Sam & Max Save the World

 Sam & Max Save the World Remastered December 2020



Sam & Max: Episodes 1  - Culture Shock



Game from the third person with the standard "point and click" by interface. Inventory is represented on the screen in the form of the open box in the lower left angle of screen. Simply direct cursor to the box and call by mouse to it in order to see all objects, which lie inside the box.


We take boxer glove from the window-sill and dark-blue sphere for the game into bouling near the rat burrow. It is discovered the door of the toilet, which occurs completely and not toilet, but by storage for storing the cheese. We obtain revolver and shoot at the cheese in order to convert it into the Swiss cheese with the holes. We take the piece of the new type of cheese and place it near the burrow. We question rat, as soon as it will be put out from the burrow. We select a question about the headache from the side Of sema in order to learn, that the rat terribly fears height. Then we connect to the examination of Max. We select remark about the suspension for the drying. We obtain telephone. We leave from the office.


We go to the West to the area of parking of the machine of our heroes - cabriolet DeSoto. We leave on it to the streets of city.


Vrezayemsya into the back in front of the going machine in order to reduce speed. We obtain revolver and shoot at the headlight of the vperediidushchey machine. Is utilized megaphone for the stopping of machine with the nespravnoy headlight. We tell unhappy driver about the broken headlight in his machine. We obtain bag from y0.000$ as the imposing "reward" for the refusal of all claims from the side of our pair. We harvest to the image of office in by right to the angle of screen in order to return to the stand near the office.


We pass by office and we go further on pavement c by the purpose to visit store Bosco's Inconvenience. We assign Bosko all questions, which affect the theme of video cassettes and entire which with them is connected. Then we take the piece of cheese cheddar from the tray on the small table, which stands to the right of counter. We pass into the depths of the store. It is discovered the door of bath- toilet in order to see the starry child Whizzera, who passionately desires to enter into the desired room immediately after Max. As soon as Whizzer will be hidden behind the door, we place into its basket the piece of cheese, and we look how it will strike protivovorovskaya boxer glove at the exit from the store. We assign Bosko number of the questions, which are concerned sale of the specific goods not for the wide circle. We request it to sell installation for launching the grenades with the tear gas. After payment we obtain installation into our use.

We leave from the store and go on the pavement to the West to the building with signboard Sybil's. We go vnutr6 and on the move interrupt senseless talk with Peepers. It is utilized installation for launching the grenades with the tear gas to Peepers and we immediately strike by its boxer glove, until it is hysterically shout. It is discovered the door of toilet in order to meet with the mistress of office - psychotherapist Sybil. It will describe Semu as to stop the action of hypnosis. We leave to the street. We take small balloon with the paint from the baggage carrier of machine behind DeSoto. Is utilized the small balloon on to graffiti, the substituted to the wall building, in which is located the office of our heroes. We meet Specs - one additional starry child, insulted very deeply by this trick. After contact with you it will begin to intensely erase the tracks of the creation Of sema. We rise into the office and throw from the open window sphere for boulinga directly to head Specs. We leave to the street, we lead into feeling Specs and we talk with it. We go into store Bosco's Inconvenience. In order to wake up Whizzera, we talk with it. It will run out from the store and will steal the van of the owner, on whom it will attempt to be hidden from you.


We maneuver between the boxes, which are thrown out to the roadway from the van, which is carried at the enormous speed in front of you. As soon as the distance between DeSoto and by van it will be the schitannye meters, we obtain revolver and shoot at the wheels in order to stop van. We speak with Specs. He tells Semu and Max about Brady's house Kalchera.

Brady's House Kalchera

We take from the box I be empty form- ticket for the entrance into the house Of kalchera we return to the stand next to the office.


We go in the office Sybil. We give form Sybil and attentively listen to its dialogue. For semu one must correctly answer and react three tests in order to obtain signature Sybil on the form. We read the form, which lies on the table and memorize all signs, noted in the form. In my case the first sign was connected with the reputation, the second with the hair and the third with the age. We further start conversation Sybil and it is selected the first remark of four that proposed. It will begin to lay out to the table sheets with the figures and to ask in Sema of its associations, which appear in the head after the survey of this painting. If reputation was the first sign in the form, then we select the versions of answer - 3,2,4,2 and 1. But if money the first sign, we select - 1,3,2,1 and 4 as the correct answers.

Further we pass to the second test. We propose Sybil to try test to the free association. In this test Of sem it must furiously react, using a revolver or a boxer glove on Sybil, if it pronounces the word, which refers indirect or direct to the second sign. The second sign can be connected with the hair or with the teeth. If the sign was connected with the hair, furiously react, if Sybil pronounces, for example, words "comb, drying, shampoo". If the second sign was connected with the teeth, then react correspondingly, when Sybil pronounces, for example words "crown, fluorine". When psychotherapist pronounces word, referring no to sign, click to table Relax under the ceiling and listen to further you will not thus far obtain signature Sybil about the successful passage of the second test.

We pass to the third final test. We request Sybil to analyze dream (Sema) and are transferred into the office of our heroes. If the third sign was connected with the age, then we carry out the following actions. We click to box c by dumplings and we select "cake to the birthday" and second action, we click to the dark outline of the man and it is selected "max". However, in the case if the second sign was connected with your mom, the sequence of actions will be absolutely by the same. Differ there will be only answers to questions. Call to the box with the dumplings and select "wedding of pirogues", and, after calling to the outline of the man, select by "4" for the successful end of chain of three tests. Having in the inventory the signed form, we leave for the street and leave for the house Of kalchera.

Brady's House Kalchera

We put the filled and signed form in the opening under the monkey. We penetrate the gates into the house Of kalchera. After small roller with the participation of our heroes we return back to the city.

City (store Bosco's)

Sem was hypnotized in the house Of kalchera and now aimlessly it wanders on the store with the basket in the hands. We wait until the moment, when Sem will pass next to the table, on which lies tray c damp. We be sufficient cheese and is obtained the knocking out impact by protivovorovskoy boxer glove at the exit from the store.

Dream Of sema

In this episode Of sem it must get rid of all criminals in its dream in order to return to the reality. We take hanger for the clothing from the television set. It is discovered the door of toilet and, until it has time newly spontaneously to be slammed shut, was utilized pump hereabout. Further we pass to the output and we click by switch. After this, we obtain revolver and we shoot two times at the table with the pointer in order to obtain the head of Max. And the latter. Is utilized the head of Max on Brady Kalchere, in order to at long last return to the reality.


We speak Bosko "Before The meeting!" and we leave from the store. We go into the office Of sema and Max. We take hanger from the television set. We leave to the street and we be sent for the office Sybil. We start with it conversation and we request it soak to us to solve the specific problem. In response to our request we obtain from Sybil leaf with the instruction on the production of anti-hypnosisfoot helmet. We go into store Bosco's. We return alternately to the owner of store instruction and hanger. We entirely rapidly obtain from it finished anti-hypnosishelmet. We leave from the store. We be sent toward the stand and in the machine let us go into the house Of kalchera.

Brady's House Kalchera

We go in the house with the helmet on the head. After the small expressive dialogue between Semom and By kalcherom in the house will appear command Soda Poppers, which consists of three agitated boys. We start conversation with the boys and we tell in them the following remarks in the order "arise..." and "arise... Brady Kalcher!", "worship..." and "worship... to me!", "attack..." and "attack... me!", in order to inflict defeat by Brady To kalcheru and to finish game.


Sam & Max: Episodes 2 - Situation: Comedy


On the tradition prevailing recently, let us begin from control. If you on some of absurd chance did not find time to read the passage of the first episode, or, which is still worse, they did not play in Culture Shock - the first episode of the first season, then can boldly spit to this text for that simple reason what to begin is necessary precisely from it very and already then to pass on Situation: Comedy. Because no one not will explain to you, who such Sybil (Sybil) and why Bosko (Bosco) mows under the English lord and to that similar things.

Strictly, in comparison with the first series, control, design, characters, yes generally everything which only possible did not change not an iota. But appeared the new history, the new investigation, which to force to move by the brains even of the most bashkovitykh citizens. Not that so that we would be "after" for the dishonest game, especially as all problems are solved by simple logic and attentive slushan'em of dialogues. Passage it and in Africa passage, using solyushenami it is not possible to obtain complete pleasure from the game. But if then it was formed, that you in the game got stuck, they tried everything that only possible, then this article will help you, friends, to be straightened with the investigation for the schitannye hours.

Thus, as before form from the third person s "point and click" by interface. In the left lower angle of screen the box comfortably was arranged. This is inventory. In order to examine its contents, it is necessary simply to direct cursor to it, and to harvest the left key for mouse. Besides different objects, at the inventory always lie enormous pistol (Big Gun) and pistol with the tear gas (Tear GaS Grenade Launcher). In the second episode their role is strongly reduced, but several times for the game it is necessary to use by them. Also it is worthwhile to refine that the combinatorial analysis of objects there is no such. Interaction is accomplished as follows: we obtain object from the inventory (left button), direct at the necessary object, which is not located in the inventory, and again harvest to the left button. By the way, the right button of mouse is intended for the commentary Of sema about the object itself. It, on the truth speaking, is not necessary. Only necessary button - leftist. For keyboard also there is no need.


After cowboy duel, which will win Sem, and bell on the telephone, you will turn on TV and be introduced to the main heroine of our show. Here is it - the pukhlen'kaya woman of approximately forty years, low increases, with the stupid hair-do (on top of that and the hair of pink color), they call peace (Myra). After taking in the hostages of spectators, that leads require the incessant tele-translation of its transfer, and in addition $10.000. Prover'te the communication of Max on the automatic responder, and for the joke postrelyayte from the pistol into the open window (in order to tease a little neighbors), after which be directed to street. Before to leave for the TV- studio, you will look around. If you played into the first episode, then cannot be been lost it will be. Everything at the previous places: to the left the office of tatuirovРїqy-psychologist- journalist Sybil, to the right - the bench of any junk Bosko. After memorizing the arrangement of buildings, you sit down yourselves into the machine and leave for the studio.

the TV- studio

At the entrance you will meet clearly tired and opoloumevshaya from her work citizen. Occurs, it director on kastingu, and on the pluralism because of the small budget of company, the director of all transfers of studio, to checking of the proven to be clones popular of show. Alas, cannot be further passed. Girl on no account does not agree to let pass policemen, but here actors - if you please! It is necessary to recall actor's courses. First it will ask Sema to play the role of rabid dog. Poor dog will attempt to squeeze out something of itself, but nothing will come out - Sem frankly poor actor. It is necessary to search for output from the prevailing situation. And this output is located in the store Bosko.

Store Bosko

You do remember where necessary to go? It is excellent. We go. Bosko itself repairs by this magazinchikom, so that to entangle it with someone is impossible. Here you it is on the watch unpleasant bag. If we speak Bosko long time, then at the output from the bench, will disappear cursor. It is necessary to by hand shut game, and it to anew start. But it is it's a pity, indeed to listen to Englishman is very interesting. It tells such ridiculous things. So that we advise one razok to risk and to have a talk Bosko, without having forgotten, of course, before this, but better for the hundred per-cent confidence, before the entrance into the store to preserve game. The small balloon with the foam for the shave stands on the table next to the counter. Completely suitable thing for the dramatization of fury. However, to secure immediately foam will not come out. The Mafia of blind mice in the toy machine stole so necessary Semu and to Max thing. It is necessary this time to recall the lessons of driving from the first episode.


We govern machine all by the same left button of mouse. However, to govern transportation means there is no special reason - let it rolls. The road signs being fallen on way can in no way do harm either To semu, or Max. Through each it is somewhat meter exactly on the middle of road they appear the open sewerage hatchways. In order to obtain cream necessary with the aid of the pistol, the loudspeaker and the whistle, to force the machine of mice to fall into the canalization. The matter this is trifling and lung. So that after mice will fall into the canalization and the small balloon will be in you, return to the director.

the TV- studio

You will use small balloon on Seme -, also, by sight of good dog to become beshennogo. Girl in the enthusiasm. But this it is small. Now it requests to play dramatic role with all proper soplyami. Good to go anywhere not necessary. We obtain pistol with the tear gas and shoot... at Max! Yes already, it did not transport to associate! From the moment of the beginning of day already several times it managed to skhlopotat' into the person. But it helped! Entrance is opened, good to grant to the surveys, respected policemen!


It is time to justify the name of episode. So that let us study the surveys of sitkoma, i.e., the comedy of positions. You will have a talk with the director- director, and when you will be finished, take up the surveys of comedy. Subject is such: the owner of the apartment, in which allegedly live Sem and max, but live their heroes on the subject, breaks into the door. Old of features suspected, that still someone exists besides our glavgeroyev in the apartment. And it did not miscalculate. Poseredi of room stands cow. To hide it nowhere, yes even there is no time. It is necessary to plutovat'. We take cap from the table lamp and we put on it to the head. To recently burst owner of apartment, that was proven to be in reality by the old blind rooster (this of such of steb of developers, just as the powerful impacts of cockerel on door). Owner, as it is said, is poor-sighted, so that to lie to it is possible. To a question that this after the guest of such, say that French chief- cook ("chief"). Then, until rooster is occupied with the examination of overseas guest, take from the table plate and you will assume on it... khm, the "dish", prepared to be "cook", here only not by hands and even not feet. But when from two it is meter cannot examine cow, then its dung can accept for tasty stryapnyu. to the subsequent question, that this for the sound of such, distract owner by proposal to test the dish of chief ("Moo Goo Gai Pan"). After the disgusting picture (this also steb of developers), take in director cassette and leave for the room to the left.

Rural artist

But here something like American Idol, in the Russian manner - "factory of stars" and "people artist". Here only stars they did not leave, participants in the show will not also shine by talents. Yes that there! With small the town talent one was located to entire. Local Bilan - young fellow on the name Of pepers (Peepers). But that you did want? Notorious the finances of studio do not allow greater! After carrying out the song of its own composition about the love- carrot and side effects from it (it occurs, not only in the sleeps they fly), fellow will obtain his marks and it will go to rest near. Approach it and you will ask to take for some time of its card with the text of song. After which leave back for the room of sitkoma, and from there - into the central door.

"who does not want to become millionaire?"

We speak to the director, after which immediately we are thrown to strange type in the angle of room. Become acquainted, this Hugh Bliss (Hugh Bliss) - the leading local "who wants to become millionaire?". Fellow besides the garrulous uvula, knows how foci to show. For example, to change the color of the skin. For the laughter can ask it about this, Hugh loves to work on the public. But it is possible with it and to photograph for his sublimity. By the way, running in forward, let us say that on this it will be mixed by one of the riddles. You remember about this. You will focus, by the way, attention, that near Hugh there is one additional door - this is entrance at the show of main villain - peaces. It does not be worthwhile there to thus far enter, nevertheless will not release.

Well, to time and win million! Rules are simple: that leading poses question, if the answer is correct - cherished sum in the pocket. No there fire-proof sums, a question so completely one. Certainly, it would be possible to press on the versions of answers at random, thus expecting that questions will be repeated (by the way, in the arsenal of Hugh only 4 questions), but for this there is no need. What you did not answer, Bliss will reverse the lips of dudochkoy and it is disgusting so, it is slow, to blow out "Oy, I will regret, this is correct answer". Nothing, and not with such scoundrels they were met. We approach its counter and we change cards with questions by the recently undertaken cards with the text of song. After this, we arise for our counter and again we begin to play. This time in the arsenal of Hugh three questions, connected with the song Pepersa. If with the English in you not harmonies, then below are specially for you given questions themselves and answers to them. People, which know how to transfer at least with the dictionary, without the problems can answer a question.

- NO

And here, million already in the pocket. It is only here because of the thin financial state of studio, instead of million of dollars, To semu and to Max will entrust food coupons in quantity of millions of pieces. And where to now place them? For the interest can be scolded with Bliss, after accusing him of zhul'nichestve. By this you nothing will attain, but from the soul will laugh. After finishing all matters, leave back for the room with the artists.

Rural artist

It is time to appear all its talents, Sem. Of pepers, as you remember, already it came out and were obtained outstanding estimations due to the fact that in the judges they sit it to be taken: Spiks (Specs) - young fellow in the glasses and Vizzer (Whizzer) - with the fiery red hair. By one additional judge it became max because of the shortage of people in the show. What zh, this gladdens, which means, in Sema the already one voice in the pocket. It remained to devise as to bribe brothers. You will have a talk with both and in the course of conversation, it will become clear that Spiks adores the low timbre of voice, and in Vizzera today birthday and that it adores pirogues. With the reserve of information leave for the culinary room (in the room of sitkoma, door to the right).

Hollywood "relish"

Let us begin to first gladden Vizzera and will prepare to it pirogues (in the dialogues version "A cake"). There are no food products, but there is a gel for the hair, red paint, uranium and many other ingredients, which to add into the food strictly it prohibits. Can use everything anything in any sequence and proportions. Result nevertheless will be identical - beautiful of pirogues. But is thus far made poldela. Vizzer is not in vain such red. Is necessary something like vishenki. Well and all necessary products exist as always in Bosko. There- that we will leave.

Store Bosko

What does not be sufficient to our English lord Bosko? It is correct, thick purse. We to it can soak. We return Bosko millions of coupons, and we instead of request the modulator of voice (in the menu of dialogues it will be special point; Attention! Select only this point, otherwise the matter will enter bag). After obtaining modulator to the hands, can be confident, that Spiks - no longer problem. It remained to get rid of Vizzera. In the distant angle of store there is a special mechanism with ketchupom. Than to you not vishenka on the pirogue, than to you not the splendid adornment of excellent dish? We pour on pirogues by ketchupom - and vualya! Difficultly perevariyemyy of pirogues is ready! With all contents we leave back for the TV- studio, without having forgotten to be requested Bosko. More we it in this episode will not see.

Rural artist

It is time to send impious brothers into the knock-out. One physically, the second - it is moral. We first return Vizzeru of pirogues and we congratulate on its personal holiday. Fellow so loves sweetnesses that one will be governed with the pie for the pair of minutes. However, the atomic composition of holiday dish will force brother to leave to clean its organism for some time. Everything is considerably simpler with Spiksom. We use modulator on itself, thus obtaining the low timbre of voice, we approach the microphone - I will eat up. Can separately not zamorachivat'sya apropos of words in the song, select everything which to your soul is convenient. there is no singer Of vizzera, so that no one focus attention not will be to the text of song. But here is performance at the height! Spiks is shokirovan, it is painted to you in the love, and to Max it is clear to pofigu - it its associate will support in any situation. Thus, victory in the pocket is time to visit to peace.

Talk shows Are The peaces

In order to fall on starry sofa peaces necessary to satisfy the specified conditions. We carried out majorities of them: they became the conquerors of the competition of artists, they won million, they became celebrities, after playing main roles in sitkome. Remained the main thing - to grant to crazy on the scandals to that leading, which, as is known, increase the rating even very worst talk show, any scandalous history after the authorship Of sema and Max. And Bliss will help in this us. You will ask conjurer to change its own color for the green, and in this state photograph with Hugh. With the photograph return in native Penates.

Office Sybil

After returning to the native streets, immediately leave to Sybil. This time our friend combines several professions: psychology and journalism. About the first can furthermore for the laughter and the interest ask to conduct rather short psychological test. After conversation show Sybil collective photo from Hugh devushk it will arrive into the enthusiasm! Celebrity of green color! This rare photograph place on the first strip of newspaper Sybil! You leave from the office and be sent toward the store Bosko. Next to the entrance there is a special chute with the newspapers. Take the new issue of the newspaper, on which stands in beauty by the photo of green Hugh, and near razgromnaya article. With this scandal leave back to peace.

Talk shows Are The peaces

Last battle in reality will prove to be not difficult very. Show peace newspaper and comfortably sit down for the sofa. This is what happened - the certain strange plush toy, sent by that leading, hypnotizes it! Thus, it is necessary to shake that leading so that hypnosis would pass. You will focus attention on the water, which was spilled from the broken container on the table. But microphone near stands. They did grasp that necessary to make? It is necessary to cause short circuit. One additional scandal is necessary. Describe peace any nonsenses, defiling the colleagues of studio. Can on the turn cause into the studio of Hugh, rooster and in particular Vizzera, Spiksa and Pepersa. Three brothers, who were at first glance seeming themselves by dears and good, so will pour on by the mat Of sema and Max, that the sound engineer will not have time them "to zapikat'" (Dada, this also steb of developers). Well, and main weapon will become that same cow- cook. It cannot be sat down, so that peace will stretch itself with the microphone to it and... RAMS! Tele-leading no longer represents danger. Sem and max again saved native town from the danger, and you, friends, passed game. We congratulate!

P.S. Judging by first skrinshotam of the third episode, whose output is assigned on 7 February, the new problem Of sema and Max will become exactly these plush toys. They are ready to be vowed, that the first season will be generally dedicated to the searches for villain, who sent toy- hypnotizers all over town. We await with the impatience and recall that the new episodes will leave with the periodicity one episode per month, seventh of each month up to the beginning of May.

Sam & Max: Episodes 3: The Mole, The Mob and The Meatball

The third part of the adventures of the gallant particular policemen Sema and Max was issued not such as it they expected. It is more precise, not there were rates, only mad wrote (they will write) the rather short of news s pour on, that notify about the subject of current episode and only. But all accurately knew that seventh of month of February into the network they will lay out third part. Plush toys, casino, cardsharper, the Mafia, the Don Ted, "one-armed bandits" - everything was mixed in this episode, head goes around. Vertigo, probably constantly had also the developers during the development of game. Otherwise how to differently explain the phenomena, not characteristic of the first two episodes, which left not so long ago: the surplus of unnecessary objects in the inventory, the lameness of dialogues (sortirnyy humor) and the rapidity of the passage (not more than one hour). Nevertheless, Sam & max: Episode 3 - The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball they succeeded! Yes, this already not this licked to the luster episode as two previous, but as a whole it produces pleasant impression. Against the background of universal samokopirovaniya - bodryachkom!
To return to the old theme of control and interface we will not become. In the passage of the second episode on our site we in all details in detail explained the finesse of game. So that if there is a desire - favors we request there. But here we let us recall only the the very important: in the left lower angle of screen there is cardboard box. During the guidance of cursor to it, it will show objects, which are located in it. Objects will constantly first appear, then disappear from the inventory, in it constantly is situated only the favorite Of sema - pistol (Big Gun). Ah, yes, any combinatorial analysis, can not carry out the experiences above the game and your psyche, and play in designer LEGO. As you see, everything is simple. So that without the delay let us begin to untie the ball of petty intrigues, and at the end everything will become to the circles its. We finally let us explain, who sent all over town of the hypnotizing plush bears. Thus, let us approach.


Having in abundance fooled about with the playing cards, we raise hand receiver and listen to indications. The position of factory from the production of toys is found. Occurs, local casino - only screen, behind which hides itself the factory and the abode of the local Mafia. Besides the central objective - the destruction of enterprise - it is necessary to find the secret service agent, which was poured into the family of the Don the bear Of teda (chapter of the Mafia), but not recently emerging with the special services on the connection purposes are clear, time and to start for the matter. For the beginning small gift from the developers: you will turn on TV and smile! A series about the cowboys Semom and by Max in the main roles still twists itself on the local television. Near the dwelling of rat lies playing card - ace peak. Take it and leave for the street.
Just in case let us recall the arrangements of important places. To the left - office Sybil (Sybil), to the right - store Bosko (Bosco). They did memorize? Then you sit down yourselves into the machine and leave in the casino.


At the output you will have a talk with the colleague of the casino, which stand near the output. You will question it about everything, about which only possible you will obtain the medal (or playing chip, whom as it more greatly pleases itself). To the right of automaton with the mini- game stands output. Use the recently obtained medal and play. Rules are simple: to shoot is necessary only on the figurines of orange color. Yellow, on the contrary, decrease the marks. In all at once orange figurines appear twenty one times. For the victory it is necessary of twenty marks. Thus, with the aid of the simple mathematically calculations it is possible to pridti to the conclusion that to smear is permitted only one time. The rate of the appearance of figurines - ridiculous, so that special difficulties arise must not. As soon as you will collect marks, into the gift they will give out to you small magnet with the image of toy bear cub. Now you will focus attention on central table. The dealer and certain strange type sit at it. They call its Leonard stikcharmer (Leonard Steakcharmer). It is easy to understand according to its one exterior view, it - that another cheat! You will have a talk with it and will propose to play into the poker. To konu the large money. But cannot be won so. Yes, Leonard - cheat, but it is first necessary to understand, as it iskhitryaetsya to see its map. Above before the output will hang neither to the village nor to the city the enormous nose of the clown (not present, naturally). You will attentively examine it. Yes, this mirror. But in the mirror itself is distinctly visible itself Leonard. So this is how he deceives! Knowing the map of rival, Stikcharmer looks at the mirror (for this very reason its eye they are directed upward) and without the problems it learns everything which to it is must. But rate then makes. But also Sema with Max has its trumps in the sleeve. We obtain from the inventory ace peak from the office and fasten it to the nose. Now Leonard will always see in the mirror one and the same map - ace peak. Again we are requested to play a little, and as soon as deceived cardsharper it will examine its map, from two possible answers ("we'll bet" and "we'll fold") select the first. Sum - millions of chips in the pocket.
We further focus attention on the distant angle of room. Guard releases no one into the main office, if you do not know password. It will devise password at random for the laughter Of sem, attempting to fall into the point. When this tires to you, approach the "one-armed bandit" - to lokhotronu. Pull for the lever - and here is unexpected contingency! We won. However, prize for some reason will not be given to us. One additional member of group will leave the main room, it will look to proceeding and to return back, without having forgotten before the entrance to say to guard password. Alas, to hear it did not come out, was necessary the spy, who could become imperceptible and overhear password. But where we do usually take similar craftinesses? Certainly, in Bosko!

Store Bosko

This time Bosko he became Frenchman. In it this, by the way, is obtained rather well. Habits of schizophrenic, the word "Bonjour", pronounced without the faltering and the accent. Old English lord yielded the place for pragmatician- Frenchman. But he be although African or by Russian in the tenth generation, Bosko with any nationality loves money. You will have a talk with it and will ask aid. Maybe, he has espionage gadzhety? On the secret Bosko will describe that - yes, there is, but it such secret that they until it show the bag with the money, in which million must be accomodated, it will not open secret. But who us interfere withs? Past time, if you remember, we endowed millions of food goods to store. This time Bosko it is necessary to be satisfied by millions of playing chips. Instead of it will give to us... beetle! Do not make prompt conclusions - insect costs these money. Furthermore, that it possesses small sizes and, therefore, it is capable to the espionage, nameless beetle knows how to talk. Present finding, on the whole. With it we leave back in the casino.


We repeat procedure, but we first obtain beetle and interact it with the guard. Our spy deftly will hide in ugolochke, where it will be it is easy overhear conversation. We again pull lever, again win and we again nothing obtain into the reward. It is offensive. The member of mafioznoy family will again complete circle and will be returned to main room. But this time for us spy will catch everything. We take away it and we ask password. After which we tell password guard and dvizhemsya are further - into the lair of the Mafia.

In the guests in uncle ted

It remained to only attain the respect for mafiozi, after which Of sem and max will officially become the members of the family of the Don Teda. The Don, by the way, it is very easy to recognize among the usual bandits. It the thickest, most taciturn and removed from Sema and Max character. It is evident that the most important "bear" - from it not to the step lag the guards. Caricature character, briefly. Poured out copy of the Don Korleone, slightly powdered by black humor. So here in order to enter the family necessary to carry out three tasks - purely mafioznye. First, to kill the friend of the days of our severe policemen - Sybil. In the second place, to deliver the hypnotizing plush bear to Bosko. And, thirdly, to find special sandwich. It is worthwhile to refine what to carry out tasks is possible in any sequence. But from your permission to describe we them will begin in that order, in which they are given above.

Murder Sybil

We leave for the office Sybil, who is located, let us recall, to the left of the house, in whom live Sem and max. This time our familiar threw journalism and studied rendering aid to people in reduction and increase in their tone. Scientifically speaking - by relaxation. The matters go limply, but not about this speech. You will have a talk Sybil and will propose to arrange showy murder. Daring girl, however, will forego the initiation, nothing he will undertake and it will boldly await the forthcoming bullet in the forehead. But not we will be about the terrible. Once our familiar does not desire herself to save, we will make this. Take from the table to circle Sybil and leave to Bosko. You do remember, as in the past part they did pour on pirogues by ketchupom? So here, now it (ketchup) again by us will be necessary. We go to the distant angle of store and we fill to circle to it is boundary. Again we return to Sybil. As soon as it will take to circle, we obtain pistol and... we shoot. To the pair of seconds the girl will lose consciousness from the fright, but this (and also ketchup, so similar to the blood, that flooded blouse Sybil) they will become the satisfactory argument for the persuasion of the Mafia. The first task is executed.

"small present" For Bosko

After "murder" Sybil leave for the store. Near the entrance after the the gazetkoy hides the member of the Mafia (this easy to understand on the characteristic plush head). Fellow does not express the desire to speak; therefore show it plush bear - thus he will understand that you sent Ted. you enter into store. Bosko as usual poprivetstvuyet you in French. In it, by the way, in the store new acquisition - contemporary camera of tracking. It reaches additional troubles. Therefore first of all let us study its elimination. You will report Bosko that near oshivayutsya the members of the plush Mafia. Fellow so will get a fright, which completely will forget about the counter and through the binoculars it will begin to examine only mafiozi, which stands literally in two meters from the store (you with it the pair of minutes they talked). There is time to pokhuliganit'. We approach the camera and fasten to it the magnet with the bear, obtained in the beginning of game for the participation in the shooting. Camera povedet itself strangely and as a result it will throw out itself in the literal sense of this word from the store. It became one problem less. It is now necessary to deliver gift. For this again intimidate Bosko by the Mafia and you will place toy on the table next to the counter. On this everything. The Mafia is contented, and Sem and max carried out the second task.

Uncle ted's sandwich

First we return to the native office. But the there most interesting picture: Leonard, who lost last cent To semu into the maps, with toy pistol threatens rat - the neighbor of our heroes - requiring money. Rat in turn declares, that until Stikcharmer it carries out the specified conditions, money it will not obtain. Laughter, i.e., yes even only. Can for Sema in abundance poizdevat'sya above Leonard. But when it will tire, you pass to the phrases of Max. It is more precise, to one phrase. Without having had time plainly it to read, rabbit inclined to the unmotivated violence will fly against the mountain- pilferer. After passing the pair of the severe prices (us they look children!), we will see, that pistol in Sema in the pocket, and Leonard is connected on the chair. It is excellent! Taking into account that in the past the cardsharper constantly was situated in the office, he is worth assuming that he knows, where to reach sandwich. And here again for us it is necessary to play into the good- poor policeman. When Stikcharmer lost into the poker, it mentioned mom, moreover not in the abusive form. It means, we will press in the sorest point. Essence is simple: Sem begins proposal in the form "your mom such < censured >:", and max concludes, finally attaining by the insults of poor Leonard. This mini- game is oriented first of all for the people those perfectly well knowing English. If you the same manage not to the perfection, are given below correct versions. The first line pronounces Sem, the second - max:
-.Yo ' Mama's so fat...
to -.Syue has more folds than an origami project.
-.Yo ' Mama's so punctual...
to -.Syue showed up early to her own funeral.
-.Yo ' Mama's so vulgar...
to -.Syue makes a longshoreman's cussing sound pretty.
-.Yo ' Mama's so perky...
-.Syue's only low when she's doing the limbo.
Let us note, there are many versions of the solution. It is possible to the end itself to jeer above Leonard, while it is possible to destroy him morally from the pair of proposals. We gave the most interesting and most ridiculous version.
Finally, the cardsharper will be cleft and will describe entire truth. It occurs, is necessary special handle for the "one-armed bandit". It gladdens, that after it to anywhere run not necessary. Stikcharmer for some purpose dragged it into the office. We take handle and we leave in the casino, after leaving Leonard one with its recollections about the mummy.


Are time to become mafiozi. For this we fasten new handle to lokhotronu and pull it. Having again won, Sem and Maks this time will obtain prize - sandwich. Tasks are executed, we look long cat- scene. After main secret will prove to be not such shocking (why will carry into the subtitle word Mole - mole, understanding, that the main secret will be opened long before the beginning of game, is categorically incomprehensibly), they will begin the final battles, which to the checking will prove to be not such already complex.


And again pursuit. But we do not overtake this time, but we flee. Loudspeaker and whistle here are not necessary. Pistol plays the first violin. Can separately not survive. Local mafiozi badly shoot, so that Game Over will not begin during any distribution. Roll yourselves how much to soul conveniently, without forgetting about the springboards. Central objective is deliverance from the pristavuchikh criminals. For this you will focus attention on signboards with the advertisement of known to us on the second episode Hugh Bliss (Hugh Bliss). Judging by a quantity of advertisement, which is encountered each ten it is meter, it is possible to understand that the business in famous magician goes into the mountain. These signboards themselves will care about the elimination of mafiozi. We take pistol and we shoot at them. Idea is such that the signboard would fall behind you and would fall on the machine of persecutors. To make this is sufficiently complicated, indeed it is necessary to catch the moment, which is lasted second, when it is necessary to shoot. Delay or delay to the same time interval punish by the repetition of operation. Themselves you understand, to give advice is foolish, since in this situation - it is impossible. But let us discover small secret. The arkadnoy mini- game in the third episode, in comparison with the previous two parts has one influential nuance, which we advise you to consider - so more easily it will pass pursuit. The delay, with which falls the signboard, depends on distance. For example, if Sem shoots at it from ten it is meter, then it will fall through the pair of seconds, but here if from a distance, then it is necessary to await ten seconds order. Consider this.

Zavodik of the plush bears

After being straightened with the bandits, we return in the casino (it - factory on the production of the hypnotizing toys). Remained the Don Ted, to the checking proving to be himself by mole Garry (Harry). If you want, for the last time can look around room, after this you postuchite into the door (it there only one, so that to bestolku it to describe). To you it they will open after a certain time.
Well, here we were encountered. Enormous apparatus on the production of plush bears, stamps toys second-by-second. By such rates to hypnotize is possible entire territory OF THE USA. But here also evil genius - Ted. large massive body, but small head. It is unambiguous, it is possible to deceive it. Garry, after solving, that I could hypnotize Sema and Max, wants to verify the faithfulness of dog- detective to it. Sem itself, clear without understanding which occurs, in abundance jeers above Garry ("Yes: Master"). But since malicious mole requests to kill Max, it is necessary to iskhitrit'sya and to deceive its "master". We obtain from the inventory the pistol, but present, but toy, which previously belonged to Leonard - and we shoot! Max, after understanding entire craftiness, here depicts death... On the whole, if we do not paint for long, then the mortal agony of rabbit continues more than a minute. When it finally it finishes dying varigated pattern, Garry will go to read newspaper near. The matter after the small now remained. Let us say immediately: Max will not help. Rabbit excellently entered and does not intend to cease role to play it. Therefore first we approach the dismantled "one-armed bandit" on the table. We take screwdriver and we investigate to the pieces of lokhotron. As a result obtain pishchalku with the phrase "you in the fire!". It will prove useful. We look at the automaton on the production of toys. If you want, then can take one. In the matter it will not be necessary by you, but let already in the inventory it is dragged along - there are there many unnecessary things. We go around aggregate from other side and is seen entire small car from pishchalok. You will place recently obtained pishchalku into the small car and await, when special plush bear falls out from the apparatus. It does not pronounce phrase about the thirst of money. Our toy hypnotizes differently. They did grasp, that it is necessary to make? We approach Garry and hypnotize him. It will seem mole that it burns and in a flash it will break into a run to the fire extinguisher. But thus far Garry attempts to tear off it, we pull by the lever... What occurs further - probably, the most interesting in this episode. No, Sem and Maks did not find agent. Yes, they saved as the minimum city from the enslavement. But here is city itself.... Policemen -frilansery it is sensitive they overdid it this time. But they carried out mission, and it means, you passed game. We congratulate!

P.S. As you see, our predictions about the searches were not confirmed by the plush Mafia. Developers decided not to pull rubber and finished history in the third episode. Moreover, at the end Sem and Maks not of their own free will destroyed the nearest environments of native city. It does be worth assuming that the fourth episode will begin striking to differ from previous? Will meet we with Bosko and Sybil? Although, which of them can happen? In the worse (best?) the case they will not light up by their presence the following episode. However that may be, give not we will be occupied not by the grateful matter. Nevertheless in this episodic nature there is and their pluses developers do not feed with promises, for us it does not be necessary to await wearisome years in order to learn, which will occur further. Indeed it is less than in the month, one fourth will appear on the spaces of network. You follow the announcements, friends!


Sam & Max: Episodes 4: Abe Lincoln Must Die

Show must go on. In spite of small failure, which occurred with the third episode, small locomotive on the name "Sem and max: the first season "continues its journey and it goes accurately according to graph. On the turn - already the fifth, next-to-last episode. Then - the sixth, final, and long-awaited leave, which will be prolonged, most likely, to the autumn. But thus far Reality 2.0 (so it is called the fifth episode) is accessible only by user GameTap, all possible flattering epithets grips Episode 4 - Abe Lincoln Must Die! In comparison with the third part, into the fourth returned the qualitative collection of jokes and after fastening, increased also the duration of game. But here changes in the play process it was noted not. But once so, then speak separately not about which. Therefore immediately let us switch over to the description of events.

Not we will into the hundredth say about the neizmenivshuyusya mechanics of game, but therefore let us very briefly describe interface. As before inventory is made in the form of cardboard box and is located in the left lower angle of screen. To examine contents is very easy: it suffices to direct cursor to it. To take object still more easily - will help the left button of mouse. By the way, besides this button of more than anything it will be required. Well, if we do not consider key "Escape", which causes the menu of game. Also let us recall that the combinatorial analysis as the minimum in this season is excluded. Objects in the present episode there will be not so much, yes even the survival of the past - "three problems from Lucas Arts" - no longer disturb our minds. In the inventory on constant rights lies our favorite - pistol (Big Gun), and now there were prescribed even beetle- spy (Organic Listening Device), familiar to us on Sam & max: Episode 3 - The Mole, the Mob and the Meatball. After mastering these simple rules, give let us undertake the fourth matter, which for the level of humor anticipates almost all previous episodes.


Having in abundance laughed after telephone drawing, we listen from the higher bodies the new commission, which Sem and max must carry out. For frilanseram- policemen one must leave for the White House and explain this time, why the Head of Government, mister the President, behaves so strangely. As if he whose- that marionette.

After obtaining indications, leave straight for the White House.

The White House

You will agree, precisely, similar you visualized territory around the house itself. For the beginning you will look around locality. You will examine all active objects and lastly will focus attention on small fountain. Take the boxer glove lying near it, read, which is written on the signboard. You will also attentively look around telescope. And finally you will have a talk with the rat of Jimmy (Jimmy Two-Teeth) - by the neighbor Of sema and Max. After a thorough study of all amusing places, meet with the secret service agent. By itself, simply so it you will not let pass. Even despite the fact that it resist two frilanserov- policemen and one of them - mad rabbit with the inclination to the unmotivated violence. But nothing, our kopy and not similar managed. Inspect telephone (to be located to the right of guard). You will look to its number (555-1984) and with the calm soul return to your office.


To the theme about how this time of obustroyena the street, on which live our heroes, we still will return, when time arrives. But thus far be sent straight for your office. For the beginning open pantry. Ba, yes here our old familiar! Leonard stikcharmer (Leonard Steakcharmer) besides the excellent foul play, occurs, without the problems he climbs through to the upper shelf of pantry. There to it and place. We return to the beginning of room, we take telephone and we ring to our new friend- agent. We request man about the aid, tearfully we entreat to wait and not to throw tube. It will agree, and it will await as much, as will be required. But we again return to the White House, indeed now the entrance into the holy abode of laws and indications is opened. By the way, joke for can make that trick, which was in the beginning of game. Present beetle- spy to the hand receiver, and it will pronounce ominous speech. It is it's a pity, but guard to this will not be purchased and will replace the receiver.

The White House

Thus, passage is free. Poor guard as before awaits, when someone answers it. That zh, not we will it distract from the big deal, and let us enter into the building. But the office of the President it seems must appear differently? Well yes it is agreeable, the main thing - is beautiful. As usual, for the beginning you will look around active objects, which in the oval office an enormous quantity, and each of them to a certain degree can be considered present masterpiece, since it is the source of present humor above the political system not only OF THE USA, but also other countries. Now you will focus attention on man, because of whom this entire zavarushka began - the President of America. The present pawn, which speaks that that they will order it. Guard, who stands to the will of table, separately to chat us will not permit. But this is not thus far important. To us is important door to the right with the inscription "War". The first attempt to enter into the room will be wrapped up by complete fiasco. For shkirku, as if some dog... however, Sem is a dog, to it not in the first, surely. But we pushy; therefore will go to obtain knot-shaped biscuits second time. Now with the President associates our old familiar Vizzer (Whizzer) - one of three brother- twins, who participated in the second episode in the pseudo-transfer. Young fellow there stirs something about democracy and rights, and the President makes form, which understands it, and as the answer it pushes completely different nonsense. On the whole, the conversation in fellows was not straightened out, and to find common language they so did not be able. Competent translator is necessary. Sem and max not drops themselves be able to reason in the transfers, but they can fib - you be healthy! First you will have a talk with Vizzerom. You will explain that to fellow at this moment most of all it is necessary. It occurs, for the happiness the gassed pop is in all necessary for fellow. And it there is in the President OF THE USA. Since the Head of Government easily yields to orders, it is possible to again hypnotize it. Order the President to bring pop and unexpectedly for all, the long-awaited beverage will prove to be inside the globe, located next to the presidential table. Our "artist" will drink beverage and... If you remember, in Vizzera with the nourishment generally very large problems. Past time, when we presented to it on the birthday the name-day of pirogues, fellow, after eating him for the pair of seconds, here dashed into the toilet on the needs. So here, with the pop the same situation. To run on the enormous building there is no time, and near place, it is more similar to the toilet, room, into which Sem and max the first time could not enter. There and advise to turn To vizzeru. After which delight in by one of scenes most ridiculous in entire first episode. After the agent will take away poor young fellow, the entrance into the secret room will be closed - indeed remained still the President. But conversation will be short with it. Return boxer glove to Max. And here here rabbit inclined to the unmotivated violence will splash out outside entire its alter ego and will show its anger. One impact - and knock-out. Like and all, it is possible to enter into military place. However, the unexpected advent of rock Abraham Lincoln confuses all maps...


In connection with the fact that the head of the President rolls along the territory OF THE USA, to fulfill its responsibilities it not can. But this means that the turn of new selections came. Among aspirants - 31b and max. Forces are equal. On the side of Abraham the years, carry ouied in the policy. But max together with Semom - pair postrashneye other bureaucrats. For the debates it is necessary to prepare a speech and questions to opponent. Therefore we leave for searches for three of the so-called "maps", on which max will construct its appearance. The first is located in the very White House. Take it and return to the native streets. There they are hidden two remaining "maps".


The first "map" is located near the office Sybil (Cybil). But it is more precise behind it. Several agitational posters about the army are stuck to the brick wall. You will examine them and select the poster fallen to the earth. This will be your second reply on the debates. Now iditol to the right to the "inconvenient bench Bosko". Near the entrance into the store appeared new interesting place - small bench. By it repairs our old familiar Hugh Bliss (Hugh Bliss). Famous leading and magician- magician now sells the books about the magic and other happiness of life. Book itself is not necessary to us, but is necessary only signboard near the tent. You will ask Hugh to make magic trick with his disappearance, and when Bliss it will be evaporated in air, take signboard. Everything, is more on the native streets thus far it can't be helped, return back. The time of selections comes.


It is now desirable to secure by support in voters. In Lincoln unambiguously more greatly it is vocal, and this means that the spoiling of the reputation of the sixteenth President OF THE USA is only acceptable version. Past time something similar we made in the second episode, it here for us again is this to be done. First, you will have a talk with itself by Lincoln. You will ask it about the family values and other things, so many agitating Americans. Then leave to Sybil. You will have a talk with it about the prevailing situation. Sybil will agree soak, but for this it should have a talk with Eybom. To make this is sufficiently complicated, but it is possible. Leave for the office and you will have a talk with Lincoln. As soon as the President will be mistaken in his conversation (this it will be noticeably), you izvestite about this Sybil. Well and further everything will go as along oil. With the victory, President maks.

New President

After becoming the President, to Max nevertheless it is not judged to enter into the military room, indeed there is no war itself. Yes even agents do not release. It is necessary to get rid of them. But will help us in this Bosko (Bosco) and its store. Our old friend they sell the serum of truth and as always for the legendary money. But we indeed the President of this powerful power, so that one hundred million dollars for us not problem. But for the checking nevertheless it is worthwhile to look to the budget of the country. After this, be sent toward the the very Bosko. You will have a talk with it, and at the same time you will look on the xot- great danes, the period of fitness of which has long ago elapsed. This can be will be subsequently used. Iditol to Sybil and again you will have a talk with it about the prevailing situation. Special object will be required for the beginning. In order it to secure is sufficient to put off to further life Sybil a little money, and it will return object to you.

Return to the "inconvenient" store and use a special weapon on the xot- great danes. Further return Bosko of money and take instead of the serum of truth. With all remained contents again return to the White House. You will use serum on the brothers and control splendid musical number.

Military room

By the latter, who interfere withs penetrating in the secret room, appears agent. Here here it is necessary to appear its liderskiye qualities. Once already max - President, then it has the complete right to assign holidays. Take from the table tape. Hang it to the neck of agent and appoint it to the new post - the post of secretary. Now you will declare, that from this day will begin the holiday of secretaries. But once so, then to fellow on its personal holiday there are no reasons to work. Release it with the peace, and themselves leave for the room.

Last battle

Final battle not will be complex very. Rock Abraham Lincoln without ceremony can crush two civilian policemen and his simple pistol will not take. The only weapon, which can destroy Eyba, is A-bomb. And it, certainly, there is in Bosko. Therefore leave for its store, take fatal weapon and discard it to the statue of the President. After which you look final roller.


Sam & Max: Episodes 5: Reality 2.0



It is possible to begin from the ode, allegedly, before us the best episode of the first season. Permissibly to state: it is time to us by all to obtain shawls, indeed to the end of the feast remained only one part. It is possible to also say that we lay on this most final episode large hopes - indeed heroes must depart with the triumph, but not under the rumble of crowd. Well and the best version will become story about the adventures Of sema and Max in the world of online, where so the catching the fancy themselves heroes substantially change. Already it does be worthwhile to indicate that according to the degree of saturation by events the fifth episode anticipates previous several times.

In Sam & max: Episode 5 - Reality 2.0 is touch uponed closest for geymerov and inhabitants of online theme - Internet in all its manifestations. It is touch uponed, it is necessary to say that witty, chopping and echidna, but it is beautiful, without the unnecessary enthusiasm and the moralization. But the main thing in comparison with the previous episodes grew the dynamics of proceeding. Newsbreaks it became more, and it means, grew the probability of the occurence of problems during the passage. By themselves in the past months of puzzle are more complex not steel. It is possible to consider final tasks an exception to the rule, yes even those will not deliver special troubles, if we move by gray substance. But in the case of problems, this article will help you not to be lost in two peaces, according to which travel our gallant civilian policemen.

Thus, we repeat rules. Form from the third person s "point and click" by interface. Inventory is located in the left lower angle of screen. This time we begin game with the following objects in the pocket: the ineradicable weapon of any arm of the law, pistol (Big Gun), our old friend beetle- spy (Organic Listening Device) and boxer glove (Boxing Glove). Combinatorial analysis, logical problems and tasks for the period - can forget about them as about the terrible sleep. Here, in general, and everything that it is necessary to know. But therefore we approach our fifth detective investigation.

Ah yes, and one additional moment. Like the previous part, Reality 2.0 requires from the user of the irreproachable possession of English. Therefore in this article you will find many phrases strictly in the English. They are given here, so that the method by "finger - into the sky" during the solution of some puzzles, based at the dialogues, would not adapt.


Let us recall just in case that max now - the President OF THE USA. Therefore in the office of policemen there is a presidential rug, and the Head of Government devises in motion new laws. On the presidential rights of Max, by the way, based many jokes after fastening - you will not miss their, otherwise good part of the charm of fifth part will fly by mime you. So here, as always, inspector gives to us indications about the new investigation. This time in everything is guilty certain online multi-user advenchura. This toy is located on the stage Beta-testa, but even now are caused the specific uneasinesses in higher bodies. To be dismantled at everything they directed the most intelligent PSU in the world and the President OF THE USA with the maniacal inclinations.

The first part of the game, however it is strange, passes not at the new place, but in the old good block, where our heroes live. The shop of Hugh Bliss (Hugh Bliss) they covered; therefore active places remained two: to the left office Sybil (Cybil) and to the right "inconvenient bench", the owner of the afore-mentioned is considered Bosko (Bosco). True, instead of commercial tent appeared another interesting place, but we will have a talk about it, when time arrives. But it is thus far time to descend into the store.

Store Bosko

Poprivetstvuyte Bosko - man peremeryavshego on itself all nationalities, and now become elf with the rubber ears. Can have a talk with the owner of "inconvenient bench", but it will begin first to be torn away as the answer, then by calm, almost quiet voice something to there babble. Elf, that from it you will take...

You will focus attention on small stand near the exit from the store. The neighbor Of sema with Max, the rat of Jimmy (Jimmy Two-Teeth), guards the small gun, which shoots by small nuclei. In the future it will prove useful to us. Try it to take however by Jimmy simply so it will not be returned. After the gun several times will send into the knock-out Of sema, third time you will call on rat and max by the podleyshim means it will jostle your neighbor into the gun, arguing its behavior fact that it, allegedly, the President and to it it is possible to make everything, anything. It came out a kind of the "rat gun". With such contents we leave to visit Sybil. Yes, by us still will be necessary binoculars, but its Bosko will not return. Therefore it is necessary to wait before elf will be distracted.

Office Sybil

Sybil it again replaced profession. Now it works Beta-testerom that most online advenchury, because of which began zavarushka. Our friend is hypnotized; therefore her must be pulled out from the networks of online. In this us will help "rat gun". Start Jimmy in Sybil and you will at one stroke take out it of online and you will destroy the citadel of evil - small instrument, with the aid of which the players fall into the virtual peace. However, it to us and itself is necessary, indeed to explain that it hides itself behind this game, will come out only if we play into advenchuru. But first it is worthwhile to have a talk Sybil. Pose the following questions to it:


You will look around the broken preparation and leave to the new mini- location.


Ah, nostalgia. If you remember, in at one time Sybil it worked in other office, so called "Lefty". Komorka is located after the new office and is boarded up by boards. But entrance is opened - there and leave. After falling into the dark place, you learn the first shocking news: occurs, under the terrible organization, named itself c.o.p.s., hide themselves four rusting aggregates, centuries their lived. Not the meanest villains, but ridiculous.

Everything which is required from the old instruments - strictly, instruments for the game and special chips. You will have a talk with the leader of band - by antediluvian computer - and pose the following questions (by way of the appearance of versions):


After conversation you must obtain chips and instruments for the game.

Store Bosko

Now begin to jump to the pair of minutes to Bosko. Our elf is already submerged in the virtual peace, and it means, to stir to steal binoculars will not be able. If you desire to amuse itself, then postrelyayte on food products, periodicals and other things in the store, Bosko nevertheless will not react. Earlier to us they forbade to perform similar, and here now - make that you want! After arranging booth, we return to Sybil.

Office Sybil

Came turn to pass in Reality 2.0 (so it is called online game). Take chip and you will join it to the instrument. And forward, to subjugate virtual peaces!

Reality 2.0

After falling into the hypnotizing online peace, at first somehow even you are lost. Everything is made differently. And speech not so much about the artistic formulation - so not customary eye after mul'tyashnykh decorations - as about the scales of peace. Scenes became more extensive; moreover each corner of decorations was filled with events. In addition to this, a little changed the rules of game. Objects in the inventory became as if two-dimensional, and their role in the real peace Of sema and Max and virtual completely different. I.e., if in the first case by boxer glove it is possible to strike someone, then the secondly, for example, you will break open by it computers.

Thus, it is first desirable not to be lost. The primary task - of destroying from within game, and for this it is necessary to traverse numerous obstacles, to reach the mailbox and to infect by its virus. Passwords, system files, antiviruses, program - they all will constantly interfere under the feet, and to prevent advance to the purpose. To reach the core and to derive it from the system, at first glance can seem by simple task, indeed box stands near. But not all so is easy in reality. First of all it is necessary to find the virus, which will be able to ruin Reality 2.0. Since the roles of objects in both peaces substantially differ, for the virus completely will descend the object from the store Bosko - for example, biological weapon. But as we remember from our last encounter, pseudo-elf got stuck in the game, we are found there. Rescuing of friend counts by task therefore main at the given moment. In this difficult matter us will help the weapon of real soldier - sword. Generally, you will notch on to the nose: to buy the set of objects it is necessary, otherwise to go further along the topical line will not come out this time.

In order to purchase objects they will be required five coins. They there is, but it is so well hidden what to reach them - large problem. We will search for alternate route; because of this be sent for the control room near. There several computers, each work at the specific function: one answers for the gravity, another - for the height, the third - for the width... The task of destroying the fitness for work of computers so that we would obtain the chance to reach coins c of the remote places. Ponazhimayte on knopochki, you will be examined completely with control and take up work.

First of all reach partially forgotten beetle- spy and you will place him on one of the machines. Return to the reality and catch all three coins, scattered along the street, after which return to the control room. Anew perform the same operation: take beetle and you will place it on another computer, which answers for the height. The possibility to take coin from the real peace again will appear. Approach your office, again return in the on-line, and then back into the office. You will have a talk with Jimmy, take away coin. And finally, the latter lies at the toilet of office Sybil. Use the tortured beetle on the computer, that corresponds for the width, and you navestite Sybil. Door is closed, but once we became such two-dimensional (more precise, flat), then protisnut'sya into the slot it will not compose to us special labor. We take last coin and we obtain into the reward sword.

Tent Bosko

After proving to be in real elf Bosko, take sword. Then without desiring itself, with the entire silishchey strike it. Rather rough, but they returned Bosko to the real life. Now return to the reality. Iditol into the present, but not virtual "inconvenient bench". To us it is necessary to find out calculation in the bank and password. Bosko so it will not say, but to address old friend is possible. Conversation must be following in content:


Frighten wretch by cry < Look Behind you! > and when it will be wrapped up, you will use on it binoculars. Yes, it again left rather rough. By the way, if the first time you did not take binoculars, do not be disturbed, it again will appear at the same place - on the counter of store. So that when Bosko turns itself to other side, take binoculars and here make something bad. It remained to put on play instruments and to leave back into Reality 2.0.


Task is simple: to take away from the bank cell of money in size of million. But as usually on the way to to purpose will fall numerous troubles. Here and now something wrong occurred with the police machine Of sema and Max - it appears gray and plain. But < guards > it itself Hugh Bliss - magician, magician and so forth... On the whole, it is necessary to correct the situation before to take away money. You will look around all active objects hereabout, in particular attentively you will look at the table. You will ask Hugh to make focus. You will look to the signboard, will focus attention, that many objects are painted in three colors: dark-blue, red and violet. Color its own machine by the same colors. Everything, more here it can't be helped, leave for the bank. To obtain money also task not of the light. There is the certain system, whose one element interacts with others. It is necessary to force open protection, and for this it is in turn necessary to harvest to the keys in the correct sequence: first Kittens 4 peace, further - Toy Mafia, then - National Treasury, and in the end - Online Gambling. The obtained Money Return Bosko. You will in exchange for obtain that the fact that we so for long awaited - biological weapon. With the virus return back to online advenchuru.


Tele-leading of peace in the virtual universe plays the role of antivirus - malicious trigger, last obstacle, which prevents us from infecting mailbox. In online it is still more evil than in actuality. Viruses and other harmful programs it does not pass, but once so, then Sema with Max will not admit.

So that it is necessary it to destroy. For this by us will be necessary the weapon for the battle and a kind of the panel, so that virtual the peace would not be given us on the virtual ears. The first point you will find near the office Sybil, but pistol is fixed; therefore it must be brought down. Take Sludgie- object from Bosko and use it on the weapon. After obtaining pistol, leave after the protective agent. In the control room select the so-called "box of the protection of jack" and be restored for the last battle. When peace it attacks, use a box, and then immediately you go over to the attack. The pair of impacts, and antivirus it is conquered. The latter, that it is necessary to make - this to use a biological weapon on the mailbox. After putting an end to online, you they will show ridiculous stsenku. But on this history will not end...

Back into the past

Thus, last until today task lies in the fact that to return respect of the Internet for people ridiculously, it is foolish, but that you will do. Our gallant policemen were transferred, it is possible to say, into the past, and to them it is desirable finally to put an end to journeys into the different peaces. In this them will help Bosko. Simply drag fellow with itself into all accessible locations and restore respect thus. But after this delight in by final roller.


Sam & Max: Episodes 6: Bright Side of The Moon



Iditol you will not to the right thus far see bodyguard Superball from the fourth episode. You will ask in it, is it possible to enter, you will obtain unicorn. Return to the earth and visit into the store Bosko. Zasun'te unicorn into mikrovolnovku. Return to the Moon, show unicorn super-Ball and you pass into the booth.

If you visit to the elevator in the middle (round iridescent platform), then you will above see only impenetrable door. So that for you first it is necessary to be dismantled with the old familiar at the large hall and to obtain from each of them on the talisman, which will give any magic property to you.

First you will have a talk with the computers from the fifth episode. You will ask to play into their game. These are usual small cross- zeros, problem only in the fact that computer plays well very badly, and you should ensure that it would win. After this, you will obtain talisman with the eye. With its aid you can look through that unapproachable door above.

You will have a talk with Lincoln's head, you will persuade to try to ring Sybil. Prompt to it most "Canadian" versions - Canada, foxes and so forth you will obtain the talisman, which can cause vomiting in any.

If you now have a talk with the actor- rooster from the second episode, then you will see, that it cannot take out rat of the hat, because it for something intensely is caught.

You leave to the surface of moon and iditol into magazinchik of souvenirs. Take talsman in the form of the bent spoon and you will feed to its Max, thus you will be able to carry it past the mole- guard (from the third episode, by the way). On the "street" use on Max a talisman of "vomiting" and you will obtain your spoon, truth in the theoretically indestructible sphere. Place it under the engine of the moon rover (in reality this landing module, but me this it takes a long time to write, so that let there will be moon rover). Try to be taken away into the moon rover, it is there very simple to be directed precisely to its door. Leave to the earth for your office and remove from the television set the hanger, which serves as antenna. Return to the Moon and with the aid of the hanger open the door of moon rover. After this, from under the engine you will be able to take away already usual talimman of the bent spoon.

In order then to not be fooled, better immediately fly to the earth, use on the street a spoon on the counter, on which sits the rat of Jimmy. After this, on the Moon in the general hall you will ask rooster to again show focus and you will obtain the latter talisman- hat.

Rise upward. Use on the door of talisman- eyes. Then spoon on the support, on which lies the sphere for boulinga above the button. You go inward and assume the terrifying consequences.

Return to the general hall, to you immediately will fall on eyes red rabbit with the hand of Max. To the left in the hall there is Bliss's statue with the large spoon. Use on it your a talisman- spoon so that it would bend. Now wait for, when red malicious max jumps to the trolley, and shoot the pistol on the button of the starting of hills. As a result you will return hand.

At the output you will see lazy dark-blue Max, but to it do not thus far turn attention. Iditol into magazinchik Bosko on the Earth, there will there be green max. Use a hat and you will feed rat to green. After this, simply again use a hat and you will obtain back stomach.

You will have a talk Bosko, try to purchase zemletryasitel'noye device, learn price and be removed. Visit itself into the office. At the cabinet, where you add souvenirs from the past missions, lies Leonard from the third episode. Use to it an emetic talisman and you will obtain mortgage to the United States of America. Its Bosko will not take, it more greatly loves available. Then here Sybil with the pleasure will take it after for 100 trillion dollars (true, Canadian). Return money Bosko - you will obtain panel. You fly to the Moon and use it there, after which detach in inverted dark-blue Max tail.

Everything, max is assembled, it is time to go to beat snout to Bliss. Only everything will prove to be terrifically and terribly, and themselves you will fall into captivity.

Use a talisman- spoon on the support to the left, where white sphere with Bliss's image lies. This talisman will change you with Bliss by places. When you use it, then Bliss will prove to be at your place in sequential torture devayse, and you respectively at his place outside. Tortures will go in the circle. Be changed with it, when it will attempt to saw you, after which you will saw off foot to moon rover to the right. Again be changed with Bliss so that it would prove to be in the cube with the water. Use a key on the door of moon rover in order to climb up inward and to fry this bacterium.

Entire, first season can be considered passed :)




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