Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

This walkthrough was created by Arberth Studios.

General Tips

In-Game Tutorial

Chapter 1 – Arrival

Exploring the grounds

The Terminus

The wood barn

The woodland path

The chapel path

The pond and jetty

The orchard

The stable

The yard

The mill path

The standing stone

The house exterior

The shed and workshop

The boiler room

Exploring the house

The Living Room

Dining Room



The cloakroom and toilet

Making the fire

The study

Getting upstairs



Master Bedroom

Jen's treatment room

Unfinished room

Jen's laboratory

Rhiannon's room

Chapter 2 – Earth

Taking the rubbing from the standing stone

Access to the workshop

Brush cutter puzzle

Translating the standing stone rubbing

Using the Ogam Translator Program

Return to the standing stone

Finding pieces of slate

The slate wall puzzle

Using the brush cutter

Transforming objects by consumption

Chapter 3 – Water

Parcel in boiler room

Open the door on the stone building (terminus)

Finding the cauldron pieces

The microscope slides puzzle

Making bread

Finding the significant objects

The Kirlian camera puzzle

Chapter 4 – Fire

Boswell's office

The Mill

Chapter 5 – Air

The Cellar puzzle

The graveyard puzzle

You have mail

The End



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