Mozart: The Conspirators of Prague

aka The Last Secret]


Walkthrough by ShinjiGR - ver. 1.0

1. The inventory appears by moving the cursor to the upper part of the screen.
2. The Journal button gives you access to your journal with information sorted by chapter.
3. The Menu button gives you access to the main menu with the save/restore functions.
4. The Padlock button sticks the inventory bar to the upper screen even after the mouse cursor moves away.
5. The Sever button is the de-combine/open button. You can use it to get things out of things you have in your inventory. If you're stuck somewhere it's probably because you forgot this action.
6. The Book Of Harmonies button that appears at a certain point in the game gives you access to some puzzles/mini-games you need to solve in order to progress in the game.

Unfortunately the game has a couple minor bugs.
- If at some point you find yourself unable to exit a location or even move Mozart, you'll have to load a previous savegame and if it happens again this time try to do things in different order.
- In some chapters the descriptions of the objects in your inventory may change places. For example the bread will be called watch and the watch will be called bread. Don't worry! In these chapters you won't need any of the items with the reversed descriptions and the following chapters their names will return to normal.

* Walkthrough *

Chapter I
The dream. This is the intro sequence.

Chapter II
You wake up in your hotel room. You need something to feel better. Look around your room. Get the unfinished music score from on top of the bed. Go to the harpsichord and play a little. Open the cupboard and get the large spoon and the empty boiler from inside. From the bookcase you can get a candle. On the table there is a pouch you can take. On the fireplace there's a hook. On the dresser use the coffee grinder and then get some ground coffee. Now it's time to make coffee. Use the empty boiler on the pitcher of water near the wardrobe to get a boiler full of water. Then use the hook on the fireplace. Next put the ground coffee into the boiler with water to get cold coffee. Now hang the boiler with the cold coffee from the hook in the fireplace. Use the large spoon with the boiler and then the spoon with the hot coffee with the empty bowl on the table. Now you can finally drink some coffee from the bowl.

The bell rings. You can't open the door 'cause it's too dark. Use the candle on the fireplace and then on the candlestick on the table. Now open the door. It's the owner of the hotel and wants his money. Ask him about any rumors and about Mazzini. Then use the sever icon on your pouch on your inventory to get your timepiece and a keyring. Give your timepiece to the owner.

Go downstairs and talk to your manager. He wants you to finish the divertimento. Back upstairs and use the unfinished music score on the ink and quill on the table. A mini game begins. You have to put the notes in the correct place. Their position resets after each try but the music score remains the same. Unless you know the music score or you can deduct them by your ear it's simple trial and error. After a couple of tries you complete the divertimento. Go down and give it to your manager.

Now you must make arrangements to get to the castle. Go outside the hotel and talk to the hotel owner who is sweeping the road. Then go the coach driver. You can't understand his language so go back to the hotel owner and ask him to translate. When he is translating for you ask him about rumors, then about the ride to the palace and then agree to pay after the performance. Now you're ok, so get back to the hotel, talk to the manager and select to go to the Opera.

Chapter III
You need to find a baton and the first part of your divertimento. Talk to the receptionist and then go left to the lobby. Enter the music parlor. Look at score and get the grains from on top of the piano. Examine the chair near the perch and get the letter slipped in book. The Book of Harmonies button is now activated in the inventory toolbar. Examine the pillow on the couch and get the feather fan (range). Get out to the lobby. Alexa is here. She asks for her feather fan so give it to her. She gives you the first part so use the beginning of the divertimento with the ending to get the complete score. Go outside to the lobby and then to the director's salon. Talk to the man sitting on the bench and ask for the Kappelmeister's key. You go in his box. There's a coat on the rack where you can get a conductor's baton. Go out to the lobby and then to the entrance hall and now go to the lobby on the right and the music hall. Use the complete score on the musician's lectern and the conductor's baton on the conductor's lectern. Now a mini game begins. It's simple. You only have to keep the end of the baton inside the circle as it moves around. After the rehearsal try to leave. Alexa and Haufer are there. Talk to Alexa and then to Haufer. Ask for your payment and tell him you must go to the Castle. He asks for the baton back so give it to him.

Chapter IV
You're back at the hotel. Talk to the shop owner at the left of the screen, Ask him about rumors and Figaro. He recognizes you and gives you a wooden flute as a gift. Go inside the hotel. The owner asks you to remove a pigeon from your room. Talk to the owner and ask him about rumors and Joseph II. Go upstairs and look at the pigeon. Use the grains from your inventory on the empty bowl on the table. Look at the bird. It has a message from your Masonic Brothers. Open the Book of Harmonies and press the "read the score" button. You now have to play a conductor mini game again. The better you play at this mini game, the more easier it would be to decipher the message. If you make only a couple of mistakes you'll need to remove only 5 letters in order to crack the code. Leave the code for later. You still need to make the pigeon leave. Open the wardrobe and get the empty boiler. From the table by the entrance get the hardened wax and use it on the embers in the fireplace to get softened wax. Go downstairs, exit the hotel and walk towards the coach. The fountain is broken. Use the softened wax on the wooden flute to get a softened flute tube and then use it on the fountain to repair it. Now use the empty boiler on the fountain to fill it with water. Go back to your room in the hotel and use the boiler full of water with the empty casket near the wardrobe. The pigeon drinks the water and returns on top of the wardrobe. Now open the window and the pigeon finally leaves the room. Go downstairs and now you're ready to go to the Palace. Exit the hotel and approach the coach. Talk to the coachman and give him the money. Now it's time to decipher the Masonic code.

Go to the Book of Harmonies and press the "decipher the message" button. The weird symbols you saw on the grid and the on the score in the previous screen have nothing to do with it. There's a grid with letters from which you have to remove X letters (according to how well you played the conductor mini-game earler) in order to make sense of the message. The letters are read from left to right and from top to bottom and there's nothing to indicate the space between the words or how many words are in the message.
The message is: Number Three Is Sacred.

Now that you have deciphered the message just look at the coach to go to the Palace.

Chapter V
You're here to meet Dr. Mazzini. Get the music sheet from the table. Talk to the guard posted outside the door. Ask him about rumors, Mazzini and Joseph II. Then enter the room. There's another guard outside the King's room. Ask him about rumors and Joseph II. To the left is Dr. Mazzini. Talk to him about Mazzini, Joseph II and Music for the Emperor. Now you must play reconstruct one of your previous works and play it for the Emperor. Open the wall cupboard and get the inkwell and quill from inside. Use them with the sheet of paper. Now use quill, ink and paper on the office table. A music score mini game begins. After you finish it you have the concert for the emperor in your inventory. Go to the harpsichord and use the concert with it. Unfortunately it's out of tune. Talk to the guard posted outside the bedchamber and tell him about the out-of-tune harpsichord. He'll give you a tuning key.

Use the tuning key on the harpsichord and a puzzle begins. You can raise and lower the pitch of a note by turning the dial on each string left and right to tighten it or loosen it. You can hear the sound of a perfect A note, how the harpsichord currently sounds and how it's supposed to sound with the buttons on the right. First adjust the A note on the piano to match the sound when you play the tuning key. Then adjust adjust the rest of the piano notes by ear until the piano notes match the correct notes. When you tune the harpsichord correctly Dr. Mazzini tells you that the Emperor is feeling great.

Chapter VI
You arrive at the Masonic Lodge. Talk to the man leaning on the table. He's Peter Englander. Ask him about the origin of the Mason Rite. Then talk to the man sitting on the couch. He's Keller. Ask him about the Mason Rite. The door on his left is locked. Nothing to do there. Open the door to the boardroom where Ilan Havel is leaning against the wall and ask him also about the Mason Rite. Now get back to the main hall and talk to the guard outside the Venerable Schultz's Office. Talk to him about Schultz, the Mason Brothers and the Free Mason outfit. Use the curtain with the Mason logo on it and get the scarf and Masonic apron. Now go to the Founder's parlor. There's a blindfolded man by the piano. Talk to him. Get the Meter of a Free Mason from on top of the table and the Free Mason compass from the base of the bust. There is curtain on the back. Pull it. You can't open it for now. Go back to the main hall and talk to Englander and Keller about the unsavory apprentice. Get the mirror from the small table by the wall. Then go to the Founder's parlor and talk to Havel about the unsavory apprentice. Back to the main hall and talk to the guard posted outside Schultz's room. Tell him about the Masonic outfit but he says that you're missing the gloves. Talk to Englander but he doesn't have a spare pair. Talk to Keller next. He will give you his gloves if you prove your knowledge. He asks you to solve the Enigma of the Temple.

Talk to Englander about the Enigma and a new puzzle in the Book Of Harmonics. Open the Book of Harmonics, go to the next page to activate the puzzle and press the "Read the Score" button to play the conductor mini game. Like before the better you do in this mini-game the easier it will be decoding the message. After you pass the conductor mini-game press "Back to the book" and then Decipher The Message.
The solution is: Force And Stability.

Talk to Keller again. He wants you to solve the Pillar puzzle and he gives you a key. Go to the Founder's Parlor and use the key on the cupboard. Get the Clockwork of Stability and the Clockwork of Force from the two drawers. Then join the two clockworks in your inventory to make the Clockwork of the Temple. Go back to the main hall and use the Clockwork of the Temple with the Sculpted cupboard by the wall. Time for another puzzle.

The pillar is divided into four pieces. Each piece can has two pegs which can hold a cog each. On your right there are 6 cogs. 1 with 50 teeth, 1 with 40 teeth, 2 with 25 teeth and 2 with 10 teeth. There's also a button that starts the mechanism. Placing a cog on a pillar piece and pushing the start button will move the pillar piece accordingly. The objective is to align all four pieces vertically in the middle.

The solution is:
Upper Pillar piece - Upper peg: cog with 25 teeth, Lower peg: empty.
Second from the top piece - Upper peg: cog with 50 teeth, Lower peg: empty.
Third from the top piece - Upper peg: cog with 10 teeth, Lower peg: cog with 25 teeth.
Lower Pillar piece - Upper peg: cog with 10 teeth, Lower peg: cog with 40 teeth.

After you finish talk to Keller again and he finally gives you the gloves. Combine the gloves with the scarf and apron to get the Masonic outfit. Go to the Founder's Parlor and use the outfit with the folding screen in order to wear it. Back to the main hall and talk to the steward about Schultz. You can finally see him. Inside talk to Schultz about, Joseph II, Leopold and the unsavory apprentice. He gives you the poll coffer. You must set it up for the voting to begin. Get the Free Mason Hammer from the table by the wall. Go outside to the main hall and talk to Englader about the Masonic Tools. He gives you the Masonic triangle. Go to the boardroom and talk to Havel about the Masonic tools. He says the correct order is the ruler, the compass, the square and then the hammer. Now use the poll coffer on the empty base and then the Meter, the compass, the square(triangle) and the hammer. After you finish get back to Schultz and tell him about the Masonic Tools.

Time to vote. Talk to everybody. Schultz and Keller vote Yes. Havel and Englander vote No. You are given a white and a black ball. Use whichever you want on the poll coffer.

Chapter VII
The apprentice Anton Epoch is lying on the floor. Talk to Havel, Englander and Keller. No one has anything interesting to say. Look at Anton Epoch. You must find a way to check if he's still alive. Use the mirror on him. He's dead. Now you need to investigate. Get Anton's score from the floor and use it with the inkwell and quill on the table. Time for another music score mini-game. After you solve it you get Anton's corrected score. Use it with the piano-forte.

Go to the main hall and talk to Havel. Then go to the Venerable's office and get his key from on top of his desk.
Return to the Founder's parlor and use the key with the locked grille (roast) in the back. Examine the reliquary. Leave and go to the boardroom. Here get the Mason tools and use the triangle with the compass. Back to the Parlor and use the triangle with compass on the reliquary to open it.

Chapter VIII
You are now in prison. Try your keys on the grille. Not working. Look at the fence to the cell and then use the mirror on it. There's another prisoner in the adjacent cell. It's Havel. Look at Havel and a conversation begins. Ask him about Keller, Escape and Epoch Lock. Try giving him the Clockmaker's keys but you can't reach him. Get the extinguisher from the left wall and use the keys with it. Now use the keys affixed to the extinguisher with Havel.

For the rest of the chapter you control Havel. Use the clockmaker's keys with the locked door. You're outside but there's guard. Get the bat from the wall. The policeman uniform is too small. Look at the other prisoner and talk to him to get him talking. Then look at the empty cell on your right. You hide and then knock the guard out. You now have the keys to Mozart's cell. Back to Mozart and use the keys to set him free. Go to the staircase to climb on the roof.

Walk to the plank. On the other side get the ankles and the axis of the pulley. Examine the support of pulley and the pulley with jammed axis. Go back and talk to Mozart and he gives you his Masonic hammer. Use the hammer with the jammed pulley to get the wheel of the pulley and then use the wheel with axis from your inventory to make a functioning pulley. Now combine the hammer with the ankles in your inventory and use it on the support of the pulley. Finally attach the functioning pulley on the support of the pulley and you get down.

Chapter IX
Back at the Masonic Lodge. It's time to investigate. Go to the Venerable's office and talk to him about Anton Epoch and the Reliquary. Pick up the weight from the scales on top of his desk. Go back to the main and pull the curtain. Examine the servant jacket behind it and you get the golden thread. Combine the golden thread with the weight to make a pendulum. Now go to the Founder's parlor and use the pendulum with the reliquary. It opens. Look at the inanimate beetle inside and then take it. Use the clockwork keys on the beetle and a puzzle begins.

You have to move all six legs of the beetle at the same time. There's a decoder with 6 numbers which can be placed inside the beetle in different positions. Each leg of the decoder has a number and points to a picture of the beetle with one or more legs glowing red. The number in the decoder affects the timing of those legs. You can change the numbers in the decoder. They can only take values from 1 to 4. There's a winder on the bottom of the beetle which starts its mechanism.

The solution is as follows:

After that the beetle enters the waiting mode. Go back and talk to the Venerable about the beetle. He doesn't believe you. Back to the Founder's parlor and use the beetle with the piano-forte. Play the piano but nothing happens so use Anton's corrected score on it and the beetle starts moving.

The Heart of the Beetle puzzle is activated in your Book Of Harmonics. Once again open the book, go to the next page and here press "Read the score" to start the conducting mini game. Then "Back to the book" and "Decipher the message".
The Solution is: Secret Power Of The Premier

Go back to the Venerable's office and talk to him about the Secret of the Premier. You have to talk to Englander.

Chapter X
You arrive at Robertson's Abode. There's a dog blocking your way so use the beetle with him. Now you can pass. You're in the entrance hall. There are three doors here. Try the one on the back. It's locked. So go to the first on the left which is the library. Examine the book folders in the bookcase. It's has only half of the engravement. Use the ladder. You find the other half. Now combine in the two book folders in your inventory to create the base. Examine the notebook on the sofa and get the magnifier on it's left. Before you leave the room read the book Of The Mystery Of Numbers which is on the table on the left of the door. You learn that the Golden Number is 13.

Exit to the hall and go to the office (the door in the middle). Examine the clock and you open it. Examine it again and you can see a part of a mechanism that looks like a globe. Pull the curtain to reveal an inscription. Look at the inscription but you can't read it. Use the mirror on the inscription. You write down on your notebook the message and you unlock another puzzle in the Book Of Harmonies. Now open the drawer on the desk and you get a miniature and a metal cylinder.

Time to solve The Ladder Of Mysteries in the Book of Harmonies. Like before find the page with the puzzle and play the mini game to determine the level of the difficulty. Now you decipher the message.
The solution is: The Seventh Bar.

Go to the library and use the ladder to get the statuette. Combine the statuette with the base and use the meter on the statuette with base to adjust it to the correct height. Now go back to the office and use the adjusted statuette with the clock. A wooden open clicks open where the inscription was. Walk to the wooden panel to a secret room.

Examine the apparition on the wall. Walk to left and get behind it to discover a strange machine, the fantasmagore. Examine the machine to open it and look inside. Look at the empty space, the mechanism and the lamps. There are parts missing. Use the miniature on the empty space and the metal cylinder on the mechanism. Get back and examine the apparition. It looks out of focus. Disassemble the magnifier on your inventory (Sever button) and you get the handle and a lens (lentil). Now use the lentil on the focus lens and the image comes to focus.

You were tricked! You never saw the Emperor! Try to leave the secret room. You hear strange noises from behind the door. Leave the room and you meet a strage woman. Talk to her about the noises from a fight, Peter Englander, Gipsy and then flatter her. You automatically give her the mirror. Walk out of the room to the entrance hall. The look which was previously locked now hangs wide open. Go through it.

Englander is tied and gaged and the woman sneaks behind you and knocks you unconscious.

Chapter XI
You're on the stone bridge. Talk to the woman about apologies and her captive. Havel arrives. He knows this woman. Her name is Vana. Talk to Havel.

You're now controlling Havel. Talk to Vana about explanation, Englander and play the 31. You decide to play Mozart's life on the cards. A card mini game begins. It's called 31. The closer hand to 31 wins the round. You can pick a card from the deck or pass. If you get 31 you automatically win and if you get over 31 you automatically lose the round. Whichever wins the round get money and the first to get over 15 wins the game. Even if you lose the game don't worry you can replay it as many times as it takes. After Havel wins Mozart is taken prisoner and control returns to Mozart.

As Mozart go to the door of the roulotte. There's somebody guarding outside. OPen the window and then then try to open the shutter of the roulotte but the handle is missing. Now examine the cupboard. It's locked. There's a score beneath it. One of Anton's scores. Get the score. There's a small key beneath it so take it. Use the key with the cupboard to open it and from inside get the violin with bow. From the table near the door get the statue of a saint. Look at the tarot game on the lower right of the screen. Use the tarot game until you get the beetle card. There's a message in the card.

Now it's time to correct Anton's score. Use the score with the inkwell and quill on the table and then use the inkwell and quill. A music score mini game begins. The scores from now on will be quite difficult unless you can recognize the patterns. Each instrument usually either plays the same as the previous or the next instrument or repeats itself after a couple bars. If you still can't figure it out, check the screenshot.

It's time to escape. Sever the violin and bow to get a separate bow and a violin. Now use the bow on the shutter of the roulotte to open it. You get outside. Don't bother with the guard and go up to the bridge. Check the statues on your left and right and walk toward the front. You reach the statue of Saint Lutgarde and some stairs going down the bridge. Nothing down the stairs for now so continue walking towards the statue of Saint Lutgarde. There's some cracks in the pedestal of the statue. Use the statuette on the cracks to reveal a secret door.

Now go down the stairs and examine the secret door. It's locked. Combine the violin and bow on your inventory and then use the violin with bow on the secret door. You unlock the door so go inside. There's a secret chamber with a stone door filled with ancient Egyptian symbols. Examine the door and you decide you need the watch you pawned earlier. Leave the secret room and go up the stairs to the bridge.

You're caught by the guard. Talk to him about escape, Vana, Figaro and the secret passage. He wants you to play him a part of the wedding of Figaro. Use the violin on him. He's satisfied and he will let you go but he needs his violin back. Give him back his violin and off you go to the opera.

Chapter XII
Back at the opera. You need to get from Haufer the money he owes you. Talk to the man in the hall about a souvenir and Figaro then go to the left lobby and to the director's Salon. The door to Haufer's office is closed but Alexa is outside so talk to her about everything. She needs something for her throat. Get the empty cup from the table and go to the music parlor. Pick up the poker from thr floor on the right of the fireplace and use the poker on the embers. Then use the empty cup with the kettle full of hot water. Leave, return to the entrance and go to the right hall and then to the Kappelmeister's office. Here take the bread and honey from the cupboard and separate them in your inventory (sever button). Now use the honey pot with the cup of warm water. Return to Alexa and give it to her. Now talk to her and a conductor mini game begins.

The key is hidden behind a German composer's bust. That man is Bach and his bust is in the right corridor by the
entrance. Go there, pick up the key and then back to Alexa and give it to her. She unlocks the door and you can go in Haufer's office.

Examine the libretto on the table and talk to Papageno the parrot. Open the drawer, then open the cupboard and examine the ledgers. You can't find money anywhere. Sit and play the piano and the parrot sings/says some notes. F-E-A-G-C. Now examine the bookcase and you can see books related to musical notes. Use the books in the correct order like the parrot said. If you don't remember, just talk to the parrot to repeat them. After you correctly press the books a hidden safe is revealed.

Examine the coffer of Haufer and prepare for another puzzle. There are 6 music cylinders which you can press and 6 listening button near them to hear the music inscribed in each cylinder. The objective is to put the parts of the composition in the correct order by pressing the adjacent cylinders.
The solution is:

Alexa enters the room and she wants to make sure that you'll take the correct amount of money. Use the drawer and take the paper list. You need something to read the small letters. Leave the room and go to the music hall. Go to the back of the hall and take the monocle from the seat. Talk to the woman there about a souvenir and the performance. In your inventory combine the monocle with the handle to make another magnifying glass and then use it with the paper list. Return to Haufer's office and get the ledger from the cupboard. Sever the ledger in your inventory to get the open ledger and the string and give the open ledger to Alexa. Alexa makes you an offer then, which I believe it would be more honorable to refuse.

Chapter XIII
Back to your hotel. There's a guard outside. He mustn't see you. Get the pole and use the pole with the glass lantern to open the glass. Now use the string on the pole and then the extinguisher with it. Use the extinguisher on top of the poles to extinguish the light in the glass lantern. Go to the left. Examine the display and look at the small wall. Then go to the back of the alley where the coach used to be. There's a stone on the ground so take it Go to the small wall and use the stone on the display to scare the rats. Then use the loaf of bread on the rats and the guard leaves his post.

Go inside the hotel and talk to the owner about Keller, your friendship and the watch. He brings out his coffer. Examine the closed coffer and use the clockmaker's keys with it. You still need something like a blade to pry it open. Go upstairs. There's playcard on the floor. Pick it up. Use the playcard with the candlestick and a you find a message but you still can't read it. Use the coffee mill and pick the ground coffee. Use the ground coffee on the card with the hidden message and the message is revealed.

Go downstairs and use the card with the coffer. Unfortunately the watch is destroyed and the owner asks for his money, so give him all your money. Ask him to distract the policeman and you get outside. There's a man near the wall. Walk toward him. He's Venerable Schultz. Talk to him about the beetle, the Egyptian rites and the Rosicrucians.

Chapter XIV
You arrive in the square near the Astronomical clock. You must locate Epoch. A new puzzle in the Book Of Harmonies is now available. Like before open the Book, go to the next page and play the conductor mini game. Then decipher the message.
The solution is: Call To Fraternity.

The door to the tower is locked. Go to the left and examine the poster. Go left and examine the door to Epoch's house. You must determine if somebody's inside. Examine the blazon and go to the right and examine the illuminated window. So somebody is inside. Back to the door and knock on it. The manservant asks you a question. The correct answer is of course The Call To Fraternity.

You're now in the music parlor. Examine the watches is the glass display and you steal one watch. Now examine the small and the large portraits on the wall. The dead man wasn't Anton Epoch! Play the harpsichord. It needs tuning. Examine the adorned panel by the wall. You suspect there's a secret room behind so you have to tune the harpsichord. Leave the room and talk to the manservant about the Rosicrucians and the Astronomical clock. Now go downstairs. Open the drawer and you get a tuning fork. Go upstairs and use the tuning fork with the harpsichord. A tuning mini game begins. The logic is the same as before. The only difference is you have to tune a whole octave.

After you tune the harpsichord, play it to open the secret panel. Go inside. Examine the mannequin, the maintenance gear and the blueprint. There's a prisoner here. Try to talk to him. Somebody's coming so you'd better hide. Get the black mask and the black cape and combine them in your inventory. Now use the cape and mask with the mannequin.

Back to the music hall with Epoch. Talk to him about Anton Epoch, the impostor, the beetle and the symphony. Refuse his offer but he says that you can't refuse and that he'll keep you prisoner. Now examine the score to start a new and even more difficult score mini game. Observe the patterns very carefully. There's a screenshot of the full score. Now once again play the harpsichord and get the beetle from the manservant.

Back to the secret room and use the beetle with the maintenance gear. A beetle puzzle a bit more difficult than the previous one. You now have 2 decoder grids. Put the first decoder grid on the uppermost position and the second on the lowermost position. Then set up the grids as follows:

Upper grid:

Lower grid:

You've set the beetle in waiting mode. Now use the third score of Anton Epoch on the harpsichord and you get an animated beetle. Use the beetle on the manservant and tell him to open the door, to give you his keys and to tell you where you can find Anton Epoch.

Leave Epoch's house and return to the plaza. Use the keys with the door to the tower. Inside examine the astronomical clock and the box in the middle. A music puzzle begins. It's very similar to the previous one. You have a crank to start the mechanism and 7 music cylinders which you must put in the correct order. Every cylinder has a play button on it's bottom which plays it's part of the melody. For every cylinder you put in the correct place the figurine travels along the rail. The length of the rail is a hint about the duration of each cylinder.
The correct order is: 5 1 6 2 3 7 4.

You set Anton Epoch free. Talk to him about the conspiracy, the pyramid, the beetle and the symphony. He says to you the correct order you must push the buttons in the Door of Ra.

Chapter XV
You're now in the settlement below the bridge. Get the violin and bow from the ground and go up the bridge. Ignore the other people on the bridge and go straight to the Statue of Saint Lutgarde. Like before use the small statuette with the cracks in the pedestal to open the secret door. Go down the stairs and use the violin and bow with the secret door. Enter the door and use Epoch's watch with the Eye Of Ra. You must now press the buttons depicting a barge moving in the four directions in the correct order to open the door.
The solution is:
/ \
3 1
\ /

You get inside the pyramid but the door locks behind you. Examine the electrical arc and the large lever. Go through the door behind you. Examine the stucco and the hieroglyphs and take the iron tripod. Use the iron tripod wi the poker and go back to the elevator room. Here use the tripod and poker with the electrical arc. Get the grains from the elevator. So Haufer is one of them. Examine the locked lever. You'll need a key to go further down.

You go up to the theater. Go to the lobby and get the key from Bach's bust. Now go outside Haufer's office and use the key to unlock the door. Walk towards his desk and Alexa appears. After you've eavesdropped on them get the cocoa powder from the table. Leave and go to the music hall. Since Haufer has betrayed you you may want to repay him, so choose to sit down when Alexa asks.

Go back to Haufer's office, use the cocoa powder with loaf of bread and give it to Papageno the parrot. He tells you about a bomb. Get the key to the lift from the floor and go back to the pyramid via the music hall.

Chapter XVI
Use the key to the lift with the locked lever to go to the lower level. Look at the fence. It's Englander and he's held prisoner. Examine the fence again and again. You must find a way to set him free. Take the unsealed bar from the prison cell on the left and the piece of rope. Tite the piece of rope on the bar and use it on the fence of Englander's cell. Talk to Englander about the Secret of the Premier, the Rosicrucians and the bomb. Pull the small lever on the left and go to the temple.

Walk to the back of the room. There are two men here. Look at the man on the left. It's the same man you keep seeing and they're going to use him to replace the Emperor. Talk to him and note down the phrase he says. Look at the man on the right and remove his mask. That's the real Emperor but you have to make sure so ask him about your first encounter, the first opera you've written for him and how long you've been at his service. Now you're sure.

Unfortunately Epoch arrives. Talk to him about the Secret of the Premier, the Conspiracy and Havel. After they leave examine the Emperor's throne and note down the correct order of the symbols. Breadth, Humidity, Electrical Arch and Earth. Then examine the fake Emperor's throne and get the ankh (key of stone). There's a coffer on your left. Open it and you take 3 sets of discs (tissue, copper and zinc) and a brush with black ink from inside. Walk towards the door. It's closed. Look at the eye of Horus. The final puzzle of the Book Of Harmonies is now available. Like all the previous times, open the book, go to the next page, play the conductor mini game and then decipher the message.
The solution is: The Black Eye Of The Hawk God.

Again look at the Eye of Horus. It's not black enough so use the black paint with the Eye. You uncover the battery. You need to fill the empty spaces in the battery with the discs you got earlier from the coffer. You notice that you don't have any green discs. Start inserting different discs in different positions and when you insert a tissue disc you realize that they aren't conducting electricity. Leave and go back to the basin. Use the salt on the basin to make salted water and then use the tissue discs with the salted water.

Now get back to the battery. There are seven empty spaces. You notice that there is a pattern on the placement of the discs. Salt-water disc, copper disc, salt-water disc, zinc disc. So try to fill the spaces according to this pattern.

S: Salt-water disc
C: Copper Disc
Z: Zinc disc

The solution is:

The door opens. Use the elevator to get upstairs. There's a masked guard here. Talk to him. He needs the password. It's the same phrase the fake Emperor told you earlier: "All without God and nothing with Him."

Now go through the door. Here examine the ornamental column and the stucco. Use the ankh (key of stone) on the stucco to activate the hieroglyph panels on your right. You must press the panels in the correct order. You've already found the correct order in the real Emperor's throne. Press Breadth, then Humidity, then Electrical Arch and finally Earth.

The column opens to reveal an organ with Anton's final score. Combine the brush with the black ink in your inventory and then use on the score to correct it. A score mini game begins. It's another tough one. You can use the screenshot  as a reference.

Get the corrected fourth score and use it on the organ to play it. The organ is an elevator and you arrive in St. Nicholas Church. Exit through your left.

Chapter XVII
Havel and his friends need proof of your loyalty. Answer that your loyalties lie with Joseph II. Now talk to Havel about your Mason Brothers and Keller and then talk to Vana about Schultz and Joseph II. You can't convince them so give Vana the statuette you stole from her and ask for a game of 31. Use the table to play cards on the floor. Like before you just have to win enough games to be considered win this. After you win they finally decide to trust you.

A killer arrives. Talk to him about Joseph II and the bomb.

Chapter XVIII
At the Opera as Havel. Go the lobby on your left. Examine the guard. Get the bust and use it on the guard. Now you have a disguise. Go to the music parlor and get the piano string from on top of the piano. Leave and go outside Haufer's office. There's a second guard there. He needs the password. Like before the password is: "All without god and nothing with Him."

Inside you talk with Haufer. He needs his elixir. Leave and go to the Kappelmeister's office. There's Anton Epoch hiding there. Try to get the bottle of elixir and a conversation begins. Ask him about the bomb, the beetle, the conspiracy and Mozart. He gives you the incomplete magnetizer Of Hiram. Since you didn't take the bottle the first time, pick it up now before leaving the room.

Now go to the Music hall and go to the back. There's Dr. Mazzini here watching over the Emperor. Get the flask which is on top of his suitcase. It's a sleeping drug. Combine the small flask with the bottle of elixir in your inventory and return to Haufer's office. Here give the spiked elixir to Haufer and watch him fall asleep.

Now it's time to set Mozart free. Use the piano string with the incomplete magnetizer of Hiram to make a complete magnetizer and then use it on Mozart. Mozart is now free of the beetle's influence.

As Mozart ask about the symphony, Joseph II and Vana. Get the conductor's baton from the desk and use Anton's symphony with the inkwell and quill to play the final music score mini game. You can use the screenshot as a reference. It's really tough!

After you finish get the corrected symphony of Anton and go to the Music Hall. Use the corrected score on the musician's lectern and then use the conductor's baton on the conductor's lectern.

Michka Epoch still has an ace up his sleeve. This is the final showdown. Talk to Anton and then get the large counterweight from the floor. Use it on the counterweight of the cart. Michka Epoch is dead but you still have to defuse his bomb.

Examine the mask of iron two times and now click on the mask to open and reveal it's mechanism. This puzzle is similar to the beetle decoder puzzles you've solved before. Think of the mask as a beetle with 8 legs. You just have to make all the "legs" move at the same time. You have three decoders and three empty places.

The solution is:
----- -----
|2|1| |2|X|
--+-- --+--
|1|X| |4|1|
----- -----

And now it's the final puzzle. It's gear puzzle and there's a time limit. There are 5 gears and a button that starts the mechanism.

If we name the gears from left to right (bigger to smaller) as A, B, C, D, E, the solution is:
Left part uppermost peg: A
Left part lowermost peg: B
Right part uppermost peg: C
Right part lowermost peg: empty

And that's it! You defused the bomb and saved the Emperor!
Enjoy the Ending...



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