Sam & Max: Season 1

Episodes 1 to 6

Sam & Max: Season 1 - Episodes 1  - Culture Shock

In the amazingly 3D office

Oh dear, a rat’s got your phone. And he wants some bloody Swiss cheese. The nerve! Grab the Boxing Glove, grab the Bowling Ball, open the closet door, use Sam’s gun to shoot the cheese, take a piece of the now-Swiss Cheese and place it near the rat hole.

The pesky little rodent will go for it and end up being interrogated. During the conversation start off with Sam’s threats, cunningly switch to Max’s, and when the rat complains about his headache switch back to Sam to ask about said headache. Mr. Jimmy Two Teeth will inadvertently reveal his weakness (that’s.. uhm… heights). Click on Max’s portrait and select the “hang out to dry option”. Nice work. Got your phone back. Leave the place, preferably by clicking on the door.

Bringing justice to celebrity vandals

Better start by gearing up. Go to Bosco’s. Talk to Bosco the slightly paranoid and security-obsessed shop owner. Ask him about the munchkin terrorist, then say you've got it. Tell him you want to buy something, ask him what he's got, then about the item behind the counter. Now you’ll want the Tear Gas Launcher, he’ll want 10,000$. Easy.

Leave the shop, head left and grab the Spray Paint from the car behind the DeSoto. Hop into the DeSoto to drive around and pull a few poor motorists over. Enjoy. Now, click the gun icon and shoot a car’s taillights. Enjoy. Click on the megaphone and actually pull someone over. The motorist’s offence is obvious: hideously broken taillight! Get the Bag of Money, head back to Bosco’s and get yourself a nice tear Gas Launcher (of sorts). Enjoy.

Now, to apprehend the irritating terrorist. Take the piece of Cheese next to Bosco. Head left and use the bathroom. Quickly place the Cheese into the kid's basket before he exits the bathroom. The security system will handle the rest. Exit the (in-)convenience store.

Head left, past your office and enter Sybil's lot. Exhaust all conversation topics or end it outright. It really doesn’t matter and I don’t really care. This isn’t the real Sybil. It’s another of them former brat stars. Open the closet door to release the real Sybil. Good. Ask Sybil (the real one and not Peepers trying to be a she) about “charges”, then about what Sam and Max can do to help. Obviously use your new Onion Tear Gas launcher on Peepers and then quickly hit him with the Boxing Glove. Sweet. The ensuing cutscene will reveal a method to cure hypnosis. Now, do as I tell you and leave Sybil's office.
Return to the (in-) convenience store and click on Whizzer to wake him up. Exit the inconvenience store.

And now, it being down to the last foe, it’s graffiti time. Three cheers for Art then! Use the Spray Paint on the graffiti just outside Sam and Max's office building (it might be obscured by the staircase). Head back to the illustrious S&M office and look out of the window by clicking on it. Drop the BOWLING BALL from your inventory on Specs' head. Head back down and click on Specs (who is unconscious) to cure him.

A chase sequence will ensue. It’s slightly arcadey, but fun and easy. Just avoid all the videos thrown out of the van to close the distance. The trick is to trail the van. When it swerves left or right just follow its direction. Stay right behind it to avoid all boxes, even when it's far away. When you're close enough, click on the gun icon and shoot at the tyres. The van will stop and you, oh most racing player, will learn about the mastermind's hideout.

Towards the end…

Nice place. Shame it’s all locked up. Grab an Admission Form from the stash located next to the ticket booth. Enter the lovely DeSoto and safely head for the office. Enter Sybil's place and show her the Admission Form, then end the conversation. Examine the Symptoms Form and note down all three symptoms (they may vary from game to game). Talk to Sybil again and get some free psychoanalysis.

Take the inkblot test first.

Answer five questions with the best description that matches the first symptom.

Pennies on the eyes of a dead mime (money)
A pair of oxen boxing in a rowboat
Susan Lucci holding an Emmy (fame)
The results of the last time I let Max drive
A bunch of bacteria playing basketball
Pigeons on a the marquee at Mann's Chinese Theater (fame)
An SUV crashing into an opulent mansion (money)
The St. Valentine's Day massacre

A squirrel that got run over twice
My uncle Louie's moth-eaten wallet (money)
Coded love notes from space aliens
An autograph written in Braille (fame)

Elephants at the New York stock exchange (money)
A cheering crowd of lanky albinos (fame)
The exhaust manifold of a bread truck
Twenty nuns with machine guns.

That blotchy thing a flashbulb does to your eyes (fame)
An orangutan escaping from the trunk of a DeSoto
A war between two teams of abstract shapes
A debit card fed through a document shredder (money)

Get them right, and Sybil will check the first symptom in the form. Now, you’ll usually need to exhibit a violent reaction to dentistry during the free association test. A rather normal thing to do, but it works. Just pull your gun out and attempt to shoot Sybil whenever she mentions anything related to dentistry. This is usually the second word she mentions and key words include: crown, drill, filling, flouride and polish. Mind you, you will fail the test if you're being violent when a non-dentistry word is mentioned. Oh, and the Boxing Glove can also be used on Sybil as a substitute method, but not the Launcher.

The third test involves a dream analysis. Things couldn’t be simpler:

You merely have to dream about items related to the third symptom. (To exit your dream at any time, just click on the open window or office door.)
If the third symptom is: a need to know your peer's age - choose a birthday cake and Max
marry your mom - choose a wedding cake and you (Sybil)

Now that you’ve made it into the certified loonies club, leave Sybil's office and head for Brady's hideout. Use the Symptoms Form on the form reader to open the right gate. Enter the building. After the cutscene, Max will end up at the inconvenience store.

… the … err… Almost Last Act of the Game

Grab the Cheese from the table next to the counter. You’ll enter your dreamworld again. Only this time, it’s infested. You’ll have to make that irritating sod Brady Culture disappear. Talk to Max’s head. Pull out your gun and shoot at the one way sign next to the open office door, thus turning the room upside down. Use (in a very loose sense of the term) Max's head on his body. One Brady’s gone.

To turn off the fan, use the light switch located next to the one way sign. Now, take the Coat Hanger from the top of the television. Two more Bradys down. Open the closet door, confront a cheesy Brady and quickly use the Bicycle Pump. Your dear rat will do the rest. That’s it, you’re a free man .. errr… dog… err… anthropomorphic canine. No more Brady in your head!

Back in Bosco’s, end the conversation with Bosco and head for Sybil's office. Talk to Sybil and asks if she can help. She’ll provide with a Helmet Diagram. Leave her place and head back to your office. Grab the Coat Hanger from the top of the television and head for Bosco’s inconvenience store. Give the Helmet Diagram and then the Coat Hanger to Bosco. Now, leave the inconvenience store and hop into your DeSoto. There’s silly work afoot.

The Final Act (definitely)

Let’s be brief now. Enter the building through the right gate. Sam will wear the device automatically.
Click on the Soda Poppers and select become... Brady Culture!
The worship option will appear. Select worship... me!
Click on the Soda Poppers again and select attack... me!

Sam & Max: Season 1 - Episodes 2 - Situation: Comedy

Exit the office and head for Bosco's convenience store.
Quit the conversation with Bosco.
Try to grab the SHAVING CREAM on the table to your right.
Exit the store and chase after the skinbodies in your car.
To stop the skinbodies, click on the gun icon on the bottom left of the screen.
Watch for a manhole which appear periodically in the middle of the road.
Shoot at the skinbodies to make them swerve into the manhole.
Timing is important, you need to get it just right to retrieve the SHAVING CREAM.

At the TV studio

Talk to the director.
Ask about what she's doing, then request for an audition.
When the audition starts, use the SHAVING CREAM on Sam.
After passing the audition, use the sitcom door to enter the next room.
During the conversation, tell the director to start taping.
Grab the LAMPSHADE and put it on the cow's head.
Featherly will enter the room, answer 'Our chef.'
Grab the PLATE from the table on your right.
Use the PLATE on the cowpie to trigger the next question.
Answer 'Moo Goo Gai Pan, a delicious food', when asked.
Max will deliver his line and Sam will receive the MIDTOWN COWBOYS CLIP.
Use the door on the left to meet the Soda Poppers again.
Head right and grab PEEPER'S LYRICS from the top of the apple crate.

Move right again and use the game show door.
Sam and Max will converse with Hugh Bliss automatically.
Ask Hugh to perform a magic trick, then state green.
Now ask Hugh for a group PHOTO together with Sam and Max.
End the conversation with Hugh.
Click on the left podium to start the game show.
Grab the CARDS from the podium on the right.
Now use PEEPER'S LYRICS on the card slot.
Click on the podium to your left again to start the game show.
Answer the easy question to earn yourself a million food stamps.
Head back into the Midtown Cowboys set.
Use the cooking show door which is located to your right.
Click on the pot, pan, plate or bowl to start cooking.
Choose to make a CAKE.
Select any ingredient (minimum one), then click on the oven icon.
You'll now have the CAKE in your possession.
Head out of the TV studio and drive back to the office.

Enter Sybil's place.
Give Sybil the PHOTO and she will print the newspaper.
Grab a copy of ALIEN LOVE TRIANGLE TIMES, just outside the store.
Enter the store and ask Bosco to sell you the VOICE MODULATOR.
Pay using your FOOD STAMPS.
Head right, then use the CAKE on the condiments.
Condiments are located under the Not'chos poster.
Head back to the TV studio.

Embarrassing Idol

Give Whizzer the CAKE WITH KETCHUP ICING. He will leave the set.
Use the VOICE MODULATOR on Sam, then use the microphone to sing.
You will win all votes from the remaining judges.
The director will award Sam a RECORDING CONTRACT.
Now you have the CONTRACT, CLIP and NEWSPAPER required to see Myra.
Enter the game show set and use the talk show door on the right.
Ask for permission to be on the show during the conversation with Myra.
Tell her about the CONTRACT, CLIP and NEWSPAPER in your possession.
She will then allow Sam and Max to be on her show.
Tell Myra that you would rather relive your Embarrassing Idol glory.
You will now get a chance to access your inventory.
Use the VOICE MODULATOR on Sam, then quickly use the BANJO.
Talk to Myra about the picture in the Times after the cutscene.
Tell her that someone else was involved as well.
Choose Bessy the Cow when quizzed about it.

Sam & Max: Season 1 - Episodes 3: The Mole, The Mob and The Meatball

The third episode of the Sam and Max series puts our crazy detective friends face to face with the ferocious, cruel, vicious Toy Mafia. While Sam does most of the action, Max is once again the funniest inexhaustible rabbity thing sidekick you’ll ever meet. With this third addition he gets even punchier, sarcastic comment lines meant to make laugh till you drop. Nothing can scare the cute buddies, but nevertheless they’re bound to need your guidance in cracking this case.

The Office
Watch the introductory video to get your first clue on the story in this episode. Do notice that Max was playing with an Ace of Spades card. Feel free to click around the office for things that tell the Freelance Police detectives’ story thus far. Once you had your fun here, just exit through the door to the left of your screen. You now get to the street. Make Sam take out the Big Gun from the inventory and shoot the One Way sign to cause an accident (if you haven’t done this in the previous episodes or you want to do it again). Make your way to the beloved detectives’ car – their very own DeSoto Chrysler – parked just on the left corner of the street. Head to the Ted E. Bear Free-Mafia Playland and Casino.

Ted E. Bear Free-Mafia Playland and Casino
Get greeted by Lovey Bear and than talk to him about everything and receive your first time customers’ free tokens. Do notice the detectives’ remark about his bear mask. Behind Lovey Bear you’ll notice an arcade game called “Whack-Da-Ratz”. There is also a panel with instructions on how to play. Head over there and insert a token to play. You’ll need to use your inventory Big Gun to shoot at least 20 of the red colored rat cards. This should be fun. Get started as there’s no strategy on how to do it. Shoot everything if you want, as you are not taken any points for shooting some innocents too. Once you hit 20 of the “singing” rodents you’re awarded with a Ted E. Bear Magnet. Got it? Let’s move on with the games. Go to the middle of the room (right) and notice the characters at the poker table. Accept Leonard’s invitation to play. Deal a hand or two and notice that Leonard is concentrating on something. Well, there’s no way to beat him at this time, so let’s move on. Going a little further to the right you’ll notice the back door guarded. The guard will ask you for a password. Feel free to try anything out, but you can’t know the pass just yet. Towards the lower right corner of the screen notice a One-Armed Bandit slots-like machine. Insert a token to play. A clue Sherlock: the machine doesn’t give you any prize, but it does make a pink headed bear come out the back door and quickly provides the password to get back in. Unfortunately you can’t hear what he says. Maybe it’s time to pay your old pal Bosco a visit. Exit the casino.

The neighborhood
Enter Bosco’s Inconvenience. Catch up with the pal that now tries to hide under a French identity. Talk about everything and notice that he has a sale on a miniature listening device. Special prize just for you – 10 million dollars. Well, neither you nor your little white friend have that kind of money on you. But you do remember that this was the exact sum that Leonard was willing to bet at the poker table. He definitely cheated. You just need to prove yourself a better cheater. Remember the card Max was playing with at the beginning of the story. Exit Bosco’s Inconvenience and enter your office. Get the Ace of Spades that felt on the floor next to the rat hole (the right wall of the office). Exit the office and take the DeSoto back to the casino.

Casino part 2
Look at the clown face that marks the entrance door. Notice the big shiny red nose. What do you know? Leonard’s face is seen perfectly from here. This must be how he cheats. Use your Ace of Spades

on the nose. It sticks. Wonderful. Now it’s time to play poker. Leonard will think he has a better card than you as he sees the ace. So all you need to do is bet one token to get the big pot of 10 million. Once you ruin Leonard, exit the casino and head straight for Bosco’s Inconvenience. Purchase the listening device. It turns out to be a bug… literally. Whee! Exit Bosco’s and get back to the casino.

Head to the back door and send the “organic listening device” to stay comfortably on the nice guard at the door (he’ll actually get to the wall behind the guard). Now gamble again at the One-Handed Bandit and watch the pink bear rush out the door. Once he’s out of the picture get the bug back. You now have the password: “Leave the gun. Take the cannolis.” Proudly tell the pass to the guard so you can enter the back office. Chuckles the pink bear greets you here. Tell him you’re interested in the job. He’ll point out that you must take care of 3 little favors to be accepted into the organization.

- the “Lean on” job involves you taking boxed teddies to Bosco’s and display them on the front table
- the “Whack” job is all about viciously killing Sybil (they want plenty of blood to send out a message)
- the “Recover” job involves a certain famous Meatball Sandwich

Be sure to click on every assignment so they are active. Now you can leave the office and get going on these jobs. Notice the poker table is now empty. Where might that Leonard character go to? Leave the casino.

The Office part 2
Go to your own office as you remember there was something fishy about Jimmy Two-Teeth. As you enter the office you notice Leonard trying to negotiate the sale of the sandwich to Jimmy. As Sam tries to convince him to lay down the weapon, click on the Max dialog icon to notice that the gun is actually a fake. Now that you tied the cheater to the chair it’s “Yo’ Mama’s” jokes time. Ok, so it’s more like matching time. Here it goes. Yo’ Mama’s…

… so fat – she’s got more folds than an origami accordion!
… so radiant – if she fell in nuclear waste, no one would notice!
… so perky – the only time she’s low is at a limbo contest!
… so thrifty – she brings coupons to the penny arcade!
… so vulgar – her mouth would make a longshoreman blush!
… so punctual – she showed up early for her own funeral!

Leonard finally cracks and he points you out that he hid the sandwich in the One-Armed Bandit slots machine and removed his arm. You get the arm and live him all tied up in your office. One job is half-done.

Bosco’s Inconvenience
Notice Cuddly Bear (the dealer) pretending to read the newspaper by the entrance door of the store. He ignores you if you try to talk to him. Enter Bosco’s. Tell Bosco the Toy Mafia is just outside. He’ll get all distracted with creating fantastic theories on that while watching the guy through his goggles. Place the Teddy Bear box on the display table in the front to see how the alarm goes off and the box is sucked in and thrown out on the street by Bosco’s newest Anti-Delivery System B-Tad part 2. Don’t worry, Max gets the box back. Time to use your Ted E. Bear Magnet on the surveillance camera (slightly to the left). As you place the magnet, the camera gets sucked in. And out it goes. Now you can safely place the toy box on the front table. Watch the hilarious video that follows.

As you enter the place notice the small webcam on the cactus to the left of the door (bottom left corner of the screen). Go to Sybil’s desk and notice she’s drinking coffee, but she’s totally distracted from this action. She just drinks it “mechanically”. Take the cup of coffee and talk to Sybil about her new job and everything. Exit her place and head to Bosco’s. Go to the back (upper left corner of the screen) and fill the mug with ketchup. That should cover for the “plenty of blood” effect. Exit Bosco’s and get back to Sybil’s. Use the ketchup-filled cup on her. As she takes the cup to drink shoot the mug with your Big Gun (the Cap Gun won’t do). Your actions are viewed on the webcam. Then Max eats up the webcam so the Mafia doesn’t notice Sybil is coming back.

Casino part 3
Time to get the third job done too. Head to the back and put the bandit arm back on the One-Armed Bandit. Use the tokens to gamble. Surprise! Here comes the renowned sandwich. Chuckles shows up and if you already completed the other two tasks he invites you to the back office.

Huge surprise here. Don Ted E. Bear turns out to be the mole. As you say the code phrase he’ll just let you know that he decided to switch sides. A car chase starts. The gangsters seem to have bullet proof tires, so it’s useless to fire at them. Luckily there’s an advertising panel hanging just above the street from place to place. Shoot it to cause a small bear accident. You’re now returned to the back door office to take out the mole, but the office is empty. Time to search for clues or just head directly to the Sinister Door labeled “Do Not Enter”.

The Toy Bear Factory
A short animated sequence follows, which makes you aware that you are supposed to pretend to be hypnotized by the small toy bear. Fortunately, Harry the Mole doesn’t know that Sam has an anti-hypnosis device on his head ever since episode 1 and that Max, for some unknown reason cannot be hypnotized. Obey the Master as he asks you to shoot Max, just use the Cap Gun instead of your regular Big Gun. More funny animations follow. Harry is reading comics, so you have plenty of time to figure out a way of destroying the machine and take him down at the same time.

Get the screwdriver from the table with the One-Armed Bandit slots machine (bottom left corner of the screen). Remember the “You’re on fire” phrase that it used to tell as you won. Use the screwdriver on the bandit machine to get a voice box. Now get to the upper right corner of the screen where you can see a hopper filled with all the voice-gizmo’s for the teddy bear toys. Place the voice box here and notice as a “special custom made bear” drops from the assembly line. Get the altered Teddy Bear and use it on Harry. As he gets hypnotized to think that he’s on fire, he heads to the fire extinguisher. The Toy-Mafia seems to have been kind of cheap as the fire extinguisher is also a fake. But it got Harry right under the waste tube. Remember how it almost overheated the machinery as Max took the journey up the waste tube? Let’s see what happens to Harry. Pull the lever Sam!

As you watch the final video, you’ll have one more surprise that will keep you on the lookout for the next episode. I’m just dying to find out what “Plan B” is :).

Sam & Max: Season 1 - Episodes 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die

The forth episode of the Sam and Max series puts our crazy detective friends face to face with one of the most respected American presidents of all time. The case at hand will also take them to one of the most intriguing and esteemed symbols of Washington – the White House. While Sam does most of the action, Max is once again the funniest and most destructive inexhaustible rabbity thing sidekick you’ll ever meet. With this forth addition he gets even punchier, sarcastic comment lines meant to make you laugh till you drop. Nothing can scare the cute buddies, but nevertheless they’re bound to need your guidance in cracking this case.

The White House
Watch the introductory video to get your first clues of what else has been disturbing the commissioner. Note that Sam still has the miniature listening device he bought from Bosco an episode ago. Also note that he is able to use the army bug to make phone pranks. As the video ends, you find your two friends at the front door of the White House. Feel free to walk around and click around to have a little fun. Meet the secret agent Superball guarding the door. Oh well. That’s a NO on the getting inside. He doesn’t seem to have received news on your arrival. I guess you’ll have to sneak your way into the presidential residence. Note the phone on the right side of your screen and make Sam read the number (he’ll memorize it). Superball may be a super agent, but he needs to answer the phone and follow orders. Let’s just try that on him. Get into the DeSoto and head back to your office. Call the White House and ask the agent on the other end of the line to hold. Return to the White House to see that Superball is now busy holding on the phone and the doors are all clear.

The Oval Office Part I
Welcome to the most notable office in the world! Here you meet the absent minded president and his bodyguard. Surprise, surprise! Remember Chuckles from the Toy Mafia episode? If you don’t, Sam and Max will. Feel free to engage in a conversation with him to try to find out what his plans are, but that will lead nowhere. Click around the office and amuse yourself at all the stuff a president keeps there. Note that there is a card board just in front of the camera. It’s fun and it may come in handy later. Note the “secret” door to the right with the word WAR written above it. Surely the War room would make your visit to the White House really interesting. Try to get in. Well, maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Do notice that as you get thrown out, Whizzer is on his way to meet the president. Where you paying attention? The bodyguard said “Governor Whizzer”. Now what’s up with that? Before heading back in, take a walk and notice the pool. Your old friend Jimmy Two Teeth is relaxing and next to the pool is a very attractive item – a red boxing glove. You do know that this type of things might get in handy on various occasions. Get it quickly and head back to the Oval Office.

So Whizzer is having a meeting with the president. Feel free to question around your old friend. Once you get yourself up to date with the Poppers’ latest doings, talk to the president. Of course he is hypnotized and he seems so distracted with everything that he doesn’t even get the faintest clue on what Governor Whizzer is talking about. Well, get your share of fun by playing the interpreter part between the former child star and the absent minded president. Just repeating everything is not much fun so be a little creative. Tell the president that Whizzer would like a drink. Sodas have always had a strange effect on Whizzer. Take advantage of his desire to hit the john and direct him towards the War Room. Now that Chuckles is “escorting” the governor out, you get your moment alone with the president. Since sweet talking doesn’t look like working, allow Max to try a more violent approach. Remember from the first episode that you were instructed by Sybil to knock down anybody that seemed to be hypnotized? If it worked back than, it should also work now, right?

Use the boxing glove on the president. Ups! Here’s an interesting video scene.

The Courtyard Part I
It’s election time and your nutcase friend Max, the Destructor of Worlds, is competing against the 19 feet statue (5.8 meters) of Abraham Lincoln. Sam is playing the part of the impartial reporter getting conducting the interview for the campaigns of the two main candidates. You’ll see pretty soon that no matter what you let Max promise, the vision turns all chaotic, on the other hand the clue board instructs Abe to be grateful for the new life he was offered to help the nation. Guess this is no way to get Max to win the elections. Notice that there are three issues you can ask Abe to discuss and that every time he’s reading from the clue board. Hmmm. Remember you saw some of these cards back in the office? That’s it! Go hunting for silly answers!

Your first stop is of course the Oval Office. Get those cards and cycle them to see what you could use against Abe. How about getting Abe to say that religion and school make “two wrongs”? Could be fun, let’s try it. What do you know? The audience hated it and Abe is going down in the polls. Gotta find more of these!

The Neighborhood Part I
Since there is no sign of any other useful cards around the White House, get into the DeSoto and let’s see what the neighborhood can help us with. Oh, old memories… Check out the posters wall between your office and Sybil’s. He, he! The army is advertising. “Give me all you got”. There was this question about taxes, wasn’t it? Great! Get the poster that fells as you read the army ad. So you need one more. Head to the right of your office towards Bosco’s. Hey, it’s Hugh Bliss and his Rainbow happiness. What’s that card on free home delivery? Hmmm. Hugh doesn’t seem to want to give it up. Talk to him about all the magical stuff that he does. Here’s an idea. Ask him about the disappearance trick. Puf! He’s gone and the card is all yours. Get it quickly, it could prove useful with that toxic waste issue.

Since you’re in the neighborhood, it wouldn’t hurt to pay your old friends a quick visit. Check out the sign at Sybil’s. She’s got into the Dating Service. So she’s the person you want to see if you’re looking for your match. It probably wouldn’t hurt to see if there is a soul mate for Sam… Told you these two are perfect for one another! Aren’t you curious what Sybil’s dream date would be like? So tall, older, great career… Sounds familiar, but you’ll have to get back on that. Bosco is… well, undercover… again. Comrade Boscovitch… Really, acting as a Russian to avoid a conspiracy is a good idea? OK… Be sure to see what other overpriced gadgets Bosco is selling. A truth serum? At the “bargain” value of 100,000,000 dollars? Prices sure go up these days. No, you don’t need it yet. Notice the two weenies displayed ever since… you can’t even remember the first time you saw them there, can you? Well, it’s time to win the elections!

The Courtyard Part II
Get into the DeSoto Chrysler and get back to the White House. Abe Lincoln can’t win this round. Place the newly acquired cards on the clue board and let’s ask Abraham about his opinion of a few more issues. Be sure the army ad is on display and ask Abe about the taxes. What do you know? The trick really worked. Only a few more votes to loose and Max will be the new leader. Change the card to display the free home delivery card and ask Abe about the toxic wastes.

Whaaaat?! You’re kidding me, Abe is still not loosing enough votes? It must be that awesome speech about the family values. Something must be done. Oh, there are some fliers by the podium advertising Abe’s campaign. Hmmm. Sybil’s dating service should come in handy. Get a flyer and head to Sybil’s. Drop it on her desk for her to evaluate the application. HER dream man?! Sam sure hates to have to use Sybil’s naivety in this way, but Abe must not win the elections. She’ll see that it was all for a good cause. Now it’s just the matter of the telephone call to set up a meeting.

Luckily Sam held on to the army bug listening device. Get him to use it on Lincoln and see later what you can make out of the pieces. Once you used the bug on Abe, retrieve it and head straight to your crumbling office. Here goes nothing! Use the listening device to call Sybil and pretend she’s talking to her soul mate. Don’t worry about getting a few answers wrong, she’ll be so charmed of talking to him that she’ll just ignore them. Once you convince Sybil to get on a date with Abe get back to the White House and enjoy the show.

Congratulations! You know, you could surely apply for a campaign advisor job. You’ve got talent! You managed to get an all destructive rabbit to be elected president, you gotta be good. Unfortunately Abe hits the streets with Chuckles on his shoulder. He’s bound do inflict some major damage and it’s up to you to stop him. Get in the car and follow him. Unfortunately Sam’s Big Gun is too small for the size of the former president. Why did they have to also take off those advertisement cards hanging over the street? Maybe you could have trapped him somehow. You’ll just have to think of something else.

The Oval Office Part II
Max… err… his Excellency President Max would sure love to get his hands on all the sophisticated weapons in the War Room. Hey, maybe you could even come up with something big enough to take out Abe! Superball is guarding the War Room door and we already know by now that he’s very strict when it comes to guarding something. Wonder if you could trick him again. Look through the office. On the desk there is a Secretary Ribbon. And there is a calendar next to the desk. Max could easily declare today as any day he wishes (or you wish). Present Superball with his new position. Oh, and do check out the budget Max can allocate anyway he wants. Wow, $100,000,000! Also make sure Max is declaring the day as Secretary Day. Since Superball is now a secretary he’s allowed (and encouraged by Sam) to take the day off. More trouble?! Of course! You can only get to the War Room if a war is going on.

Luckily the three new governors and former child stars are having a big argue about what to do with Mount Rushmore. The only problem is that each of them is keeping his grunge on his brothers for himself. Maybe that truth serum wouldn’t be such a bad thing to have.

The Neighborhood Part II
First head over to Sybil’s to see how she’s doing after the Abe episode. A new career already? Carbon dating business and she already identified an ancient Tiki statue in her own office. Maybe if you could get her to land you the device you might find something ancient at Bosco’s (like those weenies, they gotta be from the beginning of time). No luck – she’s having financial problems with all the career changes already. If you head back to the Oval Office and get a look at the budget you’ll notice Sybil’s is now on the list of possible investments. Great, maybe she’ll get a vacation and forget all about the carbon dating device.

As you get back to Sybil’s you see that she took a leave indeed and left the device on her desk. Grab it quickly and let’s go use it on everything there is in Bosco’s Inconvenience Store. Well, well. Turns out the weenies are indeed ancient! Great! Head back to the Oval Office and allocate the money from the budget to Bosco’s. Let’s see what he has to say about it now. It worked – you can have the serum. Yeap, just as you imagined – another overpriced, over advertised product: a bottle of Vodka. Yet this will have to do.

The Oval Office Part III
Whizzer should surely be thirsty by now after all that nonsense talk in the office. Offer the bottle to him and enjoy the show that follows. After fiery controversial talk among the Soda Poppers the nation finally goes to war. Looks like Max is not the only one that is thrilled with this situation. The secret agents will put on a wonderful show for you. Enjoy it as I for one consider it to be one of the funniest moments of the episode at hand.

The War Room
Finally Max’s greatest dream has become reality – the buttons of war are at his fingertips. Notice the “intricate” War Manual, the surveillance camera by the pool where Jimmy takes his siesta and head over the main computer. This is the fun part. Check out the selected targets. Launch something if you want, but do notice that there is indeed a beacon in Bosco’s shop. Notice the half sign on the screen and the angle from witch you can see Bosco. So he was actually right about the conspiracy… Better not make him feel more threatened than he already is. Head over to Bosco’s and check out the video camera facing the stand. There it is – the beacon that you were looking for.

The Traffic
This is it. A bomb should be just the right thing to destroy Abe. Get on a pursuit. Abe Lincoln Must Die! Use your new toy – the beacon – to shoot it to the back of the running statue. Max will be careful to place it on his back so that he can’t reach it. All that is left to do is head over to the War Room and make Max a happy rabbity thing – let him press the RED BUTTON. That’s it folks! This episode ends here. But what’s that sound in Chuckles hands-free?


Sam & Max: Season 1 - Episodes 5: Reality 2.0



Our crazy detective friends need to face the most terrible crisis we (gamers) could ever think of – an internet malfunctioning. Trapped inside the virtual reality are tons of players that don’t even realize they’ve been stripped from the real world. While Sam does most of the action, Max is once again the funniest inexhaustible rabbity thing sidekick you’ll ever meet. Nothing can scare the cute buddies, but nevertheless, they’re bound to need your guidance in cracking this case.



Once you enjoyed all the new comments on the stuff in the Freelance Police office, head down to the street. Oh, that’s a shame – someone fixed the One Way sign and Sam can no longer cause car accidents by shooting it. Time to get visiting your neighbors (I bet you were already missing them). Let’s start with Sybil. Now she will seem suspicious to Sam and Max. They believe she’s been hypnotized. Now Sam has to try the punching “snap out of it” trick with the glove, but he can’t seem to be able to get close enough to Sybil to knock her over the head. Nothing in the inventory looks too promising, so let’s try Bosco’s for a change. How lovely! The display table is occupied by Jimmy Two-Teeth and his nice looking cannon. Now this is hope! Talk to Jimmy and try to talk him into selling you the cannon. Unfortunately, you’ll exhaust every threat Sam can think of and Jimmy is still stating that he’s not selling his weapons to the “police”. Since Max gave that law about weapon sellers being allowed to offer their merchandise out in the open, you can’t even confiscate it. Well, let’s at least check it out. Hey! He shot Sam! Quickly click on Jimmy before he manages to reload. What do you know – he’s stuck! You’re now the proud owner of a rat loaded cannon. Since we’re already at Bosco’s, let’s see how things go here and what other overpriced, pompous called ancient stuff Bosco has on the menu.

Aside from driving his business to the online shopping direction, the half-elf Bosco (nope, it’s no longer a disguise, but a way to get better in touch with his virtual avatar) offers another massively destructive item – the virulent biological weapon. Having in mind the previous episodes, that will probably turn up to be something totally awkward and absolutely necessary. So you should encourage Sam to ask for the price. Yes, it’s way over the top – as always: one billion dollars. Well, since Max is still the president of the United States, it shouldn’t be very complicated to come up with such a sum. Unfortunately for the Freelance Police, Bosco is no longer accepting cash. He takes internet payments only. Pretty inconvenient since both the president and his secretary of defense are total n00bs when it comes to computers. Oh well, they don’t need to concern about this just yet. Let’s visit Sybil again.

Prepare to launch the mouse! Use the rat cannon on Sybil to snap her out of the trance. Oh! We spoiled her fun… and her latest career. Find out everything about the beta testing job, this new game Sybil was testing – Reality 2.0 – and its developers – COPS. He! He! Turns up they’re just next door, at the old Lefty’s place. No better time than now to greet your new neighbors! Well, well, well. What have we got here? Machines are taking over with the help of the internet and sort of keep all their fans trapped inside a video game. Since Sam & Max are immune to hypnosis you should tell them you’d like to join the fun in Reality 2.0 to get a chip to repair Sybil’s damaged goggles and a special pair for Max. Do ask them about their motivational song for some more computer generated music. Now just head back over to Sybil’s. Use the chip on the broken VR goggles on Sybil’s sofa and let the virtual fun begin. Use the goggles to get in the game.

Reality 2.0
Wander around Sybil’s virtual office. But you won’t find anything interesting. Head outside to meet the enhanced reality. Greet Auntie Biotic and do your homework about virtual armory and weaponry. Have a little fun with the 404 error sign (looks a little familiar?). Notice the Jack in the Box at the end of the unfinished street (next to the Control Room – Lefty’s). Also notice you can’t get close enough with the ads popping up all the time.

Meet the virtual image of Hugh Bliss, now representing the Internet Wizard. Hugh… the Wizard… err… the big Bliss floating head will give you a nice welcoming present – a Rainbow Kit to be used on your car he says (you did notice the virtual DeSoto waiting for you at the corner, right?).

Let’s continue our virtual journey to get to know the detectives’ real friends in the virtual world. Head over to Bosco’s. Just look around for a while. Click on the Sludge Machine to get in your first virtual fight. A blue slime comes out and Max demands that it must be killed. For now, all Sam manages to do is scare it away – no matter what he does. Talk to Bosco and learn about the virtual bank and the Long Sword for sale at the amazing price (especially since Bosco is selling it) of 5 gold coins (you’ve already noticed the 3 gold coins out in the street, right?). Also get him to tell you about his account password being tattooed on his real body. If you turn to reality you’ll notice Bosco is too busy with his VR goggles to notice you getting his binoculars. I don’t know yet what to do with those, but Bosco surely doesn’t need ‘em.

Be sure to also visit your office in Reality 2.0, you probably won’t ever see it so tidy ever again. While in VR, also check out the Control Room. Greet the virtual “creators” of Reality 2.0. Note that each of them assures a certain function of the game. The Bleeper will be the one in charge of the ad pop ups. Hey! This is your chance to get that Jack in the Box. So all you need to do for the pop ups to be gone is click on the green machine once (the Phone will confirm the status of the pop ups).

Also, do note that your inventory listening device has turned into a computer bug. Guess what can be altered by its actions. The controlling machines obviously. Enjoy a few moments of 2D Reality 2.0 as you place the computer bug on the blue machine; turn off gravity by placing the bug on the orange arcade game or get your heroes as small as Alice in Wonderland after eating that cookie. Oh! Placing the bug on the green item will just spook you with some annoying music, but don’t worry. While with the rest of the devices you need to tell Sam to take back the bug, here Sam is so disappointed that he removes the bug immediately even without you telling him to do so. Time to see if the pop up blocker works. Head back outside in Reality 2.0 and go for the Jack in the Box. What do you know! It actually works.

Since you’re in the street anyway enjoy the little joke of the binary sequence replacing the skytrain. Checkout the cool saving point just outside Bosco’s. This works too. I’m beginning to like this Reality 2.0. I wonder what the new locations look like. Let’s try driving away in the DeSoto. Crazy firewall! What’s wrong with my car?!? Oh! He means the color combination on the car’s paint. We’ll need to get to that later. Head back to the neighborhood. Let’s do some more checking in the Control Room.

Uh! Low gravity. I bet Sam can get to those three gold coins in the street now (I distinctively remember Mario doing so in one of the most esteemed video game series featuring Mario Bros.). Yeap! Here comes Super Mario Sam to collect the goldie! Hey! Try out for the +2 sword in the corner of the billboard on Sybil’s. Nope! It seems to be stuck. Well, at least we got the coins.

The locked door in Sybil’s office may be a worthy (and rewarding) challenge for the 2D “diet”. Bug the purple device to sneak under the closed door and get the loot Max is so crazy about. So this is where another gold coin hides. Only one gold coin away from that Long Sword Bosco has on sale and I have a vague idea who could have the last one. The thief of thieves – Jimmy Two-Teeth! But how to get into his tiny rat hole? Of course the Phone is responsible for the height in Reality 2.0. Let’s use that! Head back to the Control Room and bug the red device. Oh! How can that be?!? Sam is now too small to climb the stairs to his own office! Well, this calls for little cheating. Return to reality and your height is no longer a problem. As you get into the office just log back into the game. He! He! Coast clear! So Max will have his share of violence this episode after all! Great work – you now own all the five gold coins required to purchase the Long Sword Bosco has on sale. Get back to the Control Room to retrieve your bug and get back in shape… I mean height.

It’s time to claim your prize – the Long Sword. Rush over to Bosco’s and ask him to sell it to you. Let’s test it now. Remember the blue slime you could only scare away? Maybe it is now its final hour. Using either the glove or the sword, click on it for the battle to begin. Use the attack with item and select the newly purchased sword for the “coupe de grace”. Yack! It turned to liquid blue slime. Get it quickly before Bosco gets the idea of selling it for a few million dollars. Now, what could the blue slime be used for? Well, maybe it could get stuck items unstuck.

Head back over the Control Room and use the bug on the orange arcade machine. Gravity off! Let’s go for the +2 sword in the lower right corner of the billboard. Yes, that’s definitively a stuck thing. Use the slimy stuff on it and there you have it. You could say you went up from n00b to newbie. He! He! Auntie Biotic’s +1 armor is no longer helping it against the Freelance Police.

Well, let’s see if Sam can take out the mail police program. Be sure to turn pop ups back on (by pressing the button on the green machine in the Control Room). Remember how you were unable to get to the Jack in the Box because of the ads? Maybe this will keep Auntie Biotic off your back and since you got the lovely pony +2 sword her +1armor should be no problem for Sam. Well, head on into the street to clear the way to the mailbox. Ha! Ha! As you challenge the unfriendly virtual image of Myra Stump (Auntie Biotic) using any threatening item in your inventory (Ray Gun, Glove or any of the 2 swords) you’ll notice that she has an impressive dexterity rate. Come on! 452?!? That’s like… impossible! Well, as she attacks, be glad you have turned those ads back up. Just defend yourself using the Jack in the Box item in your inventory and then attack using the new +2 sword. Game over for Auntie Biotic. The coast to the mailbox is clear now. But what to do now? Since the Internet Wizard (or the Imposter as Max likes to call him) is of no use and Sybil is still busy with her new contact lens testing, Bosco is the only hope.

Go to Bosco’s (while still in the game of Reality 2.0). Remember how you couldn’t get to him with the glove in reality? Let’s try the sword that he himself sold to our detective friends. As he manages to get back on his feet Sam & Max realize that Bosco is no longer connected to the game and has been replaced, just like in Sybil’s case, by an AI. He! He! Let’s meet him in the real world.

Take off your goggles. Another one of your neighbors is saved from the vicious virtual world. Well, he promises to stay away from the internet but he decides to keep his virtual bank account. The big problem is that he doesn’t even want to share his account password, so you could pay him for the billion dollars biological weapon. Good thing you got those binoculars from him while he was in the game. Trick him into looking behind him and quickly use the binoculars on his back to learn the password. What do you know – it was so easy – “BOSCO”.

All you need to do now is ride the informational super highway to Banco Lavadero. Easy to say, harder to do, but let’s try it out. First of all you’ll need to log back into the virtual reality. There must be something that can be done about that firewall on the highway. What did the non-Hugh Bliss say – use the rainbow colors to express your inner self. Look at your license plates. Notice there is a sequence of 3 letters followed by 3 numbers. Since these numbers are no higher than 4 – which is the number of colors you have to choose from to customize your car’s visual aspect – you might just as well try that. Just use the number sequence on your plates to choose the colors. 214 equals to Blue, Red and Purple. He! He! It works – the firewall has been tricked.

Wow! Banco Lavadero turns up to be a chain of money laundering business. Surprise! There is one billion dollars to be “cleaned” up. Of course, your goal is to transfer all that money to Bosco’s account. Notice there are arrows from each account to at least one other neighboring account. Every time you “Cook the Books” in one account the money there will be transferred into the accounts the arrows point to. If there are 2 exit arrows, the money is split equally. If the account is an odd number, one million will remain in the initial account. Every time you Cook the Books the arrows change to the opposite direction. It’s not that hard. Come on, make Bosco a rich Half-Elf! If you still don’t make it, take a look at the picture here and notice that I numbered the different accounts. Just Cook the Books in the following order: 3 – 4 – 7 – 1 – 2. That’s it! Bosco’s rich and the virulent weapon is rightfully yours.

As you get back to your home street, log off Reality 2.0 and go get your master weaponry. As soon as you get back into Reality 2.0 you’ll see that the billion dollars actually paid off and you got yourself a vicious computer disease. Oh, boy! You’d better hold on tight now. It’s the end of Reality 2.0. USE the computer disease with the mailbox to spread the virus all over the internet and put an end to this madness.

Reality 1.5
Remember the adventure games of the ‘80s and the intricate books that kept you going from one page to another to break the mystery? Well, this looks a whole lot more modern, but it feels just as amazingly exciting as back in time. Feel free to do whatever you wish, get, look at and use anything that pops up on your options. You won’t manage to bring death to our friends in any way, just go in circles forever and ever.

The logical (well, seems pretty logical for the Freelance Police anyway) solution goes something like this. The Internet says it lost all respect for the living things. Well, Sam & Max need to get it back (they’re still in a game, so Respect can be just an item). Respect for the Living Things is right her in the first scene. Use the GET command to try and capture it. Ups! GO down after it. The Corporate Presence swallowed it! Grrr! Gotta get it out of there somehow. There must be a way around. GO back up. Let’s scout the area. GO east to find Bosco’s. Get Bosco’s which is just an empty small business. GO back west. GO down and use Bosco’s on the Corporate Presence. Wow! This thing will eat up just about anything. OK. Let’s get another Bosco’s. Once you get the new Bosco’s GO west. Now GO northwest. Eww! An ooze of nauseating cuteness! GET the rare foil card. GO back southeast and try to give it to the Internet. Nope! Gotta keep looking! GO back northwest and USE Bosco’s with nauseating lake. GO southeast and then GO down. USE nauseating Bosco’s with the Corporate Presence. He! He! Feeling a little sick you nasty Corporate Presence? GET the Respect for Living Things. GO back up and finally USE the Respect for Living Things with the Internet.

Sam & Max: Season 1 - Episodes 6: Bright Side of The Moon

Season Finale

Episode 6 (10 May): Bright Side of The Moon


What started out as a local mind-control scheme has grown to global proportions, and Sam & Max are off to the moon to save the entire planet from a lifetime of hypnotic enslavement. But when chaos collides with tranquility, have the Freelance Police finally met their match?


1. Talk to SUPERBALL, say:
2. Go to the DESOTO, go TO THE EARTH.  Go to BOSCO'S INCONVENIENCE, tell him
3. Go out the EXIT DOOR, then to the OFFICE.  Get the COAT HANGER.
4. Go out the EXIT DOOR, go to the DESOTO, and TO THE MOON.  In the gift shop,
5. Use the DOOR to enter the Blister.  Talk to LINCOLN.  Tell him:
6. Talk to the C.O.P.S., tell them: WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?, then LET'S TRY
THAT VIDEOGAME.  Play and repeat until you lose the game (the computer plays
randomly, no set strategy other than don't win).
8. Go through the DOOR, then take the RAINBOW ELEVATOR.  Use the LEAD VISION
9. Go out the EXIT DOOR, use the SPOON BEND TALISMAN on the GIANT SPORK, then
use the BIG GUN on the ROLLERCOASTER BUTTON when the red Max is on the coaster.
10. Go out the DOOR TO SURFACE, then take the DESOTO back TO THE EARTH.  Go to
11. Go out the EXIT DOOR, then go to SYBIL'S, then use the DEED TO THE UNITED
12. Go out the EXIT DOOR, then use the SPOON BEND TALISMAN on the BENT METER.
13. Go to the DESOTO, go TO THE MOON, and through the DOOR. Talk to PHILO
14. Go out the DOOR TO SURFACE, then take the DESOTO back TO THE EARTH.  Go
to BOSCO'S INCONVENIENCE, then use the MAGICIAN'S HAT (and Jimmy) on
16. Go out the EXIT DOOR, to the DESOTO, and TO THE MOON.  Walk over to
17. Go through the DOOR, take the RAINBOW ELEVATOR.
TALISMAN, then use the MAGICIAN'S TALISMAN again, then walk away to trigger the
next scene.
20. Use the MAGICIAN'S TALISMAN, walk away to trigger the next scene, use the
MAGICIAN'S TALISMAN again, then use the saw on the LUNAR LANDER.
21. Use the MAGICIAN'S TALISMAN, then use the LUNAR LANDER KEY on the LUNAR




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