Nostradamus the last prophecy

Walkthrough from Twitchy

Nostradamus the last prophecy is a first person point and click game
Menu screen contains new game, load a game, options, credits, quit.
Game selection gives an option for 5 different players to save games under different profiles
Cursors - directional arrow, speak, observe, take, action, movement and tool.
Inventory - object bin, transit zone, profile label, 48 inventory slots, 5 logbooks, toll-kit, bonus points display, return to main menu, return to game, text information display about objects collected.


Wednesday, March 27, 1566:   
Madeleine rises from bed
Take the cloth and wet it in basin of water
Take the shoes at beside bed.
Go to the Wardrobe open door . Take dress .Close wardrobe door.
In inventory click shoes and dress on Madeline
Exit room and go down stairs at end of the hallway.
Talk to Nostradamus in room on left. He gives a case with tools which default into left of the inventory screen.

Dress as Cesar
Go back upstairs and enter first room.
Take the Cesar clothes from bed and boots beside bed.
Take a look at picture of Cesar on wall -He wears a hat, glasses and has a moustache and beard.
Go back down stairs.
Enter Nostradamus' bedroom and go left down the hall.
Go down stairs.
On the table left of the door, take the glasses and the hat on the wall.
Go back up to the bedroom through Nostradamus' room.
On the dressing table by the window take wig
In inventory, use the magnifying lens on the long wig.
Use the scissor from tools to get short wig and moustache.
Open the top drawer right of the bed and take strip of cloth. Take shoulder pads from the bottom drawer.
In inventory click on Madeleine to take off dress and shoes
click strip of cloth and shoulder pads on Madeleine.
Click Cesar's clothes, hat, boots, glasses, wig and moustache on Madeleine.
Go next door and talk to Nostradamus.

Cesar's colouring
Go back to previous bedroom
Open drawer of dressing table and take the recipe for colouring cream.
click the recipe from inventory and drag it on the recipe part of the book (second tab from top).
Colouring cream for face and hands:
Ingredient:    Water, oil, beeswax and clay.
Blend one part of each of this products and heat.
Go down the stairs and outside into yard
take clay from the trough left of the gate.
enter kitchen.
Take recipients of all sorts from table right of the fireplace.
Water:    go to the well in the yard.
To lower the bucket - Click hold and pull down the handle right of the well twice
To raise the bucket Click hold and pull up the handle right of the well
The rope breaks and the bucket falls down well.
Turn and go towards cart by the backstairs. Take the rope on the ground right of the entrance.
Enter barn at left and take the apples from the bucket. Take empty bucket.
Go back to well. Click on the broken rope from the beam of the well.
Use rope in inventory on beam of well. Use the bucket on the rope.
Use the handle on the right to lower the pail twice and then raise it up.
Use the recipients of all sorts from inventory on the full bucket to get water.
Go back up and enter the herb kitchen/ office opposite Nostradamus' bedroom.
colouring cream: click water from inventory on the cooking pot on the stove in the corner.

Use the pipette from the test tube stand on table on the bottle of oil (bottom shelf). Place it in the cooking pot.
Use the spoon from the test tube stand on table on the bottle of beeswax and place in cooking pot.
Put clay in mortar. Use the pestle on the clay. To get powdered clay use spoon to place powdered clay in cooking pot.
Open the bottom drawer of the stove. Take kindling wood from basket on wall and place in the drawer.
Go next door and take the lighter from the table to right. click lighter on kindling and close drawer. Move handle to open the vents of the stove.
When ready use the recipients of all sorts on the cooking pot to get colouring cream.
Go back and talk to Nostradamus completely.
He says to give the Queen jam as a gift
and gives Madeline the Queen's birth chart to review Astrology.
Prepare jam: 
Go down to kitchen and look at the recipe for squash and apple jam above the fireplace.
Get squash from the barn outside.
Back in kitchen use spoon on table on sugar and place in cooking pot on fire. Do process 3 times.
Use spoon on cinnamon and ginger mix and place in pot
Put squash and apples in the cooking pot.
Take a log left of fireplace and place it under cooking pot.
Use the recipients of all sorts on cooking pot when ready to get 2 jams.
Zodiac:    Go back up to Nostradamus' bedroom.
Look at chart on wall by the window. 
In inventory place the astrological test sheets in the diary. Solve

Zodiac table    -the right column on the right page.
match the symbols to the correct name of the zodiac.
The sun icon at the bottom scrolls the name of the zodiac.
The crescent moons icon moves the bottom zodiac up one position.
The correct sequence for the zodiac signs are    Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
Starting with Aries check which one is the next sign that is not in correct position.
Use the sun icon to move the next misplaced zodiac to the bottom-lowest position. Use the moons icon to move the misplaced zodiac position one up. Lower it the bottom position again using the sun icon and then one up again. Do this with all until in correct order.
When puzzle is completed correctly none of the zodiacs can be moved again

Planets table     - the left column puzzle on the right page.
match the symbols on the left column to the name of the planets on the right and in order.
The correct order is Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.
The top arrow scrolls the left column up, to go down on the right column.
The arrow at the bottom swaps the position of the middle framed tags.
Again manoeuvre the symbols and words until in correct order
Once correctly done, the puzzle cannot be moved anymore.

Queen's birth chart:   
Take the compass from the tool case at left.
Click the compass on left page. Make an outer circle and then an inner circle.
Take the quill on the left and click it inside the circle.
Read and close diary.
Talk to Nostradamus
“about the chart”

adjust voice
drag left gold bead to bottom
drag right gold bead to top

adjust voice with every question:
first sign of zodiac – Aries
zodiac rules the heart –Leo
product to prevent contagion – vinegar
determine someones sign – sun in natal sky
rare animal matter – ambergris

cut scene

Thurs March 18 1566
Exit gateway – earth shakes
Take garlic from table on left go right, forward, left, forward take Aloe from doorway on left and flower from windowsill.
Go forward take swallowwort on right
Go left take cypress wood on left
Take wedge from under cart’s wheel
Go back into town towards smoking bonfire. Forward x 3
Go to pink house on right
Take rope from hook on wall and piece of metal on ground by entrance
Put piece of metal found on ground in fire
Turn handle of forge
Use long tongs by fire to lift hot metal
Set on anvil and use wire cutters on metal
Move long tongs over to half barrel of water on other side of forge and drop metal in
Put tongs back
Lift metal out of barrel
Knock on door – they need bread.
Exit pink house and go up the hill out of town

exit gate of town
take clay from box on left
enter chateau
go forward x 3, go right and upstairs
enter room on left
go right and forward to guard. Talk.
Enter room meet Queen. Talk
Exit room . forward x 2 meet monk . Talk. He’ll give you notes
Go downstairs turn left and left again enter library.

clear the scene – take perch from side of bookshelf. Use perch to remove lantern from ceiling. Attach rope in inventory to perch. Use perch and rope on hook on ceiling. Click on end of rope to attach to fallen bookcase. Then pull the other end of rope through the hook down and click on table leg to attach.
Use magnifying glass on book on desk.
Take crumpled paper beside book
Use magnifying glass on blood spot on floor among books.
Use magnifying glass to check base of bookcase – sawdust. Take
Talk to Jean – Aime
Chapel door now open

click to remove sheet on body.
Use magnifying glass on head.
Use tongs to remove splint from gash
Take key from beside Philibert
Click on mouth to open.
Go back into library

forward turn left into middle section of library
someone’s opened cabinet on left.
Lift hanky from top shelf to reveal small package. Take package
Vision of Philibert
In inventory use scissors on small package to get engraved stone and note. Place note in diary and use quill from tool box on to reveal zodiac signs to the right of the entries. Use scalpel on blood stain on note. Use quill on note AMP4 5.
Use magnifying glass on engraved stone. Click on stone it turns over to reveal “Tombe”
Leave library and go back upstairs to guard outside Queen’s room. Ask where Jean-Aime’s room is.
Leave room into corridor. 2nd room on right.
Talk to Jean – Aime. Exhaust conversation.
Go to library and change clothes to play as Madeline
Go back to Jean-Aime’s office. Exhaust conversation.
Leave Chateau. Go back to Nostradamus’ house

Nostradamus’ house
in inventory use magnifying glass on crumpled paper. Click on crumpled paper to reveal map of chateau. Drag map into diary.
Drag the quatrain from inventory into “things to do” section in diary
go to herb kitchen opposite Nostradamus’ bedroom. Talk. Exhaust conversation.
Night-time. Exit yard and go uphill towards chateau and go right to gallows. Push empty barrow to reveal mandrake under gallows. Take. Go back and talk to Nostradamus who is in bed. Go into herb kitchen / Nostradamus’ office take parchment (hypnosis powder + sage wine recipes) from table on left. Drop each into recipe book in inventory.

Hypnosis powder – swallowwort, fenugreek + absinthe ground to powder.
Sage wine and mandrake – heat together wine, sage, cinnamon, pepper, ginger, honey and some powdered mandrake.

Make hypnosis powder – from inventory take swallowwort and place in mortar. Use pestel to grind. Take spoon from stand and move ground swallowwort in cooking pot on stove. Grind fenugreek and put in pot with spoon. Take spoonful of powdered absinthe (2nd left middle shelf) and put in pot. Use recipients in inventory to get bowl of hypnosis powder.

Sage wine and Mandrake - heat together wine, sage , cinnamon, pepper, ginger, honey and some powdered mandrake.

Make wine - use pipette on stand to get measure of wine (top row 2nd left) put in pot. Use spoon on sage (bottom row center) add to pot. Do likewise with cinnamon (bottom row 2nd left) , pepper ( mid row 4th from left), ginger( mid row center) , honey (top row center).In inventory use magnifying glass on mandrake use scissors on mandrake to get berries and root. Powder the mandrake root with mortar and pestel and add to pot. Apply heat to pot. Use recipients to get bottle of wine

Go back to Nostradamus and wake him. Put hypnosis powder in bowl on bed table. Give Nostradamus the wine. Take lighter from inventory and click under bowl (brazier). He tells of two quatrains and a stone. Take Nostradamus’ medallion.
Go upstairs to observatory. Put medallion in door lock puzzle.

Observatory door - place planets under their picture on medallion.
Move sun to correct position (moon moves too)
Move Saturn to correct position

Hear music and door slides open
On shelf to the side of door take stone.
Automatically go to bed

Fri March 29th 1566
Go downstairs to Nostradamus’ room. Talk to him. He wants bread.
Go down to kitchen
Check menu for bread on wall - knead together flour x 2 , water, salt, yeast, let rise then bake.
Make bread - Click on crank of bread maker
Put two large scoops of flour from bag on floor into bread maker.
Go to well and refill bucket. Use recipients of all sorts to get bottle of water.
Pour water into bread maker
Use spoon on table to add yeast and then salt.
Lower mechanism into bread maker by clicking on crank
Turn handle to knead
Lift bread dough out and place on bread board on table.
Place bread board with dough in bread oven.
Place log on fire
Watch bread bake
Remove using bread board.
Take bread into inventory

Go back up to Nostradamus and talk. Change into Cesar’s clothes
Leave Nostradamus’ house. Go to pink house (forge) ,knock on door and leave bread
Go to chateau

Go to library and talk to scribe
See Jean- Aime . Talk. Notice key on bench beside him. Go into chapel change into Madeline’s clothes.
Go back talk to Jean-Aime . Take clay from inventory and ask Jean - Aime about the books behind him. While his back is turned take key to get impression of key in clay.
Go back to the pink house (forge) and knock door. If you bring medicine from Nostradamus he’ll make key for Madeline. Go to Nostradamus’ house

Nostradamus’ house
Talk to Nostradamus about medicine
Go into herb kitchen
Medicine use pipette on vinegar (mid row 2nd right) put in pot. Take garlic from inventory put in mortar . Use pestel to grind garlic. Use spoon on garlic powder to put in pot. Use recipients of all sorts on pot to get “vinegar of the four thieves”.
Go back to the pink house (forge) knock on door. Leave scene and return immediately and knock door to get key .
Go back to chateau

Go to Jean-Aime’s door. Screen shakes
Use key on door.
Click on green book on desk (AMP) open take Philibert’s note
Open bureau on right. Use magnifying glass on bureau. Open drawer take star chart. On bottom right hand corner of writing desk use scalpel. Use tweezers to remove note.
Rumbled. Jean-Aime’s here.
Madeline auto leaves go to guard at end of corridor.
Click on guard to roll him over
Turn auto to Jean- Aime
Click on guard.
Use magnifying glass take envelope from belt . in inventory use magnifying glass on envelope and then use scalpel - a rose
Use compass on footprint
Look at blood on guards trousers
Exit screen
Walk down corridor behind guard and enter room on right.
On bed by the door lift sheet. Look at brandy bottle
Look at dagger display above bed
Exit room
Go to Queen’s room
Speak to guard outside queens room and tell him you’ve found body of other guard . Exhaust conversation
Go to Constance’s room. Turn round from guard forward once and see door on right.
Click on door. Enter. Talk exhaust conversation
Go to leave. Constance calls you back and asks for love potion.
Auto back at Nostradamus’ house

Nostradamus’ house
Ask Nostradamus about birth date - he gives you key to his desk. Ask of love potion - it’s in Cesar’s room
Go to herb kitchen and use key on drawer of table by the window. Take birth chart.
Go upstairs to Cesar’s room go to chest at window. Remove blanket.look closely at central section. Use scalpel on hinge pin and then use tongs to remove pin. Open flap. combination lock.
Look at portrait of Cesar on wall take a sketch of the three constellations in sky.
Go to observatory
Open sliding balcony doors and find the signs to match the constellations
Libra. Aquarius. Gemini. Take sketch of symbols
Go back to chest and turn lock to the three sketched symbols
Take long pin out of lock of chest. Back out of screen. Open chest. Take sheet and drag into recipe book in inventory : “Aphrodisiac potion”

Aphrodisiac potion- iron filings, sparrow blood, musk, cinnamon, clove, sweet mulled wine, sugar, powdered aloe, nutmeg, iris illyrica root, to finish mandrake berries and ambergris.

Go to herb kitchen and put all the ingredients found on shelves and in inventory in pot. Open vent on stove to heat. Use recipients of all sorts to get aphrodisiac potion.
Go to observatory to solar return machine. Look at chart on wall.
Place Henry of Navarre’s natal chart in drawer of machine and move planets to correspond to chart.

Set counter to age (12) back out of screen and turn crank.

Remove chart with solar return printed in center.
Go to bed. Vision

Saturday Mar 30th 1566
Put dress on
Go to Nostradamus in herb kitchen. Talk. Exhaust conversation.
Go to chateau.

Go to Queen Catherine’s room. Talk to guard to gain entrance.
Talk to Catherine. Exhaust conversation.
Go toward Jean-Aime’s room. See piece of Philibert’s map on floor in corridor. Take
Drag onto map of chateau in diary - to reveal secret room
Go to Jean-Aime’s room. Talk
Go to library/ scriptorium into middle section. Vision of Philibert.
Turn to bookcase on right. Third section from right third row from bottom. Click on the 4th book from left to reveal keyhole.
In inventory use magnifying glass on Philibert’s key. Use scalpel or compass on key to separate
Insert key into keyhole. Voila.
Look at open book beside doorway.
Use lighter on candelabra hanging from roof
Go further into room
Bookcase on left large green book “AMP” drag over to reading table. Open book
Take Philibert’s note
Auto leave secret room. Exit library.
Go to Constance’s room and give Constance potion.

Dice game - Constance will roll dice and you pick the right combination of numbers to make up total. The numbers are random so just keep trying you may have to give Constance flowers from inventory until you get it right.

Constance gives you Philibert’s medallion
Another dice game. Talk again.
Leave Constance’s room
In inventory use magnifying glass on Philibert’s medallion. Click on medallion to turn over.
Go out down corridor and into guards dormitory. Notice the murder weapon has been returned to its display - the daggers on the wall.
Go to library and enter secret room
Look down at floor tiles. Match the symbols on Philibert’s medallion to the corner decorative tiles.
Match the first symbol from the medallion to bottom right tile
Second symbol to top right tile
Third symbol to bottom left tile
And fourth symbol to top left tile.

The stones can then be slid from left to right and up and down. Manouvre the stones until a tunnel is revealed in the center.

Take rope from inventory and hang on chandaleir . change into Cesar’s clothes and enter tunnel. Vision
Pick up book “astronoma magna”
Click on book in inventory to get Philibert’s note - drag note into diary.
Go forward earth shakes.
Go forward again take sword and shield.
Put the two pieces of stone from inventory into wall panel. Vision and entry in diary appears.
Tunnel collapsing. Use shield in inventory to protect you as you go back up the tunnel.
Exit library and go back upstairs.
Go right and 1st door on right is now open. Enter.
Use magnifying glass on scribe’s hand holding book.
Click and take book. Look at ink on finger. Back out of screen
Use magnifying glass on his face and look at his lips. back out of screen
Use magnifying glass on his feet and use compass on foot to measure.
In inventory use magnifying glass on scribe’s notebook. Use scalpel on notebook to get note and key.
Exit room . Auto back in Nostradamus’ yard
Open diary and look at Philibert’s notes.

decode text - Use quill on alphabet on Philibert’s stone in top left hand corner - “TOMBE”
Use compass on inner wheel - complete circle and get col of letters on right.
Use the letters from the word “TOMBE” to decode. Turn the letters and symbols on the two wheels first for “T” and match against corresponding symbol from stone .click the double arrow button when the symbol is under the correct letter. Letters appear in text to right . Do the same for “O”, “M”, “B”, “E” and then do likewise for the letters and symbols from the medallion “SIDH” . to get the rest of the alphabet notice the pattern is the third symbol for the next letter of the alphabet. The text will reveal the quatrains Nostradamus wrote.

Go back to Nostradamus. talk
Go up to observatory

planet puzzle
Look at box under solar system mobile
1st bar Saturn - add 2 large weights on left, 1 small weight on right and ring on Saturn
2nd bar Jupiter - add 1 large weight and 2 medium weights on right
3rd bar Mars - add 1 large weight on left, medium weight on right and moon on Mars
4th bar Earth - add 1 large weight on right, 1 small on left and moon on Earth
5th bar Venus - 1 medium weight on left, add Venus right
6th bar Mercury - 1 small weight on right

Nostradamus appears.
Go to bed . Vision

Sunday Mar 31 1566
Dress as Cesar
Go to herb kitchen talk to Nostradamus. Exhaust conversation.
Leave Nostradamus’ house go to Pink house (forge)
Put bent sword onto coals
Fan the flames with handle on right of forge
Lift sword with large tongs and place on anvil
Hit sword with hammer
Carry sword to bucket of water left of forge. Replace tongs.
Take straightened sword into inventory.
Go to Chateau

Enter chapel.
Go to “body” remove blanket
Go upstairs to scribe’s room (first on right)
Use key on Scribe’s chest
Take Scribe’s cowl, Philibert’s note. Enter note in diary
Look close at saw in chest. Click to get sawdust in inventory.
Go to Constance’s room. Oh no
Look close at note in her hand.
Cut scene
Change into Scribe’s cowl
Go down corridor to Scribe’s dormitory
Talk to Jean-Aime completely
Go to Jean- Aime’s room. Use Chavigney’s key to open
Look close at green book on bureau. Click to reveal pentagon. Take.
Use scalpel on book to remove page.
Drag pentagon and page into diary.
Go to Queen’s room. Walk straight past the guard and talk to Queen completely.
Go to chapel to look for another entrance. Go to Altar. All dark.
Scribe has poisoned Madeleine and wants Madeleine to help find the hidden sanctuary.

Timed puzzles.
Pentagram rings.

Move rings to position lines to form pentagram. Click on white dots on each ring to manouvre.
Numbers appear in 4 points of pentagram.
Take glass pentagram and take the stand in hole from behind where the pentagram was.

In inventory open page to pentagram page.
I = Row 1, II= Row 2 etc.
Underline corresponding letters in rows of passage (include dashes in your count)
I = L,I,M

Click on letters in order to form MADELEINE
Exhaust conversation with scribe


Locate treasure
Turn and click on first stone column on left (near top of column). You have to spell out Madeleine with the celtic alphabet.Use the symbols from the ones we decoded earlier.
Put symbols for MA on column closest left

D column 2nd left

EL column back wall left

E column back wall right

IN column right side back

E column right side front.

Mirrors revealed.
In inventory look close at stand. Click on to extend.
Insert stand in altar and place pentagram on top.
Adjust all the mirrors so the beam reflects off them until it hits Mary’s eye and onto stone on floor.

Use sword on stone.
Enter tunnel
Pick up stone head from floor set on statue. place sword in statues hands.
Enter sanctuary .




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