Ozzie And The Quantum Playwright

(an free adventure game by Dean Sullivan and Karl Cossio)

Walkthrough By Lady Joy J

Storyline: The University or Greater Rockford’s president, Robert Kauffman, has plans to shut down the university’s Theater Department to make way for a library for accountants. Ozzie must find a way to stop Kauffman from destroying the theater, or else his girlfriend, Rosie, will be forced to transfer (gasp!). Can he do it? Not without a little help from on of the most famous playwrights of all time.

Note: There are lots of things to do and explore that are not mentioned in this walkthrough so go explore! This walkthrough is strictly meant to help you along, but you should get the most out of your game. Enjoy!

Ozzie’s Dorm (Dade Hall)

Inventory: ID Card (automatic), Origami crane, cage

After the beginning scenes, you will find yourself in the East Wing hallway. Note the mouse hole in the wall on the left. Exit into the lobby. Use the crumbled paper on the desk to make an Origami crane, then pick it up off the desk. In the West Wing is Ozzie’s dorm room. Go inside and talk to Greg, the roommate. He will tell you that the GWC Plaza is a good place to relax. Exit the building. Pick up the cage on the ground outside, then exit to the map.

GWC Plaza

Inventory: peanuts (automatic)

GWC Plaza is the reddish-brown courtyard with the water in it located in the lower center of the map. It will be labeled with a “?”. After being harassed by the strange character, sit on the bench. After ease dropping on the conversation, exit to the map.

Physics Building

Inventory: none

The Physics Building is a gray and brown building in the top right corner of the map (it will be marked by another “?”). You can ignore the students outside for now. Enter the building and talk to the student blocking the “Offices” doorway. He won’t move unless you feed him. Exit to the map.

Feeding the Student

Inventory: newspaper, sandwich, bananas, crumbs

Campus Café is right near the dorms, again marked with a “?”. (You can talk to the student protestor or check the trash can for some fun.) Grab a newspaper from the blue bins and then enter the Café. Give the guy at the desk your ID Card. Talk to the chef to get a ham and cheese sandwich. Pick up some bananas before exiting. Return to the Physics Building. Give the student the sandwich and enter the office. (Save the bananas for later.)

Working the Time Machine

Inventory: key to the Office, DVD’s, William Shakespeare Bio, mouse

After talking to Dr. O’Neil, exit to the map. It will magically become later that night and you will find yourself back in the Physics Building. Go check out the Time Machine. When you try to use it, you will discover there is no power. Exit to the map. The library is the building with the lights on in the center of the center. Enter the building and talk to the girl at the desk. Grab the DVD’s from the shelf with the Alien figure on it, then use the elevator. Pick up the William Shakespeare Bio or the third bookcase. Exit to the map. (Go to the GWC Plaza for a funny scene.) Go to Dade Hall and enter the East Wing. Use the cage on the mouse hole and use the crumbs on the cage. Exit to the map and take your little curry friend to the Physics Building. Use the mouse on the Time Machine, then the bio. Use the hand icon on the machine and William Shakespeare appears.

Construction Site

Inventory: skull

You will end up back in Ozzie’s dorm room. Go outside the dorm and follow the signs for construction. Talk to the construction foreman, then pick up the skull. Use the Origami crane on the patch of sand at the bottom or the screen. Exit to the alleyway. You will be attacked by an angry killer squirrel! Use the peanuts on the squirrel to “put it to sleep”. Exit (without picking up the dead squirrel!).

Henderson Hall

Inventory: gum

You will end up at Henderson Hall. Talk to the red and orange saleswoman and get a pack pf flammable gum. Talk to Rosie and you will find yourself in the Theater Building.

Getting the Play together

Inventory: script

You have three goals: write a script, get some actors, and find SyMBOL’s secret lair. Exit to the map and return to Dade Hall. Go to Ozzie’s dorm room and watch the DVD’s on Ozzie’s Gamesphere. After Bill uses your computer, you will have a script. Exit to the map. Head to the Physics Building and show the script to the students on the lawn outside the building. Give them the bananas and you will have actors. Exit to the map and go back to the theater. Show the script to Dr. Singleton. She gives you another task. Exit to the map. The Engineering Building is in the top right corner of the map, right next to the Physics Building, labeled with a “?”. Go inside and talk to the giant robot head. Exit to the map and go back to the theater.

Finding SyMBOL

Inventory: none

Examine the strange bush outside the Theater Building. Combine the flammable gum and the newspaper, then toss the flaming mass onto the bush, revealing stairs. Go down and talk to Jon Ancher. Exit and go back to the theater. Speak to Dr. Singleton.

Congrats! You did it! Enjoy the ending!




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