Society of the Serpent Moon

Last half of Darkness (# 4)

 Len Green                15th December 2009    





         This walkthrough describes ALL the actions which you must take in order to complete the demo.  However there are many other aspects and actions in this demo which are not needed in order to complete it.  These have not been included

        Nevertheless. please don’t use this walkthrough unless you absolutely have to.


NOTE :- In the text, all objects which are acquired and entered into the inventory are written in


All objects which are taken & used from the inventory are written in





*****  The demo opens with some  non-interactive ominous intro-scenes.

*****  After that, the interactive-demo starts off in a room with a chest of drawers on top of which are a menu, an ashtray and a telephone… as well as other items.

*****  Open the drawer to the chest of drawers.

*****  Take the remote.

*****  Look at the round smoke detector over the door.

*****  Press the button if you like.

*****  Click on it to turn it over.

*****  You don’t need it but you DO need its battery.

*****  Take the battery.

*****  In inventory, examine the remote, turn it over, and insert the battery into its rear holder.

 *****  The door is closed.  Open it and exit the room.

*****  Walk through the landing and down the stairs to the reception area

*****  Look at the boxes behind the reception desk.

*****  Notice that in box # 19 there is a VHS tape.

*****  Pick up the VHS tape.

*****  Look at the dresser.

*****  There is a screwdriver on the dresser.

*****  Pick up the screwdriver.

*****  Return up the stairs to the room you were in at the beginning of the demo.

*****  There is a room which can be seen through an open door.

*****  There are things that you can do there --- but none of them are actually needed for completing this demo!

*****  However, amongst other items, there are a couple of very ghoulish objects there which, although not essential to complete the demo, nevertheless indicate horrors to come in the full game itself.

            [[[ “These bolt cutters are covered in blood”.

                    “That’s Wendy’s ring… she would never take that(it) off”. ]]]

*****  There is another room which is a bit less obvious.

*****  Just walk near to the bed… actually to the bottom right hand corner of your monitor screen.

*****  Enter the room.

*****  Approach the TV.

*****  Pick up the bucket on top of the TV.

*****  Look at the paint above the TV.  It is completely oxidized  --- i.e. the paint is burnt… apparently caused by the TV set running much too hot and hence not working!

*****  Return to the room you were in at the beginning of the demo.
*****  Again go through the door to the landing.
*****  See an ice machine to the right of the door.
*****  Look at the ice machine.
*****  From inventory, fit the bucket into the ice-dispenser.
*****  Look closely and see a plate hanging loosely by one screw.
*****  From inventory, use the screwdriver on the screw to loosen the plate.
*****  Look closely at the electrical circuit which was concealed by the plate.
*****  This is a puzzle which must be solved.

N.B. There is more than one solution

*****  If you have trouble solving this circuit puzzle, see the solution at the end of this walkthrough.
*****  You have solved this puzzle when all six red lamps are lit up simultaneously.  When this is achieved a bell sounds and the green lamp which was inert at the side lights up continuously.
*****  Exit the puzzle.
*****  The button on the dispenser lights up intermittently.
*****  Press this green button.
*****  Watch the ice filling the bucket.
*****  There is now a bucket  full of ice in inventory.
*****   Return to the TV set.
*****  In inventory, press the red power button on the remote, and the TV flickers on.
*****  From inventory, insert the VHS tape into its slot at the bottom of the TV.
*****  Watch the horrifying taped scene on the TV.


Hope you enjoyed it and will play the full game when released.

The Circuit Puzzle.

       See the graphic below!      

         There are six lamps scattered around on the circuit board.
There is also a supply which has to light all six simultaneously. This source is situated in the very centre of the board.  Each (other) square on the board contains one component which can be rotated by clicking on it.  Each of these components has either 2 or 3 connectors attached to it.
         In order to light each lamp, you must rotate components until there is an unbroken connection from the source to each particular lamp.
         You have solved this puzzle when all six red lamps are lit up simultaneously.  When this is achieved, a bell sounds and the green lamp  (which was inert) at the side of the board lights up continuously.

                            N.B. There is more than one solution … and this one is not necessarily the best!

Circuit Puzzle




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