Midnight Nowhere Walkthrough

by Andreas Perfora’tus
March 24, 2004

First off, there are four icons at the top of the screen that comprise the user interface. For sake of brevity and consistency I have called them in order of left to right: Look Talk Take Touch.
Movement between locations in the game is facilitated by either clicking the “Hot-Spot” where the cursor changes to an arrow, or by “Touch”ing the various doors on the screen. In this walkthrough sometimes you need to travel in a direction that can best be described by stating the direction the cursor/arrow points when you move the mouse to the hot-spot. In this case I will just give the direction as: Left Right Down or Up.

If you right click with the mouse you can open and close your inventory. Whenever you open the inventory, the “Take” icon is the one that is defaulted to. This is not always the icon you wish or need to use. SO after the inventory  has been opened simply click on the icon you wish to use and then click on the object you wish. Also, some items can be combined by first “Take”ing one item and then -before- closing inventory “Touch”ing another item.
A note about passwords: regardless of what they look like in the game, all lowercase letters are accepted.
This walkthrough will get you through the game quickly, but you’ll miss much of the dark humour and story if you don’t stop to look around and explore on your own. There are things to do and read that are not essential to the outcome of the game, but add to the dark, bleak, futuristic atmosphere.

Surprisingly enough I even found the game quite enjoyable the second time through while I was writing this walkthrough as the story made more sense and I picked up on subtle clues I had missed the first time through.
And so it begins...
After the opening intro and you’ve unzipped the bodybag and stepped out onto the floor, take note of the very first clue in the game: the number on the tag by the bodybag – 270871.
Find the desk and take the microscope. Beside the desk, on the right, is a cabinet with an axe. Take the microscope from inventory and break the glass. Take the axe. Look carefully at the shards of broken glass and take one.
Elsewhere in the room, there is another cabinet with three glass doors. The door on the right has a skull inside. Click to open that door and look at the nudie picture on the door. There is a note about an “Emergency Password = 654321” written on the back.
To the Left of the glass display case is a smoking electrical panel. You need to use the axe to pry off the door. Examine the smoldering fuse and remove it. Go LEFT twice to the AC Unit. Use the axe to cut the cable to the left of the AC unit.
Now comes the first tricky inventory manipulation. Right click to open inventory. “Take” the glass shard. When it appears in the upper right corner   of the screen, and before you close the inventory panel, click the “Touch” icon (the 4th icon). Then click on the cable icon in the inventory panel to strip the insulation off the wire. Simple, no? Now that you’ve mastered the tricky technique, you’re on your own to combine items for the rest of the game. :)
Find the three body bags. Open the body bag on the right. “Touch” the cadaver’s hand and the arm falls out of the bag. Take the axe and chop off the thumb. Cool! I always wanted to try that. Now go to the middle bodybag and unzip it. Listen for the clue, “There’s some kind of hospital worker bagged up here.” Examine the body’s wrist for another clue: An “Ariel” tattoo. Yet one more clue lies by the feet: A tag with the number 100001. Its not really necessary to the solution to open the first body bag, but go ahead anyway. There’s a tag there, too, with the number 906090.

Go back to the fuse panel. Take the bare wire from inventory and put it in where the blown fuse was removed. The sliding door panel comes to life and you can now exit the area. Find the elevator and press the UP button and you’ll find yourself on the 3rd floor.
  3rd Floor
Exit the elevator to the right and find the door with the fingerprint scanner. Use the pathologist’s thumb to open the door and enter the room. Look at the slit in the flooring and take the key. Also take the key that is hidden under the lampshade. Look at the desk to zoom in close and use the axe to pry open the drawer. Under the paper in the drawer there is a Blue Swipe-card. Take it. (I didn’t need to tell you to, did I?) Okay, lets see what there is to read on the shelf... ?? And I thought the dead bodies everywhere were scary! Yikes!!! The book second from the left has a Red Swipe-card tucked inside it. You know what to do... yes, take it.
Exit back to main hallway and cross over to the receptionist’s desk. Around behind the desk is the Chief Doctor’s Office. Enter and locate the fax machine. “Touch” the AUTO button and the green light comes on to indicate it is ready to receive calls. Next, search the dead doc and take his business card. Aha! Now we can send him a fax at 9-45-11.

Exit back to main hallway and find the door that opens with the Red Swipe-card. Its the “Entrance for Terminators” only. (Inside joke if you listened to the message on the fax/answering machine.) Anyway, go on in, and look at the monitor on the left wall. Password is “ariel”. Click “Current Passwords” and then click “Checkroom” to learn the password “928374”. Exit back to main hall.

Go back into the room you first opened using the thumb and fingerprint scanner and locate the keypad. The number 928374 will get you inside this door. Once inside, look under the mat to kind a key. It goes in the “lock” with the red light - the one closest to the bottom of the screen. Under one of the mugs is the key to the other red-light lock. Use the keyboard. Click “Morgue” and then “S.S.Belov”. The password is 270871. Click “Personal Belongings” and a compartment in the wall behind you opens up.

These must be your personal belongings. Take the Electronic Notepad (which I will call E-pad) and read the newspaper clippings to understand more of the plot. Notice another icon has been added to the top of the screen now - the E-pad. The E-pad will automatically record important information for you and will flash green to let you know whenever it has done so. Open your inventory and “Touch” the pen. It becomes a set of keys. Okay, I don’t quite get it myself, but maybe they do things a little differently in
Russia. :)

Anyway, go back to main hallway and find the door with the “Antiquated Lock”. Use the key with a #1 on the tag to open it and enter. Search the shop coat to get a flashlight. Dang! It doesn’t work. Look at the cabinet to the left. Read the note that mentions a girlfriend that will help find the fuse. Take the magnet for yet another clue: “Can even find iron through paper.”

On the bench behind is a screwdriver, which you’ll need shortly. There is also a safe obscured by the fallen curtain. Use the double keys to open the safe. Inside the safe there is a piece of paper with a color code on it: BYRGR is the code for the Central Locking Unit. Go back to the main hallway and use the last key you have on the door to the right.

Click the “Down” arrow hot spot and find the VCR which is right below the monitor on the right side of the screen. Take the videotape and go back once more to the main hallway. Find the Staff Lounge and the Blue Swipe-card will grant you access.

Inside the Staff Lounge use the magnet on Victoria Lollipop to find out she is hiding a key. Where? One can only imagine. Examine the chair and take the Remote control. Click the “Right” arrow hot spot and use the screwdriver on the radio. Its just to the right of the Globe Lamp. You get a battery. Only one? Argh! Use the Remote control to turn on the TV. Put the videotape into the VCR. The VCR is in the wall unit below the plant.

Watch the video and pay attention carefully. The lights on the keypad extinguish in the following order: 260731. Then someone comes and takes out the circuit breaker. Go to Kolya’s locker and use the key you got from Victoria to open it. Open the little box inside and you find the missing circuit breaker. Exit back to the main hallway and find the double doors at the end with the presently dead keypad.

Use the screwdriver to open the panel and replace the circuit breaker. The code for the keypad is... were you watching carefully? 260731“Touch” the double doors and you find yourself magically whisked away to the 2nd floor.
  2nd floor

There’s a dead guy blocking the elevator doors. Drag him clear. Hot-spot time: Down. Right. Open closest door on the right and enter. There’s a guy covered up with a sheet on a table in here. He’s got a scalpel sticking out of his neck. Aww, why can’t I finish cutting his head right off? Oh, OK, I’ll settle for taking the scalpel with me.

On the floor to the left is a dead nurse, Lara. Examine her carefully. There is a “lucky” tiny key around her neck. “Touch” her right hand a couple times and take the condom. Condom? Yup, condom. Yeah, okay.

Exit back to the hallway, and find the washroom. Fill the condom with water to make a - uhm, well, a really bloated condom filled with water, a.k.a. water balloon. Head back to the 3rd floor and go back down to the end by the elevator. There is a door tied shut with rope. Use the scalpel to gain entry.

Across the room there is an electrical panel, conveniently left open. Thrown the water balloon at it and short it out to stop the fan. Cross over to the other walkway and search the body. You’ll get a gun and an ID tag. Head back to the Staff Lounge.

Use Lara’s key to open her locker. Oh my! Use the screwdriver on Lara’s toy and take the battery. Now that you’ve got two batteries you can get the flashlight working. Make your way back to the 2nd floor and find the re-animation room. Its the one beside the Cardiology sign.

I pause at this point to mention that here is the first major Bug/Special Feature of the game. The room is totally lit when you enter, but you still cannot do ANYTHING. Well, I lied. You can do one thing. “Take” the flashlight and use it on the lightswitch. The switch is right between the door and the hanging jacket. Ah, Light. What an improvement. :D

OK, “Touch” the jacket until you find a big key. “Down.” Examine the body’s hand and take the cartridge clip. Put the gun and cartridge together. Now I’m armed and dangerous.

Go back to the room where you found the videotape on floor 3. There’s an unopened safe there. But not for long... Use the big key and take the floppy disk. Slide on over to the “Terminator’s” office and examine his desk. Right below the ashtray is a slot for putting, no, not fingers, floppy disks. Back to the monitor, type “ariel” and click “Floppy Drive Access” then “Fax” then type the number to the fax machine. Do you remember what  it was? 94511 OK, let’s go get our fax.

Note Katzman’s code on the printout: “9994”. Now off to the elevator on the 2nd floor. Look at the keypad and use Katzman’s ID tag to activate it. Enter 9994. Oh dear, now what was the “Emergency Code” again? Oh yes, 654321. How could I forget? Click to go to the 1st floor. “Left.” “Up.” Shoot the lock off the door to the registration office.

Once inside play Guillotine with the window on the left. Way Cool. I could get to liking this. Go outside the office and around to the other side of the Registry Window. Examine the carpet in front of the window to move it and reveal a trap door. Open the trap door to reveal a valve. Turn the valve off.

Find the still-steamy bathroom. Examine the body’s right hand. Your E-pad flashes and makes a note of the fact that MM=2000. Go over to the locker and use the code 2000 on the keypad to open the locker and inspect the dress to find... “another key.” Exit this room and find the double-doors, which exit the hospital. Use the key on the locked panel beside the exit doors, and zoom in. Press the lettered buttons as follows:
  1st row - B
  2nd row - Y
  3rd row - R
  4th row - G
  5th row - R

The indicator at the bottom of the panel changes to “OPEN”. Exit the doors. Watch the Cutscene and you’re going to jail.
  ** Jail **

This next part is a bit tricky. It is complicated by the fact that whenever the guys lean over the table to look at their cards, the hot spots sometimes disappear momentarily.

Talk to the Skinny Guy. He says, “Pick yourself a cot.” There is an “UP” Hot Spot over the barred window above the table the two guys are playing cards at. Click there.

In order to get through this next part the quickest, do this in the order I have written it. “Look” at the TOP LEFT bunk. Fatty says, “This is my cot, see.” “Look” at the LOWER RIGHT bunk. Fatty says, “Make up your mind and fast, see.” “Look” at the LOWER LEFT bunk. Fatty says, “So what, didja pick?” “Touch” each cot. Each time Fatty says, “This is my cot, see.” Now “Look” at the LOWER LEFT bunk again. Fatty says, “So what, didja pick?” Click the “Down” hot spot to back up once. Talk to the fat guy and say:

  First: Where’s my place?
  Next: It’s Unfair.
  Lastly: All the cots are yours?

Listen to the lengthy dialogue. Zoom in to the radiator below the window. Touch the bread slices to find a razor blade. Good thing I didn’t just gulp them down. Back up, and examine the table leg with the label on it. Down on the floor are some scattered cards. Take the one closest to you, the Jack of Spades. Look at it and find it is too blurry to read easily. Now look closely at the label on the table leg and use the razor on it to find another card behind it, the Ace of Diamonds. Read the riddle on it.

Next look closely at the pillow on Whip’s cot and “Touch” the thread to take it. Back up, and lift the corner of the Lower Right mattress by touching the cot right below the hanging socks. Zoom in, take the wire, and zoom out.

Zoom in on the sink and remove the handle from the cold water tap. Over to the left, in the corner, are the water supply lines, each of which have valves on them. Use the handle to turn them both off. “Touch” the hot water faucet and it turns upside-down. Open your inventory and “Touch” the wire to create a hook. Combine the hook with the thread to create a makeshift fishing line. Use the fishing line on the inverted hot-water faucet to find another card, the Eight of Clubs. Read it. Zoom out and away.

Zoom in on the toilet tank and flush it. “Touch” the siphon inside the tank to remove it and use the hook to fish six more cards out of the pipe. Make sure you “read” the clue on each one. Give the Eight of Clubs to Whip. The Answer is 44.

Give the Ace of Diamonds to Whip. The answer is 5. Talk to Whip. Tell him to “Hand over your glasses.” Talk to Whip again. Ask him, “Won’t you lend me your glasses?” Give Whip any one of the six-card set and answer, “BATMAN” and you get the glasses. Look at the Jack of Spades closely now to see it is clearly readable this time. Give this card to Whip and answer, “BALZAC”.

Talk to Whip yet some more. When Whip and you finish your conversation, go and knock on the cell door to get the guard’s attention. Knock again and ask about “Grub”. Knock again and accuse the guard of being the source of the stink that you smell. Knock once more and Demand that he bring you his woman. Knock still one more time and ask him if “he’s sick of it all yet?” Knock one last time and you are taken to the interrogation/torture room for a bit of questioning before ending up in the punishment cell.
  Punishment Cell

Reach through the door and grab the scissors and the bandages. Use the scissors to cut the cot and get some cotton fibers. Open inventory and “Touch” the scissors to make a hook. Combine the bandages and the hook to make another fishing line. Who knew you do so much fishing in jail? Use the hook to fish a gun from the dead guard.

Move the garbage can over to the other side of the room and climb up onto it. Grab the thread that’s tied to the bars of the grating to pull out a rubber glove full of some red liquid. Combine the cotton fibers with the red liquid and put the soaked cotton on the cell door lock. Shoot at the lock with the gun and you are free of the confines of the cell. Exit to the hall.

By the dead guard is a medical kit that can be searched to find Dimedrol Pills, and a vial of Liquid Ammonia. Enter the middle cell on the right and take phone from the corpse. Exit to the hall, and enter cell 101.

Inside you’ll find Grinya pinned to the wall with his shiv (knife). Take the knife and exit the cell. Grab the fire extinguisher and go “Left” to look through the closed bar-door. Use the fire extinguisher on the red button beyond to make the door open. Enter the fingerprinting room and grab a blank fingerprint sheet from the shelf on the right wall. Press the other red button to open the other door and leave the room.

Take the pool cue from the pool table. Look closely at the locked door on the left. It has an ID number, “30461”, which gets recorded in your E-pad. Zoom out, and exit to the top of the screen. Zoom in to T.S. Maslova’s desk. Zoom in on the day planner and note 2 things: the number 8381, and the word “floralife” **Bug alert - Not only does your E-pad incorrectly record the number 8381 as 8181, but it actually looks more like stst.** Read the official paper on Maslova’s desk to obtain the clue that she writes her passwords on things on her desk.

Enter the bathroom on the left side of Maslova’s office and open the closed stall door. Frisk the body within to get what else but another key.

Return to Maslova’s office and take the newspaper that is hanging on the wall at the top of the screen. Slide the newspaper under the locked door and poke the key out of the lock using the knife. You automatically unlock and enter the new room. Continue left through the room and rummage around
  in the pockets of another dead body to find a magnetic-strip card. Ugh! Shouldn’t I wash my hands after touching all these dead bodies?

Go back to poolroom and exit through the doorway on the right. Swipe the magnetic-strip card in the reader to open the interrogation/torture room and enter it. Zoom in to the safe on the right and look at all 5 of the folders. Notice a clue: Roy Makarovich Golovan is the dead guy we lifted the phone off of.

Examine the desk and make a set of your own fingerprints. Exit the torture room and examine the two desks if you’d like. They are only red herrings, but the blatantly obvious password for Inspector Salami is “elvira” and the somewhat confusing password for Inspector Stoidze is “sag”. I only figured it out because of looking at Maslova’s desk not zoomed in and the name bar reads “Maslova T.S.” and Stoidze’s password is his monogram, or initials, which in Russian format would be “Stoidze A.G.” or “sag”, not “ags” like in English.

Head back to Maslova’s office and enter the computer room through the open doorway in the upper left corner of the screen. Put the fingerprint sheet on the scanner, and use the computer to scan the sheet. The file will be saved as “Scan49”. Open the mailbox and select “Send Message”, then select“Scan49” and select “T.S.Maslova”. Head back to Stoidze and Salami’s office.

Go to the barred door and type 8381 into the keypad, which then fries. Use the pool cue to press the button on the desk beyond the door and it will open.

Use the Computer. Select “Maslova”, enter “floralife” for the password, and click to read the email from OSM. Click also on the “Incoming file - Scan49” and click “Save Attachment”. Now go to the Internet. Go to the “garbage” website. Click to read the news and your E-pad will make note of the word “Stuff”. Click on “Access for Agents” and click “Karesko” whose agent number your E-pad tells you is 17653007. (Yes that funny looking squiggle that looks like a backwards 5 is a 7.) The next password needed is stuff”.

Click “Fingerprint Identification”, click “Scan49, and your E-pad flashes again and auto-records your own agent number - 17789006. Click the“ back” button twice, and log-in as “Gorin” using the number 17789006 and the password “eldorado”. Click on “Special Door Opening”, then on “Black Lake”, then on “Police Department” and enter the number on the door = 30461. The door will now be open to you. While you are still logged in, click on “Cellular Communication”, “Roy Makarovich Golovan”, and “Activate Subscriber” to re-enable the cell phone.

Head on out to the “Special Door” and enter it. Use the Ammonia to wake up Whip. Dialogue occurs Give Whip the Dimedrol. More Dialogue occurs. Continue through the room to the hall by the holding cell where the dead ladies are. Use the pool cue on the handbag to drag it close enough to be searched. Keep searching it until you get a cigarette.

Exit through the red door on the left and take the paper, lighter, and disk from the dead guy. Note the code written on the paper - “GRDA25”. “Touch” the dead guy’s hand (here we go touching dead people again) and note the code on his watch: 2308.

Enter the door on the left, examine the paper shredder to take the partially shredded paper and look at it to learn the code “KAY52”. Time for yet another dead body frisking to find a shattered cell phone with its battery hanging out. Remove the battery from it and put it in your phone. Examine the stereo on the floor and get the CD.

Return to Whip and give him both the cigarette and the lighter. Dialogue occurs. Now he wants Cocaine. Argh! Go to the room with the turnstile and the phone that rings incessantly. (You can choose to answer the phone or not.) Go “Left” through the doorway and use the Key on the second door, the one without the sign on it. Inside is a little table, bolted to the floor, with a red top. Take the packet of cocaine from it and return to Whip and give him a snort of the white stuff.

Dialogue occurs, Whip expires, and your E-pad flashes to let you know you now have a phone number that you can call to reach Stupor - 2-43-43.Call him now. Dialogue occurs.

Go back to room with the ringing phone and the turnstile and exit through the left doorway. Time to explore the room with the sign on the door, the one where the smeared blood trail leads. Move the sign on the door to reveal a keypad. The code is 2308.

Inside the room is another computer console. The password “grda25” gets you into the system. Click “Belov” and enter the password “kay52”. The Floppy disk and CD are auto-removed from inventory, and your E-pad flashes and records a number - 8032000 (another red herring). Behind you is a now partly opened drawer that contains the cartridge you promised to obtain for Stupor. Take it and call him back. Tell him, “I really did find it” and then answer “Orange with a yellow stripe.”

Make your back to the Cell Block past the fingerprinting room and knock on the cell door on the left side of the hallway. It might be a little hard to see as its partly obscured by the open bar-door.

The old guy lets you inside, so chat him up a bit. Look on the table and find the newspaper. Open the page to see the crossword puzzle. Talk to the old geezer again and tell him, “I guessed the word” and answer “Nebuchadnezzar”.

You auto-walk down the stairs, and there is only one exit - up the ladder at the end of the passage. You climb out of a manhole into the street and thus begins the final Cutscene leaving many questions still unanswered. But then again, that’s part of what makes a truly memorable mystery haunting, isn’t it?



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