Nelson Tethers: Puzzle Agent:  What is the Mystery of Scoggins ?

What the heck is going in Scoggins, Minnesota? When White House inquiries to the Scoggins Eraser Co. are answered only with curious puzzles, the U.S. Department of Puzzle Research's Nelson Tethers is sent on the case. The strange case of Scoggins plunges Tethers into a mystery that will challenge every ounce of his expertise, and possibly his very wits too. He must overcome brainteasers at every turn, including mazes, logic puzzles and riddles, and he soon realizes that these - along with the clinically pre-occupied townspeople, secret societies, and mysterious sounds from the forest - are intimately connected to the core conundrum. And what's with the gnomes?


You start off by cracking the ripped crossword, which is pretty easy to do. After, click on the Submit button. When you arrive at Scoggins, talk to the guy on the bench, his name is Byorn. Ask him for the directions to the Hotel.

Arrange the logs to help Nelson get to his hotel. Basically you need to put the logs so as Nelson will be redirected to the Question mark area i.e. his hotel. It's not that difficult to solve but if you are stuck, here is the solution below:

Once you get this done and talked to Byorn, Inspect the fence and you will notice that it's all chewed up. Go inside the hotel.

Look at the gnomes near the door to open the Gnegative Gnomes puzzle. I don't know if for any game the gnomes are different, but you will need to find the missing one, but beware that the negative is horizontally flipped and the colors are inverted. If you are stuck on this, on my version the gnome was the one in the below screenshot.

Once you solve it talk to Martha, the receptions of the hotel and ask for the Room Key. This will get you in the Room Key Confusion puzzle. Basically to solve this puzzle you need to look in between the lines and you will see letters which will tell you the room number. In my case there was the number nine. See below:

When you get the room key and talk to her. Ask her on the directions to the factory to get the Tourist Map. Talk to her about the Puzzled Patron. After talking to Martha, pickup the gum stuck on the desk in front of Martha.

Talk to Bo Murphy, the crazy-like person in the hotel reception to open the Tapeworm Twister puzzle. In this puzzle you must rotate the boxes to get the worms aligned correctly. If you are still stuck, view the solution below.

Go outside the hotel and get into the Snowmobile. On the map, select the Eraser Factory. Here you will meet with the Sheriff Bahg. Talk to him about the time of the incident to open the Wrangling Watchmen Puzzle. From the sentences if the watchmen, you have to guess the time it happened. If you got stuck, the answer is 8 o'clock.

Keep talking to the Sheriff until he leaves. Go to the No trespassing sign and pickup the gum from the top left corner, the other gum on the wall on top the sign and another on the road on the right side. The right location of the gum can be seem by clicking the left mouse button on the screen. Click on the Snowmobile.

On the map, click on the Moose Ear Diner. Talk to the guy fixing the sign to open the Find the Fuse puzzle. You must find the correct fuse to fix the sign. If you got stuck, the puzzle can be solved by choosing the fuse below.

Keep talking to the guy and when you have asked him everything, head inside the diner. Take the gum on the bottom right corner of the bar. Near the gum on top of the bar click on the tobacco remains. Talk to the Sheriff to open the Security Screw-up puzzle. You have to arrange the photos in according to how the people left. If you get stuck, here is the solution.

After talking to the sheriff get out of the diner where you will be scared by the gnome. pickup the gum from the window near the windscreen of the snowmobile, near the door and on the far right of the window right next the door. Get on the snowmobile.

Head for the Sasimy Woods, and click on the frozen Mike Lobb to open the Menacing map puzzle. You have to make a path without intersecting with the gnomes. If you get stuck, see the solution below.

Head to Lake Svenz to the right. Talk to Mr. Scruffman, the guy near the hut. After click on the Blue Fish in the bucket. Pickup thr Gum from the shed wall. Head back to Sasimy Woods. Click on the Snowmobile and head to the Hotel. You will talk to Byorn. After you say goodbye to him you will hear a scream in the Inn. Get inside and you must finish the Stovepipe Stumper puzzle.

When you start doing this puzzle, you will be flashed with a gnome who will steel a piece of the pipe. You will go after him to reveal more mystery.

Click on the the backdoor and click on the screwdriver on the floor. Click on the newspaper near the dumpster to unlock teh Arm-Wresting Redux puzzle. To solve this puzzle you have to determine who won. This is the solution.

Talk to Bo Murphy to unlock the Maw of Madness puzzle. Here you need to direct the path of his thoughts to the yellow light. If you get stuck, here's the solution.

Here will also find the Gear which. Go inside the Hotel and finish the Stovepipe Stumper puzzle as below.

Talk to Martha so you get some answers. Now go outside and use the Snow mobile. Head to the Moose Ear Diner an get inside. Talk to Sheriff about everything and return back to the Hotel. Click on the door near the Hotel which says Help Wanted. This will open the New Employee Error puzzle. Here you need to help the guys pass the ball without breaking the glass. Here is how to solve it.

Go back to the Moose Ear Diner, and click on Chairs on the far right corner of the Diner to open the Changing Chairs puzzle. Basically you have to fit the chairs in their respective position to show a picture. Here is the solution:

Now talk to the guy named Steve near the chairs and open the Air-Mailing puzzle. Where basically you have to determine the quantity of gnomes since Steve cannot remember. The answer is 14 gnomes. Now talk to the two guys near the door to open the Bugs in Boxes puzzle. Basically you have to enclose each bug depending on the space needed, but if you get stuck, here's the solution.

After talking to Darrel and Daryl go outside the Diner. You will get a new map location. Click on the Snowmobile and click on the Lodge to go there. When you get there click on the top left side of the sign, there is an orange cloth. Click on the big windows to open the Window Watcher puzzle. You have to pass a line to break the windows locks. If you get stuck here is the solution.

You will be caught by the Sheriff Bagh. Talk to him about everything and he will escort you back to the Hotel. Now click on the Snowmobile to open the Going After Glori puzzle. You have to make sure to drive Nelson through all the footsteps. Here is how.

You will loose conciseness and will end up in space? Click on the screen to reveal the location of three gums. Now click on the guy floating near you and after talking to him, the Screw-up in Space puzzle will open. Basically you have to connect the yellow with yellow and red with red without intersecting them. Here is the solution on how to do it.

You will return to the lodge. There is a gum near the left window. Talk to Byorn. When you are done talking to him, talk to the guy next to him to open the Grikleback Baffler puzzle. Basically you have to split the fish so that they get evenly to the sea, but if you get stuck, here is the solution.

Talk to the guy in the green shirt to open the Perplexed Sock Picker puzzle. The answer to the sock puzzle is 6 socks. Now for the final piece talk to Byorn to open A Quorum of Crows puzzle. Here you have to count the crows which are in the pictures but only the ones which overlap. If you are stuck the answer is 5. Now you have all the pieces. Click on the table top open the Locksmithing Learner puzzle. Here you need to join the parts toghether to form a shape of a gear. Once you start assembling the gear, one of the Hidden People will steal some parts. Once you go outside it will open the Tracking Trouble puzzle. You have to pass through all the pieces without leaving one. Here is the solution.

Now leave the and head to the Sasimy Woods. When you get there go to Lake Svenz and get in to the shed. You will be locked and the Frantic Fish puzzle will be opened. You have to guess which fish has the key. Here is the answer.

After Sheriff Bagh comes by, head back to the Lodge and get inside. Click on the table and complete the Locksmithing Learner. See the solution.

Once you are outside, grab the Snowmobile, which will open the Snowmobile Snafu puzzle. Basically you have to turn the parts so as to make the motor back running. Best is to start from the edges since it's more easier. If you get stuck see the solution.

You will get to the factory. Click on the Lock to open the Master Locksmith puzzle. This is quite difficult until you get the hang of it, but if you get stuck positioning the gear parts, click here to view the solution.

Once inside the factory click on the giant Scoggins eraser to open the Barrier Blot-Out puzzle. Basically you need to find which wire is holding the eraser. If you get stuck, the answer is number 8. Once you get to the other side, click on the debris in your path to open the Fire Up the Furnace puzzle. This is a jigsaw puzzle, but if you get stuck, click here.

Once the fire burns the debris, click on the remote control and this will open the Hydraulic Headache puzzle. You have to create the commands to life the crates in position. When you do the first two, one will fall off, but a gnome will throw it back to you. If you get stuck in this puzzle see the solution below.

And that's it! You have completed Puzzle Agent. Hope they will continue the series, cos it was quite interesting and filled with mysteries.
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