Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring

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Table of contents

  • Introduction to the Walkthrough
  • #01 - Hobbiton
  • #02 - Bywater
  • #03 - Green Hill
  • #04 - Forest Labyrinth
  • #05 - Withywindle Path
  • #06 - Barrow Downs
  • #07 - Bree
  • #08 - Weathertop Hill
  • #09 - A knife in the Dark
  • #10 - Troll Shaws
  • #11 - Rivendell
  • #12 - Hollin Gate
  • #13 - Labyrinth
  • #14 - 3 passages
  • #15 - 2nd hall
  • #16 - Abyss Fight
  • #17 - Lothlórien
  • #18 - Orc Dam
  • #19 - Amon Hen
  • Appendix

    Introduction to the Walkthrough

    First of all I would like to express my feelings regarding this game. I was not sure if I would dare to even play it, as I was afraid it was a rather dull game, and that it would ruin the nice picture of the Shire, as well as the other places I had already built in my mind after years of reading, and loving Tolkien's works.

    But the game was not that bad as I found out after playing it for a bit. Yes some have been added in order to make the game more fun to play, but these changes are not that big, so it does not go too far away from the book itself. The playability met my demands at least, even though there were some problems during my travel through the Mines of Moria. Also the AI of the companions could have been a tad better, but it did not ruin the game too much, and to sum it up, it's well worth the time, to sit down and enjoy.

    This walkthrough does not contain each and every small event that occurs throughout the game, but concentrates on the bigger ones, or those whom need more attention in order to solve.

    To learn more about the wonderful world of J.R.R. Tolkien, visit this page; The Hideout of Imladris - it's huge.

    Hobbiton / Bywater / Green Hill

    Ah, where it all starts, and being able to walk around in the Bag End, taking a look at all them things that you have read about all these years, well I am just happy they got it quite correct as the picture I had built myself after reading about Hobbiton, Hobbits and such. The game starts as Gandalf speaks to Frodo about the darkening hour, of the One Ring, and of Sauron. He suddenly notices that there are someone outside of the window, and grabs after it. Sam comes through the window, and as a "punishment" for his eavesdropping, Gandalf appoints him to be a companion of Frodo when the latter is setting out of the Shire on his big quest.

    You need to collect a few items in the Bag End before going of to Bywater, to sell your lovely Bag End to the Sackville-Baggins. The Deed, which you find in one of the bedrooms, and the key, which are located out in the hall, right before you go outside. In order to get to Bywater, just follow the road, over the bridge and you will reach Bywater.

    Lobelia Sackville-Baggins is located in the house on the other side of Bywater, when you first enter through the gate. When first talking to her, she will just insist that you go hit the bell that is located in the middle of Bywater; just go there, throw a rock at it, and return to Lobelia. Now she will happily accept the Deed of Bag End. Your task now is to get back to the Bag End, and get the One Ring, which is located in the other bed room.

    Go out again, and move along to deliver the key, right before you get there, you will see that there is a Nazgūl asking questions about you, and this cinematic moves on. You deliver the key, and now, its time to run, run along the path, over the small hill and down to the road below. Watch out for the Nazgūls that are sweeping the roads. A head you see the bridge to Bywater which you need to cross, there is a Nazgūl standing guard there, run towards it, and hide behind the Mill. The Nazgūl will come and look for you, as it would have heard you. Throw some rocks further up the road (mouse button 2) and wait until he goes to see what the noise was. Then sneak around the corner, and over the bridge (hold down shift to sneak).

    In Bywater you will have to face a wolf, use your walking stick, and beat the wolf until its dead. Advance through Bywater, out the east gate and into the Green Hill. Here you will face a pack of wolves. And there are two ways of escaping them. One is to use the One Ring (if so, beware the purity meter in your upper right corner, if it's too low, the Nazgūl will get you), the other, is to simply try to outrun them, which often works as well.

    You then walk on, and you will soon see that another Nazgūl is blocking the road, in order to pass him, you will have to follow the stream downwards, hide behind the big rock, and throw some rocks back up the road you came. The rider will then go to see what the noise was, and you can then sneak past him, and over the bridge (so sneak, hold down shift while walking).

    Congratulations, you've reached Farmer Maggots Farm, where Pippin, Muntiadoc and Sam are waiting for you, and you will soon find your self in the Old Forest.

    Forest Labyrinth / Withywindle Path / Barrow Downs

    You have reached the Old Forest, your companions Pippin, Muntiadoc and Sam have disappeared, and you need to walk around in the forest in order to find them. The road may appear blocked, but just walk around a little, and you will see it is suddenly are open. Beware of the spiders that lives in this forest, they can do much harm, but if you just go at them with your stick without stopping, you can easily defeat them. You will find your companions without much struggle, and make sure you pick up all the mushrooms you can find, as you will need it later in the game.

    After a walk, you find yourself under the leaves of Old Man Willow, and before you know it, Sam is a sleep, and Pippin and Muntiadoc are trapped inside of the tree. Throw a rock at him, in order to get past his roots without getting hurt. Then, avoid his "hands" which slams to the ground, and hit his hands with your stick, as soon as they touch the ground, and keep on doing this, while running back and forth from one side to the other, without getting knocked to the ground. After doing this for a time, Tom Bombadil appears, and puts Old Man Willow to rest.

    Then help Tom Bombadil to collect 11 lilies to Goldberry, the task is simple, just make sure you walk along with your companions so that it is easier to fight off the spiders you encounter.

    After collecting all these lilies, Tom Bombadil takes you home to his house, where you after a short rest, walks on to the Barrow Downs. The walk there are filled with lots of dangers, first you and your companions encounter wolfs, but these are easily beaten. Then during the night Muntiadoc, Pippin and Sam disappear, and you (Frodo) are left all alone, and will have to fight ghosts on your road to find your friends. These ghosts are harder to beat than the other enemies you have encountered so far. The best way to beat them is to run around, hit the ghosts, then fall back, and continue this until they disappear. The ghosts usually come in packs of 3 at the same time, and make sure you do not get caught in the middle of those three.

    Then at the end of your travel through the Barrow Downs, you are facing a Barrow Wright. You can not beat it with your walking stick. You will need to climb the wall behind the Wight, and get the small blade of Westernesse that is in that chest up there. When fighting the Wight, make sure you keep moving all the time. His breath is dangerous, and the best way, is to hit and run, and continue with this, until Frodo starts to sing Tom Bombadil's riddle. Tom Bombadil then arrives, freeing your friends, and banishes the Wright. And follow you until you reach the town of Bree.


    When arriving in Bree, the first thing you need to do is to enter the Prancing Pony, and get a room from Barliman Butterbur. After that, go to speak with Strider and here the game changes view. You now control Strider, which needs to go out to first find Muntiadoc whom are missing. When you enter the streets, packs of Wolf have been released, and there are also men out there, half orcs and alike, whom want to kill you in order to get to the hobbits. You will have to go find Muntiadoc, whom are located down the main road and in a back yard. Then fight off the wolfs you find, kill the four men that stands in your way, and collect some items that are needed in order to fool the Nazgūl later that night.

    The items are spread around the whole town, one item is located in the Stable, two others are located near the south gate, and the last item is located in the guard room, around at the north gate. Collect these items, bring them back to the Prancing Pony, and watch the cinematic while the Nazgūl wrecks havoc at your decoy.

    Weather top Hill / A knife in the Dark / Troll Shaws

    The walk to Weather top is nothing difficult. You will face some minor enemies on the road, but those are easily fought off. The challenge begins when you arrive at Amon Sūl, where a big troll resides in the ruins at Weather Top. In order to kill this troll you will need to be light stepped. Run around, make quick attacks, withdraw and run around. Concentrate, as the troll does much harm, and he only needs a few hits with his club before you die. Also, if you got a lot of cram, then you can also run up behind him, and slash him with your sword until you are pushed away, this will attract damage to you, but it is a far more effective way to kill a troll.

    After this, you are attacked by the Nazgūl and Frodo gets wounded, and later that night, you are attacked again, and you (Strider) will need to fight them off using fire. But do not leave Frodo as they will kill him, and take the One Ring. Hold a stand over Frodo, and fall out to attack them, instead of just waiting for them to attack you. And make sure you are not trapped with Nazgūl on all your sides. Keep on fighting them off until they give up, and withdraws.

    You are now near Rivendell, just a final struggle before you can enter the wonderful house of Elrond Half-elven. You will encounter Orcs, which you can easily kill, and also, you will face three trolls, first a single troll along with some Orcs, use the same tactic as I explained above, then later, two more trolls. I do not have any good explanation on how to get past these. Just make sure you got the Hobbits with you when you arrive here, and just do your best attacking/avoiding and with some effort you can get past them. Right after you've killed these Trolls, you will meet Glorfindel, whom places Frodo at his horse Asfaloth, and Frodo barely manages to escape the Nazgūls whom haunts after him, but are wiped of when the river that encircles Rivendell arises and washes them away.

    Rivendell / Hollin Gate

    Nothing specifically happens in Rivendell, the Counsel of Elrond is held, the Fellowship of the Ring is formed, and Bilbo hands you some of his precious belongings. Most of the events in Rivendell are cinematic, and you can just sit back and enjoy.

    After some time, you continue your quest, along with the Fellowship of the Ring. You here play as Gandalf while fighting your way towards the East gate of Moria, nothing spectacular, just a lot of Orcs that needs to be taught some manners. The real struggle comes when you arrive at the East Gate, while Gandalf is occupied trying to figure out how to open the doors, you then play as Aragorn, and you will need to protect Gandalf from the watcher in the water.

    In order to manage to stun this creature, use your bow, shoot at his tentacles and eyes, run back and forth avoiding his attacks, and keep on doing this until you have managed to stun this creature. Then Gandalf will have managed to find the correct word to open the gates, and your journey through the Mines of Moria is at hand.

    Labyrinth / 3 Passages / 2nd Hall / Abyss Fight

    Moria is filled with puzzles and Orcs. The orcs are easily killed, and does not attract much effort. But in large groups, they can get quite dangerous, so make sure you let your companion do a lot of the work. In the beginning you control Gandalf, and when you enter a big hall with the rest of the company, you there need to find a way out. While the others are fighting the Orcs and trolls that attack you, you walk over to the Statue in the middle of the room. Here you will notice that there are four buttons around it, and four stones. Use the 'use button' usually 'E' and 'Enter' Hold it down, while you use your walk forward button 'W' and place the rocks above these buttons. After all buttons have been pushed down, a door will open, and your quest further on continues.

    When you reach Balins Tomb, Frodo and Gimli gets trapped in the 2nd Hall, and needs to find a way back to the others. The first thing you need, is to run across the big hall (being Frodo) jump over the cracks in the floor, and climb up, kill the archer that guards up there, and pull that blue rock of the very edge. Climb back down, jump back over the cracks, let Gimli take care of the Orcs, and go to the rock you just pushed down. Push it over the button, and the Door you need to go through in order to get to your friends is opened. The problem is that you are still far away from that door, and need to fight your way to it.

    Some time later you reach a place where you have huge ladders. Frodo needs to climb these ladders, avoid the Orcs that guards up there, run across, climb down on the other side, and pull the switch in order to open the bridge, so that Gimli can pass. Beware that when you climb down that ladder and touches the ground, there are a few Orcs coming up behind you, so make sure you quickly open the bridge, and run across to get aid from Gimli.

    Then just walk on, until you are back with the rest of your companions.

    Some later you will face the Balrog, the view is now put to Gandalf, and in order to fight the Balrog, you need to cast the Lightning spell at him to stun him, and while he is stunned, attack him with your sword, slash him three times, withdraw, he awakens, stun him again, and keep on doing this, until Gandalf breaks the bridge. If you need health or more power for your spells, then you can either use your inventory (if you have been a good player and collected on the road) or get from the other side where the rest of the companions awaits you. Finally, the cinematic takes over; Gandalf destroys the Bridge, bur the Balrog takes Gandalf down with him into the deep. The companions now get out of Moria, and find them selves soon in the beautiful forest of Lothlórien.


    Lothlórien is as Rivendell, mostly just cinematic. Enjoy the fine cinematic, and take the short time you have in Lothlórien to explore what you can. You will also be looking into the Mirror of Galadriel, both you (Frodo) and Samwise Gamgee. As well as the Fellowship will regain their strength before setting out again.

    Orc Dam / Amon Hen

    Before you can sail down the Anduin with your boats, you need to kill the Orcs/Trolls that hold the shore. You (Aragorn), Gimli, Legolas and Boromir can easily defeat the enemies that is holding the shore, and you will soon find your self travelling towards the very end of this journey (for now that is..) but right before you are heading of, one of the flying Nazgūls arrives, and he takes of with Sam (which he mistakes for Frodo). Your departure is cancelled as you will need to go hunt for Sam and the Nazgūl. You control Aragorn, while Frodo follows. The way up on Amon Hen, is crowded with Orcs and Trolls, and the best tip would be just to try to fight your way up, using the technique that I taught you earlier in this walkthrough (Weather Top hill).

    The last struggle to get up on Amon Hen, when you take control of Frodo, is just to run, run past all them Orc Guards that is trying to close the way, and all the way up on the top. When you reach the top, the view will change back to Aragorn, and just use the same way here, just run past all them Orcs, as it is easier and faster. Killing them would take time, and after fighting of all those Trolls, you might not have enough power to manage many battles.

    When arriving at the very top of Amon Hen, you control Aragorn and are facing a flying Nazgūl. The first attack would be when he's on ground, and then you could simply attack him, just making sure you avoid his black breath, as it drains your power quickly. Then the Nazgūl will take of, encircle you around Amon Hen, and try to attack you by sending balls of Black Breath down on you. Avoid these balls, and shoot at him, standing on the Throne, when he flies around. Do that for some time, until Legolas finds a good spot, and sends of the arrow that kills the beast.

    You have now finished Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring. Congratulations.


    As I said in the introduction, I have left out parts that I do not see important. The walkthrough is written as I finished the game, and is just an example on how you can finish it. I hope this little walkthrough was of some help, and that you enjoyed reading it.


    Red - red@kriminell.com




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