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Andryusha vs Kachok

In the cloakroom raise tablets for thinness and the open-end wrench of tablet you will place on the table with the mirror, and then iditol into the souls. Take away there screwdriver from the window-sill. In the gymnasium you will establish "frog" to the sport mat, then take away the fitting, which lies on the floor in trainer. Next to the rod take away dumbbells and pancake from the rod. You will fasten pancake to the rod, and you will place dumbbells into the boxer pear. With the aid of the screwdriver break race and trainer, after which leave for the shower. Spill on the floor oil and shut red gate with open-end wrench.

Zvezdunov vs Schatz

From the dinner table take away fork, jelly and bottle of whisky. You will use alcoholic to the jug with the juice. From the table with the tape-measure take away chips and you will place them on the floor to the left of the peacock. A fork use on the play automaton, and jelly you will place into the attraction "Boom". To the right of sledge hammer stands table, take away from there the blade of croupier and you will place it into the "wheel of fortune".

Tanya vs Petrovich

Near the box with the tool raise nut and liquid nails. In the room take away from the table chewing gum and use it to pleyer. Further take away from the ironing board iron and iditol into the tank room. There use an iron to the chain of drain tank, and "nails" to the bath. From the washing machine take away pin for the hair and rubber gloves. Pin must be used to pleyer in the room, and with the aid of the glove you will be able to reach the wild hamster from the cell, which must be reseated into the box with the tool. On the kitchen use a nut to the candy, which lies on the table. From the same table take away the bundle of yeast(s) and morkovku. All this must be used to the shell.

Babulya vs Of panki

In the first room we take bottle with the liquid for the washing of toilets and we use it to the barrel with the beer. In the second room select combination pliers, screwdriver and collection guitar. You will use combination pliers to the electrical rosette. On the scene place guitar in the counter with the pasteboard guitars, by screwdriver "nastroyte" didzheyevskiy panel, then remove poster with the priest- star and take away control panel of rope from the yellow box. Panel you will place to the left of the microphone, near which costs pank-korotyshka.

Zvezdunov vs Of barmen

Take away from the tables pepper-shaker, fork and opener. From the barnoy counter - pail for ice, sheyker, to the bank of black roe and parrot. You will further "make" automaton "Coca-Cola", after which zasun'te into mikrovolnovku the jar of roe and pass into podsobku, where you will use pepper-shaker to the box with the rolls, place pail on the box, which lies next to the box, and sheyker sun'te into the freezer of refrigerator - you will obtain frozen sheyker. Then iditol to the kitchen. Push in bird into the furnace. Further return to the bar - you will place sheyker into the container, which stands next to the pair of bottles, you will open cash register and will place in it fork. You will unscrew the horns, which hang above the table, by opener.

Andryusha vs the builder

Raise bucket and collect in it resins from the barrel. Then take away the small balloon with the paint, which lies next to the pipe, and use it to this pipe. Further iditol to the concrete mixer - raise hammer and with its aid repair mixer. Rise upward. You will use bucket with resin to the stairs, raise canister with oil and you will use it to the floor next to the oxygen cylinders. Iditol to the bags, you will catch along the road control panel of crane, it must be changed for that lying near the concrete mixer, and use bucket with resin again near the bags.

Tanya vs the military instructor

Raise from the floor bucket and rakes. You will use bucket to the open door, then use rakes to the bayonet of shovel, which lies on the floor. You will place the obtained hybrid before the door, when military instructor will be in the workshop. Further visit into the workshop and raise glue and stiff spring from the floor. It must be established into the vises on the joiner's bench, and glue used to the gas mask. From the table of military instructor take away chewing gum, for which it is necessary to plug the stem of gun in the dash. There take away from the cabinet combat grenade and you will place it together with the training.

Zvezdunov vs The fortune teller

Take away the book of black magic from the table, you will then include fan, after which remove lattice from the window. You will further take out of the head of peasant feather and iditol to the kitchen. Insert feather into the hen, select mouse on the table and you will connect it with the frog. You will place the obtained hybrid into the saucepan. Then take away bottle with the caustic powder and you will use it to the hookah. In the completion you will substitute the book of incantations to the book on the black magic.

Tanya vs Susannah

From the periodical table take away gluings and you will use them to the solarium. Clay, who lies on the table of administration, use to the wax strips in the distant room, where you should still take away scissors. From the large table take coin, and from the bag sawing for the nails. Use it to the switch of foehn, and use a coin in the coffee automaton. Place the cup of hot coffee on the table in the massage office. By scissors clip the flower, which stands at the entrance into the sauna - you will obtain the broom, which you should place into the pail in the room with the pond. Finally, pour off water from the pond with the aid of the lever, located on the wall.

Andryusha vs The physicians

We take scissors from the table and we go into the X-ray room, from there pass into the laboratory. Take from the winder enema, and from the table syringe. You will use it to the mouse - select animal you will place "norushku" on the table next to the test tubes. Further iditol into the massage office. With the aid of the scissors remove from the wall poster and "will make" armchair. In the stomatological office take away from the cabinet of pill, put enema into the mouth of skeleton and press button on the drill. The photograph of topless you should push in into the slot of the delivery of the photographs of X-ray machine, and pills scatter on the floor in the laboratory before the cabinet with the medicines.

Babulya vs the postman

Select from the table cigarette lighter and cartridge for the printer, after which iditol into the living room. From the table there take screwdriver and to bank with the honey. Further pass for the storage - take bottle with ketchupom, hammer- nail extractor and to bank with the combustible mixture. By hammer open message - you will obtain board with the nails, and to bank with the honey you will use to the utility cabinet, on which stands the lamp. You will further replace for bank with the water, that stands in apparatus, to the jar with the combustible mixture, cartridge from the printer push in into the conditioner, by screwdriver "repair" panel from the conditioner, with the aid of the cigarette lighter set fire paper in the debris basket, you will place board with the nails on the stool, and ketchup use to the post stamp.

Babulya vs the auto mechanic

We select boiler, board we go into the room. There take away defective jack and fined shampoo. In the bedroom select from the floor disk, you will place rubber woman on the bed and leave back into the room. Use a disk in the play automaton. All the remaining hitching posts will be connected with the automobile. Defective jack must be stationed of proper, open-end wrench, which lies on the barrel, use to the rear wheel, the shampoo to the cover of cowling.

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