka to get fruit vodka.

Exit and go to Miner's Roopa. Look close at booth and read John's note.

Exit the bar and go right to passage. Enter Hotel Afrodita. Talk to doorman and ask about Drunk John.

John's room:    Go upstairs and left to hallway. Enter the front left room. Look at 2080 calendar. Talk to John and get scanner jammer. Batteries not included.

Hotel room 17:    Go to your room at the hotel. Look close at table, take duct tape from table and click on computer switch. Use knife on computer battery. Take battery. In inventory, combine battery and scanner jammer to get charged SJ.

Miner's entrance:    Go to Maglev station. Go right to the corridor and to the miner's entrance. Use the charged SJ on the panel left of door. Enter.

Warehouse:    Take the hand held drill on floor right of dynamite boxes. Go up the stairs and look at the ZX48. Take crowbar leaning on the rail. Go down and enter the locker room on the left.

Locker room:    Look close at the screen on the right to see the Duty Roster. Note that Karen Harris is off duty. Look for Karen Harris' locker - it is at right foreground. Look close at Karen Harris' locker. Use crowbar on locker and take space suit.

Mars Surface entrance:    Go to the robot guard and click on the door to the surface that he is guarding. Automatically wear the space suit in the red chamber. Click on door to Mars surface. Get a phone call from Hacker about the Marshal's involvement with the corporation. You need to get in the Marshal's safe. There's a passage from Miner's Roopa to Marshal's place.

Check Marshal's safe:

One hand Grant's room at Hotel Afrodita - Look close at the drawer by the window. Take dynamite from middle drawer.

Marshal's place - Exit the hotel and go down to dark alley. Go forward until the yard fence. Go through the yard fence and the Marshal's door.

Meet and talk to Mary. Use duct tape on Mary. Look close on desk and take matches.

Enter the bedroom on left. Use knife on picture of Marshal on wall. Use the drill on the safe just below the black knob. Insert the dynamite on hole. Light the dynamite with the matches. Read the December 3, 2131 document about the memo to the guards and abducted people to the mines at Pallas Asteroid by Miriam de Balueda.

Pull back and Oh - Caught!

Aboard a cargo ship to a prison planet, Hacker intervenes and diverts the ship to the Asteroid field. Dolphin says Hi!


Cargo Ship

The cargo ship passed through a meteor storm and got damaged.

Storage:    Click on box at right foreground. Take glove and baseball bat. Click on box at left foreground and take liquid nitrogen tank. Use the liquid nitrogen to freeze the door. Then use the baseball bat to break through the door.

Hallway:    Go through door and look close at monitor. The ship's computer is malfunctioning. Click on bottom hallway twice. See a door blocked by lasers. Click on the monitor on wall.

Barrel puzzle - The computer will remove the laser if you play the game. The object of the puzzle is to move 6 barrels to the warehouse, light colored squares using the robot.

Use the keyboard arrows to move the robot located at bottom left, one square at a time.

3 left barrels go to left warehouse and the 3 right barrels go to the right warehouse.

Go forward bypassing the hallway with the control panel on the wall. See another monitor that controls the 2 laser walls.

Line puzzle - The object of the puzzle is to get all the lines horizontal. Marry me, Ren.

The circled lines are control by the 4 sets of arrows at bottom of puzzle. 2 or more circles are turn by the arrows. Study which directional arrow moves what circles and deduce the sequence to press to make a straight line from end to end.

Solution - Numbering the set of arrows at the bottom L-R as 1-4: # 1 - click right arrow once, #2 - click left arrow once, #3 - click left arrow once, #4 - click right arrow once and #4 again - click left arrow twice.

Go to left hallway and take wrench. Back up and take right hallway. Enter Command Bridge.

Command Bridge:    Take flight stick from the keyboard of monitors on the left of screen. Click the monitor and see another puzzle.

Pipes puzzle - You have to arrange the pipes from the supply on the left to the hangar on the right.

Exit the command bridge and go down the hallway. Go right to the hallway we bypassed earlier that has a control panel by the corner. Use the wrench on the monitor on the right wall to remove the laser beams. Go forward to shuttle bay.

Shuttle bay:    See a shuttle below at the shuttle bay already facing the bay door. Go left of the platform and enter the command room. Look close at command desk. Use the gloves on the stock (lever). This lever controls the bay door. Go back to the platform and down the stairs to the shuttle bay. Go left twice to get to the shuttle. Notice a console to the side.

Shuttle:    Look at lower left in front of left chair. Place flightstick on flightstick place. Click on screen to start shuttle. We need fuel. Go outside to that console. Use wire scramble device from the PDA on console. Now there's fuel to go. Enter the shuttle and click on screen. Watch the flight to the asteroid.


Asteroid Pallas 2138

Wasteland:    Go right to wasteland and see vehicle with a dead...ly driver. Take can of oil from top of vehicle. Go left and then left again. Go left to Hillock. Nothing to do here. Go back to wasteland at right. Go to bottom of screen to get to hill and base.

Base:    Go to the entrance at center of compound and talk to the robot guard. No way inside through here. Go back to yard and then to the hangar on the right.

Hangar:    Go to the backdoor at right of building. The pipes bring sound of trapped miners. Use oil on valve on wall. Use the wrench to turn the valve and this opens the ventilation duct.

Air duct:    Go through the ventilation duct. Click on door switch to open the storage panel. Take the map of the ventilation system. Go through hatch. Enter the pipe on right wall.

Ventilation system:    Go forward and take the left opening 5xs to get to pipeline. The entry is marked with radiation signs on the wall of the maze. Climb the ladder on the left. Try to take the wire cutter on top of the box. It's too hot in here because of the steam. Climb down and use the wrench on the now active red valve. Climb the ladder again. Take the wire cutter. Climb down the ladder again. Go ahead towards the ventilator. Use the wire cutter on the distorted ventilation on right wall. Enter the hole.

Platform:    Go to platform and see a top view of Ren and robot guard on floor. Take the rock and watch how Ren took care of that guard.

Hall:    Go down the stairs at top left of screen. Go to Hall by guard. Take the keycard by guard. Use the wire from the PDA on the locker left of the office door.

Office:    Enter and read the 2 documents on the desk. Hmmm. No human guards in the compound and the invincible soldiers are built here at the asteroid. Go to the safe and use pink keycard on the control board. Take card with photo. Exit office and go to elevator at bottom left. Enter the elevator.

Tunnel:    Go forward on the tunnel and see a barrier. Go back to the elevator and go left to climb the ladder to the metal structure. Use the wire on the console and this will raise the barrier. Go back down the ladder and go through the tunnel again.

Clones:    Go to the drill ahead. Be sure to click on drill. Go forward through the tunnel and see a wall. Click on wall and Wow, that's exciting.

Ren finds Ted. The clones are destroyed.



Hacker:    Talk to Hacker and find out that JB Corporation is behind the clones and the Borisov heir is on the documents that got Ted kidnapped.

Gunman:    Click on the abandoned State Prison destination in the taxi. Enter the State Prison building and forward on the hallway. Talk to Gunman twice. In exchange for the Crogun, Gunman wants Behn White, a security chief of the JB Corporation reminded of the money he owed Gunman.

JB Institute:    Click on JB Institute (top left) destination. Go to the monitor in front of building. Click the tab on top and look through the management lists of JB Enterprise. Click on Supp(ort), then Security and see Bhen White is one of 3 security chiefs. Click on Bhen White's name and talk to him.

State Prison:    As your taxi arrives at the State Prison, another car was leaving. Go down the hallway and see that Gunman is dead. Take cabinet key by his right hand. Go down the hallway. Enter the cell on the left. Look close at closet. Use the key on the cabinet and take the keycard. Go back to the warehouse door at end of other hallway close to the entrance. Use keycard on locker. Enter warehouse and look around. Take the Crogun at foreground. Exit the building.

JB Corporation:    Click on JB Corporation destination. Go to entrance and forward to the hallway. Enter the warehouse door and take the worker's clothes on the bench. Exit now wearing worker's clothes. Where did she hide the Crogun? Go back and enter the elevator.

JB's Office:    Look at Danger sign left of door guarded by robot. Use Crogun on robot. Enter the office. Talk to blue gowned secretary. Look close at desk and see a workbook with the word - Stalingrad at bottom right. Talk to secretary again. Read the computer data - Jevgenji's Diary. Ren learns that the sleeping chambers of the army are in an old military base in Russia.

In 1930, Japanese scientist discovered an injectable anti-aging substance. Germany requested the aid of Japan due to concerned about their soldiers in the cold Russian climate. In December, 1941, Dr. Mengel, in charged of the Institute of Hereditary Biology received a package from Japan. It was to be delivered to Germany aboard a cargo plane that will fly over the Stalingrad war front. Jevgenji Borisov, a Russian journalist at Stalingrad war zone found a crashed plane with a wooden box. In 1976, Borisov realized what the files in the box contain and made a serum for himself. He became immortal. He built himself an empire. In March 2020, he made a deal with the League of Nations to conquer the Universe. He took matters in his own hands in the year 2100, when he initiates the factory for making the cloned BioRoboSoldier (BRS) on asteroid Pallas.


Stalingrad Military Base 2138

Look at the forest. Go to the military base.

Yard:    Go to the yard and see that the tank is blocking the tunnel entrance. Look at the empty barrel just in front of the tank. We need to look for explosive.

Trucks:    Go the trucks at the left side of the yard. Look close at right truck and click on handle to open the truck door. Take the grenade under the seat. Look close at left truck and take the hook from the box under the truck.

Mine field:    Go through the fence to the minefield. See a top view of the mine field. Click on the ground by the fence to make a hole. Click the ground all over the mine field in search of mines. Pick 3 mines. Some mines can not be picked up.

Yard:    Go back to yard and place the 3 mines on the empty barrel. Then place the grenade on the barrel with mines.

Tunnel:    Enter the tunnel. Go forward and look close at the truck on the right. Take the rope in front of the truck.

Chasm:    Go forward and see a chasm.  Combine the hook and rope to make a grappling hook. Click the grappling hook on the metal structure above the chasm.

Door:    Look close at jeep and take the high explosive (H-E) from the ground. Look close at door. Use knife on hole left of door to remove the grill. Place the H-E on the hole. Watch!

The End

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