Neighbours from Hell 2: On Vacation

episode 1 - all aboard

take soap out of the chest.
place the soap in the water on the deck.
take hairpin out of thee vanity bag.
use hairpin with locked tool cupboard.
use macgyver pocket knife with buffet table.
again take soap out of th chest.
use the pipe wrench on the deck railing door.
use the soap with pupple of water.
take spaghetti.
use spaghetti with captian hat.

episode 2 - convert advance

examine litter bin (shark fin)

examine seaweed.
take sandbucket
take sawfish on a sign
use sandbucket with electric eel.
examine reed.
use reed with crabnest.
use sharkfin with remote controlled submarine.
use crab with coolbox.
use rake.
use seaweed with down rake.
use sawfish with bridge rail.
use electric eel with pond.

episode 3 - the cabin is occupied

search olga's bag (nylon tights).
take cannon ball.

take oil can.
use nylon tights with broken-down generator.
take wan kwai chilli sauce.
examine toolbelt.
use wan kwai chilli sauce on toilet paper.
use oild can on lever rice chute.
use cannon ball on melons.
use spanner with collapsible bike.

episode 4 - for whom the gong sounds.

use toy dispenser (teddy bear).
take brick.
take bonsai scissors.
take rice bowl.
take umbrella stand.
use rice bowl with grease

use rice bowl with grease with rickshaw.

use brick with karate show for tourists.

use umbrella stand with drumstick for a gong.

give teddy bear to olga's kid (party popper for kids).

use party popper with hot-dogs.

use bonsai scissors with jade necklace.
use rice bowl with grease with ming vase.

episode 5 - ping-pong fucius

take hammer and nails.

use hammer with nails with water-skis.
examine box (bangers)

take glasses.

use bangers with lions statue
use glasses with lion statue (lion head)

examine box (bicycle inner tube)
use bicycle inner tube with barrel of eels.

examine abchor (rope)

use rope with rockets.

use lion head with sand sculpture.

examine duck cage (egg)
use egg with ping-pong table

episode 6 - every shot a hit

examine toy box (whoopee cushion)
examine sport bag (rubber band)
use whoopee cushion with pile of cushions.
take flea-infected dog blanket (flea- infected dog blanket,furry rabbit)
examine denture adhesive vending machine (denture adhesive)

use flea-infected dog blanket with towel.
use denture adhesive with bag for dynamite fishing.
use rubber band with harpoon.
use furry rabbit with lauching pad

episode 7 - mummy's darling

examine barbecue (barbecue tongs)

use barbecue tongs on crab nest.

take sea urchin.
2x examine moped (spring,pedal)

take wiskey.

use spring with diving board.
use wiskey on barman.
take ice bucket.
use ice bucket with water tap.
use ice bucket with Elephant
use crab on conch.
use barbecue tongs on crab nest.
use crab with sand castle
use sea urchin with beach towel.
use pedal with awning pole.
use spring with diving board.

episode 8 - above the clouds

examine bowl of balloons(balloon).
take spade.

examine mousehole (mouse)
use spade with seesaw.
use balloon with charmer with flute.

free tied up little yapper (the dog)
take round board with nails.
take wire (in front of the board with nails)
take spong and chalk.

use rake.
use mouse on heap of stones(snake).

take another mouse from mousehole

use mouse to elephant and then use the spong and the chalk for the line with the angry elephant.

use board with nails on shoe cleaning machine
use wire with electric safeguard.
use snake with alms bowl.

episode 9 - burning with ambition 

examine construction set for arsonists (fuel container,matches)
use pocket knife with flowers

take pair of bellows
take asbestos nappies.

use flowers with holy cow(cow-pat)

use fuel container with water trough
use pair of bellows with carpet of coals.

Use asbestos nappies on coals after making them hot.

use coal on slippers when neighbor goes into temple.
use matches with drain cover.

use cow-pat with ice-cream machine.

use pocket knife with holy cow.
use fuel container with channel (fakir)

episode 10 - the enlightenment 


take fishing net.

examine alms bowl (bone).

take sea urchin.
take cricket bat out of the water

take olga's bra.

take suntan oil.

use fishing net with toolbelt (hanging on pole above the deck chair of the neighbour) (tongs).

use tongs with valve
examine puddle of water(octopus)

use olga's bra with melons.

use cricket bat with elephant.

use sea urchin with stall.

take sea urchin.

use sea urchin with deck chair.
use olga bra's + melon to pylon (the bulb above the chair where you put the second urchin).

use bone with sleeping little yapper (the dog).
use suntan oil with diving board.

use octopus with stall.

episode 11 - neighbour over board

examine urinal (urinal tablets)

take compressed-air cylinder
search chest of drawers (coin)
examine plate (sausage).
examine picture of mom (bent nail)

take fire extinguisher.

use sausage with little yapper.

search mom's bag (callus rasp)

use callus rasp on lifeboat

use compressed-air cylinder with life jacket

use fire extinguisher with diving gear.

take new compressed-air cylinder

use callus rasp with toilet signs.

give compressed-air cylinder at kid.

use urinal tablets with sweets (next to the phone)

use euro coin with phone.
use bent nail with child's fishing rod

episode 12 - action!

examine skeleton(rasty dagger)
take pot of red paint
search parrot's nest (first ruby)
take resin
take crowbar
take corn cob
use crowbar with stone plate(second ruby,coin)
use both ruby's with aztec throne
use dagger with revolving stone disc (sharpened dagger)
use sharpend dagger with whip.

use crowbar with closed mine(explosive)
use explosive with cigars.
use pot of red paint with bench.

use resin with mechanical bull
use euro coin with coin slot for boot.

use corn cob with replete parrot.

episode 13 - eat and be eaten

examine bag of cement (cement powder)

take chilli pepper
examine skeleton (bottle of tequila)
take chicken drums
examine piranha skeleton (piranha head)

take empty preserving jar

take flower
take a statue hand
use flower with feeding trough
use cement powder with bath salt

use bottle of tequila with glass of water
use pepper with nachos
use chicken drums with carnivorous plant
use piranha teeth with bigger carnivorous plant

use empty jar with termites
use yar with with termites on picnic basket

take wasp's nest

use wasps' nest with pinata

use statue hand with lever mechinical cow

episode 14 - don't panic

take carpet

use carpet with open cargo hatch

take signalling ammo

use signalling ammo with flare gun
take piece of broken glass
examine doormat (number code)
examine mom's bag (sleeping tablets)
use glass with straps of cargo
take 2 fish (wait a round to take them)
use fish with flowers
take cloth

use fish on bucket
use cloth with dirty pane of glass

examine parrot (key)
open lock on door with key
use sleeping tablets on hot toddy
use code on coded keybar




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