Other Worlds


General notes:

-I’m not going to keep saying “Examine this, examine that” for every item and person, as I take for granted that you examine everything every time you enter a location. Also, remember to open your inventory and examine every item you take.

-When I say “Talk to character X”, I mean click on ALL dialogue options, preferably in order, unless I state otherwise.

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Open the door and enter the house.

Pet the cat and talk to her.

Exit to the SW.

Exit to the W to go to the bathroom.

Get sleeping pills (+2)

Take a bath (+3). Natalia thinks about her next moves.

Exit to the S.

Exit to the E to go to the kitchen.

Try to turn on the TV; remember that line for later.

Use the yellow piece of paper to discover a coin (+7).

Get the can of sardines (+2).

Exit to the SW.

Exit to the N to go to the bedroom.

Get the knife (+5).

Get the VISA card (+1)

Go back to the living room and use the can of sardines on Milly’s bowl (+5)

Get the car key from the couch (+5)

Go outside and exit to the SW to go to the Map.

Go to the Gas station.

Walk in the gas station to purchase some oil (+4)

Return to the house and open the car’s hood.

Use oil on engine (+3)

Exit and enter the car by clicking on the driver’s door.

Use the car key on the keyhole.

Go to Marina’s house.

Talk to Marina (+3). She tells you that Alkis left a message for you, something about your computer at a specific time.

Go back to your house and to your bedroom.

Note the clock on the wall. Use it to find out that Alkis broke it.

Start the computer.

Click on the rectangle to enter the password 1215 (+8)

Notice the weird syntax of the document.

If you read the first letter of each line vertical, you will see the message “Get the rope”.

Click on ‘Start’ to shut down the computer.

The only rope you’ve seen so far is the cord next to the curtain.

Try to get the cord. It’s stuck.

Try to cut it with the knife. The knife is blunt.

Go outside the house and sharpen the knife on the steps (+9)

Go back to the bedroom and cut the rope with the knife (+10)

Go to your car and start the engine.

Go to the mansion.

Talk to the bum.

Give him the coin (+3)

Try to open the gate. It’s locked.

Note that two of the bars are further apart and examine them.

Use the hand icon on them. Natalia tries to go through but fails.

Use the oil can to lubricate the bars (+8)

Use the hand icon on them



Just talk to the demons (+5)



Enter the mansion. Go SW to the exit next to the entrance. Get the prism (+2)

Go back to the entrance hall.

Read the book.

Exit to the E

Look at all the library books and use the hand icon to read them. The bottom shelf is one section, all other shelves contain three sections each.

You will read the instructions on how to make a bomb.

You will also find a section with dictionaries and encyclopedias which Natalia won’t read yet.

Get the basin from the table (+1)

Exit to the E

Get the gray medal dish (+1)

Exit to the E

In the kitchen, you can make some cocktails but you can’t make the screwdriver as the bottle of vodka is empty.

Use the hand on the fruit bowl to get a piece of corn (+3)

Exit to the N

Get the glycerin (+3), the sulfuric acid (+2) and the nitric acid from the cupboard (+2). Try the trapdoor to find out it’s locked.

Return to the entrance hall

Exit to the W

Exit to the W

Use the hand icon on the Buddha statue. Something is written on it, but it’s too small to read.

Use the hand icon on the bin to get the band aid (+5)

Exit to the W

Go up the stairs

Exit to the W

Get the alarm clock (+2)

Use the hand icon on the lower side of the bed to get the bottle (+3)

Use the bottle on Natalia to find out it’s vodka (+1)

Use the hand icon on the numeric keypad. You don’t know the combination yet.

Exit to the S

Exit to the N

Get the magnifying glass (+1)

Exit to the S

Exit to the E

Get the rubber ball (+2)

Use the hand icon on the notepad on the right to read the kid’s notes

Go back downstairs to the Buddha statue

Use the magnifying glass on the statue (+5). Write down the inscription.

Go to the library and use the hand on the bottom shelf to open a Japanese dictionary.

Compare the inscription to the dictionary to find out the combination.

The combination is 852.

Go back to the safe upstairs and use the combination. You get a brass key (+9)

Go to the kitchen and pick up some ice cubes from the fridge.

Get the can of concentrated orange juice (+1)

Use the hand icon on the bottles to make a screwdriver (+6)

Go to the trap door and use the brass key to unlock it.

Go downstairs and exit to the S.

Get the saw and the screw & bolt from the toolbox (+4)

Exit to the S

You need to make a bomb to open the cement.

Follow the instructions you read in the book.

First put the ice cubes in the basin (+3)

Put the sulfuric acid in the basin (+2)

Put the nitric acid in the basin (+2)

You need to add exactly three drops of glycerin, so you need a dropper.

According to the kid’s notes, he must have hidden the dropper somewhere in this room.

He wrote “The beam will show me the way”, therefore you should probably put the prism somewhere.

In your inventory, use the bolt & screw on the medal dish (+7)

Use the dish on the plate on the post (+6)

Put the prism on the dish (+10)

Use the hand icon on the brick to get the dropper (+6)

Use the dropper on the glycerin bottle (+4)

Use dropper in basin (+2)

Use the saw on the plank at the bottom of the screen to get some sawdust (+5)

Use sawdust in basin (+2)

Your bomb is ready. Place it on the door. (+5)

Use the alarm clock on the bomb (+3)

Set the alarm clock. After the explosion, go back and exit to the N.

Pick up the marble (+3)



Talk to Dloulie (+1)

Exit to the E

Exit to the E

Talk to Verplaya

Get some twigs from the ground (+1)

Exit to the N (crossroad)

Exit to the W

Exit to the W. It’s a dead end. Exit to the E, Exit to the E.

Talk to the house. A voice does not let you in.

Go back to the crossroad and Exit to the N

Get the flower (+1) and talk to the man.

Exit to the N

Use the saw to get the forked branch (+7)

Exit to the N

You can’t get past the snake.

Return to the crossroad and Exit to the E, Exit to the E

Get the bucket (+1) and walk up the steps to make Weldgil appear.

Talk to Weldgil (+1). He wants something to eat.

Try to give him the corn. He wants it cooked.

Exit to the NE

Exit to the E

Talk to Vuwoo.

Fill the bucket with water (+4)

Return to the crossroad and Exit to the S

Exit to the W

Put the twigs on the ground where the sunbeam shines (+1)

Use the magnifying glass on the sunbeam to light a fire (+7)

Use the corn on the forked branch (+1)

Use the branch & corn on the fire to cook the corn (+9)

Empty the bucket on the fire to extinguish it (+8)

Go to Weldgil and give him the corn (+5)

Talk to Weldgil (+3)

After you die, you will have a new cursor and a spell sheet.

Open the inventory and read the spell sheet.

Cast RYKGEM on the Grim Ripper (+5).

Go back to Dloulie and cast AFLAFLA on her to make her hair black (+7)

Dloulie will give you three new spells (+4)

After Dloulie is gone, go back E to the river and get the diamonds (+2)

Cast REKITKARP on the flower to make a shovel (+4)

Go to where the man is buried and use the shovel to unbury him (+3)

After Zavaprock dies, Exit to the N

Get the snake (+2) and cast RYKGEM on Zavaprock (+7)

Exit to the N, Exit to the NE, Exit to the N

Talk to everyone

Go East until you see a man. Talk to him to find out what he wants.

Exit to the E and talk to the couple.

Cast LAFFER on Venya to make her unattractive (+6). Tem will go fix the water slide.

Go to Weldgil’s house and talk to him. He will give you the marble to Obe (+7)

Go to the river and examine the water slide.

Return to the Brown Province and go east until you see Vuwoo and Zavaprock.

Talk to both of them. Vuwoo gives you two spells (+11)

Cast GISPAK on yourself.

Go East until you get past the hot point (+5)

Exit to the E and cast REKITKARP on the flower to get the crowbar (+8)

Exit to the E and talk to Glers. When you die, cast RYKGEM on the Grim Ripper to resurrect.

Go west to the snowy area and exit to the N (+4)

Exit to the E. Talk to Fefflgeple.

Give him the band aid (+7) and he will give you some spells (+3)

Exit to the N. Talk to Al. You can’t get past the spider yet.

Exit to the S, Exit to the W, Exit to the W, Exit to the S

Talk to Plee. Give him the sardines (+3) and get the dip net (+4)

Exit to the N, Exit to the W

Talk to Krup.

Cast SHOLI (ILOHS reversed) on the diamonds to turn them into coal (+7)

Give coal to Krup (+3) and he will give you a spell (+4)

Exit to the W, Exit to the N

Talk to Aknava and she will give you the spell to program the marble to Obe (+8)

Go back to the river and use the dip net in it to fish a barnacle (+2)

Kilkilklik wants a gay gift, therefore you need a blue oyster. Cast AFLAFLA on the barnacle to make it blue (+8)

Go to Kilkilklik and give him the blue oyster (+3)

He works on animal skin. Use the knife to skin the snake (+10) and give him the skin. Exit to the E, Exit to the W, talk to Kilkilklik to get the gloves (+5)

Go to Plee and give him the gloves (+3) and the dip net (+1). He gives you a spell (+2)

You now have enough spells to go to Obe.

Go back to the first Fathel screen (where you met Dloulie) and use the Fathel marble on Natalia to return to the mansion.

Cast A943519 on the Obe marble to program it (+6)

Cast CHICKBRUSH on Natalia (+4)

Use the Obe marble on Natalia.





Go left to the next screen.

Talk to Eon. Examine the machine.

Examine the astronauts. Talk to Shi-Zeng (all options). Talk to Bob (no need to ask all the Mars questions).

Examine the transceiver.

Cast ISODIXO on the transceiver (+9)

Cast ODAREPSE on Natalia (+3). She can now understand foreign languages.

Talk to Shi-Zeng and ask him to play the message for you again.

Natalia now understands the message and writes it down (+8)

Examine the piece of paper. Write down the message and the word ‘SEVEN’.

Show the piece of paper to Eon.

Go to Bob and ask him to let you use the transceiver.

Use the transceiver.

Get the fax papers (+5)

The fax describes three deciphering methods.

You can see right away that the second method is not the correct one, as you do not have enough info for the message to use it.

If you try the first method by using a shift of 7, the message will not make any sense.

The correct method is the third one. The keyword is ‘SEVEN’.

Check the Vigenere Cipher tableau on page 7.

According to the instructions on page 8, you must write down the following lines:



Look at the Vigenere tableau to find out what the message is.

The solution is:




The encrypted message is: “My God, it’s full of stars!”

Talk to Eon and type the message when prompted (+13)


Check your inventory items.

Examine them.

The rock used to be your credit card; it must be valuable.

Go N.

Give the rock to the guard and he will free the entrance. (+2)

Enter the cave and walk to the east until you reach the crossroad. Go north.

If you try to walk NW, you find out that the ground is slippery.

You have a spell that makes liquids disappear, but only yellow ones.

You have to make the water yellow first.

Use the AFLAFLA spell on the ground to make it yellow (+7)

Now use the IMUONAH spell to make it disappear (+4)

Exit to the NW.

Use the spear in the pool to fish a prehistoric crab (+5)

Go back to the crossroad and exit south.

Use the crab on the spider to kill it (+5)

Now, how can you get the man down?

Once again, you have to resort to your spells.

Use the SOLAFOT spell to increase his weight (+8+2+2)



You start in front of a big door. Examine the panels on the left & right of it.

You will see two aliens enter and Natalia will describe what they did.

Examine the panels again.

You need to fool a fingerprint device and a voice recognition device.

Go east and hear the working man complain about food. You have to give him something to eat.

Go east. An alien is blocking your way! Go south WITHOUT going near him.

There is a locked crate here.

Use the future version of the crowbar to open it (+7)

Get the recorder (+1)

Read the manual (+1)

Go south.

Examine the lockers and learn a name (+1)

Go back to the alien and walk close to him until he sees you.

Answer the name you saw on the locker, Lwexzviii (+6)

Go east, south, south, south.

Examine the doors. You see two people through the window in one of the rooms.

Use the recorder to record their conversation (+8)

You can replay the conversation at any point by using the recorder on Natalia.

Go E into the kitchen.

Pick up the metal rod (+3)

Go back to the room where you heard the working man complain.

You need to set a trap, but you don’t have a bait.

It’s time to use your AYOS spell.

Use it on the orange ex-ball (+4)

Place the edible thingy on the surface in front of the hatch (+9)

Take the alien’s hand (+3)

Go west to the door and use the hand on the left panel (or the recorder on the right one)

You are prompted to enter which part of the conversation you want to replay.

Type ‘open up’ (+7)

Enter the bridge.

Go to the door on the left, it opens automatically.

Go three screens west

You see an astronaut and three aliens around him.

If you wait too long, he speaks to you and gives you away.

You must find a way to silence him.

Use the AGOOM spell on the astronaut (+6)

Now throw the gun to him and he will kill the aliens (+11)

When Natalia is done talking to the astronaut, she’ll use the marble again.

Once in present, note that the orange juice has disappeared from your inventory.

Natalia will have a long conversation with Jason.

You learn the spell that reverses the Obe marble spell (+3)


You find yourself in a mental clinic.

Talk to the doctor until you lie in your bed.

You find two pills inside your pocket. (+2)

Read Natalia’s chart. She’s in room 408.

Go S to the corridor.

Enter the door next to Natalia’s room by using the Talk icon on it.

Talk to Jennifer. She’s a pyromaniac, you need her to give you the pills.

Exit to the corridor and enter the door next to Jennifer’s room by using the Talk icon on it.

Listen to what the ‘Roman’ says at least until the phrase “Call me, great Zeus…”

Try to walk past him. He won’t let you.

Look at his chart.

Go E, talk to head nurse.

Go SW and then NW.

Use the phone. 408 is your room, try to guess which rooms are Jennifer’s and the ‘Roman’s’.

The Roman’s room is 406. If you dial ‘406’ you get a message telling you that you must first dial ‘1’. So dial ‘1406’.

The Roman is not fooled, you need to disguise your voice.

Go S, SE, W into the head nurse’s office.

Drink coke (+2). The head nurse will enter and throw you out.

Go back to the phone and dial ‘1406’ again.

You manage to fool the ‘Roman’ this time (+6).

Go back to the head nurse’s office, get the matches in your mouth. (+5)

Natalia won’t give them to Jennifer as they are. You need to make sure she won’t use them.

Enter the Roman’s room and go W to the bathroom.

Use the matches in the sink (+3)

Open the faucet (+5).

The matches are now wet and useless, Natalia will pick them up.

Go back to Jennifer’s room and give her the matches (+7)

When you fall asleep, talk to the demons.


You’re back to the mansion. Open the inventory.

You can cast spells again, but the marble to Obe is gone.

Use the marble to Fathel on Natalia.

Talk to Tem. He needs tools.

Go to the White Province to find Aknava.

Due to a time travel paradox, you learn that you don’t have a deal anymore.

Go and find Al and his spider. Look at the spider.

Natalia is not afraid of it anymore, you now can go E (+4), E

Talk to Salonam. He wants a fossil.

Go back to the Brown Province, outside the cave with the narrow entrance.

Talk to Verplaya.

Use the necklace on Natalia (+7)

Give the pearls to Verplaya. (+4)

She goes inside the cave and comes back with a fossil (+5)

Open the inventory screen and look at it.

Go back to Salonam and give him the fossil (+2)

He gives you the pickaxe (+2)

Use ISODIXO on the pickaxe to remove the rust (+3)

Go to the Green Province, to the house you couldn’t enter before.

Talk to the house, Nathaniel comes out and gives you the SIMED spell (+3)

Go W, W and cast SIMED on the dead end (+7)

Go E, get a pebble from the puddle, E

Use the pebble to the right of the frog (+9)

Get the flower (+1)

Cast REKITKARP on the flower to get an axe (+3)

Go W, S, S, S

When you’re done talking to Shi-Zeng, talk to the girl with the white pupils.

Talk to Dloulie. You learn that you have to bring Biji a quarry.

Go NW. Notice the rabbit on the left side of the screen.

If you try to approach it, it leaves.

Go back to Tem and talk to him. He will make you a cage if you give him two tools.

Give Tem the tools (+8), go E, W, talk to Tem and he’ll give you the cage (+2)

Go back where the rabbit was and place the cage on the ground (+1)

Put the carrot inside the cage (+2), go S, NW

Get the rabbit (+5), S

Give the rabbit to Biji (+4), NW.

You meet Dloulie, Aknava, Biji and Shi-Zeng outside Nathaniel’s house.

Aknava gives you the spell that controls Glers, YBBUCS (+9)

When you’re on the volcano, talk to Dloulie and she’ll give you’re her items and a spell (+3+4)

Cast YBBUCS on Glers (+7) and talk to him (+4)

The path to the east is now clear. Go E, E, S

Talk to Dloulie. She needs a grappling hook and a rope.

Go W and use the crowbar in the small puddle of lava (+7)

Use the hook on the rope (+2).

Go S, give hook to Dloulie (+2)

Use the stick on Natalia to help her keep her balance (+5)

Cast SOLAFOT on Dloulie to make her heavier (+8)

Walk to the other side (+1). Natalia will cast GISPAK on Dloulie to give her her weight back (+1).

Go N, S, SW. Talk to Dloulie.

Use the boat.

Go W, W. A force field is blocking your way and if you try to cross it, you end up back to the shore.

Cast RETRAF on the boat. You get a piece of orichalcum (+10)

Look at the orichalcum. Use it on the boat (+2).

Go W, W

Use the bandanna on the bottle of vodka (+4)

Use the match on the Molotov bomb (+8)

Go W, W

Click the Use icon on the left side of the big shell.

Look at the tree (+4)

Use boat, go W

Look at the pyramid. Use the door.

Look at the wall and go E.

Look at the wall, and then at the signs on the top.

Use the stick on the signs to tap on them.

There are 50 signs, and you need to tap on 12 of them.

The inscription on the tree read “Only those in their prime will go back”.

You need to choose 12 signs that correspond to prime numbers.

According to the instructions, you must ignore the first 6 signs.

The first prime number after 6 is 7.

The correct numbers are 7, 11, 13, 17, 19, 23, 29, 31, 37, 41, 43, 47

Tap on the signs that correspond to those numbers and you’ll get the marble to Arsalior (+20)

Go W. You cannot resist the Medusa’s gaze.

Cast LAFFER on Medusa to avoid looking straight at her (+5). Go N.

You have arrived to the Red Province. Go N.

Inside the glass prison, talk to Dloulie.

Cast SIRAINUOVRAK on the piece of paper (+4)

Cast ILOHS on the piece of coal to get a diamond (+3)

Use the diamond to cut the glass (+7). Go E.

You’re tied on the pillar. Talk to Alkis, then to Gorgom.

Talk to the demons. They give you a fake marble (+5) and promise to break Alkis’ spell (+5)

When your hands are free again, put the three marbles on the altar (+5+5+5)

Use the altar and when prompted for a combination, enter ‘123456’ (+9)

Enjoy the ending!



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