3D Point-and-click adventure puzzle game wrapped in cinematic 2D cut-scenes.
After a concerning message left on Rob's answer-phone from his panicked-sounding twin, Nick, he rushes to his brother's office to try and find a hidden mask.

Not long into the search, things take a very dangerous turn...
Who is the dead man in the newspaper article? What is so important about this mask? And where is his brother?
Mirrored - Chapter 1 is the first part in this escape-the-room style trilogy.

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Chapter 1


Walkthrough by XBL Laberbacke

First part, light from the desk lamp
Take torch, left of the old TV
Take left side of polaroid from corkboard
Take Latin note from corkboard
Take business card from corkboard
Take pocket knife from shelf above desk
Take pencil from cup on desk
Take right side of polaroid from wastepaper basket
Take nametag from wastepaper basket
Take keys (brass, unusual) from keyboard right of the bookshelf
Use brass key on desk drawer (Take magnifying glass from drawer)
Open book
Use pencil on book, _OLU_E FI_E
Take translator from drawer
Use translator on Latin note
Look at Latin note
Take lighter from drawer
Use laptop, password "faced" (bookshelf, order 6, 1, 3, [5], 4), read through e-mails
Combine Polaroid halves (in journal), look at it


Second Part, torch/UV light
Look at shiny object on floor below grate
Look at grate
Use pocket knife on screws
Take small key
Use small key on lock inside desk drawer
Take another right half of Polaroid from secret compartment
Take UV bulb from secret compartment
Combine torch and UV bulb
Combine Polaroid and second right half (in journal)
Look at skull, look at bookshelf
Take book with symbol found on skull (bottom row, to the right)
Open book, take tooth
Use tooth on skull
Take ancient key from skull
Look at wall between bookshelf and painting
Look closely at marked brick
Use pocket knife on marked brick
Take decorated key
Use decorated key on lock on the left side of the globe
Take rolled note from globe
Use translator on rolled note, read note


Third part, ending
Try using the phone
Look closely at wastepaper basket
Use lighter on wastepaper basket
Move green painting
Look at painting on the right, Orange, Purple, Black, Green
Look at the ATLAS file in the folder below the green painting
Green = W, Orange = S, Black = SW, Purple = E
Safe combination 8 (S), 6 (E), 7 (SW), 4 (W)

Take mask
Use ancient key on mask
Use the door



Chapter 2 ???


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