Professor Crackbrain - And the awakening of the weredog


Professor Crackbrain is about to finish his evil experiment.
Creating a beast so vicious that the world lives in fear and terror. A Weredog!
The last missing ingredient to awake the Weredog is ... a dog.

Jay, his dog Bobby and his friends Jerry and Mike having a good time at the playground. But things are changing quickly, when Professor Crackbrain's assistant Rogy shows up to kidnap Bobby.
Immediately, Jay, Jerry and Mike forge out a plan to sneak into the Crackbrain Mansion and come to the rescue of Bobby.
Professor Crackbrain - and the awakening of the weredog is a classic point & click adventure game full of nostalgic allusions, pixelish puzzles and chiptunish music.
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Walkthrough / Tips & Tricks
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This will be a growing / living document based on the FAQs I get about the game.
Professor Crackbrain - And the awakening of the weredog is a classic point and click game. The main point of the game is to figure out the puzzles! Like in the old days, where people sometimes were stuck for a while on some points in the game until they found the solution, I highly recommend not to just look up every puzzle here.

Part 1: Intro and preparation to sneak into the mansion

Where can I find the pair of pliers on Jerry's list?
Step 1: You can find it in the right shelve in the garage - (See also: How to open the garage?).

Where can I find the flashlight on Jerry's list?
Step 1: You can find it in the right shelve in the garage - (See also: How to open the garage?).

Where can I find the sticky tape on Jerry's list?
Step 1: Move the vase on the cabinet in the living room.
The cabinet key is hidden underneath. Open the cabinet and take the sticky tape.

Where can I find the walkie talkies on Jerry's list?
Step 1: They are in the shelve in Jay's room.

How to open the garage?
Step 1: Steal Dads car keys out of his jacket in the living room.
Step 2: Go outside and open the car to find the remote control for the garage door.
Step 3: Use the remote control with the sensor.

Part 2: Get into the mansion

Where can I find the key to the front door?
Step 1: Jerry does not see a reason to climb into the well. Use the crack of the well to lift up the bucket.

Take the bucket. If you investigate the bucket in the inventory (look at) you will find the key chain to the front door.
Step 2: Finding the key chain gives Jerry a reason to climb down and look for the key inside the well.
Step 3: Now push the bones that lie on the floor to find the key to the front door.

How do I get into the house from the backyard?
Step 1: Pickup the stones that block the wheels of the dumpster.
Step 2: Push the dumpster to get access to the basement windows that is already partly open due to the cable.
Step 3: Use the screwdriver to lever the window open.
Step 4: Switch to Mike to crawl into the window.
Step 5: Switch to Jay to give Mike a kick.


Part 3: Get into the lab

I managed to get into the mansion. What to do next?
Step 1: First thing you should do is to reunite with Mike. He will tell you what has to be done next.
Step 2: As stated by Mike, Bobby is in the lab behind the security door.
To get him out you need to steal Rogy's keys and find the code for the keylock.

How can I open the basement door?
Step 1: The door is locked and there is no key for it in the basement. So Jay or Jerry have to help.
Sometimes the solution is right in front of your eyes. You might give the key that hangs next to the door a try.

How do I get into the attic?
Step 1: You need to become friends with the man-eating plant.

Go to the kitchen and get her the Cola Pepisola from the fridge
Step 2: Once the plant is not hungry anymore, you can move her underneath the attic hatch.
Step 3: Get some radioactive water from the bathtub (Using the Jar or the fixed Bucket) and give the plant some fertilization.
Step 4: Now you can climb up on the plant and open the hatch.

How do I get the keys for the chain lock of the security door?
Step 1: As you might have seen and as Mike explains, the keys are at Rogys pants.
To lure Rogy out of the Lab you have to unplug the lightning catcher in the backyard.

This is only possible after you reunited with Mike in the basement
Step 2: If you talk into the filler-neck of the heating in the basement the voice will echo in the pipes.
Step 3: To send your voice to other rooms you have to add the pipe-piece / pipe-connector in the pipe gaps in the basement.
Step 4: Connect the piping so you voice is transmitted to the hall.

Goal is to lure Rogy in the corner when he is on his way through the house
Step 5: As stated by your player the voice is not loud enough.

Use the horn from the gramophone in the parlor to amplify.
Step 6: Place one player upstairs, take the gargoyle and mount the axe instead on the bracket -

(See also: how to get the axe).
Step 7: Now, if you talk into the horn after Rogy left the basement he will look for the source of the voice in the Hal.
Step 8: Switch to the player who waits upstairs, and push the axe. The axe will cut the key from Rogies pants.

I was thrown into the dungeon. How to get out?
Step 1: Check the back wall, there is a loose brick that you can pick up.
Step 2: Take the loose bar from the vent
Step 3: You can combine the metal bar and the stone to build a hammer.
Step 4: Use the hammer with the beam from the medieval rack.
Step 5: Use the beam to push the cage with the skeleton
Step 6: Pick up the chain and mount it to the medieval rack.
Step 7: Mount the other end of the chain to the vent.
Step 8: Use the handle of the medieval rack to pull the vent out of the wall.

You are a free man.

Part 4: Get Bobby back

How can I provide evidence to the police?
Step 1: You have to find Professor Crackbrain's journal / diary. There he noted down his evil plans.
Step 2: The journal is stored in the hidden safe behind the big painting in his bedroom.
Step 3: The code for the safe was written at the mirror in the bathroom.

You have to find a way to make it visible again.
Step 4: Setup the piping in the basement so that the steam will go to the heating in the bathroom.
Step 5: Refill the piping (filler neck) to increase the amount of steam, by using the jar or the fixed bucket with the tap in the bathroom
Step 6: The steam still escapes through the broken bathroom window. You have to close the shutters.
Step 7: To close the shutters, look out of the window in the attic.

You can use the beam or the broom to close the shutters from the outside
Step 8: Now you can read the code for the safe in the bathroom and open the safe in the bedroom to get the journal.






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