Out of Order

Walkthrough by Jen
February 2003

Out of Order is a free game that can be downloaded from Hungry Software.

This walkthrough is very bare-bones, just enough to get you through the game. If you follow it step-by-step, you will miss out on a lot! There are plenty of giggles, and rumor has it there are even some Easter eggs, so feel free to take your time and enjoy the game fully. There are no dead ends.

Hurford's Room

After the opening, in Hurford's room, pick up the converted toast rack to get the CD. Use it on the stereo. Pick up a piece of the Stuff-Stik from the wall. Use the door, then pick up the doorknob and use the door again to get out.


Wait for your bedroom door to close behind you and look at it to learn your name, Hurford Schlitzting. Walk to the left end of the corridor.

Look at, then use or talk to, the computer mounted into the wall. Keep choosing conversation topics until the computer asks you your name, then choose Hurford Schlitzting. You'll get an ID card.

Walk back to the middle of the corridor, and then walk to the right end of the corridor. Use the call button, get in the elevator, and use your new ID card on the slot. Get out of the lift and go in through the enormous doorway.


Talk to the human public address system. Walk to the auditorium. Talk to the empty stage until you run out of topics, then try to leave.

Rock and Roll!

Back in your room, use the CD on the stereo. Now you can leave again. Take the corridor to the left. Talk to the computer. Look at the human-sized door, then talk to it to meet Sylvia. Return to the lift and use it again. Get out and take the path to the left.

Some Things to Do in the Shopping Center

Walk into Bob's Piles and talk to Bob to find out about the cardboard boxes he left out for recycling.

Leave Bob's Piles and walk to the alley. Pick up the cardboard boxes twice to get a MotorTroll booklet and a warranty.

Walk to the surgery. Pick up the toy box twice to get a car and a doll.

Walk to the consulting room. Use the transformer enough times to fry it. Pick up the transformer to get a handful of burnt-out wires. Talk to the doctor about his invention and find out that if you prove you have a car you can have the bumper sticker. Pick up the bin to get a rubber glove.

Go back to Bob's Piles. Use the warranty on Bob, then use the burnt-out wiring on him. He gives you the MotorTroll.

Walk to the back of the shopping center. Look at the shop window to see Sylvia on TV.

Go into Diner Mo's and talk to the human public address system. When you get to the part about where the Panel message came from, make a note of the answer. It will be something like "I think it was 'Panel,' then a colon, then 'SI'." The last two letters randomize with every game, so make a little note. If you forget, you can always go back and ask again. Ask him about the underground magazine to have him show you the hidden entrance. (The password is Spuds.)

Urban Leopard

Walk to the tunnel, then walk to the lower level. Talk to the journalist (Urban Leopard). Pick up the stack of papers to get a copy of Radio Times. Look at it in your inventory. Read the articles, paying particular attention to the ticket give-away article and Bob's Help Wanted ad.

Get a Job

Walk to the upstairs and leave. Go back to Bob's Piles and talk to him about the job. You get the package.


Leave Bob's Piles and use the pub door. Pick up the "authentic" coin from the metal box on the wall. Try to leave and an alarm will go off. Talk to the barman. Use the "authentic" coin on Gregor. Pick up the sensor and relocate it to the top of the fruit machine. Use the coin on Gregor again, order a diet cola, and pick up the drink and the bendy straw.

A Little Surgery Works Wonders

Return to the surgery's consulting room. In your inventory, use the straw on the drink and then talk to the doctor about being ill. Then you can pick up the surgical instrument.

In your inventory, use the surgical instrument on your ID card, then use it on the doll. Use your photo on the doll's body, then use the Hurford doll on the car.

Unnatural Photography

Go to Sylvia's door. Talk to it to get Sylvia to open it, then talk to her until she tells you what she does. Tell her to hang on a second, then give her the doll/car/photo combo out of your inventory. Walk to the middle of the corridor, then go back to Sylvia's door to get the photo.

License to Drive

Return to the surgery and show the photo to the doctor. Now you can have the bumper sticker.

Office Visit

Return to the elevator area. This time take the path to the right. Pick up the reassuring notice to get the letters O and K.

Use the office block door. Use Bob's package on the Roboceptionist. Use the surgeon's knife on the Diner Mo's poster in the display case to get a leaflet for a free burger. Look at the notice to find out about user names and 7-character passwords.

Go into the meeting organizer's office. Pick up the pen that's on top of the bookshelf.

Pick up the postcard that's on the self-adhesive notice board. In your inventory, use it to flip it over, then look at it to see the phrase "You Force Heaven to Be Empty." Saying it aloud results in the password U472BMT (this works the same as that contest from the Radio Times).

Hacker Extraordinaire

Use the computer. Touch the screen. Enter the two-digit code given to you by Deirdre as the user name. Use U472BMT as the password. Use the computer again to bring up Lookout Express. Read the new messages to learn about the doctor's basement. Read the sent messages to find out about the TownDate system. Send a brand-new message to Accommodation Computers to tell them the TownDate thing's working again. Quit the computer.

Dating Service

Go back to the computer outside Sylvia's room and talk to it about TownDate. You'll get a TownDate application form. Talk to the computer again to get two more forms.

Use Sylvia's door, ask her to hang on for a second, then use a TownDate form on her to get her to fill it out.

Where's the Beef?

Return to Diner Mo's. Use the free burger leaflet in the slot next to the big plastic burger. Look at the burger in your inventory to get the gherkin out.

Hold the Pickles

Go back to the pub and use the gherkin on the fruit machine. Pick up the strange panel that was blocked by the robot. Take the screwdriver.

Mind Control Machine

Go to the computer outside the auditorium. Use the bumper sticker with the security notice (the sign above the computer). In your inventory, use the Stuff-Stik with the letters OK, then use the plastic letters with the security notice to make it say Klaxon. Use the MotorTroll on the new security notice to get the password "default."

Talk to the electronic device and give it the password. Walk through the door.

Look at the item in the slot. Use your "Three Frank Harlons" CD in the other slot, then use the button under the right screen to turn off the left CD player. Take the left CD.

Why Do Weird Things Always Happen in Basements?

Walk to the hidden doorway in the alley and talk to it. Say "Spuds" to get in. Talk to Urban Leopard about the doctor's basement. He'll give you a remote, but he forgot the combination.

Go to the door under the ramp and use the remote on it. You will see six buttons. You have to figure out the four-digit code by trial and error. Five buttons will say "clunk" when pressed and one will say "Click." The one that says "click" is the first correct number. After you get the first one, start with that one every time until you get two in a row, etc. The puzzle resets itself with every "clunk."

Walk in the door and pick up the cassette.

Paul Is Dead

Go back to your room. Use the handprint panel to get back in. Use the screwdriver with the plastic panel on the side of your stereo. Use the wires connected to the motor, then use a wire and hook the negative up to the positive and vice versa. Use the cassette on the stereo and then use the control room CD on the cassette. Pick up the cassette.

Go back to the hidden doorway, go in, and talk to Urban Leopard about your story. Use the tape on the doctor's old tape deck. After you finish talking to Urban, give him a TownDate form.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker, Make Me a Match ...

In your inventory, look at both of the filled-in TownDate forms and then use the pen on both of them. Go back to the computer outside Sylvia's room and use both of the TownDate forms on it. Sylvia will leave her room and head to the pub.

Return to the hidden door, which now takes you straight into the doctor's basement. Talk to Urban; he's reluctant to go on a date. Look at the strange oval to cause Urban to holler for the doctor to come down.

Talk to Urban about going on the date to get rid of him, then talk to the doctor again to find out that he needs a battery.

Putting out the Pile's Flames

Go to Bob's Piles and talk to Bob about the battery. He tells you that he sold his last one to someone on floor 162.

Go to Sylvia's room and use the rubber glove on her handprint panel. Use the drink on her fire, and Hurford will automatically pick up the battery.

Water = Electricity?

Go back into the doctor's basement and give the doctor the battery. He tells you it needs water and gives you a funnel.

Go back into the office block, show the package to the Roboceptionist again, go through the door, and go into the bathroom. Use the crystal battery on the automatic sink. Bummer! Someone steals your battery!

Bertie Bott's Every-Flavor Gum

Go back downstairs and you'll be faced with a guard. No matter what you say, he'll throw you in your room and stand guard outside your door.

Talk to your door to convince the guard there's trouble somewhere else. Unfortunately, he doesn't move.

Take a new piece of Stuff-Stik from your wall. Open your door. The guard will have his back to you. You will have about two or three seconds to pick up the plastic thing sticking out of the guard's back pocket. If you can't get it, wait for your door to close and try again.

Now, to get rid of the guard, open your door again, go into your inventory and use the Stuff-Stik, wait for the guard to face you, then quickly offer him a piece of gum. He won't feel well and he'll leave. So can you.

Go to the lift, get in, and use the guard's ID card.

Metaphysics Galore

Go back and talk to the doctor. He'll send you into the strange oval and you'll find yourself in the manky urinal in the office block bathroom. Go try to retrieve your battery from the sink, and automatically hide from the guard again. This time you'll get away with it.

Get the battery for real this time and return through the strange oval in the urinal. After a conversation with the doc, you'll find yourself in a new place ...

Talk to the strange glowing ball thingy. After you finish the conversation with it, pick it up to punch it. This will expose some random access memory. Walk into it.

Use the lone blinking square on the right wall. You will disappear and only a magnifying glass will show. You can examine all of the nonsense now. Examine what was once the blinking nonsense. Right-click to change the word to DEC, then use it again on the blinking nonsense. Right-click to cycle through the choices to the one that starts with EDI and use that. Then use the STA one. Thriddy comes back in.

Talk to Thriddy until you apologize and make him want to take revenge on you. He'll put out half your lights. Insult him again and find out that you're now inside of Thriddy.

From here on out, it's just a matter of choosing conversation topics until you reach the end. 





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